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75 – Cleansing Energy – How to cleanse the energy of a place (part 2)

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In every house there are energy programs, some more negative than others.You have to think of the programs as if they were so many road signs that they would like to direct you and then take you on a precise path that they dictated, although you could very well cut it short and switch from another road chosen by you.The programs want to push you to take a direction, but you can choose each time to take a different path, becoming aware of the error they want to go to.Since programs are created by our thoughts and feelings – when they are too strong and express an intent – there are infinite programs and not only positive or negative.In fact, when we talk about programs, we only think about what will push you to be sad, or what will push you to be happy, then negative or positive.But in which of the two parts would you include the apathy program?Certainly it is not positive, but it cannot even be compared to the program that pushes you to cry or get angry at someone;so you might think that it should be inserted in the middle, then in the “neutral”, but in reality the apathy program is anything but neutral, because it wants to push you to take a path that he sets.For simplicity we will often talk about positive or negative programs, but you must be aware that there are infinite programs and not just sad or happy.A home has so many energy programs, these are found almost everywhere and continue to influence your thoughts and decisions every day.And to think that every program was born because of you or because of the people who live with you!

A program was born from an event that happened, for example from a day when you came home particularly listless and imprinted – unconsciously – a very strong intent in your room or in the place where you were.However, others can also print programs in your home, even at a distance!Therefore someone who is a person who has never entered your house, or even an entity that has passed us, has impressed an apathetic program that leads you to fail to do anything when you are at home, wasting your time while not accomplish nothing sensible.So a program is activated when you are in that place, in fact you could for example notice a program because, when you are in a particular room, you will begin to feel yourself in a specific way (for example apathetic) and then, when you go out, here you are the desire will return.This can happen with so many other programs, for example the one that will make you feel very sad or depressed as soon as you enter from the front door, or very nervous, oppressed, with nerves on edge.You will probably blame your surroundings, saying that the house is too narrow, that it is small and makes you feel oppressed, or that it bothers you to see the same people every day, but what triggers your nervousness is the energy programs that surround you or the negative energies impressed in the auras of the people who cause you so much discomfort;we always talk about negative energies!The energy programs push you to behave in a certain way, then to often fall back on the same program, so that you feed it and make it stronger.

An example of a decidedly typical program for all is that of anti-meditation.You were doing something else and feeling inspired, so choose to go and meditate because you feel it’s really good to do it now.You go to your bedroom – or to your meditation place – and as soon as you go through the bedroom door something activates, a program that makes you completely forget that you went there on purpose to meditate.So you go to the computer, chat a little, or do anything else.You seemed very determined, yet you were so easily distracted.How will we define this program?It didn’t make you sad, it didn’t make you suffer, but it made you forget a very important decision you had made for yourself and for your personal evolution, so it certainly isn’t a positive program or even a neutral one.Any energy program that is not entirely positive must be eliminated, because even if in a light way it contributes to your energy submission.

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Therefore, even though it may seem as harmless or slightly intrusive as that of apathy, remember that in the long run it will ruin your spiritual evolution and not just that, so it is better to knock it down immediately.Deciding to clean up all the objects in the house, one by one, is a very unlikely action, but you can practice the technique to clean up the environment so that even the objects and your surroundings will absorb the positive energy.Then you can dedicate yourself to the precise objects that you think are most important, without having to touch them all one by one.

First, you have to learn to clean your internal energy , because you need to become familiar with prana and learn to focus on cleaning energy.The technique is not based solely on invoking prana at home, but you must learn to direct it to get you the results you chose to practice.

