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63 – What the Aura is – It saves you many problems (part 3)

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Our aura, as well as our energy field, can vary with time depending on the life experiences we live, depending on how / how we practice and on the energetic influences we receive from the outside. That is from other people, from entities, from vampires, from the larvae, and so on. The aura of every single person, of every living being and of every object can however also vary from one moment to another, if struck by a superior force that acts on him. As long as we live unaware of our own aura, it can change radically and we do not realize what has changed even after years. It could happen to us to suffer a strong negative influence that will go to pierce and ruin our aura, but we could never notice it, just as not all other non-practicing people notice. For example, your employer, your colleague or your neighbor could fall into an acute depression almost overnight, receive great misfortunes and changes in their lives, and never notice that this negativity is entered their lives because of the pierced aura that was hit by something.

Until we pay attention to our aura, we might not realize what is happening in her, and therefore in our lives. Being aware of our aura allows us to prevent matters that would otherwise manifest themselves shortly thereafter and then it would be “too late” to avoid that situation. Of course, everything can be solved and can be practiced to improve the situation, but something cannot be avoided if it has already happened. If instead we pay attention to our aura, we can even notice something that will happen in the future, reacting immediately to prevent it really materializing. This is because so many times, the negative events (even small ones) that happen in our life, are not cases of “destiny” but derive from negative energies sent by someone. These are energies that strike us and make us go down our plans. These energies first of all strike our aura, after which they pierce our aura to be able to enter our lives. The aura is like our natural protection that keeps the negativity out so that they cannot access our lives. Our life is a container of energies, and if this is filled with negative energies it will be full of misadventures, problems and suffering. Consequently, if these energies manage to pierce and then enter the aura, they access our life and materialize in it as real situations, concretizing the problem / negative event that they intend to bring us.

Although the representative images, such as the one at the beginning of this article, show the aura as a kind of multi-layer outline of about 40-50 cm wide outside the human body, in truth the aura is extremely more wide than we imagine. Each layer of aura is much larger and often compared to how it is drawn. Of course the designs of the aura must represent it by managing to contain it inside a sheet, so a small little one is drawn , but the aura is much larger and wider than you imagine. The colors, the shape, and the details that each individual aura has, are much more beautiful than what you can draw on a sheet. So it is much better to have experience of one’s own, learning to see the aura with one’s own eyes, rather than fossilizing on the image of a drawing and ending up reducing one’s knowledge of the idea one has of that drawing. In this Academy we try to represent the auras in the most truthful way possible, but no drawing can ever replace the emotion that offers you seeing the aura at high levels and with your own eyes. But as already said, seeing the aura is an account, while practicing on it to reinforce it, to make it stronger, compact, etc. , are actions that can be carried out regardless of whether you see it or not. This means that seeing the aura would help you improve certain faculties of your psyche, such as the ability to see the auric energy unlike the psychic blindness you have at the moment; but to perform other techniques, such as the auric reinforcement, or the extraction of information from the aura of other people, it is not mandatory to know how to see the aura.

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But keep in mind that evolving a faculty also helps others to evolve more quickly, because all of them are mutually reinforcing. This means that, if you can see the aura at high levels, this will help you to be more capable even in auric reinforcement techniques, because you will have an extra push to know where energy is needed; therefore seeing the aura is not mandatory in order to be able to practice on the aura with the intention of knowing certain information, but it certainly helps to be even more precise and targeted. Seeing the colors of the aura will not allow you to “see the memories” of people, as memories can be discovered through other techniques but not through the eyes; however, learning to see the aura is like amplifying your senses and lowering your regulator, so even other aura techniques will be able to do better. Not to mention how much to see the auras is useful to improve your energy vision. The aura of his does not change at any moment, especially if we maintain a rather similar routine every day of our life (and this is not always good). However, external energies often intervene which can upset our aura, bringing negativity or positivity inside. Depending on what “hits” us, small changes can come, or big changes too strong for us, so as to destabilize our auric energy. In other words, when an energy from the outside, in the case it is negative, hits us too strongly, it enters directly into our aura and therefore into our life, bringing disruptions and problems of various kinds. Are you aware of those periods of life when every day you had a problem to think about, every day a different one or an extra one, as if to make you feel poised day and night? Those periods when it seemed like every day there was a new problem or a new incident to think about, that almost wasn’t letting you live? Here, at that time you were struck by a negative energy, which entered your life and disrupted everything. It is difficult to explain in two lines how he did it, but in a nutshell that negative energy entered your life and, like a Flipper ball, he quickly hit more points in your life (love, work, general fortunes, money) by bringing problems in each of them.

