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30 – Entities – Do Ghosts exist? (part 1)

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It is clear that entities exist, what gives us doubts are the wrong definitions that make us doubt their existence. First of all it must be clarified that there are many types of entities, because the term entity identifies any kind of presence, alive and intelligent, which however does not have a physical body. Among the entities there are the so-called ghosts, or what we generally consider the “Souls of the dead”. At this point the topic becomes complicated from the moment in which everyone gets his own idea based on no knowledge, interpreting the existence of entities in his own way. Clearly we end up mixing information which is mostly imaginative, or based on the films seen on TV, thus risking the conviction that ghosts do not really exist. To begin, it is important to know that to understand what entities are, it is not enough to read one or more books on the subject, because each one will give different and conflicting information for the simple reason that, who wrote those pages, has not lived personal experiences that would allow him to understand how they act, but he too has read many books which he in turn summarized as he sees fit. To really understand the entities, however, you have to live a lot of direct experiences, because without the experience you can not in the least understand how they behave and their reasons, as the books or articles on the web were written based on other books and on other articles, and not on the actual experience. Over time, you will understand that very few people write real and first-hand experiences, because all the others prefer to make a collection of stories already written by others, making them pass on their own.

Entities exist, but they are not like those described in books or on various forums and do not behave as in films. For simplicity of understanding we begin to divide the “world of entities” into two categories, which are the Consciences of the deceased people and the presences belonging to other dimensions. The first are presences that were previously natural persons but which, after the death of their body, have become (or returned) ghosts, therefore Consciences without a physical body. In the second case, however, these are presences that have never been human, but they are also Consciences which, however, have always been energetic without ever having lived in a human body. By Consciousness is meant its Essence, which is alive regardless of whether you have a physical body or not. You are a Consciousness that lives within the physical body, so you are not the physical body but you are what is inside. At this point you understand that not only the human being exists as a living being, but there are also presences that have always lived without ever having possessed a physical body.

What is usually seen by people who live paranormal experiences are ghosts, therefore Consciences that previously were natural persons but that after their death remained on this dimension without a physical body. Heaven and hell as the church tells them do not exist, so when they die, people do not go to heaven or to hell, but return to being Consciousness without a physical body; their future will then depend on their choices and abilities. Typically, when a person dies and his Consciousness exits the physical body, for a certain period his presence remains on this dimension, therefore it remains in the form of an entity. The striking example is when a close relative or friend dies. For sure, if you experienced this sad event, for example with the death of a grandfather or a relative with whom you had a close relationship, after his death you continued to perceive his presence even for a long time afterwards, almost as if he was still there. So many times it happens that when you have a close relationship with someone, who dies afterwards, for still months after you continue to hear his presence and even his voice, so much so that many people hear the voice of their deceased relative who calls them by name, although obviously he – physically – is no longer there.

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If it were only the question of the voice, we could also think that it is suggestion, but when these voices precede falling objects, windows or doors that open themselves, or other similar physical events, one cannot speak of imagination at all. The reason why the presence of the deceased is perceived only for a certain period, which can vary from situation to situation, is because the entity, therefore the Conscience, at a certain point goes away, consequently we stop perceiving its presence . The problem is that when you stop perceiving the presence, you end up believing that even before there was no entity, but that you imagined everything. This is how the Regulator works: it makes you forget the experiences that have occurred and makes you convince yourself that you have imagined everything. But is not so! Some Consciences stay for longer on this physical dimension than others. In fact, some deceased people could remain – in the form of entities – inside a house for years; others, however, already after a few days will go away, thus leaving the house empty. Of course our loved ones will remain forever in our hearts, but the memory of a person is not the same as his presence; in fact the memory cannot move objects or make them fall on the physical plane, the entity does!

Where do these entities, which previously were people, go? It depends, because it all depends on the individual choices and possibilities that each of them has. Some remain for a long time on this physical dimension, because they cannot detach themselves emotionally or because they do not succeed in the true sense of the word. Others, however, are waiting for the right moment to do it and change their lifestyle. Some Consciences will immediately look for another body in which to reincarnate, to start a new life within a nascent human body. Others, on the other hand, will explore new dimensions and live very different kinds of life from what we lead on this physical plane. Certainly entities do not go to school and do not go to work, or activities that occupy most of the time of our lives; so understand that they live a very different lifestyle from ours. What is certain is that many of them continue their existence, in one place or another, even if everyone believes that after the person physically dies, there is no longer any other or that they end up in heaven together with the angels or in hell together to demons. However, it is necessary to know that, part of these, when they physically die shortly after they also die definitively, but we will talk about this later. So after physical death there are infinite possibilities, even for those who do not believe in reincarnation or were convinced that after death there is nothing, because in fact when the body dies you no longer have many possibilities to be skeptical: you find yourself catapulted into reality, so you can no longer pretend not to believe it, but you will have to adapt to the consequences; you might as well get there prepared.

