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58 – Frequency – The Personal Vibration (part 1)

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Today I will talk about a very interesting topic and that during your spiritual journey will be of great help to you. We will talk about personal energy vibration. I don’t want to scare you with complicated and difficult-to-remember terms, but I want to shed light on you and allow you to recognize your surroundings, associating the correct definitions to words. At the beginning this topic may seem complex, but when you get the hang of it you will realize that it will be easier to understand and exploit. I will explain to you what personal vibration we will call Frequency for greater precision.
Frequency is the personal vibration of anything, living or inanimate, which exists in the universe. The Frequency is personal, because everyone has his own; in a certain sense like Consciousness, because there are no two people who share the same Consciousness, but each one has his own. Everything that exists has a personal frequency, even inanimate objects and not just living and conscious beings. The personal frequency is like the IP of your computer, or better still your tax code: it is only yours and cannot be changed or shared with others, it belongs to you from birth and will not change over time. The Frequency, unlike your name or your tax code, will not change even from life to life, because your personal vibration will remain forever, the imprint of what you are, unique and irreplaceable. To give practical examples, you can think of your mother for a moment: she is only one and, thinking of her, you are thinking about her Frequency. There are many mothers in the world, but it is she who is yours, and it is she who possesses that precise Frequency. If I asked you to think about your mother’s frequency, you would immediately think of her, and not someone else’s mother who lives on the other side of the world. Another example can be your dog: there are so many dogs in the world, but if you think of yours, if you think of a specific dog, here you are connecting to its Frequency. You do it without knowing it, you do it because it is natural to do it, everyone does it: when you think of someone or something, you are connected to their Frequency.
We are used to distinguishing everything and everyone through their personal names, but has it ever happened to you to describe to a friend of yours the face of a person that you both saw long ago but, at that moment, you don’t remember what it’s called? Sometimes it happens that you describe a person perfectly and yet your friend just can’t remember who he is; instead, other times, you happen to not even know how to describe the person you saw and yet, without even giving too many explanations, your friend immediately senses who you are talking to, even though it is a person seen only once in all of his life and only in passing for a few seconds, perhaps more than 10 years ago. Why does this happen? Because without realizing you have allowed your friend to perceive the Frequency of that person you were referring to through your memory and, telepathically, you made him understand who you were talking about. It seems strange, yet it is an action we perform every day, which is why it is so important to know how to recognize a Frequency and learn to use this trump card. In fact, apparently it all looks like this, but there is much more to know about Frequency. It is personal and if you learn to recognize it you cannot confuse yourself. If you were told a person’s name, you could think of so many individuals that you know with that same name, but if you were given the Frequency of that particular person, you could not go wrong, because she is unique and only she exists with that precise vibration: there are no other people who have the same energy footprint. The Frequency is a very large number code that belongs only to you, it is like the tax code of your Soul. You can change body, name, dimension in which to live, but the tax code of your Soul will always remain the same.
Every inanimate or animated thing on this planet and in the whole universe has a personal frequency; furthermore there are mass frequencies. For example, our planet has a frequency all its own, which is also composed of all the living beings that inhabit it. When we think of the Earth we don’t focus on all the existing planets, but only on it.

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If instead we think of the world population, we are concentrating on a mass frequency, which is the people and not a single person. If we think of the Italian population, we are concentrating on another mass frequency, which is the Italian people and not all the world people. If we think of our family, we are concentrating on its frequency but not on that of all the Italian people. Therefore, when you think about your family, you are connecting to their Frequency and not to the vibration of another family in the world. Knowing this allows you to understand and increase the effectiveness of your techniques, and I’ll explain why. Think, for example, if you wanted to practice Psychic Protection on your best friend: in this case you should connect to his Frequency and then practice on him, so that the technique works properly. Since he is your friend, it will be easy for you to take his Frequency so that you will do it without thinking, because you are so used to him and his energy that you cannot confuse yourself, you cannot go wrong, if you think of him you automatically connect to his Frequency. It would be different if you were asked to protect someone you don’t know at a distance: you don’t know his name, you’ve never seen his face, you don’t know anything about him; only that he is a friend of a friend of yours who asked you to protect him. How can you practice on a person you don’t know and you’ve never met in your life? Tracking and connecting to his frequency.
If someone or something exists, its frequency exists, so it is possible to trace it. I can give you the example of technology. Do you know the functions that can recognize a person’s face without the name being written to it? As an example, some social networks use the possibility of tagging a photo, but they can also recognize in which photo you are present without you or nobody else has mentioned you and therefore automatically tag you. In practice, the program is able to recognize your face among others, because of the marks on your face, the details that represent you, and even if you cut your hair or shave, you would recognize yourself for the shape and details that are impossible to disguise of your face. Some sites and social networks are in fact very avant-garde, because they can recognize a face despite the fact that it lacks a name. For example, if you take a photograph of a singer or an actress from the web, and use it as an avatar of your personal profile, some social networks will immediately recognize you and discover that the photo is not only yours but belongs to that specific singer. In truth the technology is much more advanced than that. In fact, we can think of the cameras and programs used by the police to recognize suspicious individuals. Through the cameras installed in the cities, such as those from the gas station, to the grocery store, to the bank, to our favorite bar, to those positioned in the street of our house, our face is recorded and every movement we make. If necessary or if they wish, some special law enforcement agencies can have access to all these cameras and their registers, to identify the movements of people they consider suspicious. It would be impossible for a person to control all the videos recorded by all the cameras of a single city, let alone the whole world! Therefore they have devised a computer program that is able to recognize a precise face among all the videos of all the cameras, and therefore discard the videos in which it does not appear and bring out those in which it is present. This simplifies and speeds up the work of those who are searching for it. It sounds cool, but we must always keep in mind that these great programs are not always in the hands of good people who have good intentions. Leaving aside the ethics for the moment, a simple technological program can recognize the face of a specific person from any video, even when you dye your hair or shave, when it’s made up or has a wig; in any case, some of the more advanced programs are able to trace the face of a person despite the many differences that could be misleading to a human eye.
Among other things, even the new mobile phone models can do this. Certainly in a much more disguised way, but they have programs that allow your phone to find your face among the albums of your photos and “tag” you to recognize you among all the other people you’ve photographed.

