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79 – The Frequency – Energetic connections (part 2)

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In the previous lesson I explained to you what Frequency is.
Frequency is the personal vibration that has always belonged to you and that cannot change or belong to another person or living being. The Frequency is like the tax code of your Anima, its identity card, is a long code printed in the Matrix that represents your Essence. You exist in the Matrix with a long series of codes that represent you, just like any other single living being and inanimate object that exists in this universe. If a frequency exists, it is possible to track it and connect to it. In addition to the Personal Frequency there is the Mass Frequency, which allows you to connect to a large group of people or places and make an impact on them without necessarily having to connect one by one. Every time you think of someone connecting to his Frequency, it’s a natural fact, it’s the method that uses Low to keep us all connected to the world. Whenever you think of a person, even just for a second, you are connecting to his Frequency. Even if you don’t realize it, when you think of someone a thread between you has connected, sometimes it starts from you and comes to you, other times it starts from you and reaches you that, unconsciously, perceive it telepathically and its figure comes to mind. How many times have you happened to think of a person who immediately called you? It is not a matter of coincidence, but of unconscious telepathy. I say unconscious because you do not realize that it is a telepathic warning, but you simply suffer that thought and think it is yours, so it is not intentional and trained telepathy, but unconscious telepathy – which we all naturally have. There are frequencies you are more associated with than others, so when you think about them you get connected much faster. For example, if I told you now to think for a moment about your mother without a reason, you would connect to her almost immediately, while if I told you to think of your former math teacher, there is no one among you that big bond so you would be a little more difficult to connect.
In this world, connections are necessary to be able to create the network of people who think about each other every day and keep each other inside the Low. Every time you connect to a person, a place or an event, it influences you with your energy, or better yet with your thoughts, mood and emotions of the moment. This leads to increasing the Low on that person most of the times you think of it, which is why you have to learn to use non-thinking and improve in the wire cutting technique. With some people it is much easier to create a strong unconscious telepathic connection, with others less, because everything depends on the mental connection you have, regardless of how long you know each other. In fact, your professor might have followed you for so many years, but today you don’t have that deep connection with him; instead with another person, for example with your new boyfriend – who may have been just three months old – you have a much deeper connection and it’s much easier to connect to him. The connection does not only happen depending on the time you spend thinking about the other person, it counts the intensity with which you think it: it can last even a second but with a strong and impactful emotion. With emotion I don’t just mean positive or negative, or love or hate, but also the haste to know something, the anxiety that answers you, the curiosity about what he is doing or where he is right now, jealousy, which lasts a flash of a second but which has a very strong intensity. This emotion will affect that person and connect the wires to you and the Low. This is a natural mechanism that happens every day, at any time, nobody is excluded from this nature. Only with a great training is it possible to learn to think less of others, to send less Low to the people we love, to be more conscious and try as much as possible not to be the cause of the rise of Low so strong on the other person.

