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87 – What the Aura is – The collective Aura and its programs (part 5)

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The aura vibrates at a frequency that does not depend on the words we think but on the low or high energy with which we reason about those thoughts. If you are a pessimistic person – and you don’t know you are – when you think about a topic, for example your job or your relationship, you will have a perpetually negative state, therefore you will think about the problems of the couple, a memory that made you to suffer, fearing that your partner may abandon you or betray you, instead of remembering only happy moments and thinking about how well you are in this present period. Although you may believe that thinking negatively means just thinking with hate or anger, melancholy, sadness and fear are actually thoughts that vibrate at low energy. Clearly the vibration of hate is much lower and darker than sadness, but this does not mean that being continuously sad and almost enjoying being always, is a positive thing. Our aura does not distinguish the words we say or think, does not understand the difference between “I hate you” and “I miss you”, but recognizes that both have a low vibration – albeit different – and with this she herself will take on a bad program. The excessive melancholy, the excessive sadness, lead one’s aura to vibrate to a really too low energy that will attract more and more negative events to itself.

By negative events of the same vibration is something energetically united. Since energy does not speak in words but in vibrations, the aura will attract frequencies similar to its own. The aura of a person who is too sad will attract and make sad events happen in his life, because that will be his program, therefore he will make a very sad situation happen to make him feel the same. A striking example is that of betrayal – in any form – of a person we love, which can be a lie, a destructive criticism, a rumor behind us, something that must make us feel sad. It doesn’t matter if we are constantly sad for our partner or for our work: the aura does not recognize the reasons why we are sad, she knows that we love to be sad every day (because otherwise we would have changed tone!) So yes will try to give us other reasons for being so. We are too used to believing in injustice, thinking that it is unfair that our aura attracts negative events to ourselves, because we certainly are not happy to be sad every day. In reality, however, our sadness is a choice, because we can choose between remaining apathetic and suffering sadness with impotence, or decide to get up and detach the problems that have occurred to try every day to find the good of our life. If you are too apathetic to take your life in hand and you prefer to cry on yourself thinking that you cannot do anything to improve your day, because your life is bad and boring and there is nothing to do, then it’s okay, because if it’s good for you, it’s good for everyone, so enjoy your perennial and obsessive sadness. By changing the way we think, we allow our aura to reprogram itself and then stop creating negative events so as to replace them with positive ones.

Instead of ending the day thinking about how bad and boring it was, let’s take a break from the past of the hours before and focus on the present, on reviewing our home and the people we love after so many hours of work. We think of occupying our mind with hobbies, with something that we like to do even for a short time, but we realize that we are out of work. Many people continue to keep their mind at work despite their shift is over: when you come home you realize that you are at home, then leave the working day behind you and dedicate yourself to doing something you like, even if it’s just cooking, without more thinking about work. It is gone!

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Instead of spending the day like a robot, working mechanically and thinking about how horrible your life is despite knowing very well that it really isn’t, try to make the routine less heavy and less boring, paying attention to the work you are doing with a more heated and solar mind, and not with a dead mind that has no hope of living anymore. Are you alive! Don’t be dead! This will allow the aura to reprogram itself in a positive way and not absorb so much negativity neither during working hours nor during free hours.

The aura is a very large energy field that not only allows events to enter, but can also block them so as not to let them enter or prevent them from being created in our life. Learning to use your aura is all gained, but as long as you don’t learn, blocking can be a big problem. Just as the aura can attract negative people or events, or even create them directly in our life, it can also block positive people outside our energy field and completely remove or destroy any possibility of a positive event, such as a new meeting could be. love or friendship that would prove reliable and very positive, an excellent workplace suited to our needs and above all that would stimulate our creativity, an opportunity to make our dreams come true through the knowledge of important people who just happen to see someone he would introduce us to help us make them concrete faster. Life is unpredictable but by programming one’s aura in a negative way – as we often do on our own without knowing it – we decide that the aura should destroy any positive possibility that would arise in our life. In this way we only attract people who want to take advantage of us, jobs that destroy us inside, bad things from colleagues, betrayals from friends, serious quarrels in the family and many other problems of any kind. In this way, the aura will also remove people interested in knowing us or who would like to help us, making them think that there is no need or that it would bother us to receive their help, even if it is not true, or by making something happen that makes them change completely idea so as to ignore us and deny us any help.