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You can also use facial recognition, so instead of putting security pins and passwords to unlock your smartphone, you can simply show your face and he, through his small built-in camera, recognizes your face even when you are differently tanned, allowing you to have control of your phone and maximum privacy with your relatives who try to search your phone, in exchange for control of your life and the absolute zeroing of privacy towards those who created that phone and sells your data to third parties. Having said that, the ability to trace a frequency is very similar to the tag that these technological programs use to trace the face of a person among thousands of others, be it videos, photos, phone calls and so on. The frequency is like a personal photo, but besides being inserted into a computer or a mobile phone, it has been inserted in the entire Matrix program. In this way, when you think of a person’s Frequency, track down his code, within the entire reticulated world called the Matrix. But don’t let it look complicated, because it isn’t! Tracing the Frequency is like tracking down a photo, but beyond the face of the person you can also know his life, his thoughts and his memories. As I have already said, if someone or something exists, its Frequency exists, so it is possible to trace it. To give a simple example we could think of his identity card or his fiscal code: if someone exists it has been registered and it is possible to trace his steps, and I guarantee you that they already know the steps of everyone, but they prefer to deny it or pretend that is not so because they get personal interests to hide the truth from the citizens; but we will also talk about this later.
Setting aside the negative reasons to trace a person, there are many positive reasons why it is essential to learn to recognize and trace a frequency. The absolute first reason is to be able to practice the techniques on another person, for example psychic protection, energy healing or strengthening the aura on someone who is distant (sometimes on someone we don’t even know but who requires the our help). The second reason is to connect to the frequency of a place far from where we are and to be able to practice on it: for example a psychic protection on another person’s house or on our house when we are traveling, or a Luminous extension on a city or a distant place from which we find ourselves. To practice on something or someone you need to connect to its Frequency. As long as you know the place or the person is easy and natural, because you have confidence, you have already seen it and you know how it is made, so you immediately think of him and you can’t go wrong. The difficulties begin when you find yourself in a situation where you have to practice something or someone you don’t know, like a city you’ve never visited, a person you’ve never even seen in photos, or even something you didn’t even know existed. At that point, it is not enough for you to think of that person, because you don’t know anything about her and you can’t figure out who you should be thinking about. Here comes the technique to know how to trace the Frequency, a skill that obviously must be trained because it must be refined and improved, otherwise it makes so many mistakes. For example, we could talk about the Remote Vision. The remote vision is the ability to be able to look at a place from a distance, including a place that has never been seen live, managing to “guess” all the characteristics of an environment, without ever having been physically present in that place . To succeed, you need to connect to its frequency and sharpen your visual psychic abilities.
Therefore, an untrained mind will miss everything or almost everything, while a highly trained mind will be able to understand how this place is made, where it is located, by whom it is inhabited and frequented, what it is used for and how it is used, and so on saying, without anyone ever telling you before. To succeed, however, it must connect at the right frequency, and it is not always as easy as it seems.

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In fact, at the beginning of the practice one can commit serious errors dictated by one’s own imagination and inability to maintain a good non-thought, which is fundamental to distinguish the real information that our sixth sense makes us know, from the thoughts and fantasies that our brain makes us puts ahead to confuse us and make us wrong. When you become a little bit better, you can stumble over confusing errors, for example instead of connecting to the frequency of a person’s home, you accidentally connect to the frequency of your grandparents’ house, perhaps even describing it well. This is because if that person was very fond of his grandparents’ house and spent most of his childhood there, his attendance will often have been memorized in that house and an inexperienced tracker could stumble and get confused, believing that this is his home , without understanding that instead it is grandparents. A highly trained mind, on the other hand, manages to find the right frequency without making mistakes or being confused with others. So even an object or a place has a frequency, and not just a person or a living being. In fact, you could use the technique to track down objects you have lost and want to find, or to connect to other people’s environments or materials for various reasons.
Knowing, recognizing and tracking a Frequency requires different levels of skill and experience. Knowing a frequency means that you know a person and it is easy to think of her and connect to her at any time. Recognizing the frequency of a person is a bit more complicated, because it means that you have to recognize who that frequency belongs to without any data to help you. An example is an anonymous phone call: you through the frequency, you should recognize who made that phone call and then who is the person behind the phone that is calling you or making phone jokes. Tracking a Frequency can be even more difficult depending on the level we are talking about. In fact, one thing is to practice a technique on a person – eg. protect a person you don’t know – it is one thing to track down where you are right now and describe it perfectly; yet another case is to trace his physical body and describe it without making mistakes. They are very different actions. Therefore tracking the frequency is very important for reasons that you will understand better and better during the practice and the evolution path.
So far I wanted to give you a taste of what frequency is, but there’s still so much more that you need to know. For the moment I leave you to reflect on today’s lesson and if something is not clear to you you can write all the questions you want on the special section . In the next few lessons I will explain to you in more detail what Frequency is and how it works, how to recognize it, track it down and hide yours. In the meantime, you can already practice practicing on the people you know or with ACD classmates, starting to become familiar with this new topic. Good luck!


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