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61 – Astral Travel – Recognizing real Astral Travel from Dreams (part 2)


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In the previous lesson about Astral Travel you understood that there is nothing to fear about it and that during an O.B.E a small energy probe leaves your body to go and visit the place you prefer, while the soul always remains inside the body without ever leaving it. But why do you see yourself with the same shape and image as your physical body when you go out in the astral?

In this lesson I will explain everything you need to know about Astral Travel, so that when it happens to you – or you decide to make it happen through practice – you will really be ready to tackle it at your best! Let’s start from the principle that what comes out of the body is not really you, but a small part of your intelligent energy that you have sent, unconsciously, out of your body to visit some place, and to then return inside you. While the small probe is outside of your body it communicates directly with your mind without the use of wires or cords (these were invented by those who never did any astral travel, but assigned it characteristics imagined with a closed mind which must structure anything, even energy) since energy does not need these means to stay connected. Each part of your energy is aware of being you because it is what composes you. When the probe exits your body, it allows you to see what it is seeing itself, as if it was you in first person. In reality it’s not so strange, since that energy belongs to you and it is a small part of you. When it comes to energy, you don’t have to identify yourself as if you were only the central mind, but you should identify yourself in every crumb of energy that composes you because you can use these crumbs as if they were many little minds of yours. Energy can separate itself from the great mass – which would be the real you – and drift away for a variable amount of time, allowing you to be both here and there at the same time. It is always you, but in different quantities. So, during astral travel the core remains here, but you can send small parts of yourself elsewhere without anything happening to the real you. In fact, when this small probe of your conscious energy is coming out of your body, you will begin to see as if you were the one that’s leaving it, even if the real you is remaining inside the body.

As you will begin to exit the body you will see yourself lying in bed. The first time it might seem a bit disturbing because you are not used to seeing your physical body from the outside, as if it was something foreign to you. Seeing our body lying in bed while it’s sleeping can make us feel a strange sensation that can be confused with fear, because it makes us believe that the body is lifeless and that we are abandoning it. At that point one must be aware that an O.B.E is taking place and that there is nothing dangerous about it. Saying it now is easy, but it is necessary that you are conscious at that exact moment, so that you do not let yourself be influenced by the fear that could make you misunderstand that positive experience for a negative one.

When going out in the astral you may begin to see your body lying in bed, and in the meantime see yourself with your usual appearance. The reason why it is believed that the whole soul comes out of the body, is because during an O.B.E – especially the first few times – you see yourself with the same appearance as when you look in the mirror. This makes us believe that our soul is leaving the body, because we identify ourselves with the physical appearance of our body. Basically, we identify ourselves with our face, as if the soul really had a face identical to the one our body has. In reality, the soul is a shape of energy without a defined look, as energy can change and move without necessarily utilizing a precise shape. The soul does not have an appearance similar to our physical body: it does not have a face, it has no arms, legs or feet. The soul is our true essence that resides within the body, but does not have its appearance. However, we are used to identifying ourselves with the face we see in the mirror every day, so we end up convincing ourselves that we are that face, that body, that we have that appearance. We delude ourselves that our soul has that body.

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Energy can take any form we want. In fact with the proper training you can change your shape and take the appearance of anyone or anything. Changing shape requires training, in fact, during the first astral travel experiences you will not be able to change into whatever you want. On the contrary, you will be stuck on the idea that your energy probe must be equivalent to the shape of your physical body. By doing so, during an O.B.E you will see yourself with the same quotidian features, although in the astral you will not have a physical body. For this reason, when you go out in the astral you see yourself with your usual appearance, rather than seeing yourself as a beautiful form of bright energy, or something else. You’re too used to identifying yourself with the face you see in the mirror every day, and even during astral travel you end up identifying yourself with the same form.

If you have never experienced an astral journey (although now you know that the soul does not leave the body, but only a small energy probe does) when you find yourself on one you will still have doubts and fears, as happens to everyone, that what has come out of the body is the soul itself. You will have to regain awareness immediately to avoid ruining the experience, reminding yourself that the soul cannot leave the body, and even less so without the the physical body opposing any resistance. Stay assured that the soul would not leave the body so easily because the natural defenses of the human body would prevent that, and the soul itself, much more evolved than you are now, would not leave the body in this way, having no reason to do so. Over time you will have to learn to recognize yourself from the physical body you have chosen for this life, in this earthly dimension, because you are not it, but it belongs to you. A body without a Conscience inside it is nothing but an empty puppet; a Soul without a body still remains a Soul. Nonetheless, during the first astral travel experiences you may forget about that because you are too excited and even a little fearful, so you might have the doubt that you did something wrong, or that something has gone wrong. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. It is the initial fear, but then everything passes.

