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83 – Dimensional Sounds – The wonder of Tones (part 2)

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Dimensional Sounds are like the bridge that allows you to hold on to the purest dimensions, even when you feel afflicted by negativity.It is incredible to think that they are sounds that have always accompanied us, but that we have persistently ignored without realizing what luck we had in being able to hear them and receive their company.They are an anchor that saves us from dark times to bring us back to positive vibrations.They appear as hiss and then give way to the tones, which increase only if the pay close attention, or, if at that time there are dimensional presences.The tones are like a warning that something out of the ordinary is near, that it does not distinguish positive or negative;they simply get up when you are close to something that has a higher than normal energy: it could happen that you also get up close to a person with higher energy than the standard, above all it can happen when you are next to a person who practices a lot .Generally you don’t notice because you are so used to ignoring these sounds, that even if they arise during the day and get up a little more than usual, you still don’t notice, because you’re too busy with what you’re doing ignoring these evolutionary warnings .The tones are as if spirituality were knocking on your door continuously, but you are so used to ignoring them that you will continue to do so for a long time to come.But one day you will realize how important they are and you will wonder why you have not practiced before, regretting the time and years wasted ignoring them.

To help you understand what the tones are and how they appear, I decided to create an audio that can come close to their sound. We have therefore simulated the arrival of dimensional sounds with the intensification of more tones at a time, so that you can recognize the differences. The audio you are about to listen to is a simulation, which means that it is an example that we have reproduced to anticipate how you should hear the tones. Precisely because it is an example, you may have heard the tones a little differently from how they appear in our audio; in fact reproducing a dimensional sound is not easy at all, but we are probably the only ones to have created it to allow you to listen to it. Click here and the window will open in which the video of Dimensional Sounds will start.ATTENTION: before listening to the audio, make sure that you have entered the volume of the device with which you will proceed with fairly low listening, since the sound reproduced could be very high and should not disturb you;if it’s too low you can raise it to your liking.This audio was created solely for the purpose of showing you an example of tones, but should not be listened to normally as it cannot and should not replace listening to real tones.


By listening to the track, you will have noticed how the beginning is based on a rustling, which then tends to disappear. Usually people start to hear first the rustling and then the rising of the tones, but this is not a rule in fact you could directly hear the arrival of the tones without being preceded by the rustling.
After a few seconds the first tone starts, which usually comes when you listen almost immediately.In our audio we decided to speed things up, so in just one minute we let you hear more tones at a time;clearly in reality you will spend more time depending on your concentration and how much time you practice.It would have made no sense to have you listen to a 10-minute audio right away to meet the correct timing as each person is different and you could take two minutes to get to the second tone while others could take two seconds or ten minutes, depending on their training.So in our audio you could hear the first tone after the rustling, immediately after the beginning of the second, then of the third that lasted a little longer;subsequently the fourth and fifth tone took over, then the sixth.Each tone was higher than the previous one and made you feel more contemporary tones.

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In reality you could spend much more time listening to 6 contemporary tones, in fact I advise you to train a lot and try to keep track of the tones you are hearing – at least the first few times – to realize how much you can push yourself with listening dimensional sounds.

Dimensional sounds are much more important than they appear, because just by listening to them you allow your sixth sense to evolve under another side.As you well know , the sixth sense is not just premonition or telepathy, but is the set of all psychic abilities and, by training your sixth sense, make sure that all abilities evolve more.Listening to the tones purifies your mental vibrations and increases the capabilities of the sixth sense.The positive effect that dimensional sounds have in our mind is incredible.First, they allow you to improve your non-thought, cleaning up your inner energies and breaking some energy programs that were being created – or created in the past – in your mind.Listening to the tones allows you to enter directly into your mind pure dimensions that sweep away negative energies and fill you with positivity from within.Dimensional sounds are very important, they are evolutionary sounds.By listening to the tones you create a bridge between you and the purest vibrations, making them enter and purify your mind.There are no negative tones, so you can’t miss a sound while you concentrate on listening.There are lots of dimensional sounds, but the tones are very precise (and they are like the ones you heard in the audio), so you can’t go wrong.The rustling, for example, is a dimensional sound but it is not precisely a tone, so it can also come for other reasons;the tones instead are very evolutionary sounds and listening to them allows you to expand an area of ​​the sixth sense that otherwise you could not have activated.It is important to choose to listen to them and take an interest in going further each time, because standing still in the first 2-3 tones is not enough;we must go further.