When you practice internal cleansing, you are recalling prana within you with the intent to purify your every energetic layer and get rid of the negative energies gathered with time.Every day we collect it and we cannot prevent it, just like every day we get dirty and we need to take a shower;you can also choose to stay locked up at home to avoid coming into contact with outdoor environments in the hope of not getting dirty, but your body will get dirty and you will have to take a shower anyway.So shutting yourself up at home is not a solution to avoid getting your own energy dirty, since even your thoughts would risk getting dirty and sometimes even worse than others could do.Therefore it is important that you practice internal energy cleaning very often.This will help you largely to clean up the external one, that is the energy of the environment you frequent, but above all of the place where you practice the technique of meditation and cleaning.In fact, meditation is a bomb of positive energy that pervades the whole environment in which you practice, so it is normal if your meditation room becomes much more positive and bright even if you have never practiced the energy cleaning technique before , because in reality you have always done it only meditating.However, by practicing the cleaning technique, you increase the effect even more and speed up the positive results.The fact is that you don’t have to work hard to bring negativity to your room, putting positive energy to the test by thinking “Toh, get this, now I’ll be sad in my room for a while and see if the positive energy will stop me!” “Because it is obvious that if you resume negative thinking, both your internal energy and that of the environment you frequent will start to get dirty again.However, if you are consistent with everyday techniques and facts, practicing energy cleaning and committing yourself not to think negatively while you are at home – and all day – then the positive effect will be far more visible.

The home must become like your place to relax.So far you have treated her like a program store, inserting all your thoughts and as much energy as possible.Without knowing it, you continued for years to go home and take the problems, the negative thoughts out, venting them inside the four walls and keeping them in every room.It is right to see one’s home as a place where one can be oneself and let your emotions come out, but unload all the anger and all your frustrations in the same place where you eat, sleep and live for a long time in your life it can only bring you other problems followed by suffering.Your home must become a place of well-being, because when you come home tired from work and open the door, energy must welcome you, attack you and regenerate you, you must feel like you have just entered a really positive place for you, not the other way around : at home you need to feel better and no longer tired than before.You have been accustomed to thinking that outside the home, when everyone sees you, you must always be perfect, impeccable, the best person in the world, then when you come home you give the worst of yourself, convinced that nobody sees you.Outside the home you must always be smiling, then inside the house you are infuriated with everyone, treat your family badly and continually dagger yourself.

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The house must be the place where you feel regenerated, in which you can’t wait to go back, not so much to escape from problems, but to resume that physical and mental well-being that will help you to be even stronger than before against your opponents .Even more so at home you have to try to be positive, not to let negative thoughts into you and not to let your family in pain because of you.For this you must be conscious, but also clean up the internal energy and that of the environment.

The place where you meditate is already cleaned up through meditation, but you can increase its effectiveness with energy cleansing.One might think that a solution to obtain two effects with a single move is to meditate every day at a different point in the house, and it is not a bad idea, but when you meditate what must come to the fore is the success of the meditation itself, and not cleaning the house.Cleansing the environment during meditation is a side effect, but when you are meditating you need to focus primarily on trying to get the meditative session going well.By wanting to get everything too fast, you get lost on the road.So rather than meditating every day in a different place to cleanse the house, and then end up not meditating at all well, concentrate on meditating well and, when you can clean up the house, practice the technique just for cleaning.This does not mean that from time to time you can choose to change the place of meditation, which is indeed a good idea, but you must remember that when you meditate you meditate, when you clean the energy you have to clean the energy;don’t mix things up too much.To clean up the energy of the environment you are in, you will initially have to deal with recalling prana .I do not need to tell you that to recall prana you must first relax, concentrating well on trying to calm your mind and get in touch with positive energy.To help you, I will explain to you step by step the technique to clean up the energy of the room you are in;after which you can expand throughout the house.Your room must be your little place of absolute peace, but don’t let the rest of the house fill you with negativity.So remember to do a more thorough energy cleaning even from time to time to the rest of the house.We therefore practice an energy cleaning session of the environment.This session will last about 10 to 15 minutes, but obviously you could decide to make it last less or longer depending on the occasion and the need for cleaning;remember that if the house has so many negative energies, programs of quarrels and sadness, problems of various kinds, it is much better to practice more and suffer less, than to practice less because of one’s own laziness and then stay the days to fight in family or have personal problems.

You can decide to sit or lie down, as this is not a meditation.My advice is to alternate and practice more often while sitting, as you will concentrate better.

If you want to listen to the Audio guided version technique, click here , then continue reading the article; otherwise, read the written version and execute it step by step.

Start relaxing … breathing prana in you.


To clean the energy of a place, first of all breathe prana into you.


Relax and concentrate solely on breathing prana .



Feel the whitest prana that enters inside you and cleans your energy.