In the meantime, people who will vibrate with negative energy, for example because they are very angry about them, will feel attracted to us and pushed to have to let off steam right on us, although we may have nothing to do with their grudge. Every time a person releases his anger on us “for no reason” it is almost always due to our aura that allowed him to enter or that even worse has attracted him, considering it a right vibration because it is similar to ours. In fact, the aura does not think only in bringing two sad people together because they are similar, but in bringing a sad person closer to a person who would make it even more sad, because he will believe that this is completeness. In other words, he will bring a weak person closer to a person who will tease and subdue him, so that he can give her more reasons to feel sad. Energy works in this way and although it may seem unfair, these are universal laws and we cannot change them, but we can understand and adapt to them, learning how to move in this dimension so that everything is gained. Each game has its own rules and this life has its own, we can choose to complain and continue to lose and bury ourselves or decide to learn the rules of the game and win, win, and continue to win every game, taking home every single prize that we can earn.

The aura of each individual person acts alone by attracting or removing what he deems necessary. When two people are very close emotionally, for example two lovers or two best friends, a harmony arises between them in which their frequencies will begin to vibrate in unison. In a nutshell it is as if the auras unite and function like a great aura, a collective aura. When people love each other or otherwise care about each other, their personal aura will amplify that of the other, doubling his strength. In a sense, it is as if each of us had a value 1 aura, but if someone who loves us approaches and protects us, our aura becomes value 2.

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This might suggest that his closeness makes us amplify but not double, but in reality it is as if we had two auras to protect us, ours and hers, so they will be 2. In the same way we will double his, so he too will possess like a double aura. In this way, both of us, we will have a double aura (value 2 you, value 2 him) and the union will really make us much stronger. Below I will show the example by drawing what happens when two people who love each other physically approach each other.

In the image above the aura of a single girl is represented, which in this case is orange. The following image depicts a second lonely girl who has a celestial aura.

By comparing them we can already guess that the first girl has a more influential aura, in fact she was represented with a thicker and stronger colored energy field. The second, deliberately represented more timid than the first, has a lighter and more delicate aura, not only understood as color but exactly as thickness and width. The following image shows the moment of meeting of these girls and the influence of their auras.

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Since the image wants to show the meeting of two best friends, their auras will unite and give each other strength. If we had wanted to show the meeting of two strangers or even people who can not stand, the aura of the former would probably have overwhelmed the latter. In the image above we can see how the second girl’s celestial aura has expanded to cover the first girl as well. Therefore, the first, will no longer have only its aura but will also be added to the second layer that belongs to the friend who, being close, has amplified and doubled the energy field. In the meantime, the aura of the first girl will increase that of the second, covering her with the orange envelope of her energy, more dense and visible being she a more influential person. In the image I have shown how the celestial layer has shrunk, having been slightly suppressed by the friend’s aura. Therefore we can see how the aura of the first girl is also influencing the second from the inside, in fact, even in the center of the celestial section of orange energy can be seen. This happens because, despite being best friends, the first girl remains more influential than the second and does not hide her nature of wanting to decide on the other girl, even if unconsciously. For this reason I have represented in these drawings the influence that each person can have on the other regardless of whether they are great friends, because energy does not look at words. As always there is chance and chance, in fact two friends could have the aura at the same pace depending on how much they care about each other without wanting to subdue it, unlike instead of other friendships in which one of the two parties comes completely overwhelmed by the other’s energy, even though she believes she is best friends. In fact, if we only trusted the words, we could believe it is so, but if we look at the auras, we could realize how one of the two submits the other and that friendship or that couple relationship will be destined to end. So every situation is different and to understand them you have to have personal experience with the practice of the aura.

