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73 – Meditation – Nourishing our Chakras (part 8)

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What is Meditation?Freedom, because it frees you from those burdens that you would otherwise take with you all day, and some of them even for life.When you relax you not only allow your body to rest, but relax your heart, give it breath, allow it to breathe freely without that strange suffering that sometimes appears without even knowing why.Sometimes it’s hunger, because your soul needs nourishment.Other times they are pains caused by the negative external energies that have entered and they have brought you a damage that you didn’t even realize, but that you drag over time letting you weigh down.Meditation can cure these pains.

Chakra meditation is very important and should never be underestimated, especially when you get into the habit of meditating every day and start taking it for granted. It must become and remain a spiritual habit, it must never become a Low moment during which you pretend to practice. Meditation can give great results, as long as it is practiced constantly and, without taking it for granted, it should be practiced well. It is normal for the first few times you do not understand the perfection and you enjoy the best that you can, which is often not the best, but since it is not as easy as it seems, do not expect too much from themselves. Many make the mistake of waiting for the right day, of not meditating in the hope that the perfect day will come when you can meditate well. Nothing could be more absurd, because it would be like taking medicine when the disease has already vanished, ignoring that it should be taken just to let it pass. Meditation is spiritual medicine because it cures the ailments of your Soul, of your psyche and your abilities to heal your physical body are not to be underestimated either. That it is necessary to meditate even when you do not feel very well is clear, because if you wait to meditate when you will be better, I guarantee you that nothing will change. Meditative sessions are meant to make you feel better, so they must be carried out precisely because you don’t feel fit, because you never have time to do anything, because you have problems in your life that you would like to solve or goals that you would like to achieve; if you already felt full and perfectly complete in your existence, you would certainly not be here in search of the truth. Meditation serves to complete you, to give you what you have never found before. Therefore it is normal to start meditation and not to succeed in not thinking or relaxing, and you do not have to blame or feel inferior because it takes so much training to improve the technique and, as you know, practice makes perfect.

This, however, should not push you to make a mistake, taking advantage of the fact that you have just started and that the error is acceptable, making this a habit. Surely if your only goal is to just relax, then it is only right that you focus on the previous articles that explain how to do it. Going forward, however, if your purpose is to evolve spiritually, then you must give up the laziness of not wanting to change some attitudes you have during meditation sessions, because the habit of making mistakes must change. Meditation must be done well. If you start immediately with a good habit, even if it may seem more difficult and complex due to the rules to be respected, with time you will thank you for doing it because you will continue with the right step. If you start off badly, then in a few years taking your steps is a bit more complicated, because by now you have got into the habit of making mistakes and you will not want to reprogram your sessions correctly. We only talk about laziness, because in reality meditation can be learned and improved even after years, but wouldn’t it be better if I started immediately on the right foot, rather than dragging the mistakes for years?

As I always say, it is better to meditate badly than not to meditate, because even a poorly made meditation brings you a physical and mental well-being that otherwise you would never have obtained; but this does not mean that if I meditated well everything would be better and this is the fundamental point: you can choose to meditate better.

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Besides, I think we tend to say too often that we have meditated badly, even though meditation has actually made us feel better; otherwise, you are completely wrong about the basics, because you probably don’t focus on my technique but on those you learn elsewhere, or why you completely skip the initial relaxation phase. In this case, meditation is hurt. Beyond this, however, if the problem is just not thinking, but at the end of meditation, however, you feel better than before, give yourself the right time to learn without being in a hurry, because that will be learned by practicing it every day, just like any other sport : if you want to learn to do the splits, the more you train the more you become familiar, until you become very good, but don’t expect to be able to do the full split without any training, hoping maybe to get results without any commitment. For the same reason, don’t think at all that the improvements and tests of the benefits of meditation arrive before practicing, because they will come only if you train constantly like any other sport. First we commit ourselves to practice and then the results arrive: never the opposite.

