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89 – Seeing Energy – Colored Energy (part 2)

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In the previous lesson about the ability to see Energy, I explained to you the differences between true energy vision, optical effects, sight problems and evaluation errors. In this lesson I will explain to you how to better face the obstacles that try to stop the energy vision and what are the successive stages that you could see from the first practice sessions.

First of all, you understand that to learn to see energy you need to keep your eyes open. Even if it seems obvious, I assure you that it is not, because many people let themselves be duped by the conviction that “imagining” or “convincing yourself” of knowing how to see with your eyes closed is enough to evolve spiritually; indeed, it is the most useful way to fall asleep completely in the Low total. There are techniques that require visualization, or the practice of imagining and then being able to create with the mind; but visualization is a completely different practice from the Energy View, so they require different training.

Just like, to meditate, it is essential to keep your eyes closed, to practice Energy Vision it is essential to keep them open, because they are two completely different techniques. Learning to see static energy can give you great satisfaction.What you see during the practice of vision is only a very first energy level that can lead to much more interesting experiences. In fact, during the first sessions you only see “black and white”, a bit like watching a TV without channels; but it is when you improve the energetic sight that you begin to see colors and forms much more interesting! To explain the reason why during the first practice sessions you only see black and white dots, I have to give you the example of the Auras. When you begin to see auras for the first time, you will only see white halos, which can stretch or intensify more or less, but in essence you only see white auras, so you don’t even think that there may be higher levels, such as example colored auras , because naively you stop at that level thinking you have already reached the maximum you can get.

So you could stop practicing and training, thinking you have already reached your experiences, and remain convinced all your life that the aura is exclusively white, above all, as if the colors are just an artistic invention to make the most beautiful representations of the aura. But in truth the colored aura exists and how, we all have it! Only that the first few times of practice we might not see them immediately. Also, even in this case, after a few practice sessions you might start to see the colored aura of a single color, for example yellow, so you will be convinced that you have already reached the maximum you can see as you were able to see the colored aura and no longer just white. But our aura is not single-colored and does not have a single and only layer, but it has so many layers , really a lot, so if you really commit yourself, with time you could start to see not only the first color, but also the second one, then the third, discovering multiple colors that make up the aura and that you didn’t even suspect before! But why do we see the white aura first, and then after a lot of training we start to see the colors? And why when we get to the point of seeing the colors, we don’t see them all together but do we have to practice several times to discover that there is always something more?

It happens because our energy vision does not evolve in just one moment, showing us “everything and immediately”, but it evolves little by little, just like all the other muscles of the body and psychic faculties. Certainly you can’t manage to run miles away without ever stopping yourself from fatigue, since the first time you go running; you’ll stop first!

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The body needs to get used to, get stronger, put on strength and muscle before being able to make you run for miles without ever stopping, but to do it you need a lot of training, otherwise you can’t and you are convinced that certain distances are humanly impossible , so much so that you deceive yourself that “more than this you cannot”, but in truth all those more trained than you are able to run miles away without stopping, because time after time they have become accustomed to running a little more, to go a little more thoroughly, so that step by step they have achieved ever better goals. The energy view needs to be trained, otherwise you will never know what awaits you at higher levels, because you will not be able to get there. For the same reason of the aura, for which first you see all white and only after varied training you will begin to see one color after another, even for static energy it works like this: first you see all black and white, and only after several training sessions you will begin to see the colors, little by little. We find the same principle in all the practices in which the energetic view is used: also to see the Entities it works in the same way. All those who see entities a little by accident, a little by chance, or only at the first practice sessions, will only see white, black or gray entities; nothing else. So erroneously they will think that there are only two types of entities: white ones and black ones, which will lead to the umpteenth serious error, to think that black entities are necessarily negative, and white ones are necessarily angels or at least entities of Light, positive . Nothing could be more wrong!