Being able to have voluntary astral journeys and becoming able to go out in the astral whenever you want – and not only when it happens spontaneously – takes practice and training, but above all meditation. Astral travel requires a lot of energy and the more you meditate the more energy you absorb, so that you can use it in the astral to have a longer experience. In fact, what lovers of astral travel complain the most about is the short duration of that experience, which, due to the lack of energy, narrows down to a period of time that is too short to visit everything you wanted to see. Meditation, however, does not only make you gain energy, but above all you’ll become aware of yourself and increase your self-confidence, which is essential to perform techniques like an O.B.E. The first enemy of astral travel is fear, because it destroys every attempt. But why have so many people experienced astral travel even though they have never meditated before? Simple: because astral travel is completely natural. As with every mental capacity of man, from premonition, to the ability to perceive other people’s thoughts, seeing auras, feeling the presences of entities… every single faculty naturally belongs to our Sixth sense: the union of all these abilities. When we talk about the capabilities of the brain, we refer to everything that a person can do: thinking, reasoning, imagining, creating… so there are many abilities that belong to our brain, such as intelligence, creativity, and so on. The Sixth Sense is the whole of all the psychic abilities of man, therefore it contains telepathy, sensitivity, premonition, etc. The tendency to go out into the astral is part of human potential.

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We have all had experiences of premonition, energy vision, or any other ability, even though we have never trained our sixth sense. This is because we are naturally predisposed to have it, it is part of us, and without even being aware of it we have used it on certain occasions in our lifetime. The sixth sense is like a muscle that, if not trained, it atrophies over the years and becomes weaker and weaker; just like our legs, which, if not kept in shape, will stop supporting us as we get old.

It is perfectly normal for people to have had astral travel experiences without ever having trained in this technique, because it belongs to our nature. As with any muscle, however, psychic skills must be trained if we want them to work as we please, and not only when they want to. This is why from birth all of us have the ability to enter the astral, to predict the future or to perceive the thoughts of others, but unless we train our muscles, they remain weak and not able to satisfy our interests. Meditation and psychic practice are necessary to allow you to decide when astral travel should take place, by your personal choice and not just when you have a stroke of luck. Furthermore, it should not be underestimated that thanks to training, you can also decide when the trip should not happen, because today, for example, you do not feel suited to doing it. Those who live only on spontaneous astral travel never know when it will happen, so when it happens they cannot avoid it and must have the experience even if they don’t feel like it. On the other hand, those who learn to practice astral travel are in control of the experience and choose every single time whether to let the O.B.E continue or whether to block it, and therefore prevent themselves from going out into the astral. Those who love astral travel certainly do not worry about this issue; on the contrary, they would like to be able to astral travel every day! However, those who do not feel ready or still fear the astral exit may feel uncomfortable in trying these experiences, especially because it can happen even though they do not want it to. For this reason, training is important: because it allows you to choose when to do it and when not to do it, rather than letting everything always be out of your control.

Everyone can astral travel but there are those who have had more spontaneous experiences and those who have had less. Those who tend to often go out in the astral have learned that to go out you have to relax, rather than fidget. Those who are inclined to go out more often are lucky enough that their body’s defenses have become accustomed to the situation and leave the person free to go, because they have understood that there is no danger in performing an O.B.E as it is not death or pre- death. However, this does not mean that those who are able to astral travel are also able to move well in the astral, since leaving the body and exploring the astral are two very different actions. On the other hand, those who have not learned to relax, or have not understood the mechanism of the O.B.E are unable to go out into the astral when they want and must always wait for the lucky day to happen. Then of course there are those who have never had them yet, or do not remember them, because it is easy to convince yourself that that experience was only a dream, since spiritual experiences are easily forgotten due to our inner regulator, therefore the Low. So waiting for the lucky day is never the right choice, because that day may not go as you hoped and you may miss that one spontaneous chance. Many times people manage to enter the phase of paralysis, which precedes the exit to the astral, but then they are unable to complete the passage, finding themselves stuck inside their own body without being able to get out. The phase of leaving the body is the most complicated because it requires trust and relaxation. The complication of completing an O.B.E is not the technique itself but the unconscious fear of going out, which blocks the energy probe inside.

