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51 – Angel Jeanne and D.C.A. – Let’s meet the Founder

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Welcome! I’m Angel, the founder of this Academy. It’s a pleasure to meet you, and to allow all of you to get to know me better. Today we will address all those questions and curiosities that users have as soon as they sign up to the site. I’m sure you have many questions about the Academy and I am here to answer them with great pleasure, so let’s begin.

Student: Hi Angel, I am very happy that you’re giving us the opportunity to get to know you better and to know that you have a sociable personality just like me. You’re also a very nice person as I had discovered in private. I really like getting to know people and going beyond the appearance that the PC screen shows us. By reading your documents a lot can be understood about you. You are very interesting, and I am struck by your way of opening yourself to people, coming down to our level, descending from the pedestal on which all spiritual masters climb to be admired, so to speak. You, on the other hand, show that you are also available to newcomers. You approach us as if we were all companions, even though you know very well that you are our teacher. I really wanted to compliment you for your way of doing things because it is not for everyone to be able to do what you do and I was hoping so much to find an opportunity to tell you. Before arriving in ACD I met many teachers, they were full of words that speak of love and yet always ready to judge their students and to make them remember how inferior they were compared to them. This is why I always left those teachers and continued my research with my tail between my legs; I thought I would never find you. When I did everything changed because you allowed me to feel at peace with myself and with others, to feel appreciated, you allowed me to feel something I had never experienced before. I have always felt judged by everyone but it was enough to talk to you just once to feel that inner strength which all the other teachers had taken away. You are very good because you can cheer up even those you don’t know and motivate them to move forward, rather than taking advantage of them and overwhelming those who are weaker than you. What you have created is incredible and I will never understand how a single person could have done so much. Telling you that I really appreciate everything you do is scant and not enough because you deserve much more than just words. In the meantime I thank you for being the way you are. I wonder if all of your students are as good as you are or if there are also negative people among us.

Angel: First of all, thank you so much for your words, you are very sweet. I am happy to have transmitted this message to you and that finally here in ACD you feel at home, because if I work hard every day to improve this environment it is precisely to ensure that people like you do not feel judged but that they feel as in a family where they can be themselves. It is clear that the personality or behavior of other users must not be associated with the message that I want to convey, because the users are mixed and obviously it was not them who created the Academy, so it is not correct to judge the Academy depending on the members who sign up. There are people who have been attending ACD for some time and have fully understood its true teachings. Others are enrolled but do not follow our ideals, they may completely disagree with our united communal sensibility and prefer to love conflicts and quarrels instead. Therefore, I am very happy that the people who have been attending us for some time show themselves as really good people and /or have changed for the better by seriously putting my teachings into practice. The Academy cannot be judged by the behavior of some users who haven’t understood at all the meaning of this school of thought and who take advantage of the goodness of some to hurt them and behave negatively, sometimes even on purpose just to put us in a bad light. The fact that the Academy is free to everyone brings pros and cons because, as you can see, anyone can subscribe to the site and this means that even people who are not interested in spirituality at all. Some people subscribe to websites with the sole intent of annoying groups like ours. They register so that they can bother other users, vent their life problems on us as if we were their creators, ready to judge and criticize the registered users who exposed themselves by telling their personal experiences, thoughts, and for their way of living life. They try to make others feel inferior and to make themselves appear as if they were better than them.