Returning to the example, when two people who know each other, but who do not love each other, physically meet, their auras usually remain separate and therefore divided, without forming a collective one, because there is not enough harmony between them to succeed to make the auras vibrate together. It can be seen when a group of unknown or with little confidence people meet, for example by observing a meeting where many people meet to talk about work, politics or anything else, and their auras remain divided as if they felt in the air that c is little confidence. Even if you see a large crowd where people will be very close physically to each other because of the little space in the room, between them and therefore between their auras you will still see disunity, little compactness, as if there were invisible walls that allow you to join each other and then vibrate in harmony. In other words, the auras of all present in the room touch each other, influence each other and so on, but do not strengthen each other or do not give each other strength, because if people are mentally divided (because their auras are not in confidence, too.

But the exception must be remembered: in fact there are people who vampirize – and therefore steal – the energy of others, especially those with whom they become familiar. This means that even if they are friends, or rather they call themselves friends, these people instead of fortifying and doubling your aura, when they are in your presence they suck it and weaken it, making your energy field weaker and more unstable. It could easily be your friend, relative, other times even your best friend or partner, whose presence will weaken your aura making it even more negative. In this case, in the presence of this person some strange situations could happen to you that we would more commonly define “bad luck”, but which happens to happen they will happen too often in his presence, on the day you met him, even a few hours after he he’s gone. You realize how, even after a few hours, some bad luck happens to you.

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The weakening of the aura implies a greater entry of external negative energies which, a healthy aura, should be able to block outside and not let them enter our life. But a vampirized and therefore weakened aura will no longer be able to block negative energies outside, so bad luck will enter our energy field and therefore materialize in our life. Therefore, it does not only depend on how much people love each other, but also on how each person is made and behaves: if our best friend is an energetic vampire or has a very dirty or heavy aura, his presence will bring us close to negative events and from the smallest to the biggest misfortunes, depending on the level of its negativity. In this case, despite being our friend, we must protect ourselves from his energy because we cannot spend our lives suffering all kinds of misfortunes just because he does not decide to take command of his aura and brings bad luck to us. Obviously we too could be this kind of friend, or without knowing it we could be the one who brings bad luck to other people when they are close to us, so we must learn to clean up our aura so that it does not have certain negative programs that harm us and the people who we love.

To resume the previous topic, when a group of friends get together, a great aura is created which we will call collective aura. This too will function as a typical energy field, thus attracting positive and negative events to itself (and therefore to all components of the collective aura). In this case, as already explained, the energies of the strongest components will prevail, so if the energy will be of low frequency, the collective aura of the group will create negative events that will affect all members of the group regardless of whether they are al current or something to do with it. It is like a walking bad luck that will happen to all members in similar or even different ways, although the fault of this negativity belongs only to some components and not to all. To give a direct example, it is as if everyone were inside the same car and, if the driver of the car and who should pay more attention will be distracted and play driving, he will cause a serious accident that will involve everyone present inside the car. regardless of whether the others are innocent or not. Therefore, it must be acknowledged that, if everyone agrees that the presence of a specific person always brings problems in the group and various misfortunes to the other components always and only in his presence (whether it is brawls on the street, quarrels between the members of the group because of his gossip, heaviness and annoyance in his presence, and so on) it is good to remove the individual to prevent his negativity from dissolving the group completely and thus causing everyone to suffer because of him; it is much better to sacrifice one element to keep others more united rather than keep the rotten apple in the bunch and make it collapse completely.

If we talk about a group of friends very close and very confident, in which everyone is positive, this will give off a very positive aura that will bring good luck to all the members so as to bring luck even in their private lives, making them more beautiful and positive. But if we talk about a “bad company”, unfortunately it will also influence all the members who at the beginning had healthy and clean ideas, also making them negative people and bringing them bad luck even in private lives. Often we do not notice it, but the “bad luck” that happens to us derives from the “friendly” people we regularly frequent. Whether it’s a friend, a colleague or a family member, the aura doesn’t look anyone in the face: many times misfortunes happen to us precisely because of that person.

