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91 – What the Aura is – Energetic influences of the Aura (part 6)

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The aura has always belonged to us and, as for everyone, the aura of others influences us and sometimes even manipulates us, yet we forget about its presence and its power, as if to ignore how much impact it really has on our life. Every single object that exists on this dimension has an aura, therefore even more so every single living being, regardless of whether it is a human being or a bacterium. The aura of an object is different from the human one, because the human has its own life, the object does not. Yet we mistakenly think that the object has no aura or that it is too small and weak to influence us.

Instead, if you remember the lesson on Energy Programs, you will have present as every object as well as the wall, the floor, the ceiling, as well as the table, the chairs, the bed, and any smaller or larger object that makes up the furniture or the surrounding environment has an aura and therefore within it negative or positive energy programs. So every object can influence the energy of the room and clearly yours, making you change your mood, thoughts, even making you obsess about your life even if there is no real reason to be so afraid of your future or your relationships. Objects have a generally smaller aura than humans, not being alive, yet there is always chance and chance that can make a difference. First of all we should understand that the aura of an object is not a few centimeters small, but can even go up to a few meters. Our conception of square footage is often wrong, in fact it is noteworthy that for some people it is really complicated to understand the length and the space in meters. To give an example, I often meet people who talk about “50 meters” away as if they were very far away, not to mention the “200 meters” that suggest a 5-hour journey. Instead, 50 meters is almost equivalent to leaving the house and going towards the second or third house attached to ours; 200 meters could be covered in one minute on foot. This means that we are talking about really short distances. Yet some do not have in mind the distance and when it comes to 200 meters, it almost seems like they are talking about 2 kilometers and indeed, for some 2 km they are more feasible than covering 200 meters which seem like a lot, just because the number says ” 200 “.

Even when driving the car, many get confused with the distances, because if the navigator says “in 80 meters turn right” many think “Well, there is still a lot of it”, instead they should already put the arrow because in a few seconds they will have to turn right . But in fact it is not really “their fault” if many cannot recognize the distances, talking about the neighbor in front of ours as if he lived at 2 meters even if 2 meters could be the table in your kitchen, while the neighbor it is for example at 35 meters. The difficulty of understanding the lengths is a somewhat wider matter, which first of all depends on the studies you have done, because unfortunately they don’t teach us everything at school, especially the most important things. If you have studied to become an architect, you are more likely to understand the differences in space in meters, but if you have studied any other course, perhaps you have not been taught something so important that you need it in everyday life, how to understand it space in meters. If you recognize distances perfectly, it will seem absurd to you that others cannot recognize them, therefore you will believe that this discourse is useless and also ridiculous. Then I challenge you to ask anyone of your friends or acquaintances to mentally calculate the distance between you and an object in the room, and tell you how much space in centimeters or meters there is between you. You will immediately realize that they will make a mistake; if there is a meter and a half distance between you and the object, some will tell you that it is 40cm, others will tell you 4m, even if it is 1.50m. So, I invite you to repeat the experiment and ask how far the newsagent / bar / pharmacy is, that precise building that is located close enough to your home. If this is located about 300 meters from your home, many will say that it is 5 meters, or 20 meters, or 500, but few people recognize the correct distance or almost. You could be yourself, convinced that you can perfectly recognize distances, to make huge mistakes.

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It is clear that not all of us are architects or calculators who are experts in distances, but it is good to get a minimum of confidence with this concept, because we need it in everyday life as well as in understanding the aura. If you understand that the aura of a standard person, it can influence yours already from 15 meters away, you realize that the power of the aura is much greater than I thought, because until recently you thought that only people squeezed side by side could influence you energetically and mentally, but that’s not the case.

At the same time, objects can also influence you through their aura, which can range from 3 meters for the smallest and most insignificant object, to 7 meters and passes through other kinds of programmed objects. Obviously it does not depend on the size of the object, but on how much programmed energy is inside. Furthermore, the aura is not like a physical form, which cannot change, but rather can change rapidly and become smaller, larger, denser, or stretch more towards a precise direction and less towards the others. To give an example, if we put a soccer ball in the middle of the room, unconsciously we think that its aura is big yes and no 40cm at most, all around it, forming a sort of circle, so the aura will be its circumference. Consequently, you think that it would be enough for you not to enter these 40cm of space, not to be influenced by the aura of the object. Mentally then you draw a circle around it and you think that it is enough not to go beyond that circle not to be influenced by its energy. In truth, however, it is very different. First of all, the object, in this case the ball, has an aura of at least 3-5 meters, not centimeters. So while he’s in the room, he’s probably influencing the whole interior, and beyond. As already said, it depends on each individual object, because if we take the example of the ball, we immediately think that a ball is too unimportant to have an aura, because it is only a “toy”. In truth it doesn’t matter what we think of that object, because it can contain energy inside it and it can also contain very negative energy programs, regardless of its shape or the colors with which it is painted, which have nothing to do with it. ‘power.