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Anyone can subscribe to the site because I want to give everyone the opportunity to choose their spiritual path without having to count their pennies; however this sometimes leads me into meeting people who shouldn’t be here, but who pretend to be interested in spirituality in order to get to a different goal. I would really like to be able to tell you not to worry because from the very beginning you will only find good people here and that you will never meet a liar, a faker, or a traitor… because whoever is registered on this site is completely good and will always be. You have to understand that registering on the site does not automatically make you a good person, because you have only registered on a site! You have to decide, day by day, whether to become (or continue to be) a good person and improve yourself to be even more so, or continue to be (or become) a negative person willing harm on others. I don’t know what strange idea some people have by being convinced that all subscribers to this site must necessarily be enlightened and super good. I would be very happy if it only took the subscription to the site to become like that, but it is not the truth because it is not enough to subscribe: you must really want to improve yourself and work hard. So if your question is “is anyone of your students – and therefore someone who has registered to the site – a good person?” then my answer is “no” because deciding to register on the ACD site and therefore becoming my student does not require people to become good and spiritually evolved overnight: everyone is free to make their own choices for good or bad and I have no responsibility for the choices of others. If on the other hand your question is “whoever will seriously follow the path indicated by you and devote themselves fully to your philosophy of life, will they then be able to evolve spiritually to the point of becoming better people?”. Then with absolute certainty I say “Yes” to you, because I am sure I am offering excellent teachings not only from a spiritual point of view, but also from a life point of view, advice on improving one’s character, on one’s approach with other people, etc., because life is itself sharing and therefore we must learn to respect other people: we must not do without them. There are many of us in this world and we cannot pretend to be alone and disrespect others just because we want to believe that this is our home only; we all “pay the rent”, in the sense that we all have our life problems and we all pay the consequences of painful events, caused by man himself, that take place in the world. We all have to make an effort to prevent humanity from making the wrong choices. Since the person who causes pain to others could be anyone (it could be a complete stranger, but it could also be you or me) it’s a good thing to get together and improve ourselves to become more mature, wiser, more aware of our actions and of the events that will follow because of them. We must try to become better people. By this I mean that I cannot make myself responsible for all the subscribers to this site because I don’t know them one by one, since registration is free for everyone. What I can guarantee, however, is that those who decide to fully follow my lifestyle – and therefore my teachings written in the Steps – will realize how counterproductive it is to cause problems to others and how good and satisfying it is to be fair towards other people every day, as well as trying to be more generous and less selfish everyday. It’s not easy to follow this lifestyle, but as you can see it led me here, and I am extremely proud of the results obtained thanks to this approach. So I invite you to trust in the goodness of other people because here in ACD you will find many people ready to improve themselves and to love others, but do not be naive to the point of falling into the trap of the first disguised intruder who will try to involve you in unpleasant situations which will not make you feel at ease. Although it’s easier to believe that it would be enough to subscribe to this site to become good, the truth is that anyone could subscribe and even an ill-intentioned person could pretend to be a student of this Academy to involve you and others in their negative plans by disguising them as if they were connected to ACD. Therefore, if you are here to follow my teachings, follow them to the end without falling into the deception of other people who will pretend to show you my teachings while they will be leading you astray.

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My teachings are all written in the Steps, so if someone tells you or teaches you something other than what I say, passing it off as mine, remember these words of mine: Don’t trust them! What matters is that you follow this path conscious of what you are doing, as well as being aware of the fact that there will always be someone ready to make you fall into bad thoughts and decisions.

Student: To prevent negative people from joining ACD, couldn’t you limit the subscriptions? For example by carrying out a short interview with every person who would like to register in order to understand if they deserve to follow this path or not.

