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Company name: Accademia di Coscienza Dimensionale


The A.C.D. Academy is a No-Profit cultural association, based on non-profit self-financing. Our goal is to spread the knowledge not only to those who can afford to pay books and spiritual masters at extremely high costs, but also to those who, like the majority of people, do not have the economic possibility to pay large amounts of money to get spiritual teachings essential for one’s own existence and evolution, by teachers who require hundreds of euros just for a simple chat.

For this reason, all the material in this site is totally FREE. We do not consider ourselves as ‘the spirituality of poor’, on the contrary, we see ourselves as ‘the true Spirituality’ that does not take advantage of the weaknesses of others for their own gains, in fact, we want to show that true spirituality is pure generosity. To sell something is not synonymous for generosity, much less of true Spirituality. Our sacrifices enable anyone, rich or poor, to evolve in exactly the same way, without selling our teachings to the highest bidder and leaving in ignorance who has no money to pay.

With this act we wish to spread greater equality and humility, that cannot be taught just with words, but this principle can be spread only leading by example with real facts. This is what we believe in and what we struggle for every day. But this does not mean that we, who offer certain knowledge for free, live in luxury. On the contrary, for this reason we have big expenses to pay, which we often delay because of the economic difficulties. For this reason, we ask, with all possible humility, who read, studied and practiced our material for some time, and has the proof that our teachings are excellent (as evidenced by your always very positive comments) and that not only they are truthful, but also very useful and functional, to help us, according to your financial resources, so that our Academy is able to sustain itself. In this way we can take more care of the costs for the website and the tours, optimizing it and increasing the spiritual live meetings including private and public ones.

It is clear that no one is obliged to offer a donation being, itself, a DONATION, or a gift that you decide to offer to us, it is not a sale. You decide whether to donate, and how many times to do it, once in a while, monthly, weekly, or as you wish. Your help will be useful to give the opportunity to those who cannot pay, to get surely optimal lessons from our site for FREE. By law, we cannot benefit from donations for personal uses, but only for expenses related to the website and the Cultural Association, therefore, your donations will be used only for goods allocated to students, otherwise, paying all the expenses for us would mean to give up many possibilities, such as live tours.

The deepest thank you to those who want to help the Academy to grow, by paying their contribution via Paypal or prepaid card (by clicking on the “Donation” window, it will send you directly to the payment page) and/or via bank transfer to the above IBAN. Through your help you will ensure that more and more tours are held in different cities.


Thank you, the Staff of Dimensional Consciousness Academy

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