In truth the entities and the dimensional beings of various kinds, are all absolutely colored, but first of all we learn to see the white color and the black one (or the gray one, of course) only because that is the first level to which our eyes succeed to access, in addition to the ones they can accept. Only after so much practice will you begin to see that those entities weren’t really white but colorful, just like those black entities weren’t really black, but possessed slightly darker colors (eg blue, purple, brown, green, all in shades dark) that our eyes have shown difficult to recognize and therefore have only deciphered with a black color. I can give you the example of photocopies: when you make a photocopy of a color image, it will obviously only show the colors white, black and gray; and observing the photocopy, without knowing the real image, it is really difficult for you to find out what the real colors of that image were, because you only see gradations between light gray and dark gray. When you take a photocopy, without ever having seen the color image, you can’t understand which ones are real because you only see black and white, as dark colors were printed in black, and light colors in light gray / white, so memorize that image as it is: without any real color. It is as if our sight worked the same way: first you must learn to see the energy in its first level, then in black and white; then, with varied training you will begin to see the colors, little by little. Obviously this does not mean that there is not a truly black or white entity, yet the vast majority of the “white” or “black” entities seen by all, are actually multicolored.

Precisely for this reason one cannot judge a white or black entity, thinking that the white ones are positive a priori, and the black ones are negative without a shadow of a doubt; because in truth doubts you should have so many, given that – as I have explained many times in the lessons on seeing the Aura – you cannot base the identity of a person / entity according to its energetic color; even more so if you don’t even see its real colors, but you’re still at the first level of white / black. For the same reason, when you look at static energy you will only see black and white, but certainly not because good energy and bad energy are present , but only because your eyes are not yet able to see the colors! So seeing the static with white and black dots must not scare you or raise doubts about the purity of energy in your home, because seeing the static black / white is absolutely normal: this is only the first level!

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Going forward with the practice, first of all you will begin to see the static energy growing thicker, in the sense that if before you saw a thin and almost imperceptible layer of white and black dots roughly standing in the middle, all around you, practicing the more you will increase your ability to see it, so much so that these dots will become increasingly evident. In fact, by practicing, you can reach the point where the vision of these dots will be more visible than the room you are in, so much that you will see an expanse of very white and black dots that will hide the furniture, objects from your view. the walls … you will only see the energy!

But you will realize that lowering your vibration and therefore “losing” the visual state you had reached, is all too easy: in fact as soon as you get distracted for a moment, because you will have shifted your gaze or because you are losing yourself in thoughts, the energy vision will diminish quickly, and the furniture and objects will return in plain sight, letting the dots of static energy disappear from your sight again. So, if you have the doubt that you can decide when to see energy and when not, fearing that you will see energy “excessively” even when you don’t want it, you can be more than quiet: you just need a minimal distraction to lose the level of sight you had reached; unfortunately, I would say. On the other hand, you can fill the initial fears, as the vision of energy will never come to high levels by itself so as to hide the “virtual reality” you see every day; if you want to see the energy at high levels you have to work hard. But basically at least you know that you don’t have to fear anything.

Returning to the colored energy, previously I told you that there is an important difference between seeing the static and seeing prana . During the lessons on Energy I explained to you that, although we end up defining “everything” as energy, in reality there are different types that must be differentiated according to their role, strength, tone, utility and all the rest.I explained to you that energy is present in every place in the world, and that there is not even a point on the planet where it is not present. However, I also explained to you that there are points where prana is much more present, unlike other places where it is much less so, indeed it is very little.When you look at the static you are seeing the energy, understood as that energy that is present everywhere; you’re not seeing prana right now. To see the real prana , you need some extra practice sessions. In the image below, you are shown what you might see after a few practice sessions. First of all you see the static with white and black dots, then – after a while – you begin to see luminous dots that seem to light up suddenly, and then disappear quickly; so much so that the first time it will seem to you that you have imagined it and that it was something else. Instead, if you go on with the practice, you will notice that these luminous dots will light up more and more, more and more often and more and more, so that you will no longer have doubts. As long as only one appears, and only for a moment, it is normal to have doubts, but when you begin to see a large expanse you will no longer be able to pretend that it is nothing. Usually, the first few times you start seeing colored static energy, you might see dots of various colors.

