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48 – Meditation – Learning how to Relax (Part 7)


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In today’s lesson I would like to take you into a relaxing and peaceful meditation. It is not always easy to relax, because our hectic habits push us to believe that even meditation, while having the purpose of calming us, must be carried out quickly and following programmed and anxious mental schemes. Actually, meditation must be a moment of true peace, so deep that at the end of the session, you no longer have you feel any anxiety or fear about any problem you have, rather you must get the awareness that everything can be resolved, fully knowing that the energy will work in this direction.

The usual fear that afflicts many people who would like to start meditation is that of not being able to do it, of not being able to relax and not being able to learn the ‘absence of thoughts’. This happens because they want to insist on believing that they should have everything all at once, as if relaxation could be learned from one day to the next and you could get it by deciding to stress yourself. Daily life drives us to literally forget the meaning, even if only theoretical, of relaxation, much less procrastination. Currently, relaxation is almost a secret that must be revealed step by step, discovering that it is much more important than it seemed at the beginning. The way to learn a good meditation is to start with relaxation. The haste and anxiety of coming to a conclusion – as the so-called ‘awakening’ that seems a goal and no longer a path – will not bring any success, because to get there you have to follow the initial steps correctly.

In this document I will explain how to perform a particular type of relaxation, useful to prepare you in the best way to meditation. Read it quietly and in the meantime do it. In this way you will understand how to relax during meditation. Preparation is essential for a good practice: at the beginning you cannot expect to meditate perfectly and it is normal to believe you are not able to do it, because you never did! It is the first time you meditate, so you do not be afraid of making mistakes or to feel less than others. We all went through the “I am not able” problem, so just insist and you will succeed. For each written sentence in this preparation, I suggest you to focus at least one minute before moving on to the next one and do not be in a hurry to finish, otherwise the quality of the technique will fall.


Now, start relaxing by taking deep but not forced breaths.


Breathe … and feel the pranic energy approaching you.


Around you, everything is surrounded by prana, energy, pure light and full of peace.


Beyond the walls of your house, there is prana,

Beyond the city, there is prana,

Beyond this planet, there is prana.



Feel the energy around you getting in through your breath.


Imagine that the prana from the sky and the air approaches you.


The pure prana of the universe is approaching to get inside you.


Perceive the energy of the whole Universe that is recalled, attracted to you; feel that it is approaching.


You are becoming bright and, for this reason, even more light is attracted to you.


Breathe deeply…


and allow it to enter through a deep breath.


Relax your mind …


take a deep breath feeling that prana rises up to your head and expands …


the light is expanding inside your head … and you’re happy …


let the thoughts fade away, go away …


focus only on this moment.



Look at your hands for a moment: close and open them slowly, note how their movements are mechanical. Become aware of your body.

You are not your body … your hands are part of your body, which contains the Soul, what you really are.


You are not the body: you are what is inside.


Look at your hands … and feel them…


Feel them, they are not you …


Open them and observe their movements…


Move your hands without thinking you have to do it, move them without thinking, since this is a quick thought.


You will learn to think “without thought” using only intent, and everything will be faster, it will be better … you will get what you want before you even have to say it.


Now feel your chest …


feel your physical chest.


Just concentrate on feeling how it looks like.


Now simply do what I say without bringing expectations about what I could now tell you to do, without thinking about what comes after.

Live in the now.


Focus on your chest …


feel how it is made.


Feel the bones …

The skin…


The flesh…


Really feel it, and not just for a moment.


Focus on feeling …


feel your chest.


Now feel what is inside your chest.


Feel the heart and the organs inside.


Feel it for real … deep inside …


Go even deeper and feel that You are there, the Soul within the body.


Breathe in prana and focus on letting it enter in to you, until your soul is filled up.



Now you can focus on your chakras, starting with the Chi.

The preparation by means of relaxation is essential, so do not skip it too often. Now that you are more calm and relaxed, concentrate on feeling the Chi chakra and stay focused for the next 7 minutes. I’ll leave you the silence you need to keep your mental calm, just pay attention not to lose yourself in your thoughts. For the next 7 minutes, focus on breathing prana, staying focused on the Chi.


Now move your attention to the Plexus chakra, focusing on it for the next 3 minutes.

Commit yourself to stay focused on the chakra without losing yourself in other thoughts. Remember that you are meditating.

Feel now your heart chakra; devote your attention to perceive every single heartbeat, slowing it down.

For few minutes, focus on relaxing the beating of your heart, then concentrate only on the Heart chakra, meditating in total for 7 minutes.

Relax your face, paying attention not to tighten your eyes or wrinkle your forehead.

In this way you can meditate on the Mind chakra relaxing and calming your thinking until it is silenced.

Breathe prana inside yourself, focusing on the mind chakra for the next 7 minutes while maintaining the right mental silence.


Relax and enjoy the meditation without losing your mental firmness, because now you can move on the crown chakra and absorb prana from it.

For the next 3 minutes stay relaxed and calm, focusing on the Corona.


Although the meditation session has just ended, do not interrupt your mental state here: stay calm and relaxed for as long as possible even outside of the technique. You will notice how your days will improve.


Step by step you will improve your ability to relax more and more: do not be in a hurry because it is not as easy as it is said, otherwise everyone would be able to do it. Relaxation is natural, yet we are so taken by the daily frenzy that we forget how to do it, so much that we consider it a waste of time. Every time you meditate, however, you realize how good it was to relax. Whenever you do not meditate, you forget how beautiful it is and you prefer to think that relaxation is a waste of time and that you can easily do without it. Realize this funny mechanism by which you do not want to stop doing it when you meditate, and when you do not, you do not want even to try it. Be aware that it is not you in that moment, but there is something behind the scenes trying to keep you away from meditation, or even worse, from the true relaxation.

If spending some daily time to meditation and mind relaxation it is so important to trigger anti-practice mechanisms, realize how important it is to practice it every day; there will be a reason. Starting today, get committed to meditate twice a day, every day, thus taking the habit of absorbing more energy and remaining aware for as long as possible. You can choose the time schedule and you do not have to always respect the same schedule: the important thing is to be able to meditate twice a day for about half an hour for each session and not less. Remember that every time you skip a meditation you are taking a step back in your evolution, but every time you choose to meditate by going against your laziness and your own lazy thoughts, you are taking two steps forward towards the psychic abilities that will change your life. Have a nice meditation!

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