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The human body has very strong natural defenses, which prevent the soul from abandoning it, thus the soul will not be able to do so until the physical body is dying, at that moment the body will no longer be able to hold it back. However, the soul will decide when to leave the body and it could choose to stay inside it even if the body is no longer able to hold it back. Therefore, a simple astral journey causes no danger to one’s life and it doesn’t detach the soul from the body either. Much more strength would be needed to do such a thing and not just a very banal – in comparison – O.B.E. However, while you are going out in the astral, the physical sensations you have and the vision of your body lying in a silent bed make you think of the worst, so you feel fear. The body knows that the soul cannot get out so easily, but from the moment you start to fear that this is happening, it goes into defense mode because it wants to prevent you from having any reason to be afraid. Our body is very intelligent, even if we believe that the only living and conscious part is our brain. In reality, every single cell in our body has energy and consciousness, some more than others, but each one of them wants to live and wants to preserve the life of the whole. Our body is more interested than we are in keeping us alive, aware that if our Conscience were to go, the body would die forever. Therefore its natural defenses are great, and beyond what we imagine. The reactions of our body are incredible, just think that it is capable of choosing – without asking our permission – to make us forget a trauma because it is aware that it hurts us too much; or it is capable of not making us perceive suffering beyond a certain limit, or of making us faint to avoid dying of pain. The brain is like a large energy generator that sends input to the rest of the body, but don’t believe that the body itself is of little value. The whole of the physical body works together so that life goes on at its best. Therefore astral travel is not a problem for our soul at all, but it can be food for our groundless fears.

In fact, what scares us most is not the moment when we are happy fluttering from one room to another, or around the city. Fear comes first, at the stage where we are exiting the body. That moment is very delicate, because it does not happen suddenly, but it needs time.

What happens is that a part of conscious energy – which we call a probe – moves inside your body to prepare for the detachment phase, and therefore for the release. Believing that energy comes easily out of the body is a beginner’s mistake, and shows that one hasn’t got the faintest idea of how energy works. The body retains all energy within itself, because its natural defenses are aware that the release of energy could mean a discharge, a loss of strength, or it could suspect that something strange or negative is happening. To give an example, if it were easy to release energy from the human body, anyone would be able to energetically vampirize other people just by wishing to steal their energy. Fortunately it is not so easy because the body of every single person tries to keep all the energy that he possesses within itself and not to let it go out. Therefore, as soon as the body feels in danger, the strongest protection is activated to prevent all energy from being stolen and the person falling to the ground completely emptied. In fact, only the most capable people or entities (and this is not a good thing) are defined as energy vampires, because they are able to steal and strip away a lot of energy by breaking the natural defenses of the bodies of others. To defend oneself from them, in fact, one must increase one’s psychic defense by practicing the meditative technique and Psychic Protection. This is just an example to make you understand that if energy were so simple to release, all of us would have already been discharged by the first slightly negative passer-by who wanted to steal it completely. The natural defenses of our body cannot defend us from everything, because they need energetic assistance to succeed (therefore meditation and Protection) but they can be much more useful than you think. The natural defense is intense, but it is almost completely destroyed in people who use drugs (or have done so in the past) and it is very low in those who periodically consume alcohol even in “small” quantities such as a glass of wine or beer every week. Those who take drugs or alcohol, or have used them too much in the past, have much lower and weaker natural defenses than the norm, in fact it is much easier for them to receive vampirizations (therefore sudden releases of energy stolen by others), energetic influences and attacks of various kinds.

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The defenses of those who use or have used those substances in the past are much weaker compared to those who have never broken their protective barriers with drugs and alcohol. In fact, it is more likely that larvae and negative energies will first enter people who have destroyed their protective barriers – that is, those who have taken drugs – rather than lash out against those who have strong and intact natural defenses, that is those who have not been destroyed by the use of those substances. This is why those who have used drugs and alcohol too often find themselves having much more difficulty in astral travel compared to others. The difference is very big: those who have a clean mind because they have never used any substance, have their natural protection untouched, therefore stable and compact. Natural defense ensures that the person in question does not suffer any damage, much less during astral travel. Events such as the approach of entities, or larvae, during an astral journey are completely far from the reality of those who do not take alcohol and drugs. It is different though, for whoever takes them: they are the favorite prey of entities, larvae, energy vampires, and much more. Our body has very important natural defenses and it is better if we don’t break them stupidly by taking substances that ruin our psychic, spiritual and daily life.

