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18- The Low Frequency – Distraction and Low Frequency’s mechanisms (Part 2)

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The Low Frequency is an intelligent consciousness that is part of the mind of the Planet, which we will also call the mind of Gaia.If on the one hand we have evidence of the intelligence of the planet, thanks to the miracles that Nature manages to accomplish in order to survive even in times of crisis, on the other hand the planet also has a second face, very different from the continuous evolution that the Nature;I’m talking about that consciousness that keeps us all tied to a low frequency, which is called Low Frequency.Nature and the Low Frequency are not the same thing, but both are part of the planet’s mind.We can compare Nature, to the human need to eat food to stay alive thanks to nourishment, therefore to the normal hunger that comes when we have been too long without touching food.The Low Frequency, on the other hand, is comparable to the obsessive hunger, which requires us to eat even if the body does not really need that nourishment, yet we seem to be hungry and force us to eat again, and again, and up to risk serious health problems due to obesity, and despite this it wants us to believe that we are still hungry and forces us to eat again.This comparison serves to make you understand the enormous difference between Nature and Low Frequency: both are part of the Planet’s mind and it is not easy to distinguish them, just as it is not easy to distinguish real hunger from nervous hunger, because both cause you similar symptoms enough to make you believe that they are the same thing;yet one has the purpose of keeping you alive, while the other, if you listen to them, destroys you.Nature, in itself, continues with its course, so it ensures that human beings, such as animals, insects and the plant kingdom, continue their lives by performing useful actions for the planet.

So Nature urges you to do work that helps society of your kind, which in our case happens through a work contract, while in other species, such as ants, bees, etc., happens much more spontaneously: each one knows what to do since birth.The insects dedicate all their life to their work and to procreation, which is the only mission of life, because they work all the time to carry on the species.We, however, are not ants, and although we could learn a lot from them both in terms of work and society – how sincere collaboration between individuals to become a united group that is ever more rare among us humans – we must remember to be much more evolved than insects, because we have an intelligence and a Consciousness superior to them.Of course, more than once we will have happened to look at some of our acquaintances and think that a cockroach would be smarter than him, but in actual facts, the human race cannot be compared with an animal species or with insects, as our intellectual and psychic faculties are more mature, more advanced.Within the planet Earth, the human race is the one most capable of mentally, technologically, mentally and spiritually evolving.When we think of Nature, we can only think of wonderful landscapes, flowery meadows and beautiful animals, but Nature is not only this.If on the one hand there are paradisiacal places, no matter how beautiful they are, there are also natural places full of poisonous animals, leeches, ticks, parasites of any kind, swampy areas, deserts where you can’t hope to survive for long, endless ice lands, in which life would not be pink and flowers as you would think.So Nature is not just flowers and beautiful landscapes, but also contains very swampy areas with stagnant energies.For this reason it is not surprising to think that the mind of Gaia possesses, besides the instinct of Nature, also a consciousness that turns into Low Frequency, that is an intelligent consciousness that binds us excessively to the low frequency.

The Low Frequency is like the marshy area of ​​the planet’s mind: in a figurative sense it is that part of the mind of Gaia that makes you stagnate in unconsciousness.

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But as we all know, man is capable of reclaiming a swamp to make it a better place, so through the practice of becoming conscious and getting out of the Low Frequency, you can use your faculties to maneuver the Matrix and get benefits for yourself themselves and for others.The Low Frequency has always influenced you and there is no person or living being in the world who is already born with the mind outside the Low Frequency, because it would be like thinking that you can be born outside of Nature: because you were born within the planet Gaia, always under his influence, without realizing it, whether you want it or not.Just as Nature does not ask you for permission to enter your life, but begins to have an effect on you from the first day of birth (such as the urgency to breathe, hunger, but also the need to have contact with others beings of your kind) the Low Frequency does not even ask permission.It works continuously to distract our attention from the discovery of our identity, putting before our eyes a thousand reasons to forget who we are.The Low Frequency is not “obscure”, but it is not even our ally, as its role is precisely that of letting us remain asleep, so that we perform our work as an ants and do not behave like evolved Consciousnesses.

