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74 – Energy – What are energetic programmes? (part 4)

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Previously we talked about what is an energy register inside an object, a piece of furniture or a wall.The energetic recollection is the set of energies that objects store within them about everything they experienced during their presence in a particular place.For example, they recorded everything a person did and said in his home, absorbing all the feelings emanating from it.Furthermore , objects absorb the energies of all the people who attend that house, therefore they can contain a set of different energies, among which some that annihilate each other or among which one prevails.For example, if an object was first in contact with someone who emanated positive energy, and immediately after with someone who gave off heavy energy, the stronger of the two will prevail in the object, depending on which of the two people had the strongest intent.Objects absorb people’s emotions, so if the first was very happy and the second very sad or angry, it depends who was stronger in the two.If, for example, the second person was a little sad, but did not give off a very suffering energy, the object could have absorbed very little of its energy and therefore its register remained of positive energy.Moreover, it also depends on how long the object has been in contact with people, as a few seconds may not be enough to influence the object and create a new program inside it, unless you take that object just when one is at the height of anger or happiness.To give an example, today you might be a little sad for various personal reasons, but you don’t have a very strong negative energy, so the objects around you will absorb some negative energy but their programs will not be completely distorted;however, at a time of day, you reach the pinnacle of sadness when, beyond all that has already happened to you, another event takes place that really makes you suffer.At that moment you might find yourself in the bathroom, or in the bedroom and learn of a fact that will make you feel bad;there you will – without realizing it – a sort of greater negative energy evaporation that will influence the whole surrounding place.The objects, the walls, the furniture will be influenced by your energy.Even if you spent the whole day in the living room, five minutes of emotional climax will be enough in the bedroom that it will record a far more negative program.

When you experience an emotion, it continually influences the auras of the place where you are, then objects, walls, and even people and animals.When you then feel a very strong feeling, such as a very heated anger or extreme happiness, in the moments or minutes when you reach the peak you will greatly increase the energetic influence in that place, up to the point of creating a energy program.It is important that you understand that every day, every hour at any time you are influencing everything around you, and not just when you are very angry or overjoyed, but you do it all the time;so every day the objects and what surrounds you record your emotions and your energies, with which they also influence the auras of all the people who meet you every day on the street, at work or in the family.Even more so, when you are very happy or very angry, you end up creating an energy program because of the strong intent you have expanded outside of you.The objects continually absorb your emotions, your thoughts and your actions, but there are moments when the registers become much more intense, they become alive, so much that they are able to repeat themselves and condition themselves.We define those events with the term Energy Program.The energetic program is born when your feeling or your thought that you were trying, has come out so strong that it has not only influenced the place where you are, but it has reprogrammed it.Therefore your feeling combined with a strong intent has created a program that, with time, will be repeated.All this happens very often and you don’t notice when it happens, because obviously you are not aware of it.Hopefully you will decide to practice and become aware of your energetic actions, so that you will stop reprogramming the places around you with negative energies.

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Even if you do not notice it, or you think you are not at fault because you are not aware of what happens when you are sad or angry, you are still influencing the auras of places or other people around you, throwing negative energies on anyone, risking to ruin their days and, for some, even their lives.Being aware of the effect your energy is making is very important both for your well-being and that of others.

In every moment of your day, even now, you give off your thoughts and moods which are then memorized by every single material that surrounds you.So if you are now sitting on the bed, with your back to the wall, with a pillow behind your back, both the bed (sheets, mattress, various plushes resting on the bed) and the pillow on which it rests, and the wall behind you , they will record your energy and take their imprint.There is no need for you to understand why they do it, because it happens like when you walk on the sand and leave your footprints: you can also be an ordinary person, without any special qualities that make you famous or important, but when you walk on the sand you leave your fingerprints.It just happens, so all the objects, the walls, the places you frequent, record your imprint when you pass by there.You could be an ordinary person, very normal, invisible to society, but every place you frequent and even more so where you often live has memorized and continues to memorize every single day of your life.By dint of memorizing your routine, especially the stronger moods, programs have been created in these places.