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However, whether we want it or not, we have spent our lives increasing and receiving the Low of others, a chain that we cannot destroy in one day or even only with will, because we need an enormous training dictated by a strong respect for the next and towards his spiritual evolution, which must push us to give him the space he needs without interfering with our thoughts about him and practicing to increase our conscience.
We can also connect to the Frequency of a person we do not know live but with whom we chatted, or even of a person of whom we have only read a book, we have seen a film, we have seen a video on youtube or a photograph. Every time we pass by someone our wires exchange, or their wires connect to us and ours connect to them. Every time we call someone or we also receive a call from a call center, then from a person who does not know us physically and who we will never even know live, the frequency connection and the exchange of wires takes place, with related influences. Depending on how deep the connection is at that time, you can receive or send more influences or not, everything depends on the moment, our mood, our defense and how strong the connection is at that moment. To give an example, we receive a call from a person who proposes us to go out but does not really care about us, so we close the call and stop thinking about it because we are not interested in meeting her; this does not mean that she also stops thinking about it, in fact she could spend many hours angry because we did not accept her invitation and send us her thoughts, her frustrations, her energy influence and therefore a low lowering on us. It is up to us to decide to cut threads with the technique as well as protect ourselves from her, preventing her from influencing us and spending her evening thinking about it, or pretending that nothing is happening and ignoring it without doing anything to protect us, thus suffering all its influences. When a person thinks with anger or feelings of low vibration, in addition to sending us an energy that influences our mood, we can also receive energies that bring bad luck to our events, whether it is a momentary misfortune that lasts only one day, or one that lasts for many years. The person of the invitation that we have refused, could spend the time mulling over our refusal and sending many telepathic thoughts that could make us change our mind, making us repent and decide to accept the invitation even though it is not our will, but its imposed on our. Unconscious telepathy works like this and has always been like this, all your life. In fact, many times you have changed your mind about the other person’s will, convinced that it was your wish.
Everything happens unconsciously: the other person hopes that we accept the invitation and continues to send us anger and feelings of guilt, which could influence our thinking and, if his intent is very strong, could even impose his desire on us, or let us want to go out with her. And yet it was not our will first. In case someone asks us to go out, or do something we don’t want, how should we react? Perhaps the fact that he will stay all day thinking about you and sending you negative energy scares you, so to avoid it you decide to lower your head and accept the invitation to make him happy. I personally believe that in most cases it is a serious mistake, because as long as it is a day in which you have nothing to do and you don’t know whether to go out or not just out of laziness, then it’s okay to let yourself be influenced by the joy of the invitation. another person who will probably let you have a nice evening and make you feel better; so it would be unfair to refuse him and make him suffer for nothing. But if it is a person, regardless of whether you did something bad or not, from which you feel you want to stay away, then you must listen to your feelings even if you are unpleasant, because accepting to do what you don’t want just to please someone else, or worse still for fear that that person will affect you negatively, is the worst choice to make. Fear must not touch you, first of all because I am teaching you all the techniques to overcome any obstacle, so it would be ridiculous if you made a person who has no techniques scare you. Furthermore, it would be much worse if you left it, because your connection would increase and your power over you would become stronger.

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So if you can’t stand a person, if you really can’t take pleasure from it despite seemingly doing nothing to you, it means that you have unconsciously perceived something but haven’t yet fully understood it. Your unconscious perceived that that person can bring you trouble, perhaps that he is already carrying you, because he thinks of you with a heavy energy that is increasing your daily weights through his constant or too dominant thought about you. Avoiding a person allows you not to increase the connection between you, however, you can’t expect it to destroy a connection just because you don’t go out for a few days. If you want to prevent the other person from influencing you, it is good that you begin to cut the strings with her and create psychic protections that protect you precisely from her influences and her thoughts. Clear that this should not lead to the breakdown of the relationship if it is not what you want, but to the impediment that that person continually thinks of you and influences your life with his will.
When we talk about others it is easy to say: “I don’t really understand her, why should she spend her day thinking about me? Has nothing better to do? ”
Yet we are not the pure saints we want to believe to be. In fact, we all live in this world so, willingly or not, we are subject to its rules. At this moment it may not come to mind, but who knows how many times it happened to you to get angry or to offend you with someone, for some reason, and to be brooding all day. No matter what kinds of thoughts you were doing, if you felt guilty towards him, if you were offended but not angry, if you were just sad, it doesn’t really matter, because regardless of what you were thinking about him. When you think of a person, even without your intent, you’re connecting wires to him and sending him low energy avalanches, which will increase his staff. Thus, you will increase your burdens, your thoughts, your daily hindrances, lowering the quality of your spiritual evolution. This should not scare you, because it always happens even before I told you and it will continue forever even if I just told you. The only way to lower the influences of others is to cut the wires every day and practice psychic protection constantly, especially on days when you know that some people think of you more. If you think that the people that influence you are so many and you are afraid that they are sending too low to you, think about how many people send thoughts and Low about me: no, don’t think of me!
So you must not be frightened, but accepting that as long as you live in this world will work like this, you are not the only one to have these obstacles and it is not a battle that belongs only to you: we all have to fight against the Low to evolve and wake up, no one passes advantaged. The difference is that there are those who struggle and those who cry on themselves hoping that this can pity the Low and stop it, sending Low to those who are managing to lower it in their lives out of envy towards his successes.
Thinking of other people is normal, but you have to learn to think without sending them avalanches of Low, which, if you think you already know how to do it, are sure you’re wrong. This practice requires a lot of training and a lot of awareness every day, especially the mental maturity of understanding that you are not always the perfect one, the good one, that does not bother anyone, but you could be the one who sends too much heaviness to others. Low is not just anger or negative thoughts, but every single good or bad thought you make about others. It is clear that a good thought does not have the heaviness of a negative thought, but what is really a good thought? A kind of good thought is the admiration towards a person, for example. But when you think of someone, do you think about how much you admire him? No, you probably think about how many questions you would like to ask him, you hope he can answer all your questions, or you think you would really like to steal time from him. These are not good thoughts, they are just neutral thoughts that are useful only to you. That’s why I say that almost all daily thoughts are an immensity of Low that you send and receive to and from people.

