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32 – Everyday issues – Headaches (part 1)

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Headache is a pain that characterizes the day of many people, whether they are women, men or young children . The first thing we do is take a medicine to let it pass, in the hope that it will work; but many times even medicine seems to have no effect, because the pain is so strong that it makes us lose hope. But are these headaches really normal? Is it possible that you wake up in the morning already with a severe headache, even if you have slept all night and there is no logical reason for it to come? Maybe you won’t be surprised to know that most headaches aren’t normal at all. I know the headache well, because it has accompanied me for many years of my life, starting from my memories of when I was 4 years old, until it became a real fixed nail, precisely since I was 8 years old. There was no medicine that could get me through, until I found the solution: to understand what the causes were to base myself on them . Headaches are all different and it is absolutely wrong to think that this terrible pain is completely normal. There is nothing normal about head pain ! Nor is it normal for young children to suffer from it, which means that the causes are not all logical as is naively believed.

Headaches are all different, and one should not think that each of us has only a single kind of pain , because in reality during our routine we can experience even more kinds of headaches at a time. Starting from the headache in the center of the forehead, to the one that starts from a particular twinge inside the eye, to the one that concentrates in the center of the head, to the one that starts from the back of the head and slips up to the center – almost to give the sensation of a bullet that pierces the skull – up to the most common pains in the temples. And there are many others! These headaches are very different from each other and sometimes they can come one after the other, as if all the pains ignited simultaneously in the different areas of the head. This is not normal, let’s clear it up immediately. Those who do not suffer from headaches absolutely cannot understand the pain they feel in suffering from it. Those who do not suffer from it are really very lucky, because they are not victims of this suffering that sometimes, they are so strong that you would cry if it weren’t for crying that you would increase your headache, and it is the last thing you would like to do. There are many daily pains that can happen to us out of nowhere and disturb our routine. From a pain in the stomach, to a discomfort in the back, we talk about daily pains that come from nowhere and that can be very annoying. Yet of all daily problems, severe headache is one of those pains that invalidates you most, because it makes you completely unable to react to any situation. All pains are bad, but at least most of you know the cause. If you have a stomach ache, it could be caused by what you ate last night; if your back hurts, it could be the effort you made to lift something, or you slept in the wrong position. But the headache, how can it get so strong, suddenly, without you doing anything to provoke it?

Of course there are also natural causes that can cause headaches, yet there are not only those as we naively want to think. The worst thing is that those who suffer a lot of headaches, even suffering it every day, get used to this pain to the point that they really believe it is normal. Because? Because it has lived together for many years and now the pain has become a feature of one’s routine, so much so that, on those rare days when he does not wake up with the pain in his head, he will think: “Strange, today I have no headache .. for sure I will come later! “. Maybe you too thought “Strange, today I have no headache”, and this is the main reason why we should think about the abnormality of the head pain: strangeness is not waking up without a headache, but it is accepting this pain so much to think that we miss his presence.

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So let’s understand what are the most different headaches, what are their causes and what are the solutions. We will talk about headaches caused by “normal reasons” and headaches that have nothing really normal.

The first and most common headache is the one that starts from the center of the forehead . It is usually focused right on the center of the forehead, otherwise it starts from the center of the eyebrows, therefore closer to the eyes but without them feeling pain. We almost always associate this pain with sinusitis, although it is unthinkable to have perennial sinusitis, day and night every day of the month and year; without even suffering from a cold. You will be amazed to know that this headache almost always depends on an unloaded Mind chakra. The Mind chakra has a great potential, but it discharges very easily and for this reason we also feel very strong pain. As a demonstration that the Mind chakra is much more important than you think, a few minutes of meditation a day on that chakra will allow you to get rid of the headache from your routine. Generally headaches come when the chakra is severely drained, so it is not enough to concentrate an instant to let it pass, because you have to charge your chakra so that it has enough energy to not cause us pain even in the following days. All those who meditate on the Mind chakra , every day with the appropriate Meditation technique , manage to heal from the headache and prevent it from returning. For those who suffer a lot from headaches, a day or two in which one forgets to practice meditation would be enough to find the headache the following day. This shows that the Mind chakra is really draining very quickly, and needs a lot of energy. The stronger the headaches, the more the chakra is drained, therefore more prana absorption is needed. If you suffer from this type of head pain, that is, the one that starts from the center of the forehead, you have probably already tried a thousand different medicines and despite this, the headache does not go away. Meditation does not make you spend money and has no side effects, as medicines do. For this reason I advise you to meditate on the Mind chakra, because you have nothing to lose, but you only have to gain from it. If you try to meditate on the Mind chakra, every day for at least 5 days, you will notice how the next day you will no longer suffer from a headache. If you are the kind of person who never suffers from headaches, then you may not believe in all of this; but if you are the kind of person who experiences headaches almost every day of his life, it will be much easier for you to realize the enormous effectiveness of Meditation. This is because you will realize immediately after a few days that it is true: you will wake up without a headache and during the day you will not receive signs of pain. Is it a placebo effect? Is it suggestion? Believe in what you want, but Meditation will have made your headache go away and the effect will last a long time, if you continue to meditate. So you can decide to diminish meditation, or you can realize that some pains are not easy to cure with medicine – otherwise you would have already raised your headache forever and would not be here to look for other solutions – because they are not pains that depend from the factors studied by science: they depend on the lack of energy of the chakra. Rationally you can deny it, but as soon as you try to meditate, the headache passes. How do you explain it? We can say what we want in words, but the facts show that meditation cures headaches. My advice is to meditate every day, without forgetting the Mind chakra, even in those days when you feel really good: because if when you are well you stop meditating, the chakra will be discharged again and the following days the headache will return . The solution is not to meditate at the exact moment when you have a headache, always waiting for the problem to be serious already in order to decide to do something; the solution is to meditate first, so that the next day the pain does not come. In this way you ensure the duration of the physical well-being of your head for the following days. A freshly woken meditation allows you to start your day in the best way, excluding the possibility of pain; after that, evening or night meditation guarantees that you will not suffer any head pain the next day. Try it and you will find that you will no longer want to do without meditation.