It is right, however, to recognize that sometimes you could do more because, instead of working, you sit and meditate as if you were drinking coffee with friends, with the same attitude of leisure and not of spiritual evolution. Meditation should not be done as if it were something hard and rigorous, with a severe and fussy mental state. Certainly, however, the more you put effort and seriousness in it, the more you will be able to offer you excellent improvements, which would not be able to give you if you always took too much to play. If you just want to relax it is an account, because you can take it much more lightly, but if your goal is to go further then it is right that you put more effort into it. But we must understand that the excess ruins everything, so becoming too demanding during meditation, too harsh, too precise, too serious, will ruin the positive atmosphere that instead wants to give meditation, which first of all is peace, emotion, emotion, and not hardness and severity. The seriousness that must be applied when practicing meditation must not be confused with insensitivity, which is something else entirely. Don’t be a meditation teacher, if you don’t even know how to move. Seriousness is deciding to take meditation more seriously, rather than discredit it and practice it without really intending to evolve; exaggerating with hardness, however, will lead the practitioner not to rise to higher dimensional levels and not experience the excitement and beautiful sensations that are found when touching certain stages. Meditation is also letting yourself go to freedom and stop for a moment to keep your eyes wide open on problems to abandon yourself to a very pleasant feeling of serenity and total relaxation. It’s a bit like floating on the water, feeling the beauty of moving and moving gently without difficulty.

If you are able to meditate twice a day every day and, in each session, to see improvements over the previous one, then you are progressing well. If not, you’re probably wrong approach, putting too little effort into what you do, sitting down to meditate but not really meditating. The conviction that sitting and meditating and actually doing it is the same thing does not take you very far. Sitting with the decision to meditate is not the same as meditating well, because to complete a good session you have to stay focused every minute of the whole session, and not just the second you sit in, because in that case it would be no different from sitting to listen music. Meditation is something more, it’s not just listening to music with your eyes closed, because everyone knows this already and as you can see it doesn’t take them that far. Even the half-lotus position does not already give good meditation, because in reality you are just sitting in a different position than usual. True meditation does not consist in the way you cross your legs but in the one where you choose to set your mind. Meditation is not in the legs but in the mind. When you sit down to meditate, don’t give up your intention as soon as you sit down, but choose to stay focused on your decision for the duration of the session. Don’t give up after two minutes.

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Before starting to meditate, choose to stay at least a few seconds to decide, more deeply, to practice a beautiful meditation before starting it; announcing a good technique will already lead you to improve it considerably. If you throw yourself on the bed thinking that meditating only means sitting in the middle of a lotus and touching your belly with your fingers, the session will not improve much and will remain more or less like the other low-level ones. Making yourself comfortable and with a straight back helps concentration because it allows your body to remain calm, rather than complaining after a few minutes for discomfort, back pain or boredom, because even the position you are in affects boredom of mind . If you sit up straight, with a pillow behind your back so you don’t get hurt, head straight, legs in half-lotus and comfortably seated, it will be easier to maintain concentration for 30 minutes, while if you were uncomfortable, after a few minutes you would already feel bored that would try to stop you from meditating.

Clearly, an occasion can occur in which you meditate in a different position depending on the need, for example if you want to meditate in the bus, train or at the house of others where you can’t lock yourself in the room and settle down as you wish: in these cases it is obvious that you have to adapt and meditate as you can. This however is the exception, it must not become a habit. Meditating several times a day allows you to improve the technique faster, so if you can meditate every day, at least twice for about half an hour, regardless of whether or not the sessions are close to each other, they will help you improve the technique and speed up the arrival of benefits in your life. Consistency is what allows meditation to make real effect, so it would make no sense to meditate every other day and then complain that it does not work, because in no sport can you become champion without any interest and commitment to practice. Moreover, the more you meditate, the brighter you get, and the white energy approaches you even during the rest of the day, despite the fact that within it you can meditate even 2-3 times, because if you do it constantly, it will be like a continuous call of prana that expands even in the hours when you are out for work or chores, and not only during the half hour of practice. This happens if you meditate every day constantly. If you give up meditation for a few days, the thread of continuous energy breaks and you start to have no more, while continuing to meditate every day feed a connection of prana that continues to arrive even during the day. You might notice the difference that constant meditation brings you even in small things; in fact, the more you meditate, the easier it is for something interesting to happen to you. For example, you could increase your dreams so much at night, especially those with important meanings or even premonitory ones; or, you could decrease your dreams depending on what you need, because if in your case the dreams were all the result of negative influences, stress, or meaningless with meaningless details due to the mental confusion you had during the day, then they begin to diminish or even cease to leave space only for the important ones. Certainly, if you dream a lot, meditation will help you remember better what you dreamed of, rather than immediately forgetting it as soon as you wake up. This is because meditation relaxes your mind and improves memory.