You will have realized how this energy, like an unleashed ball, hit your work first, in which you had problems with your head or other similar things, then hit your romantic relationship and started arguing with your partner . Immediately you had strange economic losses and all these problems happened together! In those moments you don’t realize the correlation because, rightly, you think that there is no common thread that can associate the problems had to the work with the problems had in the family; yet it is as if someone had struck all the points at the same time, creating problems for you on every factor that makes up your life. Here’s what I mean by negative energy that hits you: that negative energy comes into your life and hits every point that represents you, including the inner points. In fact, in those times when you had more life problems together, it was inexplicably also the time when you had more obsessions and negative thoughts about yourself and discouragement about your future. Apparently they had nothing to do with it and you thought that every problem was confined to itself, because with logic you could not find a thread that could connect all these problems to a single reason. This is because you had no idea of ​​the existence of the aura and how it worked!

In those times a negative energy hit you and managed to penetrate your aura, so it upset as many points of your life as possible to make you damn and make you feel out of breath, forcing you to run from side to side to solve all of them your troubles. It may have happened that at work you had problems, for example, the boss refused to pay you a month’s work, and at the same time an avalanche of sudden expenses began to appear that took away a lot of money.

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For example, the car broke down, in the meantime the washing machine broke, within a few days a pipe broke and you had to call the plumber, and all these expenses happened within a week or two. How is it possible that, at the same time as you are having economic problems from the working side (the boss who does not want to pay you, so he does not want to give you the money) at the same time from another part of your life you are being taken away other money (like the car that breaks down and you have to pay the mechanic), creating economic problems from completely different and disconnected points between them but destined both to the same goal (that is to make you remain without money)?

Of course you would never think that all these things are connected, because if the car breaks down and in the meantime the washing machine, of logic, you think that the two machines are not connected because one uses it for traveling and the other is stopped inside the house; so you think it has nothing to do with it! At the same time, if the boss refuses to pay you, and the same day your car breaks down, you would never think that the two things are connected, because it is clear that it was not your boss who spoiled it. So what connects all these factors to each other? The energy, and in this case we are talking about negative energy that hit you, and like a flipper it is touching all the points of your life to try to “spoil them”, that is trying to create problems on each of them. When a negative energy hits your aura, if your energy field is very strong and resistant, the negative energy remains external and cannot penetrate into your life, therefore it does not create any problem in the various factors. If instead your aura is weak, subtle, and the negative energy is stronger so as to be able to pierce the aura and penetrate into your life, this is how it will begin to affect all the factors that compose it, bringing you problems in several points simultaneously . You could have a quarrel at home, immediately after the toilet, the shower or the sink fails, the car doesn’t start and when you finally decide to leave here you find inhuman traffic on the street, which will make you late for work where you will suffer another serious reproach. Is it possible that all this is just a coincidence? Of course not, because when similar situations happen, too anomalous to be normal, you realize that something is wrong and cannot be explained by logic, if you don’t have the awareness that there is an aura and there are energies negative that try to hit you.

This example serves to make you realize how energy has always affected you, although you never noticed. So to go back to the aura, his does not change at any moment, especially if we maintain a rather similar routine every day, but if external energies affect us they can upset our aura by bringing problems into our lives. This means that depending on what “strikes” us, small or large changes can occur in our lives that we were not prepared for. If you are conscious of your aura, you can feel something is wrong, even before this “thing” comes into your life. Essentially, you feel this energy spinning around you, looking for a way in your aura. If he finds it, he enters and like a Flipper ball hits all the points of your life. If he doesn’t find it, he can’t enter, so he can’t create problems. Until you are conscious of your aura, the external energies will get the better of you, because they will strike you until they create a hole of access to your life, so they will make their will on you and they will not stop until they have reached their goals. On the contrary, if you begin to become aware of your aura, practicing on it, it will become stronger and thicker, so it will be more difficult for negative energies to access your life and disrupt it. Likewise, as long as you are unaware of your aura and give it zero attention, it will be extremely easy for people around you to vampire (steal energy) from your aura, because it will be fragile and defenseless; and it happens very often. If you practice on your aura to make it stronger and stronger, you will create a kind of protection from vampires that will prevent people from sucking you away the energy that belongs to you and making you become tired and powerless to fight.