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Sometimes headaches can also result from wrong food choices, which cause pain in internal organs including headaches. I realized a few years ago that every time I drank famous fizzy drinks, which we never miss at the table, I had a severe headache. If these drinks are famous, it does not mean that they are good, because we are drinking drinks that are harmful to our body but that are extremely publicized and sponsored, and for this reason we trust that brand. I realized that every time I drank that fizzy drink for lunch, after a while the slight headache began to rise, which quickly turned into thick pain. Since then I have decided not to drink sugary drinks anymore, and since then I no longer suffer from headaches after meals. Attention must be paid to the precise moment in which the pain comes to your head, because you can understand what the reasons are, and from these eliminate the pain. Our biggest mistake is to always look for a pain medicine that we feel, rather than stop for a moment to understand what is the cause of our pain and eliminate its basis. As long as we decide to buy medicine to treat pain, we will never solve the problem from the root; if instead we focus on understanding what is the cause of the pain, we can eliminate the cause and make sure that the pain will no longer come. Do not misunderstand my words thinking that I am against medicine, because I am not advising you to use the drug when you suffer from severe pain: instead I am inviting you to understand your body before suffocating it with medicines. There are pains that you can cure by eliminating the cause that causes them, without having to wait for them to become serious and then having to spend money on medicines.

Another reason why we can suffer from headaches is the lack of water. We all know it and yet we forget it: our body is mainly composed of water, despite this we drink everything except water. We forget that water is not synonymous with any other liquid that we find on the market: if we drink a fruit juice in a bottle, a tea in a bottle, cans of fizzy drinks and glasses on alcoholic glasses, it is absolutely not the same as drinking water. Our body needs water, not other liquids but pure water, because our internal organs need water to live; if we don’t give it to them, they get sick faster, so the pains get stronger and more continuous. Did you know that the brain is made up of almost 80% water? This means that every day we need to drink water for the brain to stay healthy. If we don’t drink, our body cannot invent the water inside it, it cannot create liquids out of nothing, so we continue to release liquids but we do not absorb new ones. Drinking water is not only for peeing, we need water to keep our organs healthy, so that they function really well and do not get sick too soon. Needless to say, if we all drank a lot more water, instead of filling ourselves with poor liquids, many pains and diseases would be unknown to us. When you have a headache try drinking two glasses of water, not a sip, but two full glasses. Sometimes this simple gesture is enough and in a few minutes the pain passes.

Other times the headache comes to us because of poor digestion. It could happen, especially on those days when you are out with friends or relatives and the menu includes very substantial dishes, that at a certain point in the meal you feel your head “swollen”, as if a balloon has blown inside your head. At first you don’t understand what it is, but this is a strong signal that you have to stop eating because the body cannot knock it down. The feeling is very annoying enough to make your head spin.

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At other times the situation worsens, due to too much fullness or because you are eating while you are in a cold room or outdoors; the cold risks making you feel blockage in the stomach and suddenly you feel almost faint. Even cold drinks can get you stuck in the stomach, so you have to be really careful. These sensations are followed by severe headaches, which can also last for the following days. Other times the annoyance doesn’t come right away. It may happen that you dined with heavy meals, which did not seem so to you, yet for your body, yes. It seems that everything is fine, then suddenly you lie down on the sofa or in the bed and almost immediately you feel your stomach harden, as if it were blocked, and from there start the severe pains such as stomach pain, nausea and headache. Needless to say, you should never lie down after having a heavy dinner, also you must pay attention to what you eat at dinner because the body does not always manage to digest in the same way it digests lunch. It may be that you have never had problems, but one day suddenly you fill your belly too much, drink cold drinks and fatalities – as soon as you leave the restaurant – you get cold in the belly; the consequences are very painful. We must never listen to the idea that “it never happened”, because our body does not function for the whole of life in exactly the same way; there are times when we are more vulnerable, weaker, and the slightest touch is enough to make us feel bad. When we digest badly, even if we don’t have a stomach ache, headaches can come, so we must pay attention to what we eat especially at dinner before going to sleep.

