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93 – The Chakras – Becoming aware of the Chakras and their expansion (part 5)

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Our chakras are like recipients that need to be filled with energy to work well.Without energy, the chakras fail to realize their intent, causing the important techniques you would like to practice to fail.If you have never meditated before, your chakras will be very small and weak, but meditating every day these will fill up and expand with time to hold more and more energy.The chakras do not have a capacity limit, because whenever these are full they will expand to contain larger amounts of prana , knowing perfectly that the more powerful the techniques you want to practice, the more they need more energy and chakras they must be ready to store it.   Whatever psychic technique you want to practice needs a certain amount of energy depending on its importance, so it is normal that if a person does not meditate he cannot perform miracles, given that having no energy, the techniques would not work for him.Each technique needs more or less prana compared to the others, being all different from each other: it is normal for a technique such as first-level psychic protection to work almost quietly even without meditating every day, being a technique that consumes very little energy and therefore it requires the same amount;much more advanced techniques, however, consume much more energy than the basic techniques, which must already be present inside the chakras for these to work.Therefore it is very important to meditate every day, so that we can ensure that we have enough energy for when it will be needed, a moment that obviously you do not know already now because you do not yet foresee your future;however, by meditating you will be preparing for when you will be using much stronger and more satisfying techniques, allowing you to be effective and successful.If you do not meditate now, when the time comes to use much stronger techniques, they will not work because you have not reached the sufficient amount of prana necessary to achieve the goal, which clearly accumulates over time and cannot be recovered in a single day of practice.The chakras need a lot of energy to be able to make every single technique work at high levels, because you never have to settle for the basic level where almost all the spiritual ones stop.Staying stuck at a low level out of pure laziness, you’ll end up complaining about not being happy with your life, and this shouldn’t happen because by evolving and then practicing techniques to change your life, you will be able to achieve the goals that will make you proud of yourself same.Without perseverance, however, there is no way.My job is to clarify your ideas and make you understand that only by practicing can you evolve;it does not happen by simple waiting.

By meditating, the chakras are filled and then widened.You will notice by yourself, with time, that you will feel your chakras wider and more compact than when you were not meditating, as if they had been filled to the brim with a thick liquid to the point of widening them, forcing them to expand to contain more energy.This happens over and over again during our journey, because every time the chakras reach a certain limit of fullness they widen more to allow them to be filled again.When it happens, you will feel a strange sensation for a few days, a little as if your chakras were empty even though you are meditating a lot (it is obvious that, if you were not meditating, they would be really empty!) And this could make you perplexed.In reality, what happens is very interesting.During each meditation you are filling your chakras and you are enlarging them a bit, but at very subtle and therefore almost imperceptible levels.Obviously your path is not always identical: there are times when you could fall into low and meditate very little and in those cases the chakras will shrink again, losing much of their power that they had achieved with practice.But then you could go back to a good habit of 2-3 constant meditations every day, or at least that’s what I would advise you to do to evolve in a balanced way without too much slowness, and in this way your chakras will fill up and widen little by little.

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There will, however, be occasions when you might decide to meditate much more than expected, for example by keeping up with 4-5 meditations suddenly, although until a few days before you were meditating only 2-3 times.On this occasion the chakras will fill up much faster than energy, because you will be meditating much more than usual, so you will be giving it a higher force as if you were pressing an accelerator.This will obviously be a great opportunity for your chakras to get as much energy as possible, since they have more and more they want, becoming more and more aware of how much they could do if you fed them more energy.The chakras, with such a sudden increase in prana , may decide to widen considerably without going through the middle ground.In fact they generally widen gradually, but there are occasions when they decide to expand out of the blue to a much higher level, becoming much more “large” specifically to contain greater quantities of energy that could enter without warning.They in fact expect that the more prana they enter with a lot of speed consequently they widen so much.