Angel: Everyone deserves to know this path at least once in their life, then it’s up to each one of us to appreciate it and be happy with what has been given, or to despise it and decide not to deserve it anymore. The Academy’s goal is to allow anyone to make a choice. If I limited the registrations, I would be limiting the collective evolution that I aim for with dedication. I know it may seem difficult to understand, but I believe that most people have never had the chance to make a choice because they have found themselves thrown into a life where someone else has decided for them. Many people do not choose to be as they are, some are pessimistic because they have had too many negative experiences that lead them to believe that they must always see the negative side of everything. Others are victims of the wrong choices of their parents and when they become adults they fall into making the same mistakes. In a few words some people who present themselves as negative have never had the opportunity to choose not to be, so they continue to be negative until someone presents them with a choice. I want to offer the choice to people so that they can decide to implement it, to make a change in their life. Unfortunately not everyone signs up on our site with the intent of making a positive choice, because some have already chosen to be negative people, they have chosen to be negative people with all their strength, so they are well aware of what they are doing and they are bad intentionally. My goal is to allow anyone who has never made a choice to discover that this possibility exists, but I cannot impose a positive choice on those who have decided to be negative for life. The point is that neither of these people will ever present themselves confessing their true intentions. Those who do not know the possibility of choosing can’t know what kind of choice they would make and those who have already chosen to be negative would never admit it, otherwise what kind of negative people would they be? Some people join ACD convinced that they will read two lines and then leave because of their skepticism towards the validity of these techniques, instead they remain fascinated by the success and the countless positive events that the spiritual choice brings, so they decide to stay and they follow us for months, then for years, then for a long time to come. Initially, however, they did not know that they would have made this choice, so they changed their minds once they were informed about the true value of the Academy. Others, on the other hand, know very well that they want to register on the site with the sole objective of causing harm to other people, so they prepare to act a part which they will have to undergo without fooling themselves or being recognized by others, because they must be moles, spies. Many times they are even paid to do so. They must act incognito, they must pretend to be the victim and they know that by doing so others will open their hearts to them, allowing those others to be deceived much more easily. But I am not interested in closing the registrations for fear that infiltrators may hide among the members, because their intentions don’t worry me. I am firm in my choices and no one can move me, so the spy-subscribers who try to persuade others and lead them on other paths (because this is what it is, business!) will be able to bring down only the weak minded, while the people who are firm in their convictions will remain balanced and untouchable just like me. A hundred or a thousand could try to change my mind about this choice, but they would not be able to put any doubt in me, and just like me other people registered on this site are of the same firmness of mind, and no rumors, temptations or mental manipulation will be able to make them change the choice they have made.

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People have signed up to follow my teachings, not the rumors that another user could insinuate based on no evidence. I am sorry when some people who could have evolved and become strong fall into doubts and decide to change their choice only because a simple user has inserted in their mind a negative thought on this spiritual path. The fact remains that if they were serious about spiritual awakening they would have continued to look at the proofs that I demonstrate every day instead of listening to the words of a complete stranger who has never given them anything and will never give them anything in their entire life. My security is based on the awareness that I’m offering help to many people without asking for anything in return, unlike those who decide to show up one day, say a few negative words and make their listener doubt their own choices, then they go away without ever being heard from again. They just leave their listener dry-mouthed after having achieved the goal of making them fall into the trap of anti-awakening, without even having given them anything concrete in their hands but many illusions. I’m not going away, I’m here, for all the people who have decided to be strong in following their initial choice without being distracted by any time wasters. This is why I am not afraid of any confrontation.

Student: My question is very simple. I really like what you teach, but I don’t understand the division into several levels. Why do the steps exist? Other sites are organized differently from yours, for example you can find articles written and scattered without division by level, while you divide them by steps. Why is that?

Angel: The division in Steps is fundamental. You can’t compare ACD with other sites, I don’t intend to be like them, in fact I created my own style and my own way of doing things. Other sites that do not present levels are simply not interested in providing the student with a precise and constructive path, but present articles written by curious people or for the curious ones who are not looking for a real path but only a quick answer to a question they had on the moment. My articles are not written by a person without any experience who makes the users who visit the site spend a few minutes and then leave more doubtful than before. My documents are all written and updated by me personally, and only by me. No one else in the world can touch them, and they come from much personal experience, with the goal of improving the evolution of the students who want to fulfill themselves in their own spirituality and beyond. The Steps are necessary to divide the teachings and make students understand the value of each technique and each lesson I give, in order to make them able to understand the difference and the weight of everything they learn. Every single article can’t be compared with the others because each document is superior to the previous one with the aim of bringing the student to a higher consciousness each time, step by step. The Steps are periodically rearranged and updated with the aim of making the evolutionary passage through each one smoother and easier to understand, so as to have the time to assimilate the concepts expressed in each document. You can see in fact that each article is numbered, specifically so that the student understands that they should read them in order to better understand the meaning of each one of them. Although it can be believed that, since Step 1 and Step 2 are accessible to anyone right away, they are less important than Step 3 which is blocked and will only be made accessible a little bit at a time. In reality the intent is exactly the inverse: the first two levels are of fundamental importance, since they are the bases that will form the psychic abilities which will then, in the following levels, be deepened with more details and practices. Since the first two Steps are essential, I decided to make them open to everyone with immediate access (since they are the most urgent) so that users can immediately understand what the Academy is, how the teachings are managed and all one needs to know. After that, if the user is interested in continuing with this practice path, they will keep receiving access to new documents from the more advanced Steps.

