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25 – 1st Step Summary – This is just the beginning!

Welcome!!! We are about halfway through the 1st Step. This is a very important milestone, because it means you are continuing your path without letting the Low Frequency drag you away!

We have embarked on this journey with topics that are very complex, but fundamental to taking the first steps towards Awakening. Starting with What is Energy, in which you began to know the differences between the various types of energy, until you understood that energy makes up everything around us. After that, you discovered the meaning of the Matrix, which is not just a term, but a much broader concept of life than it might have seemed. The Matrix is hooked up to the Low Frequency, which uses every means to keep us tied to low vibrations, between commitments and distractions, to prevent us from having time to devote to our deepest and most spiritual questions. These questions deserve answers, and this is where Meditation comes in.

You realized you were not here by accident, because your Conscience pushed you to look for answers that would fill that void you felt inside. You did not know how or why you should be interested in such topics, yet they led you to this Spiritual Path.

Thoughts flooded you, making you fear it was just a waste of time. Through practice, however, you realize that not all of these thoughts are really your own. In fact, you have discovered how the Low Frequency influences our thoughts to pull us away from the truth, so that it keeps us tethered to its low vibrations. It fills our minds with thoughts and our days with commitments, to ensure that we will not have time to search for answers to our questions. But how long could it last? This is all up to us and our decision to Meditate.

By invoking and absorbing Prana, we can evolve spiritually, causing our Sixth Sense to awaken. This is how we will discover the wonderful Psychic abilities that have always belonged to us! Through Chakra Meditation we allow our senses to feed off prana and develop many abilities we didn’t even know we had, such as being able to see the Aura.

One of the best-known abilities that belong to the Sixth Sense, in fact, is the Third Eye, famous for its ability to see energy. But this is not the only faculty that naturally belongs to us. By practicing on all 5 chakras, you may find that you can access additional dimensions, expand your power on this physical plane, as well as be able to communicate with the Universe more intensely than you ever have before.

But this is only the beginning of the Spiritual Path, because what you have yet to learn about is far more interesting than you might imagine! The next step will be to understand if Dreams, which characterize our nights, are really just dreams or if there is something else hiding inside them. Later, you will get to know the existence of other living beings, more commonly referred to as Entities, which continue their existence even without the need for a physical body. There will be no shortage of explanation of Psychic Protection, which will allow you to protect yourself from the negative presences and energies around you. Night Paralysis, Astral Travel, Dimensional Sounds, will all be topics that we will examine together, to study in depth the spiritual experiences that happen to us during our lives. And there is so much more!

At this point, all you have to do is continue reading, feeding yourself with the knowledge you need to feel complete. Get ready because it will be the beginning of the Path you have always wanted but never dared to ask for.

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