Let us take as a simple example a person who, from a daily meditation, suddenly goes to five sessions a day, coming immediately to the 5 sudden meditations: the chakras, not having prepared themselves with a gradual passage but finding themselves all at once to feed 5 times per day, they will expand quickly to a larger circumference in order to contain all the energy they want to enter.In general, this speeded-up expansion causes a strange sensation that can resemble a sense of emptiness for just a few days, in addition to a discomfort that may seem like pain in the chakra, albeit very light.It is very interesting to understand this feeling because it will be due precisely to a greater space available: since the chakras will be suddenly enlarged, the present energy will find itself wandering in a much larger space, therefore, although it is the same quantity as before , it will be found not to completely fill the chakra resulting too little compared to the size of the latter.This will cause a sort of illusion that will be interpreted as if there were less energy, although the quantity present is always the same.Just enough time for the chakra to recognize the illusion and the feeling of emptiness will disappear, because it will understand that this was not the case at all.In fact, the following days you will feel much fuller and more stable.It would be as if suddenly your stomach widened and while eating the same meals you usually eat, this time it would not be enough for you to feel full and would like even more.So if during a sudden increase of meditations you happen to be 2-4 days suddenly feeling empty, even though you are really meditating, it could probably be this.Usually the chakra that leaves the most sign is the chi, resulting much more perceptible even when it expands, as it causes a strange physical discomfort that may vaguely resemble the pain of the cycle.

Moreover, the who, when he is absorbing a lot of energy, could make audible noises, which are so much like a typical hunger stomach rumble, although this verse derives from the chakra itself and not from the stomach.The noise will be audible even with the ears and the sensation will be like a vortex that moves like a real rumble of hunger in the chi area.As I have already said the times he saw the chakras do not hurt when they are feeding, but when they realize they can feed themselves much more and therefore be empty.It’s a bit like when you eat: the more you eat, the more your stomach widens and contains more food, so sometimes you will get hungrier and the portion of food you ate weeks before will not be enough anymore and you will feel hungrier as if you have need to eat larger portions despite being fine then.Of course, when it comes to food, you have to get yourself adjusted and don’t overdo it to enlarge your stomach too much!But when it comes to chakras, the speech changes completely because the more energy they contain, the more they expand the better, otherwise the very advanced techniques would fail to work.

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Increasing the number of meditations is always a good thing, because it allows your chakras to pass to a later level so as to make each of your mental and psychic gifts stronger with less effort.Therefore the rumbling in the case of the chi is a very good sign.Even during the growth of the other chakras you will feel special physical sensations.Clearly, the energy that comes into you is dimensional, so it will enlarge the energy chakra but that does not mean that it will also enlarge your physical body.As the number of meditations increases, you will realize that the techniques that you are struggling with later will be much simpler than once thanks to greater energy input.In reality meditation is everything, because it solves many of your problems arising from the absence of energy, although I believed that they depended on something else.When you have strong chakras, many problems disappear because they are activated to protect you from what can harm your physical health but also your mental health, such as negative situations that would lead you to an emotional stress that would cause internal pain.The more these expand and expand for the body the more your strength and your mental and physical resistance will improve, so it is very important that they be fed with the highest quality prana , or the white one, instead of letting in too many junk energies that would only end up to confuse the chakras.

Being able to have a good constancy during your days and knowing how to dedicate that time needed for meditations to load your energy chakras every day and taking a good number of daily sessions, is a good habit to be able to evolve in a balanced way without having to take too long with that useless slowness that leads nowhere.Having energy in your body is too important to advance your spiritual evolution and to make the psychic techniques you are learning work everyday.The experiences are all around us, but without energy and without well developed chakras we fail to grasp them because we will be unconscious and blind.Among other things, it is important to pay attention to one’s chakras even outside of meditation, realizing that they exist and that they are present even when one is not meditating.This allows us to be aware of their potential and to remind ourselves therefore of being able to use them just when we need them, which, otherwise, we forget to do concluding our days without having used them.In order for the chakras to function even more actively, it would be good to pay attention to them even during the day, at least to dedicate some prana breath to them that allows them to be reactive when it is necessary and not only when they are remembered during meditation.A good workout is to breathe prana in the chakras even while working, even just a breath to a chakra is fine just to increase one’s awareness.We have been taught in our lives that when one does a job, one must do it well otherwise one must not do it.Thus, we are used to living in the “all or nothing” extremes, convinced that this is a rule that is valid in every field of our life.It is not so.   When you start a sport or when you go to the gym and the teacher asks you to do 10 push-ups, it is not certain that you will succeed at the first blow.In fact, on the first day you could stop at the first attempt and maybe only after the third time you go to the gym will you be able to do 2 push-ups in a row.Since you were not born “learned”, you will not immediately be able to do 10 push-ups: you must first train yourself and you cannot sit still and wait, because waiting without training the push-ups will not be done alone.So it doesn’t matter how many days go by the first time you try the second time you go to the gym, what matters is how much you are doing your push-ups.The master wants your improvement to make you proud of yourself and so he will ask you to make efforts, such as getting to do 3 push-ups despite you, already from the second, feel tired.