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From Step 3 onwards there will obviously be more and more interesting documents, but you would not be able to understand anything if you did not put the first two Steps into practice. In fact, my aim is to make users understand that they should not depend on reading and think that this is what brings them to Awakening, because it’s the practice that will! For this reason we allow time to pass between the access to one document and the other, to allow students to use that time to practice and understand that reading documents without practicing them doesn’t make much sense. I am aware of the fact that students, when they see the first two Steps completely accessible immediately, devour them as if they were in a hurry to get to the end of everything. But just reading the articles is not enough to evolve and for this reason I recommend not only to read them, but to re-read them after having practiced the techniques taught, instead of rushing to Step 3 and complain of not having it immediately unlocked without having even learned to meditate yet, which is in Step 1! Among other things, because the first two Steps are “urgent”, it is normal and it is right to be curious to read them in a hurry from too much thirst for knowledge, and it is good not to miss any documents and to enjoy them without waiting too long. That’s why they were made public from the beginning. If they were not to be read immediately, we wouldn’t have unlocked them immediately! But from Step 3 onwards the program changes, because it is time to understand that reading only is no longer enough, you have to put into practice what you have learned in the previous steps. On the other hand, without any order in the mind, Steps could not be created in a precisely organized manner; another demonstration of something that the other sites you are talking about obviously do not have: order in the mind.

Student: But I wonder why the division of the Steps… for example those that are not accessible.

Angel: The division in Steps has no secret purpose, and it’s not limited to a very few chosen ones. The steps, first of all, exist to differentiate the levels of difficulty of the techniques and concepts that are taught within each document. If a new student started studying Step 5 without having even practiced Step 1, after a few days they would complain that Step 5 doesn’t work, that it’s useless because they can’t understand it. Step 5 is actually very important and functional, but only with a long preparation through the first levels it’s possible to practice it well. If you do not know how to meditate and therefore how to take in energy, you will be even less able to heal with energy at high levels or to practice much more advanced techniques. Therefore you won’t be able to practice anything I teach while blaming me or the techniques, without understanding that the problem is yours, because you have not focused on creating the bases in you. The division into Steps also has an important skimming value, because if you are not willing to meditate and practice for lack of desire or interest, most likely you will not remain in ACD waiting for access to Step 5 because you wouldn’t want to practice even that! Therefore, it is useful to start from a basic skimming and then move on to other levels of skimming levels that will follow, for example by differentiating those who are showing commitment and practice from those who would not understand certain techniques and concepts at all, even while having been enrolled for a long time. It must also be said that some people just don’t deserve access to the Steps! In fact, as I have already said, it is not being registered on the site that makes you automatically Awakened, but it is the constant will to wake up that leads to certain results. Since I do not identify your life from your avatar, you may also have had your account registered on our site for years, but if you have never practiced the techniques and you have never shown yourself present in classes, you’ll continue being a new student for me, who has never practiced. It’s the facts that matter. Moreover, everyone has their own timespan for understanding, so it would be unfair to keep people who do not practice and do not understand certain concepts on the same level as those who practice constantly and who immediately grasp the concepts in the articles and in the lessons as well. It’s clear that for those who do not understand them that it’s better they stay a little longer in the levels that they have yet to grasp, while those who are much more capable of understanding and have already passed certain levels can go beyond those topics and know them in greater detail. Therefore it must be understood that I do not control the life of ACD members: they may practice, they may not practice. A student may not practice as far as I know and get to Step 4 for seniority and good conduct, but at a certain point they will make me understand that they are not keeping the pace, that the techniques and my experiences spoken about in the documents are too strong for them, so we will realize that it is useless to keep going if they have not yet fully assimilated the first steps of this path of evolution. Why? Because they don’t meditate.