If we talk about the typical group of outings, where everyone defines themselves as friends but in which you go out only because you don’t have anyone else or because of the habit of doing it for many years, even if the friendship has now flattened, the collective aura of the group will not be very attuned, in fact some members will be more divided and others slightly more connected, but in practice it will be an unstable and rather weak collective aura.

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Apart from that, a group of friends creates a collective energy field, which should unify people inside and protect them from outside; care must be taken to exploit this protective dome for your own good and not to get the opposite. In fact, since we know that union is strength, a united group makes a much more compact aura against bullies, bad people and negative events that happen to us, so that they will find it much more difficult to enter and harm one of the components. Obviously this happens if all the components are united and there are no bad apples: in this case it is good to detach them from the group so that the collective aura works well and there are no holes from which the problems will enter. A group must bring good to each member, not evil!

When you live a group life, sharing everything with your friends, you need to know how to use the dome of friendship as protection and not as suppression. In fact, usually the collective aura of the group prevents new people, albeit good and interesting, from joining the tour, because there is always some jealous member who throws out any newcomer with his own aura for fear that he may steal the place. As already mentioned, the collective aura is not only valid when we are together, but also influences each of the members from a distance, because closeness is also emotional. For this reason, when you attend a group, you tend to close your mind to new friends, thinking that you already have all the ones we need and that we don’t need others. Who imposed a limit on friends? It was the collective aura of the group we frequent. In fact, friends are often very jealous, so they influence our aura – unconsciously – so that other people do not feel attracted to us and us to others, so we will not know new friends who – in their opinion – could steal their place. Although apparently it may seem sweet and nice, in reality our friends are closing us many positive possibilities that could happen to us in everyday life, such as the interview for a new job, a new boyfriend, a new good friend, and everything for the jealousy of getting lost or, below, that we can overcome them and therefore be happier than them or happy even without them.

From an early age, but also as an adult, we got used to being tied to the group of friends as if it were not only a beautiful thing, but also a prison in which we decided to enter. Just think of all the times when some members were invited to a party or an outing, but since one of them couldn’t, he asked everyone else not to go because he couldn’t. Although this seems like an event that happened only as children, in reality many adults today continue to be jealous by forcing their friends not to go to a party, to a meeting, to an exit, if they cannot go. The quarrels are many, because if a member goes to the party instead of staying at home for “solidarity”, on his return he will undergo the third degree of questions with aggressive behavior, in which, the jealous friend, will ask him how it went, so he did, who was and who was not, with a disgusted and nervous look because he went without him. There is no suitable term to describe how ridiculous this is, yet it still happens with 50-year-olds and not only with 13-year-olds. Therefore, it is good to remain conscious and recognize when a decision is ours or derives from someone else who is influencing us, who sometimes could easily be our friend and not necessarily our enemy.

Although it seems unfair, friends and relatives often influence our aura even worse than enemies, such as our parents can block the arrival of a good partner for fear that he will take us away from them, for fear that it will be too early, sometimes out of jealousy that we can become autonomous rather than remain their “children”, who can control and command throughout their lives. In doing so, however, we will not find the right person because it will be the same people we love to ruin our lives, or we will not make our dreams come true in the future because our relatives felt that they were wrong, childish or too tall for us, planning to we live a monotonous and unsuccessful life, just like the typical unsatisfied worker of his life. Consequently, it is good to learn to master your own aura to prevent anyone else from making decisions about our life and approaching bad luck or getting away from the beautiful events that we would have longed for, regardless of who they are. By learning about the aura, reinforcing it and cleaning it from time to time from the brand new energy programs that we create every day and not only from those of the past, we allow our evolution to make a much faster leap than anyone else who decides to remain unaware of the skills energetic and enslaved forever. There would still be a lot to say, but in the meantime assimilate this information and understand it better, because what you will find in the following lessons will be even more interesting!

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