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His intent is to speed up your improvements so that you can first see them and be happy with them.The point is that you won’t be able to do 10 push-ups from the first time, in fact you will have to train yourself from time to time until you can do it and it could take months, depending on how many times you go to the gym to try to succeed in push-ups.Meditation is a sport for the mind, for mental and mental concentration, so it does not count how many months have passed since you started, but how many times you train yourself to practice it.In addition to meditation – which we can associate with the example of pushups – there are other techniques such as breathing prana from the chakras, which we could associate with the example of doing abdominals.   You will not be able to be conscious right away for hours a day, maybe you will start with a single breath to a chakra and then you will feel tired and you will prefer to think only about work and not being aware of the techniques.Initially it is very difficult to be conscious while in Low.When, for example, you are at work, being in a place immersed in the Low it is very difficult to remain conscious of the chakras, breathe prana and then practice well, but you struggle only because you are not very fit.If trying today you will get tired immediately, between 4 or 5 sessions you may already find it easier to remain alert even when you are in low situations.You have to understand that it doesn’t depend on how much time passes, but on how many times you train in this technique, so you might even have been meditating for a year, but if you’ve never tried this technique, you’re sure to be very difficult.Even if you have been doing pushups for years it does not mean that you will be able to keep a good rhythm even with your abs, because they are two completely different workouts.

In the case of spirituality one cannot think “or all or nothing”, because one must understand that there are levels that cannot be overcome if one does not constantly train, just like in sport.Therefore one cannot think of passing from one excess to another as “I do 5 meditations or I don’t even do one!” Because it doesn’t work like that;it’s always better to do what you do rather than do nothing.Of course, this should not become an excuse, in fact it will always be necessary to try to achieve the greatest goal using all your strength, but if you already know that today you will not be able to reach that goal it is much better to do little rather than do nothing.If every time I do the push-ups I decide not to do them knowing that I can’t do enough, you will end up losing your training and finding yourself unable to reach the levels you were able to reach until recently, because without training constant quality is lost.For the same reason it will be complex initially to be able to stay focused on your chakra even during Low chores, such as work, shopping, walking, but trying and trying again, will always be better.Don’t go from one extreme to the other, it has no value: if you never practiced until yesterday don’t expect to be able to stay conscious for hours on all the chakras.Try it, because the more you train, the faster you will get your improvements, but don’t get angry if you don’t succeed right away, instead realize how much you went ahead compared to those who don’t train for anything because they prefer to “wait for the right moment”, ending up staying behind forever.

Being conscious of chakras even in low circumstances allows you to become more confident with your energy and make it more active to solve immediate problems, rather than having to rack your brains every time to find a solution.My advice is to practice an exercise at least once a week while doing low chores;for example, while at work bring your concentration to a chakra and breathe prana from it.Since you find yourself at work it is obvious to say that you don’t have to expect an absolute non-thought, because it’s not feasible if you have to think about what you’re doing.

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The technique consists in performing two tasks at the same time, ie being concentrated in the work you are doing and in the meantime also focusing on breathing prana inside your chakra. Choose one chakra at a time and don’t expect to always make them all ending up falling into the trap “or all or nothing”; concentrated in one chakra at a time, even one chakra per day is fine: we are not talking about meditation, we are just talking about consciousness on the chakras during low moments! Therefore the rules are different, this technique being an extra to meditation; a practice that is added to strengthen and speed up your evolution but which is not of the same value as daily Meditation, which instead is much more important to carry out with certain steps to be respected.