The human body protects and holds its energy inside itself, so, if during an astral travel attempt you start to be afraid, the body will block the energy and prevent you from going out because your fear blocks the experience, and the body makes you stay inside itself. This happens because if you feel fear the body protections misunderstand what is happening and are activated, convinced that there is a real reason to keep you inside, even if it was only unfounded fear. Defenses always work because they protect you from any event they can manage to, without your realizing it. Therefore astral travel is certainly not one of the events that the body’s defenses consider a danger; however, if during the astral exit you start to feel fearful, those defenses are activated and block you inside, stopping you from going out. What matters is what you feel, not what you say. You can say that you are really interested in going out in the astral, but if during the act of going out you start to feel a lot of fear, your body is unable to relax and believes it is better to block the experience. For this reason, during an O.B.E attempt you have to relax and let yourself go, without agitation. Agitation leads to a sudden block of the experience, making you immediately go back inside and wake up from sleep without having achieved anything. It is therefore necessary to accustom the body to these movements of energy, making it understand that there is nothing to fear, because there is no danger for which it should block you inside, since you want to get out. If you are afraid, the body defends you because it thinks that something is tearing you out against your will (otherwise it would make no sense to be afraid). You have to relax and let it understand that you want to go out, so that it does not have to worry. Let it know that it can let go and trust what you are doing.

During an O.B.E, the part of energy that comes out of the body causes movements and physical sensations that can make you stiffen and make you worry, but it’s all normal. It would be strange if you didn’t feel anything while having an O.B.E! The problem with the technique is only fear. Astral travel cannot be forced, because the more you force yourself to get out of the body the more it tends to squeeze the energy in for protection, thinking that something dangerous is happening (since you are putting violence into it!). So you need to be relaxed and calm down. Most people fail to complete it because, as they are going out, they start fidgeting because of their fear of dying, fear of pain, fear of not coming back, fear of whatever the brain picks up as a threat and then decides to stop everything and not let you accomplish the experience. During astral exit, the energy of the probe must pass through different energy layers of your body before actually being able to find itself outside. Although it might seem that the energy comes out all at once to project itself above the bed, in reality the exit from the body is much slower and requires patience.

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The time required, in the measurements of this earthly dimension, may very well be a few seconds and yet, during the exit phase, those seconds will seem infinite. Astral travel occurs while the body is very relaxed and enters sleep paralysis, or when you wake up from sleep, in paralysis. The body must be completely relaxed, so much so that it must sleep. However, you will be awake and you’ll recognize that because you will wake up from sleep with your body paralyzed, or because you have spontaneously decided to go into paralysis through precise psychic techniques. During astral travel you know you are awake and, even when your body wakes up, you will recognize that you have been awake the whole time. If, on the other hand, you have the doubt that it was a dream from the first awakening, it will be very likely that it was. When you are dreaming you may believe that you are awake, but then, upon awakening, you acknowledge the reality that it was just a dream. The same thing happens with astral travel: if it was real you will recognize that you were awake at the moment of the experience, and only the next day will you doubt it, because of the Regulator.

The astral exit is not immediate, it requires time and patience. The body goes into paralysis and you are awake, but if you open your eyes and move, even a little, you lose the possibility of going out into the astral. So you must have patience and trust in what is happening, keeping your eyes closed until you are out. The mistake of many is to believe that to see in the astral you need to open your eyes. In reality, as soon as you are out, you will no longer have human eyes, so you will see very well without even having to open and close them, because you will see with the faculties of your sixth sense. Therefore, until you don’t see you will still be inside the body; do not open your eyes, otherwise you will ruin the experience. The temptation is big, because when you are in the middle between your body and the exit, you will think you are already out and instinctively you will want to open your eyes to see: don’t, otherwise you will immediately re-enter the body and block the exit! In the astral you do not need to open your eyes, you will see everything as soon as you are out. So be patient, as this step takes time. During the preparation for the exit, you will begin to hear very loud ringing sounds, much louder than you imagine. You do not have to worry nor be frightened, they will not harm your eardrums because those sounds are dimensional and are not physically next to you, so even if you think you hear the sounds with your ears you will actually be hearing them with the sixth sense. Meanwhile, you will begin to feel some movements within you, as if a layer of yourself is approaching the surface of your chest in case you want to come out from the front. In fact, you could also come out of your back, or slip out from your head, no problem. So, you will feel some movements coming to the surface, then going back, then coming back to the surface: do not be in a hurry to push yourself out. As I said, you must have patience and deep trust. If you lose patience and push the energy out, you risk the body going into defensive mode, and blocking the experience again.