Even those who suffer from liver problems can suffer from the annoying headache, because all the organs are united and many times, if one suffers, it also causes problems to the other. Many people don’t even know where their liver is, so they spend their lives believing they have back pain, although their real pain is in the liver. We only have one liver and it’s very delicate, so you don’t have to commit to destroying it. Drinking alcohol makes our liver sick and causes damage to our brain, even when we believe we drink little, because the health of our organs does not depend on what we think, but on what we do. If we decide not to drink more alcohol and increase the daily water absorption, many of the physical pains that we thought were normal will cease to exist. Scientific studies say that ” alcohol is a toxic substance which, after ingestion, must be rapidly metabolized to avoid harm to the body.” but this creates liver damage. In all this we continue to drink it, knowing that it damages us and causes serious health problems, including severe headaches that will continue even in the following days. The problem of alcohol is not so much the temporary headache during the intake, but the weakening that causes our body so much so that it becomes more susceptible also to future headaches, which will come even when we don’t drink. For this reason, we must stop drinking alcohol, because it creates damage that will continue even when we don’t drink. Not to mention the drug, which we must absolutely avoid, because it creates damage to our brain that causes severe physical pain, as well as the serious mental damage that no medicine can ever fully heal.

These of course are “natural” causes that can cause headaches. But if you don’t take alcohol or drugs, drink water regularly (not small sips, but about two liters a day), don’t eat heavy at dinner, and despite this you suffer from severe headaches, what are the causes?


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In the event that the headache you suffer from is the one that starts from a “puncture” to the eye, whether it is right or left, from which it then extends in length with a fixed pain, almost as if it were a long needle that slips from the eye and reaches the center of the head, it may not be caused by natural reasons. Try to realize if, these severe headaches that start from the eye and expand like a real needle that slips, always and only come to you when you see / meet / hear a specific person on the phone, or when go to a certain place. These headaches really happen very often when we meet a certain person who, inside himself, experiences very negative feelings towards us. Know that people know how to lie very well and know how to pretend to be good and kind, but deep down they could have hidden grudges against you, even unmotivated. In particular, it happens when we meet middle-aged or older people, whether they are our older colleagues, our most distant relatives or our closest ones. You don’t know why, yet when you meet that aunt, or your mother-in-law, or that elderly neighbor, you feel an eye pierced and you feel the pain getting longer. Many times it happens that the pain does not come immediately, but after a few hours or the following day, and yet it always happens after you meet that specific person. You may not believe these things, think that the “negative energies” do not exist, but the facts think differently from you, because every time you meet or even hear on the phone that specific person, without even needing to see her physically, you get a very severe headache. This pain is not normal. My advice is to practice Psychic Protection before meeting this person, as well as to practice it immediately after meeting it; because headache is not the only damage that its presence creates for you, but it is only the first warning of a much more serious problem. Also, if you can, I advise you to turn that person away or meet him as little as possible, because if it causes you these severe headaches, it means that person has very negative and bad feelings towards you, even if he appears to be kind . Reflect on the pain that its presence causes you, because it is not a good thing and it is not right that you should suffer these pains only in order not to seem rude or rude to him. Get away from her, and you will notice if these pains cease.

Not only can people cause you headaches, just by looking at you, but also specific places. Maybe you happen to experience a severe headache, only when you go to find a friend or relative at his home. As long as you were out, you felt good, but as soon as you entered his house you feel bad, because pangs come and then quickly turn into severe headaches. In this case it can happen because of that particular person, or it can happen because of the energy programs that have been created inside the house, which are very negative and stagnant. Because of them, as soon as you enter the house you get a severe headache, sometimes even spinning and nausea. If you happen to meet that person outside the house, and feel good, but feel bad only when you enter his house, then it may be that it is not that person who creates the headache but the negative energy of his house, of which obviously she doesn’t realize or doesn’t even know the definition. You could help her clean up the energy of her home by advising her to follow this meditative path. There is another reason, however, that could make you feel headache when you enter that friend / relative’s house, which may not even be the fault of the energy of the house; in fact, the cause of severe headaches may be the presence of an Entity, which is located right in its home. It is not necessary for the entity to move objects or make noise, because some of them are very silent; yet their presence causes us very severe headaches and various pains.