Having said that, entities are unable to communicate as we natural people can, because they no longer have the tools to communicate, just like the physical body. The high expectations that we have made watching horror films are not equivalent to reality, so you end up not believing the existence of entities only because what happened in horror movies has never happened to you. But those are just movies! The idea that entities exist “only if” they slam the doors very hard or manage to lift a person into the air and make them fly and fall to the ground, is not really the proof that they exist, because the entities do not have a physical body and employ a incredible effort to make even the slightest hint on the material plane. Moving an object, or talking, for us turns out to be the simplest action in the world, but for the entity no, because it does not have a physical body with which to touch or speak, but must find other ways to do it: the use of the sixth sense through its psychic faculties. The problem is that most people die without being prepared for what comes next, convinced that nothing exists or that they will be welcomed by the little angels who will lead them to heaven. Unfortunately or fortunately this is not the case. So people die without knowing that after the death of the physical body they will still remain alive, but they will not be able to perform most of the actions that we can perform through the physical body as they have died without even having any idea how useful and important it was to develop the sixth Sense.

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In fact, some presences are very strong, even on the material level, so much so that they know how to move objects or make things fall, touch, speak, but many other entities do not succeed, because they do not have the ability to perform these actions as there is instead. they have the first. Consequently, we cannot think that an entity is present in a given house only if objects fall, because in truth it could be present and fail to perform physical actions, so it is there but it is not known. It must be remembered that the entities are not seen, except after having trained their energetic sight to be able to see them, so until then thousands of entities may have passed you in front of the sight in all these years of life and not having seen even one.

Just as ghosts exist, therefore the Consciences of deceased people, there are also other kinds of entities, which to put it simply were born and lived on other dimensions. Many people confuse entities with aliens, although there is an abysmal difference, starting from the fact that entities are energetic, while aliens have a physical body. From the moment you do not have a material body, you automatically become an entity, that is, bodyless Consciousness. The entities then turn and turn the larger dimensions, therefore one cannot speak of earthly entities or alien entities, because all entities are “universal”. So when we talk about entities we are always and only talking about beings made of energy, while when we talk about aliens they are physical beings, because they have a physical body. That the aliens are confused by entity, because of the holographic projections, is another matter, but we will deepen it in the specific topic. Returning to entities, there are those who previously were people we knew, and others that are Consciences that have never even been human, but who have always lived their existence in an energetic form. Regardless of whether they are ex-humans or presences that come from other dimensions, from the moment in which they are Consciousnesses without body, all the human laws that exist in our society collapse. So we have to take away the idea that an entity cannot enter our home without prior authorization, that is, that a presence cannot pass through the door of our home without our invitation or our permission. Entities don’t need an open door to enter, because they can go through walls. They don’t follow any rule or social law that we humans follow, so they can access our house as many times as they want, if they want to, without anything and nobody stopping it. Just like people, there are positive entities, negative entities, and entities that don’t care about anyone, so there are good presences that want to help people, very dark presences that enjoy hurting people, and presences (most part) who cares nothing about others and who occasionally harm others.

Since there are very negative entities that can harm people, including us, it is important to learn how to protect yourself from them. The dark entities manage to harm us even if we do not see them, because although we are not aware of their existence and we do not see them, they see us and how they manage to influence our lives. We don’t have to think that their way of hurting people is that of horror movies, like throwing people in the wind or owning them; they can do us a lot of harm through mental influence through wrong thoughts and feelings, for example by pushing us into severe depression and impressing the strong thought of suicide in our mind. Negative entities know how to harm people because they know that people are unable to defend themselves and drive them away. It would be enough to learn to practice Psychic Protection to solve many problems of your life, as you did not realize that they were precisely caused by the negative presences that sent you bad luck and suffering events.

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We must understand that entities do not act as we expect, or as they are represented in horror films, because horror films do nothing but tell a story that must necessarily end badly, otherwise, if it had a positive ending, it would not be horror! This does not mean that there are no very dangerous dark entities and capable of performing such powerful actions on the physical plane , but it must be understood that these kinds of entities are much rarer and hidden than you think: even if it seems strange, they are keen to make us believe that they do not exist, because the more powerful these entities are, the more they have learned to “protect their identity”; in other words, they do not appear in the house of the first who happens to be seen and recognized, as one thinks. Having said that, let’s take away the idea that if we protect ourselves from entities, they become even more furious, because these twisted ideas have been stuck in our heads by cowardly people who, since they are afraid and do not want to admit it, want everything else too of the world have.

When we protect ourselves through Psychic Protection, we are creating a barrier that prevents entities from getting close to us, our life and our home. It is not a provocation, as stupidly thought, but a Protection. When it’s cold and it’s raining outside, you decide to take an umbrella to protect yourself from the rain so that you don’t get wet, because you don’t want to get sick and feel bad. This is not a provocation towards the rain, in fact if you take the umbrella it won’t rain harder on purpose to hurt you; rather you will be better protected from the rain and you will get less or almost no water. Psychic Protection acts as a barrier to protect you from entities and their negative influences, so there is no reason to think that the act of protecting yourself is a “provocation” towards entities, so much so that if you protect yourself you would make them angry even more, because it would be stupid to think so, but you understand that you would be practicing a barrier that will prevent them from influencing you, so just as the rain does they will slide without being able to hit you, so much as to forget you. This was only a taste of the vast subject matter of the entities, in fact later we will deepen the subject better and find out more information on how and why they behave in certain ways rather than others. In the following article you will find Psychic Protection explained and you can follow the audio track that will guide you in the practice of the technique.

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