The atmosphere is new and it might scare you: loud ringing in your ears, energy moving inside you, a strange sense of electric shock and the unmistakable loud noise moving inside your head; it can make you feel frightened, but relax, that’s what everyone feels when they are about to astral travel. You have not made any mistakes, you have not damaged anything, it’s all normal. Relax deeply. When you get scared, your body stiffens, and if you fidget it can lead to pain in the head, neck and back. The energy is preparing for the exit and it is all concentrated in the area of the head, neck and back, ready to move out of the body. The first experience can make you feel a little afraid because you will feel all the energy moving inside your head, like strong electric shocks, but that do not hurt you. It’s your own energy! However, this feeling can make you scared the first few times, because it causes a strange annoyance that is easily misunderstood.

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Let yourself go, trust yourself, trust God, because He would never allow anything bad to happen to you. If you fidget, it can lead to very nagging pains in your neck and head, so relax, because you’re almost there. If you worry, if you fear, your defenses will block everything and you will miss a big chance. During an O.B.E you have to relax, otherwise it is normal for the body to get so scared that it will tighten up and hurt you. It does that to protect you and if you want to avoid these problems you need to relax, because there is nothing to fear. Let yourself go and don’t push your energy. You will be very, very tempted to do so, thinking that a little nudge is all it takes to get you out, but then you will just block everything. Relax and let yourself go completely, trust the technique and the energy will flow by itself. Do not be in a hurry. There will be very loud sounds, and strong electric shocks through your back and head as well. Let the energy take its time to exit and enjoy the process of waiting, because you can learn a lot from it. Little by little you will feel yourself coming out, and, in the meantime, you will feel the energy still connected to the physical body being pulled from behind your head. The head is the last area to come out of the body, because it is the slowest and most problematic one, unlike your legs for example, which you will feel coming out much faster. Relax and let everything go at its own pace, without rushing it.

These are the physical sensations you will feel at the beginning of an astral journey. What matters is to not have expectations about the O.B.E because you would end up ruining the whole experience. In case you have the doubt that you have astral travelled, but you have never felt the sensations listed above, you need to understand if it really was an O.B.E or, more likely, a dream. In fact, dreams are fantastic because you can really dream of everything, even astral travel! The true experience, however, cannot be confused with a dream, if you have really lived it. The fact that you have too many doubts can be caused precisely by the absence of experience, therefore, it was a dream. It should be known that many people are convinced that they have astral travelled and speak about these experiences (although they were only dreams) but they want to continue to believe that they are real experiences. If during an O.B.E you play with your dog and chat with people, it is only a dream, it is not reality. Astral travel is pure reality, it is not the combination of fantasies and memories; it is the action of moving around the room while awake but without using the physical body; you are not dreaming, it is real. From the moment fantasies occur, then you are not astral travelling, you’re dreaming. Many speak of astral travel too lightheartedly, posing as experts after some spontaneous experience they have had in the past and which they didn’t even have control of; but this is enough to make them feel like they know everything. Having spontaneous experiences does not lead people to know everything about astral travel, as the astral world is too vast, and to know it really well you have to actively practice the O.B.E techniques and daily meditation. No one is born an expert or ready to discover the astral and learn how to visit it well, you need to train and commit to going beyond the limit at which everyone stops. Let’s use the example of the simple occasional swimmer who goes to the pool for a little swim to relax, and the diver who dives 40 meters down in the ocean to discover the marine world. This should be enough for you to understand the difference. Dreaming of astral travel is very simple, especially if astral travel is a great desire of yours.. so, in case you discover that some of your “astral journeys” were actually just dreams, you don’t have to feel bad about it because you haven’t lost the whole game. You only have to train yourself in the technique, and with practice you will be able to really enter the astral, and no longer just in a dream.

