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42 – Cleansing the energy – How to cleanse your energy (Part 1)

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We all have an aura and every day, we will be in contact with people and negative energies, of which we absorb a certain amount that in the long run risks to dirty our energy field. Most people are not that the energy of us absorbs external energies and periodically their energy needs to be cleaned up. Some people believe that making techniques to clean the aura is a cause for shame, because they want to look pure and good, even when their energy is definitely negative. Having a slightly dirty energy does not mean having a dirty conscience; it is probable that my life has been negative all day. It’s not so strange if you too, come many other people, you need to clean up your energy. It is a contact with people or events that are very risky, so a fury of being next to our energy is affected, risking to absorb and hold negative energy during the day. Some days are more fortunate, others are a direct contact with problems, chaos, unpleasant and stressful and negative situations. The negative energy that accumulates inside our aura. Although many believe that what has been done to be pure for all intents and purposes, in reality energy needs periodic cleaning, all the negative programs over time will detach themselves and remain etched in our aura forever. In fact, the energies we collect do not disappear by themselves with time, but can remain within our aura for many years. As long as you do not decide to clean your aura, it continues to force negative energies and keep them within yourself.

When we then practice the techniques to clean our energy, this starts to shine again, but its purity will not last forever, because every day we find ourselves going back to the same places again or seeing the same people who will send us heaviness and negative strands like already happened; so we’ll need to clean ourselves again. The lazy ones look for a way to reach life. They may delude themselves that this really exists, but it could be more a shower, once in life and then never wash again: you can do, you can decide to delude yourself that no one feels your life, but this will not change the fact that everyone they will hear it every day. Since our energy also needs periodic cleaning, because the influences and the possible energy programs we have collected during the day, rinsed away and do not affect our emotional and physical health. Our energy is dirty for every factor, which are our thoughts and external influences due to the thoughts of the people around us. On the one hand we have our thoughts, so every time we think negative we bring our energy to vibrate at a lower frequency. On the other hand, all the external influences, the thoughts of other people, their auras, their energy programs, which can condition our energy and bring it to a lower level. Because we want it to be always very white and very clean, our energy is affected every time we think negative and we let ourselves be influenced by personal pessimism and others; it also absorbs a lot of external energies that stick to our aura, so as to dirty it. Negative energies lower our mood, our immune defenses and therefore our physical health. Moreover, if our aura and therefore our energy is not perfectly clean, it is likely to attract negative events that will cause daily annoyances that in the long run become a source of suffering. Energy attracts energy, so if your aura is always clean, it will attract positive events, but if it is dirty, it will attract negative events.

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The energy gets dirty much more easily than it looks, because it can lose its brightness even if you spend time thinking about your problems or your memories of life with sadness, loneliness, fear, not to mention anger, frustration and all negative feelings. You may be right to be angry, it does not mean that this feeling will dirty your energy. Obviously there is no comparison between an aura that vibrates with energy a little lower due to the stress gathered during the day, from the aura of a dark person, who behaves badly and who feels pleasure in seeing others suffer. Having a dirty aura does not mean being that kind of person, because that’s another matter. But all of us are suffering periods of life, where we are stressed, anxious, anguished or sad for something that happened in our day and that made us feel this feeling, and this is not what makes us bad people. But it does not take much to dirty one’s energy and draw other negative events to itself. That’s why it’s important to keep your energy clean even when we think it’s already perfect. It can always be improved. Anyone who thinks they already have a perfectly clean aura does not even know what an aura is. When a person often thinks negative, either because of sadness, low self-esteem or any other reason, he loads his own energy of negativity, which in turn will attract more negativity into an endless spiral. When a person thinks positive instead, maintaining an optimistic and confident attitude in every moment of his life, he will attract to himself many more positive events. Being always optimistic is not easy at all, but at least try working on it. The more we will have positive thoughts, the more our aura will plunge into positivity; the more our feelings will be negative, the more our aura will become impregnated with negativity. The aura is like a magnet that attracts – as the law of attraction says – the positive or negative energy depending on how your aura is. The more your energy is cleaned, the more positive people will be attracted to it, rather than the negative ones, which will tend to stay away from you. So it is very important to clean up your energy periodically and not just once in your life.

Through meditation you are already cleaning up your energy, but you can decide to increase some additional technique to reinvigorate your energy and speed up cleaning. Obviously the technique to clean up energy has nothing to do with true meditation, so it can not and should not replace it. But you can also help a lot to improve the meditation sessions. Let’s start with the energy cleaning technique that will last about 10 minutes. I will guide you through the cleaning steps and I will explain the tricks to stay clean longer.

Choose the position that suits you best. Since it is not a meditation, but an energetic cleaning session, you can also do it by lying down, or in the position you prefer.

Take it easy…


and breathe prana.