To practice the technique you must first decide at what time to do it, possibly looking at the clock to know what time it is and choose the beginning and the end, so as to roughly calculate the duration. The more time you can stay conscious the better. When you feel fatigued and want to stop, don’t do it right away, but hold on another minute to dedicate it to the “conclusion” in which you decide to finish the technique in a lucid manner and not in a tired and submissive way. Knowing the duration time simplifies the technique because it allows you to resist the temptation to go back to being unconscious, motivating you to be as conscious as possible until the end of the session. Since you will not find yourself comfortably at home free to put a timer, but you will probably find yourself at work, with friends, or shopping, you will have to rely on inaccurate time, estimated by looking at the clock from time to time to understand how much is missing at the end of technique. I advise you to start with 10 minutes, so as not to leave immediately with half an hour and get out tired and bored. If you feel like it, finish the 10 minutes continue with 5 more, then 5 more, and so on, until you can’t take it anymore, but you always start from a feasible step like 10 minutes, without daring right away with half an hour and fail leaving.   During this time, concentrate on breathing prana inside yourself for a few minutes, then concentrate on one chakra and breathe into it. If you are carrying out a task that allows you to concentrate a little more on the technique, try to attract large amounts of prana and visualize it entering all inside you through your breath. If you are carrying out a task that prevents you from concentrating well on the technique because the work in itself already requires a lot of concentration, then concentrate only on the chakra, trying to breathe white prana from it without thinking too much, then placing your attention on the physical sensation rather than in visualizing. The physical sensations are very important, so concentrate on the chakra and, although you cannot touch it, concentrate on the exact point as if you were doing it. The exercise is very simple because it does not require you to pay attention to excessive details: you just have to focus on the chakra and breathe prana from it. Obviously the complicated action will remain conscious in the chakra while you are doing something else like working, walking or cleaning the house.

This is a great exercise because it allows you to combine your low life with your spirituality and make it a whole, deciding to be a little more spiritual even when you’re immersed in low chores. This is very important because, while other people divide the two lives as if they were contrasting in a schematic and structured way and avoiding being spiritual in their everyday life, you can decide to unite them and understand that there is nothing strange in being spiritual even when you are in the low, because both sides of your life are part of you, and it is right to create links between the two that allow you to connect and live them serenely without giving up or particular structuring to follow. People believe they have to be spiritual only when they practice, and then behave like low people for the rest of the day.

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You can choose to live your spirituality much more consciously, deciding to be spiritual even during your routine.It is your choice and you can do it day by day through your daily actions.The exercise, in fact, may seem unimportant at the beginning but will instead lead you to become aware of yourself, of your evolved ego, giving yourself improvements from the most minimal to the greatest depending on how much you practice.Breathing prana in the chakras will not only help you become much more conscious while you live in low, but it will increase the physical and psychic strength of your chakras making you much stronger and more direct, especially when you perform a technique that requires a lot of energy.

What I taught you today is not meditation, because it is about being conscious of the chakras and loading them, so we can talk about “loading the chakras”. This technique is very important as an extra, but it absolutely must not replace real meditation because it does not have the same value. You can start practicing it even once a week, but if you wish, you can practice it much more often depending on how much interest you have in speeding up your improvements. This depends on you, for sure no one prevents you from alternating and deciding for yourself when and for how long to practice it: the important thing is to try, without ever falling into the trap of “or all or nothing”. Then remember the steps:
– decide the time to dedicate to him;
– concentrate on the chakra and breathe prana ;
– try to remain conscious about the chakra for as long as possible.
Everything will depend on your commitment and the more time you will be able to remain conscious on the chakra, although you are working and doing something else, the more you will evolve your psyche training it to remain firm and focused, overwhelming the thousand distractions that would have wanted to keep you low.This training will be very useful and will enable you to carry out techniques in the future that many others will not be able to perform because they are too complex to handle mentally.Thanks to this exercise you will prepare yourself to be able to put them into practice successfully and to use your abilities firmly.

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