Sometimes it may happen that the O.B.E is actually starting, but then, however, it turns into a dream. It happens because the body is very relaxed. It is already in paralysis, so it is ready for sleep. Sometimes it can happen that you are about to leave the body, and then … here come the fantasies; you see that you are talking to your mother; you see your house as very different from what it really is, you go around it and you discover a room that in reality does not exist. You leave the house and discover that you live in a completely different place and so on.

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This is the dream taking over. Unfortunately it can happen, as the body fell asleep before you knew it, and you found yourself dreaming. Do not despair, you will have to try again, putting the effort in to not fall asleep. In this case it cannot be defined as an astral journey because even if you were almost about to succeed in the end you fell asleep and found yourself in a dream, so the O.B.E failed. It is very important that you recognize and learn to distinguish a true, complete astral journey from the infiltration of a dream. Everyone likes to talk about their out of body experiences, but avoid deluding yourself that you have had real experiences if the facts say that what you have experienced are dreams; because you would not do anyone any good, and you’re the one that initially loses out. Try astral travel again and it will get better and better from one time to the next.

Performing an O.B.E requires energy, so after astral travel you may feel very tired and in need of getting sleep. When a person decides to practice and learn how to move energy, as well as absorbing a lot of it during meditation, their body gets used to the experience of energy movement, and it will be easier to astral travel. If, on the other hand, the person does not meditate and does not practice (therefore they have little pranic energy) every time they practice an O.B.E they will consume their physical energy, and limit the experiences and astral perceptions to a minimum. Also, the energy of their body will be used, so when returning they will feel physically tired. This is why meditating increases greatly the extrasensory abilities and sensations experienced during an O.B.E. Let me be clear: going out in the astral depends first of all on relaxation, so whether you meditate or not, if you are afraid of going out you will still be stuck. However, if you meditate, as soon as you are out in the astral you will be able to enjoy the real experience of an O.B.E, more intense and long lasting than those who do not practice because, unlike them, you will be able to move better in the astral dimension, and obtain greater satisfactions. Obviously, everything takes training, so if you want to evolve your astral skills, you need to commit yourself to practice. By meditating, you will always have the right supply of energy that can be useful to improve your astral performance, and increase your sensoria. Also, by increasing the amount of meditation (therefore the daily sessions) you will be even more able to move energy. When returning from the experience you may feel a little tired, but this is normal: you’ve have just visited another dimension after sending part of your energy there. Get some rest and, as soon as you get up, meditate to fully recover.

Because performing an O.B.E requires energy, it is not possible to do it every day or every night, because the body needs breaks to recover, whether you want to accept it or not. So you can try to practice it every day, but don’t expect to always succeed, because to astral travel you need a lot of energy and, if you just meditate a little, you won’t be able to. So, if someone says they go out in the astral every day, or you think that you go out in the astral every day, it’s sure that you are dreaming about it; confusing dreams with reality. This does not mean that training in astral travel is wrong. On the contrary, if you want to learn how to go out in the astral you have to train as many times as possible, even every day, if you want. The fact is that you will not always succeed because the body cannot sustain it, unless you meditate very much and, above all, with very high quality. In this case you may be able to go out in the astral several times a week. It all depends on how much you commit yourself to the technique of the O.B.E and how much energy you have, therefore how much meditation you do during the day. Meditation should not be underestimated because the success of the O.B.E depends on it.

In today’s lesson I have explained what happens during the preparation of an O.B.E because it is the most important phase. I could have immediately explained to you the practical techniques, but I assure you that you would have failed immediately and you would have been disappointed, because the key to being able to make an astral journey is knowing how to relax, how to trust what is happening and, above all, meditating to have as much energy as possible to use during the O.B.E! So, in the next lesson I will explain some techniques to start astral traveling. In the meantime, however, focus on understanding the importance of the pre-O.B.E phase, which is the most important phase for being able to have an astral experience. In addition, I recommend that you start practicing the technique of energy movements, so that you can move energy more easily when you want to have an O.B.E, and the journey will be much easier for you, since you will already be trained. If you want to write your questions about Astral Travel to us, you can do so by clicking here. In the meantime you can read the questions of the other students in the next article.

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