To take the example I told you about when you feel so much anger, or so much happiness: as you well know there are not only these two extreme feelings but an infinity of thoughts and feelings that, mixed together, make up all your programs.In fact your thoughts are made of energy, so everyone is absorbed by what surrounds you and, the stronger ones, create a program.I would like to explain to you what a program is by giving an example of earth that could bring to mind references to your life that you never explained before.We speak for example of the objects or accessories that you use every day but that, over time, you are not the only one to touch and therefore to influence.We talk about common objects that can be exchanged in the family without giving us too much weight, as could happen for example with the sheets of the bed which, when they are washed, could then be exchanged and end up in your brother’s bed and his will cover yours.Since they have been washed, the sheets will be clean, perfumed, but certainly an energy program will not go away with a simple washing.I refer to the sheets, because during the night many people have a habit of thinking about their problems for a long time, then they imprint their negative thoughts in the mattress, in the sheets, in the pillowcases and in the pillow itself and, even if they always appear of a brilliant white and fragrant beauty, they could contain very negative energy programs.Unfortunately, all the people have been used to not keeping their thoughts under control, so most of the population thinks too much about problems rather than cutting them off and enjoying a well-deserved mental rest, through non-thought.So, at night, when work is finished and we hide in our bed, many end up thinking about their problems, their dissatisfactions, their insecurities.All these thoughts vibrate with negative energy, so whenever you think badly about yourself, think about your problems or what has happened to you sad or annoying today, print negative energy into the materials that are closest to you.

The bed is the first to absorb your negativity and every part of it records your thoughts and feelings.So try to imagine what would happen if the sheets in which one of your family members slept who spent the night thinking about his problems, his frustrations, and maybe even cried for the suffering of what most tainted him in the mind, ended up in your bed.Since we have always been used to ignoring every symptom of external influence, attributing it always and only to ourselves, you would not notice anything at all.

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Yet the thoughts of your family member have been recorded in the sheets that now cover your bed and, during the night, or during the time you are lying on your bed, they will pass to you.These thoughts are not recognized as belonging to your brother, but will be interpreted by your brain as if they were yours.When you think of something, you don’t think “I, Fabrizio, am sad because it happened this morning …”, but reasons without introducing yourself.Thought will be recorded that way and when someone else absorbs your thought through that object, it will absorb that state of mind by identifying it as its own.Obviously it’s not your brother’s fault, because indeed, he is suffering from something that hurt him, so you can’t blame him.But you can pay more attention and remain conscious, so that his thoughts do not become yours too.

Always, every day, we are influenced by the thoughts and moods of other people, through their auras or through the energy programs they have recorded in the objects they used.Therefore it is difficult from morning to evening to realize all the programs you undergo and that do not really belong to your mind, but with time and practice you will become more and more aware of it, learning not to be influenced.The improvement is incredible, because when you learn to recognize your thoughts from all those other people – wanting or wanting to – have passed you, your routine becomes lighter, more relaxing, because most of the weights have never really been yours, but you had accepted them in your mind and so you carried a great weight on your shoulders.Through the technique of non-thinking, the technique of staying conscious during the day, and through the understanding of energy programs, you will become more and more good at recognizing when a thought is yours from when it is not, so as to detach it and not let it enter into you.This will take a long time, because there are many more programs around you than you can imagine.So do not be in a hurry to believe that you know how to recognize them all, but have the humility to admit that you do not yet have total control of your life.As already mentioned, other people do not know what they are doing, they are not at fault because they do not do it intentionally;this does not mean that their thoughts and feelings or moods do not belong to you, so you must not be influenced and end up suffering as much as they do.

So your nightly thoughts may not be yours, but those who used the objects next to you before you used them. It is not just the sheets, but also the stuffed animals (which often pass from the oldest to the youngest child over the years), of the furniture objects (which used to be in your brother’s room and which are now in your room), of the furniture that comes from the bedroom of your parents, clothes that belonged to your cousin and that are now tight, and so on. Obviously knowing that the objects that belonged to your family can have their programs and that they could influence you, should not make you obsess and disgust everything they give you or pass to you; do not overdo denying and rejecting every gift that is given to you; but be aware that if you always use only second-hand clothes, stuffed animals that belonged to your older brothers and so on, you are accepting to be influenced by programs that now belong to those objects. This should not get you to the point of rejecting any gift for repulsion towards their energies, but simply to make you become more aware of how life works. People are continually influenced by external energies, especially those of their family members, even if they don’t want to. For example, you may have chosen not to look exactly like your brother, or your father, because you think he is a person not to be imitated, so try to be the opposite of him, talk differently, reason differently, but this does not take away let his energies hit you every day, even if in a different way than you expect them to be. Besides, you know what he says about you, but not what he thinks of you. People’s real thoughts are often very different from what we believe.