Surely you realized that there are people who want to know more about their identity and others who don’t.The first, they often ask themselves if life is all here, they wonder if life has a more evolved purpose, they often ask themselves the same question that you asked yourself many times: “Who am I?” And even if they do not yet know the answer, continue to ask questions.Well you know instead, that other people are not at all interested in asking these questions, because their idea of ​​life is all they are experiencing: you work, you come home from your family and tomorrow you work again;there is nothing else for them.Indeed, according to their mentality, if you are intrigued by something that is outside of work and family, it is certainly something that is not right!According to them, you just have to work, bring the money at home, just keep your family;at most, if you really want to be “open-minded”, you are allowed to play a sport, but do not take away too much time from your family, otherwise this is not good either.So you realize that some people are much more willing to look for the truth, while others don’t want to know it even if you put it in front of them.This is the first difference we recognize among those we could call people seeking evolution, from those we could call Gaia’s Low.The Gaia’s Low are the perfect example of what the Low would like for us: he claims that humans behave like ants, that is, that they spend their whole life working and starting a family, without having the minimum time to stop at to reflect and therefore decide to evolve one’s Consciousness through spiritual practice.

The Low wants us to believe that spirituality is a distraction to our work duties, to keep us away from the truth: that our work commitments distract us from our spiritual evolution.In fact, the Low Frequency expects humans to behave like insects, but we are not insects of Gaia: we are human, capable of evolving our psychic faculties, so that we can reach the level of changing personal events and the entire planet, with more positive goals.We could take the example of Jesus: he has reached the level of manipulating the Matrix so much as to be able to change events and perform miracles, many of which today are no longer even told to us, although we still remember him.And yet, he left the Low, to do positive actions for himself and for the entire planet.Clear that it is not easy to reach his level, but we are not here to compete, because this is not what he wanted to teach us: we are here to recognize that we are not work machines, but rather Consciences that must wake up as soon as possible to remember who we are really.The Low Frequency is as clever as it is hidden, because it influences us since our birth, so it becomes difficult to recognize it in our routine from one day to the next.

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We have spent our whole life following his current, rather than choosing life with our real decision, so the awareness that the Low Frequency exists and keeps us in check can be a harsh truth to accept, but only at the beginning.After that, you learn to know him and juggle his methods of keeping yourself low.

The Low uses two main methods to keep you low, distracted, and away from the search for truth, which would have led you to practice a path to reach your Awakening.The first method that the Low uses to keep you anchored to the ground is your own thought, through the Regulator we will talk about later.The second method is the use of the people around you, who should distract you and make you waste time, so that you end up forgetting what evolutionary you wanted to accomplish, to choose to deal only with the daily business tasks that were put before you .Even if you could choose to do both, the Low will make you believe that you only have to take care of the family business, completely forgetting what you could have done.The truth is that you can realize the existence of the Low Frequency, only if you start practicing, because it will give you proof of the veracity of its presence.As long as you stay within the Low Frequency, you will not realize how much you are caged, in fact you could surely think that after all, you can’t touch it.But if you start practicing, you realize how true it really is that he exists and how influential his presence is in your life.To give a practical example, Low mobility people and situations around you to distract you and prevent you from practicing Meditation, so that – by not practicing it – you will remain low and completely submissive to his will.For example, you might be used to living in a rather quiet and peaceful home, in which the doorbell rarely rings, except when the mail arrives;but usually it almost always arrives at the same times and doesn’t bother you.Instead, it is very different when you are about to sit down and start practicing.