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If someone doesn’t practice they will never be able to understand my experiences and my techniques because they will only remain as words, which can’t be recognized as facts without having ever had personal experience. This is why practice is so important. Most likely this person will not understand the mechanism I’m talking about and will believe that it is unfair not to give them access to the more advanced documents, with the excuse that “they just wanted to read them”. There is nothing wrong with that, but the problem will arise later, when they will not be able to keep pace with the other students and practice my techniques, without understanding even a small part of the great evolution project that we are realizing. And at this point it’s not good for them to continue.

Student: But why are you interested in selecting people?

Angel: Because if everyone read Step 5 without ever having practiced Step 1 they would complain to me about not being able to practice the techniques, although the problem is their lack of understanding, and not the techniques themselves. My goal is to make people feel satisfied with this path, and to do so I have to motivate them to practice. Otherwise it would be useless, a total failure. A sports coach must motivate you to play sports if your intent is to lose weight. You cannot lose weight with magic pills. Sure, there are supplements that help, but without sports and a healthy diet they don’t work at all! Why do people complain about the ineffectiveness of those pills? Because they don’t practice any sport but they swallow pills convinced of them being miracle potions, while they keep eating like pigs. So they will be disappointed in not having lost any weight, and blame the ineffectiveness of those supplements. The sports coach must push you to exercise and change your lifestyle by making you sweat rather than elude you that it would be enough to take a few magic pills to have the same result. Did you understand the example? Without constant practice you will not be able to understand even the lower levels.

Student: I have been an ACD student for only a few months but I think I understand that ACD is a spiritual path for everyone but at the same time also for a few because only few are ready to understand the enormous difference in perspective that you have to show us. I understand that the site is accessible to everyone, but are the techniques suitable for anyone?

Angel: The techniques I teach are suitable for all those who are capable of wilfully understanding. The techniques that you find in the Steps train your mind to perform psychic actions that are completely natural for the human being, but which have lain dormant in us over time. We forgot about their existence, but they have always remained there. Although today they are referred to as “paranormal abilities”, in reality they have always been natural. The techniques are suitable for all those who have mental clarity and know how to recognize fantasy from reality. Those who take drugs or who take pharmaceutical drugs because of their mental instability, tend to have problems in the success of the techniques because they confuse reality with fantasy, ending up on a mind-trip and also creating problems for themselves and for others. Since this path doesn’t want to evolve one’s fantasy and suggestability, but aims to make the ones who walk it reach real and physical experiences, it is advisable you analyze your ability to keep enough mental lucidity and balance to be able to recognize reality from fantasy. I realize that for users who are new to this topic it might all seem so “strange”, but the experiences that I, and hundreds of students, speak about on this site are real and have occurred in total mental clarity without having used any drugs, alcohol, hallucinogenic substances, or other substances harmful to our mental and physical health. For this reason I want all students to be able to understand clearly which experiences are real and which are thoughts and fantasies created by their own mind.

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If an object next to you suddenly moved, its movement would be a fact, but if you try to imagine an object moving without any movement happening in reality this would be called a fantasy. Inside yourself you know what is fantasy and what is reality. You can’t get confused, because you are able to recognize what is real and what is not if your mental clarity allows it. Those who have taken drugs, those who still take them and those who take psychiatric drugs, antidepressants or other heavy drugs, tend not to be able to recognize the truth from their own impressions, sometimes even by confusing dreams with reality. This is dangerous because it leads people to invent experiences that they have never had, with the result of making those who really had the experiences, in perfect mental clarity, lose credibility and end up not being believed. It must be said, however, that many people – thanks to meditation – have stopped taking drugs and understood the serious mistake they were making. I am proud that among my students there are also many people who thanks to ACD’s meditation have decided to stop taking various types of drugs and completely cleanse themselves both in the body and in the mind. Therefore, the techniques are absolutely suitable for everyone because they do not cause any harm to anyone but not everyone is suited to the techniques, because you have to be sane in your mind to be able to live them peacefully. Spirituality and meditation are meant to be positive and relaxing. They must not subject people who practice them to anguish or terror – due to their mental instability – otherwise they will not be practicing well, and it is right that they stop immediately because it would not do them good, and it would not do us good. We would have to cope with their delusions, paranoia, and negativity which would be thrown back at us. Having said that, it is obvious that some people do not deserve the Steps regardless, because they are rude and arrogant, and I would never give people like that access to my work, which I offer for free. Some come here claiming to be served, as if my work was due to them. They claim access to the higher steps with a presumptuous manner and expect other courtesies with an arrogant tone as if it was our duty to satisfy them immediately. But when was it ever? The only thing that is due to them is the immediate elimination of their account. If these people do not learn to behave, it is obvious that they will not receive any access.