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Knowing the thoughts of others is amazing, because it opens up a world to you, allows you to discover what goes on in their most intimate mind and many times you can get to know yourself better through them, because you discover how they see you and what they like or he doesn’t like you. From there you can learn to improve yourself and change some attitudes that make you look negatively in the eyes of others, but that’s another story.

Recognizing energy programs is much more complex than it seems, because we are so used to suffering them that recognizing them as not belonging to us is more difficult than expected. It is all about understanding exactly how a program works, and through meditation and the various techniques taught in ACD, you will learn to detach external thoughts so that they do not become yours. Going back to your brother’s example and the sheets, he might have spent time thinking about his problems, impressing his feelings on the fabric. Imagine if he, for a few hours every day, had thought about quarrels with his girlfriend, about how much he feels alone and misunderstood, about how anxious he feels about next month’s university exams, how much he feels judged by his friends who treat him badly or who do not show him true friendship, and more. If you were very, very conscious, you would perceive the precise thoughts your brother had and you would hear the people he thought of; instead you are not and you suffer all his thoughts in first person. So your brain will absorb its energies and look for some reason to associate certain feelings and moods. From that moment on, even if before you had no reason to think so, you will begin to think that your girlfriend is cheating on you, or that you are no longer in love with you, or that you no longer love her as before and that perhaps you should look for him ‘else. You may think that your friends are not so much friends but that they are confabulating behind your back, or you might get anxious about exams even if you had none at all a few days before. So you won’t think about his girlfriend, or his friends, but you will associate those feelings with your personal story, increasing those moods in you and looking for a reason to own them. You may have no reason to feel so lonely or sad, but since that feeling influenced you, you will look for a reason in your mind to feel like this, and finally you will find it! If the thought does not exist, you will create it from nothing, for example by inventing an excuse to believe that your girlfriend is cheating on you, even though you have never mentioned that you want to interest others as well as yourself.

People’s thoughts are among the most convoluted and unexpected, so don’t expect too much about them. For example your brother could show everyone to be very sure of himself, to feel beautiful and perfect in everything, yet, at night, when nobody hears him, he could think a lot and hope in the judgment of others; you might wonder if it’s really so beautiful or if nobody really likes it and if for this reason it doesn’t have a steady girlfriend, even if everyone shows its cool façade that goes out with many women every night. Energy programs are therefore those feelings so well impressed in a material or an object that they then continue to activate themselves and make people feel that feeling again even when there is no longer any reason for it. In fact the program does not activate only once, but it does it continuously! And look for the most absurd reasons to get yourself feeling the same feeling every day. If you only ever thought about university exams every time you lay down on the bed, sooner or later the doubt would come to you; unfortunately, it is not so simple. In fact the energy program is also intelligent, because he influences that feeling, but then you will unconsciously find a reason to feel that state of mind. For example, one day you will think about the exam, the next day you will think about a quarrel you had with a work colleague, the next day you will still think of your mother who was not understanding of you. Thoughts could be different every day but the fact is that all of them will eventually lead you to feel that very sad, or angry, emotional state. Remember that there is not only sad or angry thinking , but also jealous, envious, depressive, oppressive, frustrating, but also mangy, anxious, annoying, the list is really long.

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So every emotional state you have could come from an influence that you absorbed during the day and that doesn’t really belong to you. Learning to recognize external energy programs or influences and detaching from them frees us from so many weights.