The first meditation ever, could also go quiet, without any interruption;could.The next day, then the second day of your practice path, the Low could already intervene with some internal distractions, such as apathy, listlessness, and despite the meditation of the day before you liked it very much, on the second day you could think of don’t feel like practicing it again;but you may be able to practice it anyway and go against your apathy.Around the third / fourth day, the Low will begin to be felt more seriously.Beyond the personal listlessness, the Low will start to set in motion its mechanisms to mobilize the other people around you, so that they will be the ones to distract you and make you waste time, to make you forget to practice the daily meditation.Let’s take the example that you want to practice meditation around 4:00 pm.All morning you did your housework or what you had to do, and no one called you, contacted or rang the bell.All day, nobody showed up or contacted you to do something together and steal your time.So you do all the tasks and keep yourself free for the afternoon, convinced that nobody can stop you from practicing.And yet, as soon as 4:00 pm will be done and you will think of sitting down to practice, convinced that you have already done all the tasks and chores you had to do and be free to finally dedicate yourself to meditation, your bell will ring and you will discover that it is come to see you a dear friend you haven’t seen for a long time.The situation will seem very normal and calm: you let him enter the house because you haven’t seen him for a long time, you are happy and you spend the evening chatting and laughing, so you would never think that it was Low who sent you that friend, for distract yourself from your Awakening goal.

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If he is not the friend, he is the uncle who presents himself only at important parties such as Christmas and Easter, yet today, even though it is a very normal day like any other, he will suddenly present himself with the excuse that he has begun to feel the your lack, or that he really needed to take a vacation, taking the opportunity to come and visit and spend some time together!He could arrive half an hour before, or half an hour later, instead he came to ring at your bell a minute before you started Meditation, or even in the middle of the session, to distract you and interrupt you, making you even feel a sense of dissatisfaction and annoyance, due to the abrupt interruption while you were relaxing.The point is that you will not immediately think that the interruption has been sent to you by Low, so that you will not be able to get out of his influence thanks to Meditation.So you will underestimate this practice, thinking that it is just a (far too long!) Relaxation session, and that it is nothing more than this.Yet, if it were so little, the Low would not mobilize other people to make them come to your house, with the intent to distract you from the practice and prevent you from doing it as you would like.If meditation was not so important for your Awakening, and it did not help you get out of the influence of Low, surely the Low Frequency would not make so much effort to prevent you.And yet, you don’t realize it until you start practicing, and you realize that in one way or another something always happens that tries to stop you from meditating or blocking it in the most beautiful.

You could have spent the whole day doing everything you had to do: you worked, you took care of your family, you cleaned your home, you did everything in your daily tasks and nobody interrupted you;then, as soon as you sit down to meditate, you get a message in the chat right from the person who has never given you attention, and who makes you die from the desire to take the tablet / computer / mobile phone and spend hours chatting with her, thinking that it would be foolish to throw away this opportunity.It could be a person who has not been heard for weeks, months or even years, or a person who has always ignored your chats, or who only makes himself heard when important events happen;yet as soon as you sit down to meditate, she will contact you with an excuse that in your eyes it will appear too interesting to allow her to wait 30 minutes, the time to have a good meditation.You could choose to meditate, and then immediately chat with her as long as you want;instead you will choose to chat with her, ending up talking about the most useless nonsense in the world, until when it will be done too late and you will have to go to sleep, because tomorrow you work!The Low, meanwhile, will work in your mind, to make you choose of your own free will to waste time behind that chat, instead of devoting half an hour to your evolution and then being free to open all the chats you want.So if on one hand the Low has worked around you, to push other people to distract you, at the same time it has worked in your mind, to make you choose to accept the distraction, rather than devote yourself to your evolution.Thus, it will make you think that nothing important has happened, that there is nothing wrong, because today you chatted but tomorrow you can dedicate yourself to meditation;yet within you you already know that tomorrow you will not be able to meditate, because the Low is already working on other excuses to take away time and prevent you, even more tomorrow, from being able to dedicate half an hour to your meditation.