Moreover it is important that immediately after the meditation you do not throw yourself into the deepest Low, for example turning on the TV immediately, eating heavily, lighting a cigarette or taking an afternoon nap. Meditation doesn’t stop you from watching TV or eating, but do you have to do it right after the session? Can you wait at least 10 minutes before returning to a low frequency? I would like to point out this because over time you will notice a strange anti-spirituality program. In practice, immediately after the meditation, you will have an extreme desire to ruin everything by eating chocolates or unhealthy food destined to lower your consciousness that you had just raised by meditating; or, if you are not hungry, you will want to light a cigarette without even having had time to get up from where you were sitting or you will still have a sudden desire to have to log in to Facebook immediately to watch the notifications and, without even realizing it , you will already be clicking here and there on your mobile.

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Make yourself aware that these are not your natural thoughts and impulses, but programs that have been inserted to ruin your spirituality, so that if you try to raise your vibration and your consciousness through meditation, then you will lower it immediately with your own hands falling into traps like the ones listed above. If you don’t watch TV, don’t smoke or don’t like eating, don’t worry that the Low will act somewhere else that works on you, so pay attention to it. Rather, if you want to take a healthy habit, before meditating and also afterwards drink at least a glass of water, because through the liquids the energy moves better and, since with the meditation you are trying to absorb and move the energy inside of you, water is an extra help that, among other things, helps make your body healthier, so you can perform two excellent actions with a simple gesture. If you didn’t drink enough water before, now you have one more reason to do it and don’t ignore it too much, because you will realize that meditating after drinking at least one full glass of water will help you move energy better. I’d take it for granted but I’ll tell you the same: drink water before meditating, not carbonated drinks or fruit juices: they will be pure liquids but it’s not the same thing as drinking pure water.

Meditating every day is very important because it allows you to nourish your energy body, your aura, your strength, your protection from negativity, and above all your soul, which has a continuous and insistent hunger. The soul does not complain screaming in a voice, but with a sense of emptiness and sadness that you feel even when you live a beautiful day or next to the people you love, because pain comes from within, from the emptiness that the soul feels, which is nothing but the deepest you. Just like you should work on the vice that leads you to not drink water until you are really thirsty, which leads you to drink a lot less water than is necessary – and this will damage your body – you should learn to meditate everyday even when you don’t feel the hunger for energy, because you need it anyway. You can think of resisting and drinking half a liter of water a day is fine anyway, that you don’t need anything else because you can resist and you don’t feel thirsty, yet even if you don’t feel it your body gets damaged and in the long run aging and health problems come first, just like if you don’t feed yourself with energy and continue to take only the bare minimum, which isn’t even enough to survive. This is why the Consciences are extinguished before the body, because they do not have the nourishment necessary to survive and in the end the body ages but the consciousness inside is no longer there; one becomes a body without Consciousness, without Soul. Nourishment is fundamental and just as we could not stay alive for long if we did not eat for too long, even the conscience at a certain point dies if it continues not to be nourished. It is true that life times are different, that the body would die first if not fed unlike the soul that takes longer, but this does not make it immune to suffering and finally to death. Meditation is the meal during which the soul feeds on its food: the pranic energy.

We cannot compare the soul to a physical body, because the body must eat certain balanced meals and must not overdo it by falling into excess, but to stay in shape it must eat the right. Consciousness does not have a small stomach, it is not on a diet, it is an infinite container and the more it is nourished the more it expands to contain other energy, and this is good. The malnourished soul does not become thin, the soul becomes weak and destroyed if it is not fed properly. There are too many people convinced that they have a strong and ancient soul and that instead they live having a poor woman who suffers and suffers, that becomes ever smaller, because her energy is so little that she cannot even protect herself anymore. In these cases, calling it soul is a great exaggeration. By meditating and experiencing, you will make the Soul grow and evolve, expanding it and expanding it into other dimensions.