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Therefore you can also connect to the frequency of people you read a book or see a movie, because even the actors have a frequency! So you can connect to them and influence them energetically with your thoughts. Think about how many millions of people think of famous actors or singers every day: if you think they are immune to energetic influences, try to find out how many of them have been affected by people’s envy after starting their careers, so many have started to suffer various types of disturbances such as obsessions, nocturnal problems, some started taking antidepressants because the influences received by those who hated them for envy were too many and, without psychic protection, they could not withstand the blow; but also the influences received from their fans that comment on their every single life change (eg new boyfriend, new car or holiday trip) bringing them so much bad luck. Here we return to the discourse of the fans: these are people who say they admire that famous actor or singer, but have no pity in commenting on their every move, gossiping and criticizing the life choices or the people that their idol attends. Many actors of which you still watch the films, which you love and admire, have stopped acting after a few films shot and decided to devote themselves to something else, because the energy pressure was too much. They had not only a few family members to send him energy influences, but millions of people watching their films, their interviews, the photographs stolen from the paparazzi. A person known by so many people is destined to receive their influences, whether from fans or envious people. It is up to the person to decide to protect themselves and be stronger than their influences (even when they come from millions of people) or suffer them all straight in the chest.
Connecting to a person with whom you have confidence is far easier than connecting to the frequency of someone we have only seen in photos or of whom we have read a book but with whom we have never spoken; the fact remains that we do it already, unconsciously, every time we think of someone or we approach something of his own. In fact, to connect to his frequency it is not even necessary to know his face or his body, because you can cling to his fragment of energy that he left imprinted in his book or in what he did and allows you to trace its frequency. It is possible to connect to a person’s frequency even indirectly, for example when someone tells you about a friend or relative, that you do not think voluntarily but since you are talking about it for a moment you connect to him; or when you read a book or listen to a song you’re not thinking about the author or the singer, but you’re connecting to his frequency through his work. The influences that a person sends when he thinks directly about another, or connects to her involuntarily, are very different, but one cannot believe that in the second case there is an absence of influence, because even in that case depending on the person, moment and state of mind, can send energetic influences to the other.
The energy connection is mostly a means that the Low uses because all people remain connected to the world and hold each other back to prevent someone from going too far out of the Low. To give you an immediate example, who knows how many times it happened to you that for the whole day nobody looked for you, called you or rang you on the intercom, but as soon as you decided to meditate and close your eyes to enter a state deep, someone came knocking at the door, someone else called you on the phone and neighbors started talking loudly or even shouting and making noise between them, apparently normal and disconnected from you, but it was all done on purpose to get you back in the Low and prevent your conscience from rising too much. Here is what I mean when I say that people hold each other in Low: when someone gets up too much, all the others work together to make him lower again and do it unconsciously, but they do it very well. With practice then you get used to it and can avoid these impediments and finish the meditation or start the technique you wanted to do without making you distract and forget what you were doing. But do not underestimate the Low, because it is very good at always putting you in front of new reasons, sometimes even in appearance very beautiful, to make you think of something else and keep you from practicing.
In this lesson I explained to you how our connection can influence another person’s life and vice versa, an event that happens every single day tens of times to every single person. In the next lesson I will teach you the differences between connecting, tracking and recognizing a frequency, to prepare you for more advanced lesson levels. Reflect on today’s lesson because it is a very important piece of the evolutionary path.


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