Imagine breathing light, white energy that enters your chest.


Take it easy.


The more you breathe prana, the more it expands into your whole chest.



Breathe light, a very white light, very bright, that makes you feel at peace.


Absorb it and let it expand throughout your torso.



Relax all the muscles in the body.


Feel the desire to want to clean up your energy, to want to shine, to want to improve your energy condition.


So breathe light inside you, with the intent to absorb the brightest and most positive energy that exists.



Do not rush. Breathe prana inside you, because this is the key.



Begin to absorb prana from every part of your bust, even from the back. Absorb as much light as possible.

Visualize it shine inside you.


Show the light expand, filling your whole body.


Breathe prana inside you, increasing the positive energy inside you.



Imagine that the energy that enters your body becomes brighter and brighter, transmitting a feeling of security and happiness in you.


Visualize the pranic energy expand towards the head, without ever leaving the torso empty.


Prana continues to enter your body and while it also expands towards the head.



As the light energy expands, it cleans the energy of your mind, bringing you back to a state of absolute peace.


This light fills your mind and repairs any damage that needed energy. Offrigliela.


Breathe deeply … and feel the strong desire to clean up your inner energy through prana.


Relax … and continue to absorb luminous prana inside you.


Concentrate again on the bust, breathing prana inside of you.


Continuing to relax, then start to expand the light energy towards your legs.


Slowly, let the light energy go down towards the thighs …


then knees …

then towards the legs …


finally, expand the energy towards the feet, filling them both with prana.


Continue to breathe prana inside you … and let the energy expand to your legs without ever diminishing inside your torso.


Energy continues to enter you, filling every single area of ​​the body without leaving even one blank.


Continue to visualize the very bright energy that enters you, expanding at the same time both towards the head and towards the feet.


Imagine that all the white energy collected so far, begins to expand and become homogenous throughout the body, so perfectly as to make all the inside of your body illuminated with this very clean light and overflowing with happy feelings.


Feel a feeling of purity, serenity and peace within you.


Now you feel the feeling of love towards the existence of life.


Concentrate on the intent of cleaning up your internal energy, melting away any negative energy that was introduced.


Breathe deeply and let the white energy purify everything inside you.


You can continue to breathe prana with the intent of cleaning up your internal energy and, when you feel ready, you can end the session.

Welcome back! I hope you have already perceived the difference! Obviously a single 10 minute session is not enough to clean up all the energy you have absorbed for years and years of your life, but you have already noticed an improvement in your mood and your relaxation and this is important. The key word is Prana. Pranic energy is fundamental, because it is capable of affecting any problem. Even if the technique performed a little earlier may have seemed simple and fast, in reality it is already very useful to start the energetic change inside you. You could choose to lengthen the technique and practice it for longer, because it is very relaxing, but even just 5 minutes a day can make the difference. The cleaning technique may seem equal to the preparatory phase of meditation, but what changes is intent.

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In fact, during this session, your intent was focused on energy cleansing, and not on the absorption of prana on the chakras. Over time you will understand the differences between the various intentions. From cleaning the internal energy you can expand to even clean the auric, but in the meantime you can spend even 5 minutes every day to clean inside the body. Although the technique of energetic cleansing is very relaxing, pay attention not to substitute meditation, which aims to evolve your sensations and make you more conscious of life and the Matrix. The cleaning technique is not at the level of meditation, so use it without losing sight of your goal of spiritual evolution. My advice is to use the technique of cleaning energy at least once a week when you have little time, several times during the week when you want to increase the positive effect it will have on you and the people around you. In addition, I recommend you continue to practice this technique even when you are sure you have an energy that is already perfectly clean. Do not let the listlessness or the ego prevent you from increasing the positivity of your energy: there is no limit to the best, so keep practicing it even when you believe that there is no need anymore. It will bring you much more well-being than you think. Remember that the stressful events of our lives and the influences of other people very dirty our energy, every day, so do not underestimate the negative conditions but be sure to keep your energy clean, doing a periodic review with the same intent and motivation of the first time, even after years of practice!

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  1. I have never realized that my aura can become “infected” from other aura and what it can do to my mood, as I understood it also influence my thinking and “feeling”. Nice to have a technique now to clean my aura, thank you for this exercise. Imagine how much I can influence other people for the better with my cleaned positive energy. Attracting positive energy sounds very wonderful. This I never realize.
    Can I positively influence other people with my cleaned aura?
    How can I or is it possible I can tell when a dirty aura touches my aura and makes my aura dirty too, or is this a certainty? Is automatically the case that my aura always gets dirty from other dirty aura’s?
    Does it take more effort to clean a “dirty” or an aura that has never been cleaned and will it take less effort to maintain it regularly? Why does this technique improve my meditation sessions? I have a lot of question about this interesting article.

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