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92 – Being Conscious – Become wakeful (Part 2)


In the last lesson I advised you to breathe prana 3 times a day, to help you gain more consciousness over the course of your day. Probably you may have now realized that you have forgotten about it, perhaps already on the second or third day you had started doing it. To maintain consistency, as I’ve said, is not at all easy, but I have hope that if you are continuing reading these articles is probably because you are interested in becoming conscious, so my desire is to teach you step by step how to succeed.

To be conscious means to be alert to what is happening inside and around you, and don’t believe it’s easy. We are constantly in the midst of situations that are being influenced by ripple effect, chained reaction, so one situation is influenced to create another and so on, and you find yourself in a set of circumstances that move around you and that continue to grow one after the other to make something wrong happen to you. Consciousness, united with all the techniques I’m teaching you, will allow you to stop this chain before it arrives at the end, therefore stopping it’s actions.

Acting before situations get worse is much better than waiting to see how much they can get worse, therefore then take action. We are used to waiting for the worst time, saying to ourselves, “Well, hopes that that does not happen, otherwise I’ll get angry!”, but in the meantime we stand still waiting for that to happen, almost to say “I was right” , but in the meantime we do not realize that being right in that case is bad news. Being aware allows us to trigger a voice within us that will allow us to have immediate answers, which will push us to act even when we believed that we could not do anything. It’s like a voice inside you tells you, “Hey, but what are you doing? Don’t you see what’s going on? Stop it now! To stop it you have to do this!” And suddenly you find your eyes wide open and say, “But how did I not think about it before? How could I just stand and do nothing?”

We should “get angry” before that unfortunate situation arises: of course we do not really have to be angry, but we must follow that strong instinct that drives us to act, just as when we are angry and this sentiment drives us to have a more determined inner strength to carry out the actions. When you are in danger you are much more motivated to carry out your work or your actions as quickly as possible and better than you would when you are calm and relaxed; This is not good because it is an apathetic habit that slows our personal evolution. We should, however, have that courage and mental strength to do every action even in the quietest moments, to make sure we always have a good flow in our lives.

In simple words, we must act before the damage happens, not after; We should “get angry” or better to encourage ourselves to be strong against the obstacles before they become really too strong for us. Waiting ruin us, it gets us to worse situations, but we must always react before it’s too late. Here is what leads us to conscience: to be responsive immediately, without the need to waste time and wait for the situation to get worse; We must act immediately.

This obviously applies to every area, not regarding only to catastrophic problems, but also for trivial events, however, in their small, they make us slightly suffer or remain in thought. Whatever makes us even slightly hurt, it is still to be taken into consideration and we must decide to eliminate it from our lives. This is becoming conscious: to understand what hurts us, why it is doing it, why we are allowing it, why we do not decide to stop that pain now and then take action to make it end permanently. Consciousness leads us to action, it does not just lead us to talk inside our head without reaching any new goal. Consciousness gives us the ability to act rightfully, aka actions that will certainly lead us to good results, and never let us say “what I did!”

Taking consciousness means being present: everyone believes that they can do it, because it’s not easy to understand what taking consciousness is; Still, though I’m trying to explain it, I don’t believe I’ve succeeded. A few years will pass at least of pure training before you can really be very conscious, for now you’re undergoing emotions and thoughts, not deciding them, but undergoing like when you undergo a treatment.

Being aware allows you to know exactly how to react to specific situations. It is useless to deny it, during our days there are many situations that take away our energy, we can define them as many small problems, which, however, if added they make us lose our positivity, make us a bit more dull, tired, exhausted. This is because practically, we are reacting to situations convicted that we know how to do it, in the meantime we are undergoing through all the emotions, thoughts and situations that happen to us. We do not react with calmness and total detachment, we do not react as if we were outside the problem, realizing that everything around us is false: we react by thinking that it is all true and that, even if it were all fake, anyway we should suffer the problems because they belong to us. Here is the problem of this theory: it will never bring you to change your life.

To take consciousness is not easy, because it is believed to be something theoretical, as if reading a document can make you aware; yes it is true, it helps you to become conscious as you’re reading it because you’re realizing that you are not aware as you believed you were; but this is not all, because you have to feel conscious always and not just the only time you read a text you like. It is tremendously difficult to become conscious during difficult times, because they overwhelm you and make you believe that it is right for you to suffer, that you have to suffer because it is your duty, almost to make you feel guilty if you don’t feel pain like someone or something around you asks you to.

Practice allows you to ask the right questions at the right time. In fact, questions aren’t the one to bring you the answers, but the right questions, because if you continue with the wrong ones, they will continue to confuse and create anxiety and desolation, discomfort and loneliness in you. Consciousness allows you to ask questions while you are suffering and to ask yourself “That person who is screaming at me now is important to me?” And the same consciousness allows you to answer your question correctly “No, it’s a person I do not know, it’s self-define my boss because I work for him, but in reality, outside that door, he is no one to me, I do not care about him, I do not appreciate him, I do not love him, his thoughts about me counts nothing! “; Therefore, your consciousness allows you to understand: “So why do you care about what he is saying now? He is telling you that you are unsuccessful \ failure \ useless, why you believe him? Why do you care about what he says, if you don’t care about him? ” And at that point you realize that it’s true: why, if you do not care about a person, when he shout his thoughts, he suddenly becomes sacred to you? Without your conscience, you probably would have suffered a lot for his words, just as you always did, because you may have said “Why do I care about him? He is nobody for me!” But within yourself you would have felt pain, you would have kept thinking about the words that would be echoing in your head, and you would almost have believed his words, feeling sad, maybe you would also have cried.