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Moreover, by meditating you increase the physical strength of your body, your internal organs and the cells that compose it, because you give it an elixir of youth, so to speak, which certainly will not prevent you from getting old forever, but whose effects they will be able to notice also in the aspect. Just meditating will improve your skin, which will become more beautiful and brighter over time, and although it may seem that it has nothing to do with energy, why shouldn’t it? The healthier the body is, the more it reflects its health even on the outside, improving it visibly. If you think that only meditating improves your skin, what happens in the micro organism and in everything you have inside the body and that you do not see? If only by meditating well can you see the differences even in aesthetics, what is really happening inside your body? In reality it is very simple: the energy does not enter only the chakras but expands throughout the body, slipping inside each of your cells. It is clear that the physical body cannot live forever, but thanks to meditation you can make the duration of your life far better, making it become a real life. Of course you will only understand this with experience, because until you take the practice more seriously and consistently this will not bring the results, just like any sport. Through energy you can prevent your body from receiving serious health problems that can arrive over time, but by practicing seriously you can also intervene on already existing problems. Unfortunately we are used to noticing problems only when we feel pain, rather than listening to warnings from our bodies that are not always dense, burning or cramping, but can be small signals that, if taken into consideration immediately, can avoid serious health problems. Unfortunately we do not always have time to listen to them, especially if we did not know the meditation and because of this many health problems we have suffered and are already in place. Nevertheless, the practice can help you a lot, especially if you choose to increase the sessions.

An example that marked me a lot during my experience is a heart problem that unfortunately struck me as a child, making me worry a lot, being a very delicate organ. My problem was a very strong pain that gripped my heart but not only: it seemed like a knife that was continually being inserted into my organ; the feeling was really terrible and left me breathless. Unfortunately I had to suffer this pain for several years, not knowing how to cure it. The doctor, without even checking me, said it was due to stress, which was nothing serious, although it should have immediately stood out to an experienced eye that such a small child would not have to suffer from stress, let alone heart aches. My health was not very good, although I kept up the high physical activity I did, as I kept myself in shape and walked several kilometers a day to get to and from school, which was not near my home. But the pains were becoming more and more serious, especially when I arrived at the house climb where the heart was so strong that it seemed to me to die from the pain. One day I had a pang so intense that I had to collapse, unable to walk as much as the cramps, although they looked more like continuous cuts, they took my breath away. I was really worried because the problem was not new to me, but it had been getting worse for a few years, until it reached its peak. I could no longer walk up that slope, I had to change and stretch the road a lot because I could no longer physically walk up that slope, it was so painful for my chest. Extending the road did not seem like a great solution, especially considering the weight of the schoolbag, but it was the only way that I could avoid that climb. Finally the doctor decided to visit me, after so much insistence, and discovered that I had a heart murmur. For years I suffered from this pain and I could not describe how much it hurt. It also destroyed my mind because the thought of how my life would go on over the years frightened me, since it kept getting worse and worse. I was terrified.

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Time passed, I continued to do everything possible not to overdo the efforts, I felt different from my companions because even those who were in bad physical shape still managed to walk without suffering from the heart, and I, who was in perfect line and trained walking for miles, I struggled to breathe from the pain.