Students: At a certain point, will the higher Steps be paid for?

Angel: Of course not. Every single Step and the content of every single Step is completely free, from the first to the last one, because I have decided that this is the way it must be since the Academy was founded. As it can be read in the rules, as it can be read in the introduction to the website, and as I wrote everywhere; everything I teach I have decided to offer for free and I do it with great pride and with a sense of mental evolution.

Student: I really admire what you do and I respect you as a person more than anyone else. I was able to find teachings among your documents that I had thought vaguely similar in other spiritual paths, with the difference that I had to pay hundreds of euros to be able to read them. Instead, you teach them here all for free! And your teachings are better! This is incredible because we are not used to this luxury and as soon as it is offered to us we tend to be shy out of fear, and you have to forgive us. What surprised me the most is that in addition to the teaching I found similar to yours (but which elsewhere I had to pay for) in ACD I found much more material and more techniques than in other paths; things I have never found, not even heard of. I had to shell out a lot of money to learn to see the aura, then you came and explained to me how to see the higher layers of it and not just the first white halo, without asking me anything in return. I had to pay a lot to attend meditation courses, where they presented spirituality as something for the few, making us pay for each meditation meeting after selling it to us as something rare and unobtainable, as if no one else but them knew meditation. The first thing I thought when I arrived in ACD was: how much money I wasted! Here they teach the same things for free! Then the question evolved, because when I was reading the first articles I thought you were repeating things I already knew, but the more I kept reading the more I realized how much new material you were filling my life with: techniques and definitions that I had never known, much less understood. For example, recognizing the Matrix once seemed to me like a “heroic undertaking”, but thanks to your explanation, the food for thought that you offer every day, and the simple and detailed explanations you have set out in your Steps, today I can say I’ve understood what the Matrix is. What you teach goes far beyond the typical teachings and this makes me understand how much real experience you have had over the years, I am learning to recognize those who speak from their own experience from those who speak to pass on what others have told them. So my question is: how did you get the desire to found an Academy of spiritual awakening?