Taking consciousness allows you to detach what’s not yours to make you understand that you have no reason to appropriate it, it is not something good you should keep in your life. Consciousness allows you to detach the pains and amplify situations that create or could create pleasure, happiness, and serenity. Think for example at those moments when you are surrounded by friends or loved ones: moments that when you think of them, they make you happy because they fill your life and make you say “I wish it had lasted for forever … I wish that today was still that day, so I could have so much fun”, the point is, those days you probably did not really enjoy them at their best.

Think of those moments when you are with a friend you see once every 2-3 months, and when you are there to talk, and then there is a moment of silence, you take the phone out to see what’s going on in various social networks.

Most of the time this is losing consciousness, because you are forgetting the present that you are living, to immerse yourself in an isolated dimension where it’s just you and and your social network world, but your friend no longer exists, it’s as if he disappeared from your world. Even worse, if he’s talking to you and you’re chatting on the cell phone, completely unconscious, also convinced that you were listening just because you remember the words he said, and yet you’re completely focused on the cellphone. To hear the words he says is not a gift, you can write them on the phone and listen to what he says at the same time, but at that moment you are completely unconscious. One must recognize the difference between seeing and listening to what surrounds us, from being aware of what is really happening around us.

Being conscious is a very difficult exercise, it is as if I should open my eyes every time my eyelids close, and I guarantee that consciousness “falls asleep” much more often than you can imagine, practically, we are constantly asleep. It is not easy to understand what it means because you have never done it, and you have not become conscious to the highest levels, so you can not imagine it; But becoming conscious means becoming something that you would never even dream of being. After all, you have a thought of your future, or rather a level or vibration that you will not change any more, you see your future a little flat, as a reaction to the actions you have done so far: if you’ve studied certain subjects, you will work for that profession, if you are doing a certain job, you see your life forever in that business, or something very similar; you do not see yourself in a completely different field, because you think you will not feel comfortable. That’s because you do not know how to control the situations around you, they just happen, you’re undergoing them, that’s all.

You begin to become aware when, thanks to practice, you realize that you are undergoing rather than deciding and you become conscious when you start deciding rather than undergoing these situations. It is too easy to believe that conscience will come, slowly, meditating. Meditation is a technique, but conscience is another, so meditating with conscience can be of great help to you, but if you practice consciousness even throughout the day, you will become conscious for sure. The point is that it takes practice, it will not be the time to take you to a higher level. For example, remember the first lesson about the conscience you have read: from that article to this has passed some time; Did this make you evolve? No, because you did not train, you did not practice how I advised you. You did not do anything wrong, you just did not change anything in your life when you could have done it. Change happens when we decide to do so, otherwise we simply undergo change, which usually does not lead to anything good.

If I’m constantly repeating that it’s not easy, it means you have to understand the importance of the fact that the low and what surrounds you are working nonstop to keep you unconscious, to making you unconscious when you try to get up. There are many people who meditate, but most are unconscious, because they believe that it is enough to meditate unconsciously, to evolve. That is not the case. Evolution is the set of tiles together, it is not sitting in a sofa and waiting for half an hour listening to a musical mix that should relax. Yet, most “spiritual” do so, and it is almost certain that you too do it. It’s no biggie, you just have to figure out why you want to reach higher levels, because it will be much easier to give strength, to encourage yourself to work hard to get there.

It might be almost unimaginable to think that we can decide on what to do about our own life, to take command of everything that is happening around us, because we think it is impossible and that, even if it weren’t, it would be bad, because it would be too easy. This is not our thought at all. It makes me think of that strange theory in which some people believe, that a good person should be together with a negative person, just to balance her and should be patience to her malevolence, to love her since she is a bad person who does nothing but hurt others, just because he is a good person and he should, has to endure and not complain. This, in my opinion, is not at all a sound mind reasoning. I believe that a good person should be together with another good person just because he is good and deserves the best, not the worst. The negative person is negative because he continues to hurt other people, so he does not deserve that someone should suffers and make sacrifices to make his life better while he continues to ruin others. It is not a matter of having pity on that negative person, it is a matter of having common sense towards that good person who doesn’t deserves a painful life. At this point, I am convinced that it is right to think that if we can improve our lives, we must do so, we must not suffer injustice and suffering just because we ourselves decide that it must be so.