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In the previous image I inserted the yellow, green, red ones, but it could also be that you will see only one colored dot eg. yellow, or a few colored dots and all the same color, so all yellow. It is not said that you will also see the green and red ones, depending on the kind of energy that is present in your house, or in any case in the place where you are looking at the static at that moment. But after a little more practice you will become more able to see the energy and distinguish their presence. If you don’t see the red dots, I assure you it’s better this way! In fact the red energy is negative, so to see red dots or large patches of red prana in the static, it means that in that room there is negative energy that must surely be cleaned, because it can bring problems.Even green energy is not the best, but seeing a dot every now and then is not at all worrying; instead, seeing large patches of green energy in a room, especially the one where you sleep, should make you prick your antennas, because green energy leads you to negative, obsessive, repetitive thoughts that disturb you in a negative way like fixed nails; it can also disturb your sleep, can cause you nightmares, can lead you to wrong thoughts and life choices. Green energy is not as positive as others describe it; on the contrary, it is enough to think that in places where people take drugs, for example in the bedroom where they sleep, there is a lot of green energy; therefore it is not at all positive. I repeat that seeing a dot every now and then is not worrying, but you have to be careful when you see big spots instead. On the other hand, remember that before you learn to see the patches of energy, it will take time, so if you don’t see them, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there, just that you still can’t see them.The ideal is to see the bright blue energy represented in the next image.

In the previous images it has been represented as you should see the positive energy, then in patches of bright blue dots. You will realize, however, that the colors that you will see during the energetic vision are very different from those that we could represent with our colors: it is as if they were different colors, certainly like the one represented, but it is not identical; in fact it is a much more dimensional color! With practice you will immediately realize that it will be a much more beautiful color, as if it did not belong to this dimension, and in fact it is so, because on the physical plane we do not have colors identical to those that exist on other dimensions, but much less. As long as you see colors similar to those you already know, like red, yellow, green, blue, it will seem that they are very similar to those present on this dimension, even if a little different; but when you improve your energy vision and you will be able to see even the most dimensional colors, you will realize that in the static there are colored dots that you could not describe, because those colors do not exist in the color table of this dimension!

Naturally the white prana will be able to see it a little even from the first sessions, because you will notice that in the static energy the vision of the white energy will greatly increase, creating a real expanse of white prana that replaces the expanse of white / black dots, especially in the room / place where you have meditated most of the time. Obviously the room in which you meditate and practice often will be much more full of white prana than for example the house of a person who does not meditate. This is normal, because that person does not practice to call healing energy into his home, as we do every day, since he does not meditate, so in the homes of practicing people prana is present in quantities far greater than any other home. But we must not confuse it with the static, in fact you can learn to see the static wherever you are, even at the home of those who do not meditate, or in an uninhabited place, for the simple fact that energy is everywhere! But you will see the luminous prana much better in the homes of the people who practice, so (it is expected) also in yours. Everything depends on how much you meditate, for how long, etc. , because obviously in the house of a person who has been meditating for many years there is much more prana than is present in the house of someone who has been meditating for a few months. So there is no limit to the amount of energy present, because this can continue to increase to infinity: there is never an end to the power that prana has .

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Knowing how to see energy offers great experiences and allows you to evolve spiritually and mentally, on roads that many others completely ignore because they base their path on theory and not on real practical experience. You can really evolve, not just in words, because by practicing you will come to real, non-fantasized experiences.

During the energetic vision of the static, it could happen that you see sudden energy movements, such as luminous strips moving around the room, almost like falling stars that leave a luminous trail and disappear almost immediately. At first you might be a bit scared and think it’s entities or something similar, but I assure you it’s none of this! What you are seeing is the energy that moves! In fact the energy is not still, but it is always in motion, but at the beginning you are not able to see it well so you will see the white / black dots still, convincing you that the energy is stopped. In truth that is only your first level of vision, because the more you will observe the energy, the more you will discover that this is in continuous movement, and it is beautiful to see! You will almost feel like you are looking at falling stars or a painting in motion, no matter how beautiful, and I assure you that there is nothing that should make you feel fear: it is only the energy that moves!

The fear you initially feel is caused by your regulator trying to stop you and make you scared, in the hope that you will not go further and decide to discover and see the truth with your eyes, so as to prevent Evolverti. Thus, it will make you think that seeing those lights in motion is for some absurd dangerous reason, trying to stop you with the most absurd reasons. But think about it: what are you doing wrong? Is looking at your room something wrong? I don’t think so, since you do it all your life every day. So there is no reason to fear that looking at your room, with more careful eyes, is something wrong. My advice is to practice the energy vision because it allows you to live real experiences without having to do anything but keep your eyes open; and absurdly these days, it seems the most difficult thing to do.

In the next lessons I will talk to you about the next levels that you will be able to observe with your own eyes during the static energy practice. Instead, in the next article you will find all the answers to questions from other students. In the meantime, tell us below what your first experiences were and how it is going with visual practice. I will be happy to read your results!

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