Now it recalls the purest and most positive energy there is, directly from the universe.


Call her back and get her into your home.


Focus specifically on the room you are in now, recalling the energy of the universe inside your room.


Visualize the pure white energy that enters your room and expands.


Feel this bridge that is created between the purest energy and your home, recalling it in large quantities.


Breathe in prana … feel positive, in peace, and with this feeling it calls positive energy into your room, so that it too becomes a place of absolute peace.


Continue to call prana into the room, as if an ocean of whitest energy were to enter your room.

Imagine as if your room exploded with positive energy, radiating light and purity for what it contains.



Breathe … and concentrate on drawing so much energy that the room is filled with white light, like snow.


Display the pranic energy that expands throughout the room with the intent to purify it.


Feel the white, luminous energy that dissolves any negative program and replaces it with beautiful and positive energy.


The prana continues to arrive and fill your room in abundance.

Feel the sense of fullness.

Feel your room filled with positive energy, happiness and joy.


Expand the energy, feel it penetrate the furniture, objects, and finally the walls.


Feel how the white energy purifies all the surfaces, the furniture, cleaning up every part of your room.


Now expand the energy throughout the house.


It calls prana inside the house and expands it in every room, with the strong intent to clean up the energy and dissolve any energy program.


It abounds with pranic energy.


Relax … for the moment you can end the cleaning session here.


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How are you feeling? I am sure you would have liked to continue a good while longer, and you can repeat the session as often as you like. Right now we have focused particularly on your room, but it will be important to practice to expand energy throughout the house; obviously you can do it even without having to physically go to the other room, however, if you had the chance – because no one else disturbs you while you are around the house – you can practice the technique by physically going directly to the place concerned. In both the house will be fine. The technique of energy cleaning can be practiced at any time you wish, before or after meditation, because in both cases it will bring good results. If you decide to practice it before meditation, you will clean the place of negative energy and it will help you to start a meditative session that is much lighter and more relaxing than usual, since you have lowered the level of negativity and Low that is in the room. If you practice energy cleaning after meditating you will have more energy, so cleaning will have a more positive effect in the environment you are in. So in both cases you will have a very positive effect. Even if I had to practice it far from meditative sessions it will be fine, because it is a technique in its own right and not necessarily combined with meditation. To increase the effectiveness and duration of energy cleaning, it is really very important that you practice Energy Protection at least once a day, every day! The protection keeps the energy clean for longer because it keeps negative energy out of your home.

Many make the mistake of protecting only their own room and not the whole house, just the same as cleaning the energy of their own room and not of the whole apartment.Protecting your own room only means allowing negative energy to enter your home and disturb your family or hit yourself while in one of the other rooms.Even the energy needs to be cleaned throughout the house, because cleaning your room alone may not be enough to prevent you from falling into the other programs that you will take while you are in the other rooms and will transport you back to your room.That is why it is important that the whole house is protected and clean energy, and not just your room.Protect the whole house every day and when you can clean up its energy;make a protective bubble to you, your room and your home, because in this way the negativity will be less and less able to enter, until you can block it outside and find it extremely difficult to enter.To do this, remember to clean up your home even if you always protect it, because negative energy is also created through you, which you think is negative, or when you come into the house bringing problems from outside.Remember to also cut the wires to increase the duration of protection.Every time you forget to protect your home, let the negativity have entry routes, so it will even enter your room even though you thought you had protected it.Every time you practice the energy cleaning technique, try to go deeper and discover new levels, for example by going into the detail of the house, enhancing the purification of the environment even more internally than the walls, the ceiling, the floor, every room in the home, even the bathroom!Do not believe that negative energies that could damage you cannot be born in the bathroom: how many times have you been afraid of going to the bathroom alone at night?Here is the answer.By protecting your home better and cleaning up the energy of every room, including the bathroom, the corridor and the points of the house that you don’t spend much, your fear of those areas will diminish because it will diminish in them the access of negativity and negative presences.Increase the intensity of the defense and you will notice a big difference.

Let me know, below, how you found yourself with this technique and how you felt after practicing it.If you have already had results, please share them below, so that your teammates can also understand the effectiveness and importance of putting it into practice.

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