If we could not do it, if we could not change our lives, then we should put our hearts in peace … but if we have the chance to change at least something in our lives to make it better, let’s do it, because positive events do nothing but make people positive, because they help us to be happy, help us to be satisfied, motivated, optimistic, and this chain reaction  triggers a goodness in purse that allows us to be even more generous and kind to others than we already were, because we will feel we have to do it. Then we have to accept that positive events can also happen to us, they will not leave us if we engage them in our lives. Being aware will allow us not to be influenced by those who want to see us die of pain, and this will allow us to understand that the thought “if it is too easy is not good” or even “a trouble, problems less life is boring” is not something that comes from us, but by something that wants us to be in pain.

Through techniques and awareness, united together, we can change the events of our lives and make them more positive, by eliminating the problems that make us suffer. Being able to live life peacefully is not something boring, instead, having continually reasons to cry and tighten your heart thinking that it would be better to die, this becomes boring. It’s right that in the life you know all the feelings and sometimes you suffer a bit, but this is really exaggerated; to continue a life where there are more problems and sufferings than moments of peace and serenity, this is really too much. This is not life, it is pure psychological and physical violence that someone or something is continuing to throw us and we choose to undergo without any reaction. This is unconsciousness, and we must allow ourselves to recognize it, so that we can finally feel at peace. It’s not right to suffer, why do you continue to allow it? Why don’t you allow yourself to finally feel at peace, living your life with serenity, with many satisfactions, with the happiness of waking up in the morning rather than asking why you should rise even today and see a life you do not like?

Now that you are reading, you are probably in your home, comfortable, perhaps in a silent time, so you do not grasp the meaning of being conscious in difficult moments. Try, however, at the exact time someone is criticizing you, is giving you bad news, judging you, preventing you from achieving your goals, become aware of the moment, and say, “Here I am, I am present while it is happening … “; Not after, when you’re at home calmly and you will think back at that time: be aware just in the exact moment it is happening, because it will be so that you will be able to change it. Then, at the exact moment when that strange negative feeling is coming inside you, stop the time, feel the moment and slow it down, fix that person or that situation that would want to get in and block it outside, don’t allow the pain to enter. They could tell you or do anything, that pain will not come in you. Keep your mind control, be aware of the moment, instant, millisecond after a millisecond, do not lower your conscience, pay attention to every look, every hint of their face, stare in their eyes, and repeat to yourself ” You can not hurt me, I AM conscious. ”

It does not have to become a mantra, it just needs to remind you to be present at that very moment, and then, when you are able to do it, you will eliminate words from your mind because you will be conscious without words, you will be conscious by intent and immediately, even faster than the time it takes to say the words. You’ll notice that it’s gonna be his gaze to drop down, you’ll notice that he’ll be demotivated, realizing he has no power over you. Any person or situation will realize that you will no longer be subjected to it, and you will find that this pleasant and powerful feeling has allowed you to not suffer again. This is to become conscious: to allow you to change the situation at the present moment, not after who knows when and if that happens.

Taking these teachings as good foundation to increase your self-control, will lead you to be a self-confident person who will act when needed and stop to think when the situation will require it; If you took these words to increase your ego and your desire to subdue others, you would no longer be the victim, but the problem of others, which would lead them to suffer. You must not be the suffering of others, but at the same time you do not have to suffer because of them, work hard so that in an opportunity for you to make one of two choices. Preventing it is better than take a cure, and if you read this simple teaching that we are passing on, and if you listen to it consciously, you would understand that the right solution is to act when the problem is not yet real, before it actually becomes. After all, the problem does not exist unless it is physically created, it is not concrete, and we can become conscious to eliminate it even before it exists.

This is the first motivation for which it is important to become conscious, then, with the practical experience, you will realize that there will be many more reasons that will make you say “ah, if at that time I was conscious …” and this will have to encourage you to be, not the other way around. Practicing consciousness is difficult, maintaining consistency seems impossible, and yet it is just a habit to take in your own routine, then you will perform it with much more serenity.

Be alert in and out, be aware of what goes through your head, take control of your thoughts, and then, at the same time, be present in every situation that happens, do not let your body be there without your mind; Be present in every place where your physical body is, don’t be elsewhere. Follow it, see where it brings you, see how it makes you feel, recognize the ways your body travels, be present with it with your conscience. That’s why, during the day, three times a day, repeat in your mind “I’m present.” Or “I am conscious”. Then breathe prana, breathe with conscience, don’t do it with habit and laziness, feel the control in your mind and decide to be watchful, with eyes wide open, observe everything that’s happening. Do not make it a mantra, do not make it a chanting as if it were a prayer that you recall in mind without understanding the meaning of what you are saying. Use the words that suits you best and give the command to yourself to become conscious as soon as you pronounce those words, react to those words as if it’s a remote control that lights up your clarity and makes you alert.

Follow your body with your mind, be present in what you do and in everything you say to other people, do not talk without knowing what you are saying, do not act without knowing what your hands are doing at this time. Learn to become conscious, then, you will know how to do it without words. You just need to start, then you’ll go like a rocket. Give yourself the chance to be superior to what you thought you were.

3 times a day, recognize yourself, be conscious of what you are doing right in that moment and breathe prana. Then, try to hold the consciousness as long as possible. Do not despair if it is tiring and difficult, do not worry, have confidence in yourself.



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