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Some presences manage to cause you such severe pains, that you seriously think that you have a very serious health problem, as the head pains are so strong that you seem to go crazy. In particular, some very negative presences that can be found in your home or in other places you frequent, manage to cause you a pain in the hemispheres, so strong and pulsating, that you will get the terrible thought of having who knows what disease. Before you get scared, I advise you to meditate and protect yourself well, as well as protect your home through Psychic Protection. The pain caused by an entity usually begins in the middle of the night while you are sleeping, hitting yourself in a hemisphere (usually the left one) so strong that the pain may even wake you up. Then the next morning you will get up with the headache already present, feeling the hemisphere pulsating and increasing in intensity. The pain is so strong that just talking, hearing others talking, and watching any light source (chandelier, cell phone screen, TV) will make your pain worse quickly. The peculiarity of this headache is that, in certain moments, it passes from one hemisphere to another almost as if there was “something alive” inside our head. Why should a pain move from one part of the body to the other, as if nothing had happened? If an arm hurts, it is not normal if the pain quickly moves to the shoulder, leaving the arm. What kind of pain is it capable of moving of its own will? Not “the pain”, but “the attack” or, at other times, “the larva”. If one part of your body hurts, and suddenly this pain moves completely to another part of the body – abandoning the first one – it means, almost for sure, that that pain is caused by an energetic larva. On the other hand, when the pain does not move, and yet it intensifies in specific moments, passing to a very high (too high!) Level of pain in a few seconds, it is more likely to be the result of an energy attack. Some presences manage to provoke energy attacks so strong, that we feel such intense physical pain that we will seem to go crazy. The headache is one of those pains that really frightens, because it comes from nowhere and goes from a light pain to a hallucinating pain, in a few seconds; this is not normal! It derives from an energetic attack provoked by negative entities or by people who – for an illogical reason – have it against us. The problem with attack headaches is that, you can take as many medications as you like, but you’ve already realized that they aren’t enough to ease the pain; on the contrary, it really seems that they have no effect. Medicines can cure many types of physical problems, but unfortunately there is still no medicine that can cure the problems caused by psychic attacks.

Even headaches in the temples often result from negative energies. The temples are very sensitive to energies, so it can happen that only by approaching a negative person – who may not even have it against you, but it is she who is negative inside – causes you stings and pains in one or both temples. Maybe that person is talking to you about his problems, or he simply approaches you even without speaking, and suddenly you feel a very strong pain entering your temple and expanding your head. This is what makes you understand that it is not a normal headache: because you feel it coming from the temple; it is not created, but enters. This makes you realize that it is an external energy that can enter your head and cause you pain. At other times the same situation happens because of a negative entity that approaches us. The modality is the same, because as soon as it gets closer it causes us that severe pain in the temple; the problem lies in the fact that not seeing the entity, you do not realize its presence, so you deceive yourself that it is a natural headache, while there is very little normal.

Whether it’s headaches in the temples, pains in the hemispheres that end up throbbing, discomforts that start from the nape and then go deep like bullets, or needles that enter the eyes, these pains are not normal, because they are caused most of the time by the presence of negative entities or people who have very dark feelings towards us.

There is still a lot you need to know about headaches, but we’ll go into them later. Of course, with this article I am not excluding natural headaches, which can result from normal causes such as having spent a day in an excessively noisy environment, which made you go home with headaches; or having overslept, which makes you wake up with headache. There are natural causes that we already know, so of course we should pay attention to avoid the consequences. But there are pains that are not caused by such reasons and we do not know how to avoid or remedy them. This is the moment when we will have to understand that those pains are not normal. Here Meditation intervenes: it nourishes us with positive energy and protects us from negative ones, so that people and malignant presences can no longer provoke such sufferings for us. Psychic Protection is equally important, because it drives these negative energies away from us, including dark entities. But this is not the only remedy! In fact, for more “urgent” headaches, there is also Energy Healing, which uses pranic energy to heal the pain we are suffering. In the next article I will talk about Visualization, in which I will teach you a technique through an Audio guide, which you will need to begin to understand the basis of the techniques in which prana is used, such as Healing.

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  1. Fortunately I don’t often have a headache but I can imagine how hell these pains can be and how they can influence spiritual development. Very interesting to read that headaches can be an indication that the mind chakra is empty. When I think about it, before I start meditating I had more headaches than now. It rarely happens only when I meditate less as what I normally do then I sometimes have a headache at the end of the day. Luckily it’s over after I could meditate. Sometimes when I have a headache during the middle of the day I meditate only on the mind chakra and then it goes away. Drinking water also certainly helps me. It happens that during the day I drink less water than usual. Fortunately, I have not experienced headaches caused by persons and energy attacks (shooting sudden pains through my body) since I meditate several times every day, which also protects me. Would like to learn the psychic protection. Thanks again for this very interesting article.

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