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Angel: First of all thank you for the compliments, which are always welcome and appreciated. My project is to be the difference that in the past was the norm, but which today seems something surreal. I am referring to the fact that spirituality is something that belongs to our life, and spiritual masters are the ones who should guide you to recognize yourself, and what is inside you, with wisdom and generosity. This is my point of view. In the past, when the great masters taught their techniques to their followers, they did not ask them for money or wealth, but simply asked them to commit to learning what the masters had to show them, so that they wouldn’t waste their time. The teachers were very patient. They endured the complaints of the students without losing hope in them, and without losing patience with them. At the same time they were very strict because they wanted to teach how one is to live the techniques, not just how to practice them. The students were so honored to be able to follow those masters that they spontaneously decided to make offers, which could be riches, gifts, or food. The teachers did not get paid, yet they enjoyed full economic and material wealth thanks to the periodic recognition of their students, because it was a spontaneous thing to thank your teacher regularly. Today everything is different. The masters of today no longer want to help, to teach, to make people grow and make them mature, make them wise. The spiritual masters of today don’t do anything for nothing, they don’t help for free because they have no interest in helping complete strangers, they don’t feel pushed to make this world better, just to line their pockets, so they sell their help in exchange for money that is what today’s wealth is. Unfortunately, here the faults of both sides come into play: the masters are wrong to no longer teach true generosity, true goodness and true humility with facts – three qualities that should be demonstrated with practical example – but only talk about them in words. It’s clear that asking for money to help someone is not generosity, because if there is money involved, it means that you are selling a product and the customer is paying for it. Generosity cannot be sold because it is free. Therefore there is no desire to teach and they do it only for business. They have their path paid for, and the goal is not teaching and secondly to ask for money, but rather to ask for money and pretend to teach. Many of them are just unconscious people who do not even practice spirituality, but decide to act because they see the loot they can earn from it: the money of their students; the “customers”. They are so “evolved” that only after paying the subscription they become kind and polite towards the people who contact them, but often not even money can keep them calm, in fact they manage to lose patience and treat their customers badly despite them paying to be indulged. In fact, the students – or rather “the customers” – think that the higher the amounts to be paid, the greater the availability of their teacher, as if he could awaken them without them having to do anything. Well, of course the masters are keen to make their customers believe this, so it will be easier to get paid without too much fuss. On the other hand we have students who prefer to pay a lot of money to delude themselves into thinking that they will have everything immediately (for example a healing from their teacher… although it will last a very short time). They also would prefer immediate answers to their questions (even when they are not true and sincere) and would prefer to think like a business model would want them to think, in the sense that the higher the price to pay, the better the quality of the product… so if the price is lower – or even zero – it should mean that it is low quality. The true ancient masters did not get paid, because they taught evolution with humility. In fact their teachings were the best, because they knew that humility and generosity cannot be taught by pretending to be paid handsomely. Here, we talk about understanding the meaning of the terms. The students really understood their teachings and their sacrifices, so they were spontaneous in bringing gifts to their teachers. On the other hand, since people confuse free service with a service of little value (because today what matters is money while feelings and mental values no longer count) a service offered in true humility and generosity is not appreciated but rather feared. If something cannot be paid for, it scares us, for this reason it is much easier to attend a paid course rather than a free one, because when you pay you have power over the people you are paying, while when you don’t pay it means that those people are free from your chains, and you no longer feel so powerful. Something is triggered in you which you do not understand.

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That feeling leads you to ask yourself: “How can I differentiate myself, become important to my teacher, and make them understand how much I appreciate what they teach me?”. It makes you feel partly weak, because you cannot subdue your teacher, you cannot tie them to you through money, you cannot force them to speed up your path or teach you what you are not yet ready to understand, so at that point you are forced to evolve and understand that you have to work hard to develop your skills and show that your teacher is not wasting time on you; or give up everything and look for a paid path, because it is much easier to be pampered by a fake paid teacher who will sprinkle falsities all over you rather than obtaining spiritual evolution with your own strength. My intent is to bring to light the ancient teaching traditions. For this reason I do not ask and do not pretend for money, which is very different from not accepting it. With this I am not criticizing the people who decide to ask for money for their services, because I fully understand how high the expenses are to keep an online site, to be able to travel and go to meet students live, and all the rest, given that I do it out of my own pocket every day. Students do not realize how expensive it is to keep everything up, thinking that an online site has no expenses, or that our work – involving a very large staff – has nothing to lose, even though “time is money” and we devote much of our time to students without making any money. Nevertheless, my main goal is to wake people up. They will then decide what to do and whether to do something, for example whether to donate, but it is clear that their donations (whether they are money, food or material gifts) are and they will always be spontaneous and never imposed. You will not find a single student in ACD who risks not getting to the end of the month because they are forced to pay the Academy teachings, because ACD offers everything for free. On the contrary, you know how difficult it is for people who attend paid courses and who every month find themselves having to check their pockets with the fear of not being able to attend that course anymore due to lack of money. In fact, the difference is precisely this: in a paid route, if you don’t pay today, you are immediately sent out and you will no longer have the possibility to continue because you didn’t pay the rate. In ACD, as you can see, none of you has been kicked out for not having “paid the subscription” since there is no paid subscription in ACD. I am extremely proud of my life choices because the decision I made, regarding the free service I offer, allows me to discover what true humility and true generosity is, and this makes me able to spread it before others through my example, and not just with words. In the meantime, I can get to know the true personality of people, which many others will never know. You know, when people pay, everyone looks beautiful in the eyes of the other, but I have the opportunity to know the true personality behind the mask of money, and at the same time I can present myself for who I really am, because instead of introducing myself with words, I present myself with facts, and with the example that I give every day. My intent is true, that’s why many fear me.