This means that you could be influenced by its aura just by entering the room in which that object is located, as with all other objects. Whether inside there are strong energy programs or not is another matter, so it could influence you more or less than you imagine. Furthermore, we must immediately understand that for energy, that object is not the use we make of it, but it is a container of energies, that’s all. In other words, we must not think that the ball can only contain programs related to football or sports issues, because in the Matrix reality that is not a “soccer ball” but is a “container of energy”. This means that in that ball there could be stored energies such as depression, oppression, mental obsessions, which will result in the most disparate areas and which have nothing to do with sports training. In fact, you could be a person who is not interested in football at all, but you own a ball at home for the most varied reasons: maybe you haven’t used it for 10 years and yet it is there, as a reminder, resting on a corner of the house. This object therefore does not necessarily have within itself programs related to football, or the use you would make of the object, but it could contain energy programs of the most varied. For example, if you have been in a corner of the house for 10 years, moving only to clean the floor or dust, this object will have by now taken the energy of that corner of the house, which for example could be unused and very stagnant. So it has a negative energy inside, although it has nothing to do with football and sport.

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So its aura could influence you as soon as you enter that room, because it is an aura that counts several meters in size, but this should not cause you to have thoughts about football or how to use that ball, just because it is generally the one its use; because in reality the energy programs do not look at anyone or anything: they do not distinguish the common use of an object, but they can pervade any material that you also use for positive purposes, filling them with negative energies. For example, you love a necklace that was given to you by a close relative, and you like it so much that you wear it only for special moments, because it is too beautiful and you don’t want to ruin it. So you are using that object with positive purposes, in the sense that you wear it because you like it, because you are fond of it, because it makes you think of that relative you love. Yet if that necklace has been close to other objects that have a negative energy program for a long time, it may have absorbed the same program and therefore have negative energy within it. It does not matter if you love that necklace and if it is aesthetically beautiful, expensive and of great value, because the energy program does not look at how much that necklace has cost you, but slips inside it, treating it as any container of energy. So the most beautiful necklace could have negative energy, just like the most useless object in the house could have a strong energy program inside it, positive or negative for you. This brush up on the concept of Energy Programs serves you to understand the connection between the different topics that I am teaching you at the Academy, to make you understand how each is part of the other. So we are analyzing multiple parts that make up a larger set, and it is important to understand one at a time, otherwise you will not be able to grasp the larger concept. Having said that, let’s go back to the aura.

An object, like a balloon, has an aura of a few meters, this means that it is not enough to go around it to not be influenced by its aura and therefore by the energies that are impressed inside it, because already from the moment you enter the room in which it is in may be influenced by its aura. Then it depends on where the object is as the crow flies, because if your bedroom is giant and has 90sqm, obviously it is not comparable to a 4sqm bedroom, which is more common in a standard house . In fact, the object does not have a precise aura to the millimeter, but it could slightly influence one direction more than another. For example, it could influence more horizontally than vertically, or vice versa. So sometimes situations can happen where the aura influences you more if the object is positioned in a precise way. Maybe you walk next to the object and the influence that comes to you is little, but then if you find yourself above, or under that object, maybe it happens that its aura influences you a lot more. For example, you pass by the door but its energy influences you a little, then instead you pass under it (then you go through the frame of the door to go to the other room) and here its aura permeates you with its energy programs, influencing very much your mind and therefore your thoughts and your mood. The same can happen for example with objects positioned above the wardrobe. Maybe you pass by it but you are slightly influenced by its aura, but then you happen to open the closet doors and to better look at what’s inside you put your head slightly, and here it is exactly under the object ( the energy of the object’s aura passes through the matter, therefore it hits your head even if you are physically separated from the wood of the closet) and so its aura influences yours more than it did before.

Or the object is on the ground and as long as you pass by it it influences you slightly (let’s say a value of 30%, which in any case is not a little), but then you get closer and while you carry out your activities you find yourself passing over the object as the crow flies, i.e. your aura or even your physical body (e.g. your head) finds itself above the object, so you are hit from the bottom upwards at a much higher value (going up e.g. 70%) because the position you are in allows a greater influence of its energy on yours. This can happen with anything, whether it’s an object, a wall, or anything else.

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For example it happens every time you pass by the window, which influences you slightly, but if you open it and look out, you find yourself half-body “inside” the window and therefore its aura, which affects you from every direction doing rise its influence on you to a high value. But you have to understand that you, without a great training, do not spontaneously realize what influences you and what enormous power it has on your mood and thoughts, therefore you continue to underestimate the influence of objects thinking, again, that they can influence you only if there is physical contact between you and that in any case their influence will be minimal and not long lasting. The biggest mistake will be to believe that if the object were to influence you with its energy, you would immediately realize it because its imprint would be very evident, but unfortunately it is not so! Every day you are influenced by the energy of objects, people, the surrounding environment, and you continue not to notice it, convinced that you can perfectly perceive and recognize energy and its influences; but without strong training this does not happen, so you are influenced by external energy without even realizing it.