Through the tones you become more conscious, you don’t immediately notice but help you to detach the negative masks and not to fall into the trap of the anguish of the problems that in everyday life try to depress you.While listening to the tones you do not notice the effect they have in your mind, you just seem to hear a sound that apparently has no rhythm and has no musicality, so it may seem almost a long time boring sound.Push yourself beyond the 6 tones and you will begin to perceive the difference, especially if you manage to reach beyond 10 contemporary tones.When you have reached more than 15 or 20 tones you will no longer think that it is a boring technique, rather you will understand that you have not yet known anything about the power of dimensional sounds.As with every single technique, you only control it when you decide to practice it seriously, so until you put it into practice, it will remain out of control.Many people are afraid to start practicing this technique because they fear that by training in listening to the tones, these become too high and you can no longer stop them.You can stay calm because it is a completely wrong fear!Everyone has access to the tones, but many people prefer to ignore them also because they don’t know what it is and they think they derive from a hearing problem, so they do everything to eliminate this sound from their life and, unfortunately, in the end they can almost make it disappear. or at least lower it a lot.Other people – who do not know they are a little more advanced and therefore pushed to spiritual paths – hear this sound much more and almost cannot suffocate it even if they try.If you don’t know what it is, it may seem really distressing because if some nights it’s so strong that it won’t let you sleep you can think it’s a weight, a hearing problem, or worse.All this is understandable because if you don’t know what it is about it obviously scares you and not a little.In the past I thought I had serious hearing problems because the sound, especially during the night, got so high that I couldn’t fall asleep and I had to put on headphones with loud music to distract me and sleep.I did not realize that the dimensional sounds appeared to warn me, to make me aware that there was a way to reach the highest dimensions in an incredible simplicity.

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For years and years of my life, like everyone else, I thought it was tinnitus, because I didn’t know how to lower them and sometimes the sound seemed deafening.When I finally decided to listen to them, I also learned to lower them and decide the nights to cancel them to be able to sleep without distractions.

Even at the beginning I was afraid that deciding to listen to the tones would have increased them to the point of keeping me sleepless forever, instead it turned out to be the best choice to make.Before I learned to listen to the tones, they came alone and I didn’t know how to control them;every night I tried to take them off, I tried to distract myself, to ignore them, I turned on the music so as not to hear them, really thinking they were a bad sign.Fortunately it was not so.However it was not fast to take this decision because, as for everyone, I was also afraid of hearing the tone “forever”, and I was making strange ideas about them, fortunately completely wrong.In fact, since I started practicing the listening technique, I learned to raise them a lot and, by my own choice, I also learned how to lower them, when to make them appear and when to make them disappear, having understood the trick.If it were tinnitus, deafness or hearing problems, I certainly couldn’t make them disappear at my leisure;since these are dimensional sounds, yes.In a certain sense the tones are presented to warn you, to let you know that they are there, to beg you to evolve.It is as if your highest Consciousness throws you a harpoon to hold on to to get up at a higher frequency, but you continue to ignore it and therefore your Consciousness tries to raise the volume to shout at you to make a choice, which you must not always stay in those low vibrations because you have the possibility to choose and go to the higher ones.Sometimes he turned up the volume so loud you couldn’t pretend not to hear, just to let you know he was there.At other times you have suffocated him so much that he has failed to make himself heard.In fact, if you suffocate the tones for too long, then the time will come when you will really find it hard to hear them.Many believe that it is impossible, yet there is a big difference between hearing the first sound and being able to arrive at the sixth contemporary tone, because by dint of ignoring them it then becomes difficult to hear them.

Listening to the tones is very important, because it brings your mind, your psyche and your personality into balance.At the first sessions you do not notice anything, but practicing it very often you will begin to feel much more peaceful, detached from problems and less interested in the events that make you sick.In other words you will be more focused on acting and choosing ways that are positive for you rather than falling into negative actions and choices that will eventually bring you ills.Everything will take place for you in an almost unconscious way as it will be natural, yet without realizing it you will always make the right choices for you, finding solutions to your problems and stopping to tangle your life with your own hands.When you practice you will only be listening to a sound, but that sound will raise the vibrations of your brain, your mind and your Consciousness and will make you much more balanced and positive, as well as increase the well-being in your routine.It seems strange to say, because you ask yourself: how can a sound do all this?In fact it is not the sound itself that improves your life, but by listening to the sounds you enter positive vibrations in your mind that will cleanse you of negativity, chaos and distractions, all that brings confusion in your life.So cleaning up from the problems, you will simply experience a daily mental health and therefore also greater physical health than those who do not listen to them.Hearing tones during the night and listening to them are two completely different actions, because hearing the tones is almost an obligation: they are there and you hear them, as if you were suffering them;listening to them instead allows you to raise them, to enter a new level, to increase the positive vibrations that come into you.Imagine as if each tone were a new layer of positivity that enters you: if you get to the third tone you are letting in three layers of beautiful energy, if you get to the sixth you are letting in six layers of pure energy.So the more you get up to listen, the more layers come into you and thus increase effectiveness.