At the young age of 16 I began to seriously meditate. If they had told me about it, I would not have believed it, and that is why I urge you not to believe me, but to try it on your body. As soon as I started meditating the atrocious pain in my heart it completely abandoned me, a pain that made me suffer for years, disappeared into nothingness so suddenly that I didn’t even realize I didn’t have it anymore, since it had left no mark. From that moment I never wanted to stop meditating. A pain so strong given by a problem that could not be cured is healed thanks to meditation. Therefore I do not listen to those who say they do in a certain way, or those who say that certain rules must be strictly followed. I practice what has shown me to have real and physical effects of fundamental importance for me, and that I now teach through the Academy. Finding the solution to my problem in meditation, which I underestimated as a child and thought it was something weird, made me understand that I would no longer want to abandon it for any reason in the world and I recognized salvation in her. This does not mean that my body is immortal, or that it is immune to everything, but I am quite sure that thanks to meditation I am avoiding who knows how many problems I should have had, first of all the suffering to the heart that I would have carried out until now . But not only. Today I know the reasons why I had certain pains, but as a child I could not know it and therefore I just suffered, thinking that there were logical and scientific motivations, without knowing that the breath of the heart, like the strong headache that I continually had, came from from negative attacks from which I did not know how to defend myself, as well as from the lack of energy to the chakras. In fact, since I was 10, the atrocious headaches began, which had already struck me in the previous years but worsened from that moment and I found myself unable to cry since the pain prevented me from even narrowing my eyes and swallow silently.

Unfortunately, the worst problem was that not even the medicines could calm my pain, so much so that over the years it continued to increase making me spend the nights vomiting because of the severe headache. I accepted my pain because even my mother and my sister suffered a lot, so I thought it was normal after all and I didn’t want to complain about what I thought everyone suffered from my peer. But they didn’t spend their time vomiting and yet they didn’t believe my desperate head pain. I was just a child and already I had to take medicine to alleviate the pain, which in any case could never get me through it completely, not even for a day. I remember that I used to suffer from headaches even in the second grade. Once I began to cry for the pain and only a teacher (a young boy) stopped to ask me what I had and to worry about me telling me that he too suffered a lot, while the female teachers, all elderly, mostly ignored me or sometimes they said he couldn’t hurt me that bad. But then over the years it has even deteriorated. For a long time I had to suffer this hell because I couldn’t find any solution and I never expected that it would have been enough to meditate to let me pass. Headaches can be caused by many reasons, such as stress, anger, health problems, problems with other organs; it can also come because you don’t drink enough, or because you haven’t eaten. There are so many reasons. What I discovered, only after starting to practice, is that headache is the first sign that the body uses to let you know that it does not have enough energy to fight all other problems. Even when you’re hungry, or you’re stressed, headaches can be avoided thanks to the energy in the chakras, because it allows the body to not suffer excessive consequences and still have a hidden reserve from which to draw when needed.

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Many headaches do not come from stress, health problems or hunger: they come from energy attacks, larvae, very negative energies that enter our body because, in the absence of our own energy, it cannot defend itself from this that comes from the outside. In other words, very many headaches do not come from physical problems but from the presence of negative energies that have not been kept out but have entered the body. If the chakras have energy they are able to maintain control of the external energies and therefore not to let in the negative ones, but if the chakras are empty, without energy of their own, the external influences are able to enter much more easily and cause damage in the long run even a lot. serious.

Clearly there are those who suffer from headaches more than others, because obviously some receive more attacks than others: we are absolutely not all the same. Let’s think about bullying: there are those who have suffered and those who haven’t, but we certainly can’t say that this doesn’t hurt anyone just because there are those who have never suffered it. For the same reason, not suffering from headaches does not mean having chakras already loaded, because anyone who does not meditate has the discharged chakras, it is a fact. More than anything else it means that he has never suffered a real attack, or that he continually suffers negative energies but continues to delude himself that his headaches are completely natural and due to lack of sleep, or to some other rational reason, in order not to admit that it is not normal to suffer such thick and strong pangs. I feel very fortunate and happy to have started so early to practice meditation, because it has saved my life from a very painful future, in every sense. Just as I meditated on the heart chakra and managed to cure a very painful problem in an incredibly short amount of time, I did the same with the headache meditating on the mind chakra. Clearly I have not stopped meditating, among other reasons, also because it allowed me to live life serenely, without having to shut myself up in the house to suffer from pain.

When I say that Meditation is Freedom, it means to be free even from the problems that all the others consider of normal daily life but that you can choose to eliminate from your routine. By meditating on the chakras you will begin to understand how important it is to constantly meditate to bring essential benefits. Your life will be different. For this reason I advise you to listen to the hunger of your chakras and nourish them, so that your physical body will be better first. And your soul even more.

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