Until you start practicing, you will not really realize the existence of the Low Frequency and the methods he uses to lower and hinder you, but only theories will remain that you will never be able to understand seriously.Instead, starting to practice meditation, you will realize how interested Low is to keep you sleeping, because it will start with creating a slew of events that will make you lose the will to practice, or that will make you forget it completely.It will seem absurd to you, yet you will find a thousand ways to make you forget what you wanted to do.First, it will fill you with unexpected events and setbacks, such as the best friend who will suddenly feel nostalgic, and will ask you to spend the whole evening consoling her or keeping her company, thus making you miss the opportunity to meditate.

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Or, it could be your family member, who wants to spend more time with you today, or combines one of his own, making you waste your day to solve the problems that caused him.In all this, you will return home that will have become late and you will no longer want to meditate.If, on the other hand, you can’t keep yourself away from home for a long time, he will try to bring you the Low home, to keep you from practicing even when you managed to keep yourself free to meditate.So, you sit down convinced that nothing and no one can stop you from meditating: you told your friends that you are going to sleep for an hour, so they will be convinced that they won’t have to bother you for that hour, the right time for you to meditate.And yet, you will begin to receive repeated phone calls from call centers or from unknown numbers that, coincidentally, just today have the wrong number, making you nervous with the thousand phone calls and the ringtone that always seems higher, just while you are meditating.

If, on the other hand, you had already turned off your cell phone, to prevent someone from disturbing you, then someone will come to the bell of your neighbor, playing him repeatedly, even if they usually ring only once and then – realizing that there is nobody at home – they go away;but not today!Today they must ring that bell as if the front door were to open by itself, although it is very clear that the neighbors are not at home!It could have been a quiet, silent day, also given the time (afternoon, where everyone rests) but, as soon as you sit down to meditate, in the way home you will pass a string of cars that will sound the horn and make an annoying noise that they didn’t have done all day, but right now they try to be as loud as possible.It doesn’t matter if it was silent before and no noise could be heard even at a distance: as soon as you sit down to meditate, the neighbor’s dog will start barking and the others will follow with that roar that seems to herald the apocalypse, because they will bark so loudly and so insistently , that although you love dogs you will be stressed by the sharp sound they cause, disturbing your meditations;and all this mess, just to make you stop meditating, annoyed by the noise.Only when you start practicing can you notice the existence of the Low Frequency, because it will be activated just when you decide to practice to get out of its influence.Only then will you realize how important it is to leave Low.Before you didn’t realize it, you didn’t know of its existence and you didn’t even notice it;yet, as soon as you begin to meditate, you will really notice his presence, because absurd situations will occur that until recently did not seem to happen.Clearly, if you decide to continue on this path, you will be able to improve more every day, thus managing to meditate even when the Low tries to distract you with its strategies.So don’t think that it will be “forever like this”, otherwise it would be really impossible to meditate.However, it must be clear from the start that if you wait for the Low to give you permission to meditate, then you can immediately say goodbye to your Awakening: you have to decide to practice, even when the Low makes you feel stronger to prevent you;because if you wait for him to give you respite and offer you some free time to be able to meditate, you are waiting for a miracle that you are sure will not happen.

The Low does not want you to wake up, so do not deceive yourself that a day will never come that will leave you free to meditate with serenity, without preventing you from the day after.It is the enemy of Awakening, for which it is essential to realize it, but above all to commit oneself to understanding the reason why the Low does not want you to Awaken.At that point, you will be on your way to understanding how important it is to evolve your psychic abilities.For the moment, all you have to do is meditate and realize how many situations happen precisely in the moments when you choose to meditate, just to keep you from practicing, or to distract you in the middle of meditation so as not to reach true well-being, so to make you even think that meditation is not so relaxing.At the beginning the Low will seem to you an enemy too clever for you, because as soon as you sit down to meditate the dog will start to bark, the neighbor to scream and the cars cackle in the house, but you must not let yourself fall by these trivial methods .Mental and physical well-being, but above all the benefits that meditation will bring to your life, will be far more rewarding than any distraction that the Low could bring to keep you from practicing.So, regardless of the distractions that will put you in front of you, put them aside for half an hour and sit down to meditate.Your life will change considerably.

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