Student: What is it that pushed you to get to the point of spreading your knowledge to the students, rather than dwelling upon ideas themselves?

Angel: First of all, willpower. Between having an idea and putting in the effort it to make it become reality there is a lot of difference, and every day something can change to prevent you from realizing it or to make it easier for you to complete your projects. I was aware that something was wrong with this society, but rather than staying still and believing that the best I could do was moaning about it, I rallied within myself to try – at least try – to change something. Today I can say that I have made excellent progress, although I am sure that I find myself at the beginning of a great mass evolution. Obviously at first I didn’t know the results that would have come, so I acted without knowing how it would have gone, but I wanted at least to try. When you start such a big project you have no assurances on your side, you don’t know how it will end or if it will ever work out, but you feel within yourself that it is the right thing to do, and that even just a pretext is valid to motivate yourself to face every obstacle that appears to stop you.

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If there is a certainty in this life it is that ignorance leads to the destruction of the entire planet, so it is important to try to educate people at least in a basic way, so that they can defend themselves from the manipulations of others, and can remember that in every situation of their life there is always a choice, and there is never a single possible ending. What prompted me to decide to pass on my knowledge rather than keeping it morbidly close to me, was the clarity of recognizing how many people give up fighting because of the fatigue that mental manipulations are causing us. The robotization of our routine has been studied for centuries, and leads us to accept the new era of submission that is happening. Today we always perform the same daily actions without ever going out of the box, we are constantly distracted from the changes that they want to impose upon our lives, so as to make us accept them without even realizing it. What drives me to do all this is the hope of undoing the robotization of humans, making them awaken before the greatest damage occurs. We still have time to return to being psychic humans and to not become enslaved humans.

Student: Do you have any future plans for the current site? Do you think you will change it?

Angel: Yes absolutely, I have a lot of projects I’m working on but I will only reveal them when the work is completed. The site is constantly evolving, and the best is yet to come! But I don’t want to reveal anything yet. We are working hard on it. What I can tell you is that we are open on graphics and functionalities, so if you want to propose some new ideas we are ready to listen.

Student: Do you think the Academy is attended by few, by many, by too many people… or in a balanced way?

Angel: There are never too many people. I think it’s all balanced. The site is well known, and many talk about us. It is widespread throughout Italy and abroad. We have users from all over the world. Many users also read and follow us without registering on the site because a lot of ACD material is open to non-registered users as well, thus some people do not feel the need to register but I have to say that registering on the site offers many advantages. For example, being able to get to know other users, being able to communicate with them and socialize. Also, you can relate your spiritual experiences in groups, and receive advice or confirmation from other people, and so on. Some people are not interested in the group itself but only in my teachings, so I believe it is right to let everyone make their own choices, and if someone wants to walk the Steps alone, they can easily do it without any obligation to register. However it’s clear that not all Steps are open to non-registered students, so if they want to deepen their reading of the higher Steps they should register. But some people are satisfied with having the earlier ones. Subscribers to the site can decide to be followed by a Tutor, in this way their learning will be easier and also their navigation on our site will be simplified, because they can always ask for help from staff. The Academy is in huge and continuous growth, so people will continue to register and our site will need to expand and update, so we try to keep up with the times. We would certainly like to increase visibility, so we should all put a little more effort in to publicize the Academy and make it known to those who need it and to those interested in the path we propose. We are all very proud of what the Academy is and how it will evolve over time.

Student: Do you think there will be a lot of news in the long run?

Angel: I’m sure of it. I don’t like a monotonous life, nor do I want this for the future of the Academy. So, with absolute certainty, there will be lots of news due to my own evolution, the evolution of my school of thought, and also of the students who are part of it! It’s going to be fun. For today I’ll finish here and I wish you well. In the meantime, if you would like to leave other questions or queries about me or the Academy, you can send them all by clicking the right button of your mouse and selecting “Ask question”. Have a good evening!

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