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It is also important that you spend your time, because if the sixth tone arrives then you immediately block it or you get distracted, this fails to complete the cleaning and work that should be done in your mind;if, on the other hand, you remain focused and continue to listen, it can elaborate undisturbed what it must do to improve your health.Stopping to hear the rustling, which by the way is not even a tone, or being content to hear the first two tones, is not remotely comparable to the positive effect you can get if you were already over the fourth.

If you have tried to listen to the tones at least once, you will have realized that it is not easy to go up to the highest ones because at the very first distraction everything falls.You might even have come to the sixth tone that, if you distract yourself from thinking of anything else, here they suddenly fall;maybe the sound of the first still remains – that your Consciousness desperately tends to make you feel – but it is not the same as listening to the highest tones.The technique of listening to dimensional sounds is also very useful for learning non-thinking, because if you focus on them with the intention of not losing the acquired volume, you are committed to not thinking about anything, knowing that otherwise you would lose everything.The higher you rise, the easier it is to lose the tone at the first distraction, returning you to the lower floors.However, at some point, when you have reached a good level, then everything will become more interesting and you will be able to keep them at the same volume with more simplicity.You don’t have to worry at all that if they become too tall then you won’t be able to lower them, on the contrary.But when they become really high (we talk above 10-15 tones) and you decide to stop and stop practicing, it is clear that you will have to allow at least a few seconds to make them disappear, in some cases even a few minutes (1-2 min ), because your mind was enjoying the well-being that the tones were offering you and must once again get used to returning to the low vibrations.Therefore it is clear that it does not happen in a thousandth of a second but it can take even a minute.In all this there is nothing to worry about, the opposite would be strange and ugly.

As mentioned before, as long as you do not learn very well to practice the tones, clearly you will not even know how to lower them or make them disappear at your leisure.The listening technique, just like any other technique, must be trained.Think for example of premonitory dreams: it seems a beautiful event, yet if you can’t control them, it can really seem like a nightmare.If you know how to control premonitory dreams it is fantastic because it allows you to dream about the future and therefore to foresee the events that will happen and avoid them, or change them, or prepare yourself to be ready when they happen;if instead you don’t know how to control them and these happen without your will, first of all they arrive when they say them and not when you want them, moreover they show you what they want and not what you want.So many times you happen to dream about who you will meet tomorrow on the street, or the gossip that your best friend will tell you tomorrow, even if they are fairly trivial events;but then the bad grade to the exam or the questions that prof will ask you not dreams, information that instead you would have been much more useful to know them before.So you will waste time dreaming of futile information – but that will come true with precision – but you will not dream of what you really need or, worse still, you will dream of it but you will not remember it until it has already happened, thus preventing you from preparing.So if you don’t know how to use the warning dreams to your liking they can really seem annoying, but if you train them and learn to manage them they become fundamental, because they entertain you, they are useful to you and help you to escape from it on many occasions.To be able to choose what to dream you have to train yourself, otherwise nothing will change and you will continue to suffer the premonitory dreams as they want.

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For the exact same reason, if you do not decide to work out the tones they happen as they seem to, then the night comes just when you want to sleep, they get up stronger just when you have already set the alarm early in the morning not letting you sleep, and the day in which you need and would like to practice them to make a nice astral journey, here they disappear and are not felt.They are not mischievous, but as with any technique, they must be trained, so you must learn to manage them rather than suffer them.

So the first practice time, when you start listening to them, it might seem that you don’t want to lower them any more, but if you decide to practice them a little more often you will also learn to lower them and not hear them when you don’t want to.In a certain sense, it is as if your Consciousness is abstinence, so as soon as you give it a bit of tone, here it will want to continue to listen to them again and again, even when you have already finished the time to be able to practice on that day;if instead you get used to listening to them more often – which does not necessarily mean every day, but much more often than ignoring them as you always do – you will satisfy the needs of your Consciousness and, when you don’t want to hear the tones, you will give it to you.It may seem strange, but if you train listening to the tones then you will discover how true what I said is.

When you listen to the dimensional sounds you are bringing well-being to your physical brain and your mind, which will clean up their gears and allow you to reason better during the following days and understand what surrounds you more naturally.When you feel sad or bitter, I advise you to listen to the tones and use them as a foothold, because they will clear your mind of negative vibrations and keep you from obsessing.So all you have to do is practice and strive to reach the highest level you can reach.I advise you to practice the listening technique at least once a week, minimum 10 minutes.

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