Every person has different habits, so if a person spends a lot of time at home, obviously it will influence the furniture and objects of his house more with his thoughts and energy programs, unlike a person who spends much more time away from home and therefore it will influence the decor of the places you frequent most (for example, in your office) rather than in your room. The more a person is in his house, the more he influences this by creating more solid and resistant energy programs. Any energy program can be destroyed with the right methods, but there are some programs that are much more persistent and hard to break down than others. Furthermore, the same person can create multiple different programs and not just one, and each can function independently of the others. So breaking down a home program does not mean having everyone else eliminated. The programs are like mechanisms that are activated, because in addition to being recorded in an object, they become “alive” in the sense that they succeed in having that feeling again felt by the same person or someone else. So going back to your brother’s example, if one night he thought very badly about a topic that concerns him (for example the girlfriend who cheats on him), the next day then that thought may have passed, but when he returns home and gets he will go back to bed, that thought could come back to him again. This is an energy program. Moreover it could change into other thoughts, always all of the same negative level or even worse. In fact the program is not on the same thought, but on the same mental state, therefore on the emotional feeling. The energy program is a mechanism that wants you to experience the same feeling with which it was programmed indefinitely. He wants to push you to try again that negative feeling regardless of what thoughts you will use to return to feel that sadness. Then your brain will do everything, because it will search through your daily or past memories which could be a reason to become sad and, as soon as it has found it, you will have a thought in mind that you will begin to feel sad, angry, or whatever.

Moreover, these programs are not all activated immediately, but over time. In fact, you could also secretly go to your brother’s room and lie down in his bed and still feel nothing; so you will think that there is no energy program and you will be disappointed. However, these programs – which we remember are inserted into the aura of objects and materials displayed in his room – do not remain there, but they can influence your aura even without you noticing. In other words, you could lie down in your brother’s bed and hear nothing; in the meantime, however, something subtle is happening and the energetic influences are sticking to the fabrics of your clothes and your aura. So you will leave the room thinking that nothing has happened, but in reality your aura will have been influenced by the energy your brother left in his room. So you could be influenced by your brother’s energy even if he isn’t there at that moment, because he left his energy footprint in that room. These influences are not all activated immediately, but they are waiting for the right moment when you will not be alert and will therefore be more sensitive to influences. See the programs as if they were species of larvae that will remain attached to your aura but will only act when you lower your guard. An influenza can also take days to activate. Obviously the programs are not larvae, but sometimes they may seem that way.

During the day we absorb many energetic influences and we are conditioned by the moods of other people or by the programs they have created; during the night, then, we are even more vulnerable and many programs are activated just as we sleep, entering our unconscious and making us think about problems and frustrations that do not really belong to us, but that from that moment we have accepted as ours and so we treat them and we suffer for them.

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All this happens in the unconscious, so it is not at all easy not to be influenced by it. Understanding and detaching energy programs and their influences is a work that requires a lot of daily consciousness, every day, without ever lowering one’s guard. However, once you take the hand, it will be much easier for you to recognize them and finally free yourself from so many daily sufferings that otherwise would have struck you and landed you. Imagine, therefore, how many influences you absorb every day in all the places you frequent (and not only in your home) and then, while some programs are activated immediately, others can also wait several days before turning on and opening a new mind in your mind negative discussion. It is therefore easy to get confused and to think that these are one’s own thoughts, whereas they are energies that we have absorbed from other places or people. With time you will understand better what a program is and how it works. It is really important, however, that you learn these teachings without obsessive ones over: knowledge serves to make you wake up, not to make you suffer. So try to recognize your thoughts from those you are influenced from outside, but don’t go into paranoia, because that doesn’t do you good. Rather relaxed and, if this topic is too difficult for you, take the time you need to assimilate it and not force yourself to go on to the next levels unless you are sure you are ready.

Energy programs can be eliminated, cleaned up and, fortunately, new and very positive ones can also be created. In fact you can create an energy program that pushes you, every day, to feel strong, happy and confident of yourself, to improve your days but also those of the people you love.
In this path you will learn how to do it. Get ready, because there’s so much more to learn!

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  1. This is another very interesting article that I just read and it makes me think about the impact of my energy on my environment and vice versa. Nice to read that meditation can control my negative thoughts and not radiate to objects that could affect other people negatively. I don’t want my negative thoughts / energy to affect others negatively.
    I will be more aware of how this energy programming works and is stored in different objects and train myself to perceive it. It will take some time before I understand it and distinguish the thoughts of others from my own and possibly protect me from these negative consequences. Again I have read it with great pleasure and it only makes me more curious. Thank you.

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