Even the walls themselves, and the objects behind the walls, can influence you with their aura. In fact, we think that if an object is not seen, then it cannot influence you. For example if the clothes are inside the wardrobe, and the doors are closed, since you don’t see them, they cannot influence the energy of the room and therefore yours, because their aura “is closed” inside the wardrobe . But is not so. It is true that the aura of clothes and objects inside the wardrobe can be slightly boxed and therefore limited in expansion, but only slightly! What matters is the distance as the crow flies of the aura, which by the way is not the same every day but can vary according to various situations that can happen during the day. For example, if you have not touched an object for a long time, but then started using it again, here it is “vigorous”, because you have just given it energy or rather you have given it to the energy program imprinted in its aura. So, if before the aura could be 3 meters, here it could become 4-5 meters at any moment. Consequently, it only takes a moment to reprogram the energy of an object and change its aura, according to the actions we perform daily.

Also, you need to know that the aura of objects behind the walls can affect other rooms in the house or neighboring houses. Also in this case we think naively that an object of our house, even if it has the aura of 5 meters, cannot influence the neighbor’s house, as if the walls were 5 meters thick each. In truth, the wall that separates our apartment from that of the neighbor is usually 10cm to 25cm thick, so the thickness is minimal. This means that the aura of objects in the neighbor’s house can affect the energy of your home, and vice versa the energy of your home can influence his. Just think that your own house is divided by several separating walls, which divide the apartment into a bathroom, kitchen, living room or various rooms, corridor etc. Beyond these walls, even if you don’t see it with your eyes, there are objects that influence the aura of the other rooms, so if you now concentrate on the room where you are, you can become aware that in addition to all the walls (at 4 sides), the objects, furniture, people in the other rooms are still “touching” your aura energetically, therefore they are influencing you energetically. But the ceiling and floor are also walls, which are usually less than 35cm thick. This means that the aura of neighbors’ objects, which are located in the apartment above yours, or below yours, affect your aura and that of your home, so their energy can also program the energy of your home, because their aura can greatly influence that of your home.

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So far we have talked about the aura of objects, so you can imagine how much stronger the aura of living beings, therefore of the people who live above you, below you and on the sides of your apartment, influencing your energy and of your home. In other words, the energy of the neighbors can affect your aura, making you come up with strange, negative, obsessive thoughts, without either of them knowing what just happened. Many times then, if no one lives under our house, for example because there is an empty apartment or because our garage is located, we think that no energy influence comes from the floor, as the floor below is uninhabited. But as I just explained, objects also give off an aura, so if in the garage or in the uninhabited floor there are negatively programmed objects, these can influence the aura in height and in width, affecting and influencing yours too (which you are upstairs, therefore less than 5 meters from them as the crow flies). Furthermore, an uninhabited house, just like a garage, does not mean that it is truly uninhabited, because entities could instead be found. This means that entities, with their energy, can influence you energetically even if they are in the garage under your house and not directly inside your house (this is the reason why you must always protect the entire building in which you live, and not only your bedroom). The entities then, are living beings, they are not as inanimate as the objects, therefore their aura is much more influential and broader than that of a cabinet, an ornament or a wall, because the entities are alive.

So we must always consider the fact that energy influences, in addition to coming from the sides, also come from under the floor and from above the ceiling, because there can be negative energies deriving from the aura of programmed objects, other people or entities, etc. Just as an object does not think of influencing you voluntarily, because its aura simply touches yours and thus influences you, the other people who live around you are also not willing to influence you energetically, but it happens! So the right question to ask is not “Why is that neighbor influencing me with his aura? What does he want from me? ”, Because he doesn’t know he influences you at all. Rather, ask yourself, “Why don’t I practice on my aura to make it stronger, so that others can’t influence me with theirs?” then you start to reason. In the meantime, remember that the more you protect your home and the more energy of others will have less influence on you while you are at home (therefore inside the home protection), but this only if you protect your house well and very strong; if you protect only the room, or only the living room, it will be only that room to be protected but it will not be enough, so you will easily be influenced by other directions, sometimes even while you are in that same room. If you get into the habit of understanding your thoughts, your mood swings and your obsessions that are not really yours, but derive from external energies that influence you and shape themselves in your mind taking the form of what is for you more plausible, most problems are solved like this: thanks to awareness. In fact, if you become truly aware that objects, walls, everything and everything around you has an aura with which it influences yours, you start spontaneously detaching many of the negative or annoying thoughts that made you waste a lot of time and of energies, such as fear of the future and what will happen or what could go wrong. Detach everything, you will feel better!

Having said that, I advise you to focus more often, during the day, to remember that you have an aura that can influence the surrounding world, so that it helps you become aware of how much the auras that surround you can also influence you. The more you become aware of the aura, the more you are driven to recognize the influences that come to you, thus preventing it from entering as lightly into your mind and your life as they did before you discovered the importance of the aura. The aura of a practicing person can be much stronger and more intense if he decides to practice on his aura; otherwise it doesn’t change that much. Desiring a strong and impenetrable aura is not enough to really make it: you have to practice it and practice it again, strengthening it from time to time. Consequently, I advise you to practice the technique to Strengthen the Aura, at least once a week through the guided audio, and several times a day even for a few seconds, to give awareness to your aura and remember that she is there, exists and is protecting you, but if you pay attention it will be even stronger than before.

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