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Are you aware of those times when you have the feeling that something is going to happen in your life? So many times this feeling is right, because you are feeling a negative energy that would like to enter your life. If you practice, you protect yourself and meditate, this is how this negative situation will not happen; if instead you wait, without doing anything, as if to challenge fate to see what will happen, here is how the next day or even the same day the problem of which you felt the sensation will happen. The worst thing is that you will forget that you perceived it! So, you will be so immersed in that problem, wasting your time to solve it, you will forget about the feeling you had felt and the possibility you had of protecting yourself but that you didn’t know how to make the most of; in fact the problem happened. Beyond the damage, there is also the mockery, because besides the arrival of the problems – due to the fact that the aura was too weak to keep them out – there will also be the mockery of the regulator, as it will make you forget about the experience and, the next time a similar situation occurs in which you will perceive the bad feeling, you will repeat the mistake of not protecting yourself to see what will happen, almost incredulous that something negative can happen; and so it will happen again, bringing other problems into your life.

The aura does not change from one moment to the next, but you have to consider all the external possibilities that can change the aura and make it more negative, fragile and weak. In fact, the aura of nature takes some time before changing, depending on the case it can happen every 3 months, in other cases every 9 months, in others it certainly does not respect the precise dates! So unfortunately you have to keep in mind that being hit by negative energy is not at all rare and does not happen once in a lifetime, but it can happen much more often than you can imagine. Even if I had a stable and apparently strong aura by nature, suddenly (in a few days) it can become very weak, pierced and full of problems, this is because natural protection is not enough to counteract the slightly stronger external energies that they could hit you. The remedy is constant practice to reinforce one’s aura and prevent it from being overrun by such negative energies. In other words, it is easy to maintain a strong aura when there is nothing attacking you, but unfortunately on this planet it is very easy to meet some larvae, some negative entity, some person who spits your envy on you and hopes to see you to end badly; and so your aura is not as strong as before, because if you do not protect yourself the aura can quickly change shape and become weak and pierced. As long as you do not encounter negative energies during your life, it seems to you that everything is easy and that you do not need these practices; but unfortunately, sooner or later everyone suffers envy, they encounter a larva, they jam in a negative energy program or the like, and at that point the techniques will serve all right; but it will start to be late. That’s why it’s better to be safe than sorry, because healing is much more difficult and you can’t always get what you want.

Through meditation you are already filling your aura with pranic energy, which will defend you from negative energies. But prevention is never too much. In fact, you never know what kind of energies could hit you from one day to the next, especially when you’re busier and immersed in your daily chores and you wouldn’t notice what’s going on. Just to prevent you from being hit by some sticky energy when you’re more distracted and weak, it’s better to prevent yourself by protecting yourself every day through Psychic Protection. Even in this case, the protection would already be enough to defend yourself from the small negative energies that would try to hit you, keeping them out of the bubble and therefore far from you. And yet, there is always the possibility that some negative energy may be able to pierce the protection and get directly to you.

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In this case, if your aura is not so strong, negativity will also pierce your aura and access your life. If, on the other hand, you have a strong aura, because you have practiced it above to strengthen it and make it more solid, the negative energy will not be able to access and therefore will not bring any problem to your life.

In the next article I will teach you the basis of the technique to reinforce your aura and make it more protected. We never know when a type of negative energy will hit us, otherwise we would prepare ourselves at the last minute and we will always spend it smooth. Unfortunately we do not know when it will hit us and worse yet, we do not know how it will affect us and not even how strong that negative energy will be, which is why, if we are not protected, it can hit us and give us an emotional and above all physical blow. When we think of blows, we naturally think that the stronger the beating received, the more we will get a “wake up”; but unfortunately many times in spirituality it does not work like this, because the stronger the setbacks arrive, the more you fall asleep in your sleep Low, forgetting that there is a way of salvation that is called Spirituality. Therefore, it is always better not to reach the bottom of the Low, because when you touch the bottom it is not easy to think of getting up again, what happens in other situations, but you end up falling asleep forever inside the Low well.

Through these lessons I want to teach you how powerful the aura is, because if really nourished and reinforced, it can offer you far better experiences than you have any idea. The aura can protect you from harm, it can improve your physical health, it can keep the obsessions out of your mind, it can attract for you the positive goals that you so much want to achieve. But the aura cannot do everything unless it is nourished by the daily Meditation, as well as protected by Psychic Protection. Many think that the aura must be our only protection, but it is not so: the aura must be the last protective layer before reaching us, this means that the negative energies must find a great difficulty to approach us , they must have a difficult road full of obstacles! If we protect ourselves, the Psychic Protection will do its duty, so the negativity will remain outside the Protection, and if it succeeds in penetrating the Bubble, it will have to face the umpteenth difficulty before reaching us: the layers of our aura that protect us . It would be very different if we did not practice Psychic Protection, as negative energies would have only one adversary to face before reaching us; our aura. Therefore, the negative energy would quickly go beyond our aura, enter directly into our body and mind, and its victory would be too easy. In this journey I intend to teach you step by step how to learn how to use your aura to the fullest, but before doing so, let’s start to reinforce it!


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