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43- Energy – Memories, recollections and energetical records (Part 3)

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The topic “energy” is very broad and understanding it will allow you to answer many questions that you ask yourself every day and to which you would like to get answers immediately. Here is why understanding energy will help you improve your life. Today we understand what the Energetic Records are and how they work. Let’s brush up on the information you have learned so far to expand on what you already know. Everything is energy, but each type of energy has a precise name, so that the aura is not confused with prana, or an energy program with static energy and so on. Any object is made of energy that in this dimension is considered physical. Everything possesses different types of energy starting from the main one that does not change, which is its base. An object can change its aura, it can change its energy programs, but it is still an object, so the energy principle is the same and it will remain so until it will be destroyed or reused to create another kind of object. However, its Matrix codes remain the same throughout its “existence”, because if the object in question is not destroyed it remains that way. Therefore, his frequency – which is its personal code – remains the same even though its aura and energy programs may change frequently. Any kind of object is under the same energy rules, so what applies to a piece of furniture like a closet, also applies to a chair, a necklace, a suitcase, a book, a stuffed animal, a sheet. Every single object or material existing on this planet follows the same rules and none of them are outside of it.

Let’s take a chair as an example: it is a list of Matrix codes that compose the material energy that we see. Its code list remains unchanged, so its structure, visible appearance and composition will remain unchanged until it is destroyed. If that chair is not touched for 300 years, then for 300 years it will have the same frequency. The chair possesses a second, more abstract layer of energy called “aura”. The aura is its energy field, which contains its records (i.e., stored memories), energy programs, and more. The aura of a person or other living being contains much more information than that of an object, yet the latter should not be underestimated as it also contains much more than it seems. The aura stores everything that happens within its energy field. It is very interesting to look at the aura of a very old and well-kept object, because you can learn about something from the past that is also very different from how you would expect it to be. Instead, it is a bit different to look at the aura of an ancient object that is still very much used or touched and influenced by many people, because it has more modern energies and it is more complex to retrieve the older information.

The records of an object are like its memories, but it works differently than a living being, because obviously an object does not reason about its memories and does not recognize them as such. Records are like memories that are stored without the object being able to do anything with them. They are like paint, in fact the object can be painted and simply he will remain of that color; so, each memory is like a colored paint that is passed over an object and this color, or rather this memory, will be stored in its aura. To give you an example, if the closet in your home is old, and it has moved from your grandparents’ house to your home, it still holds the memories of what it stored while it was placed in your grandparents’ room. Each object possesses memories according to its use or the situations in which it was present. For example, your grandparents may have used that closet very little, maybe they only used it to store the more expensive and important clothes that they needed for really special occasions; so that particular closet was pretty much unused. Or, it could be used every day, because your grandmother loved to wear different clothes every day, and that was where she kept them, so every day she would touch that closet and imprint a little memory on it.

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Also, in this case the strength of the memory depends on how exciting it was to open the closet every day, or if she also opened the wardrobe as you would do today, taking the first dress that happens without feeling a strong emotion. So, the memory is there, it is stored, but it is a very light energy. Throughout our lives we do not only use objects and furniture for the purpose for which they were created, but also for other things. Try to imagine, for example, if every time your grandmother wanted to cry but did not want to be seen by others, she chose to hide in the closet to isolate herself and have a moment of vent, without having to be under the eyes of everyone. Here, this is a stronger memory, because if your grandmother hid inside the closet to cry and give free rein to her most oppressive feelings, these moments were imprinted with greater intent in the closet records. When a memory is too strong, an energy program can be created. A program is not just a memory, it is an active intent that lives on even though the memory is gone.

As long as an object is used very little, what it manages to record are fleeting and short-lived energies. On the other hand, when it is used a lot, or for issues that provoke stronger emotions, it will have much more material to record. Each of us has different habits, so it does not depend on the object itself but on the habits of the person. For example, typically a toothbrush manages to record a few brief moments, because almost all of us use it to brush our teeth without attaching so much importance to it: it is just a toothbrush! However, for those who are very fixated on oral hygiene and are interested in their teeth, not only in terms of daily hygiene but almost as a passion, they will impress their thoughts much more strongly on the object they have in their hands, more than almost all other people impress on their “banal” toothbrush. So, if you went to analyze the records of that toothbrush, you would feel something more than anyone else’s commonplace toothbrush, feeling that person “really loved brushing their teeth.” It may seem strange to you, yet each of us has very personal habits that to others might be considered strange, or excessive, yet to us they are normal. So, any object, even the most banal, can contain information to offer us the opportunity to learn more about that person’s life.

Each object is different because it has a different register that is not necessarily the same as the objects we have at home, because we might use them for one purpose and instead, other people, might decide to use them for other reasons. Also, although it may seem trivial, some people choose to change their items very often (for example, buying a new toothbrush every month), while others keep the same items until they are forced to change them or buy new ones. Thus, items that are kept for a long time have more months or years to memorize the life of the person using them, whereas if items are thrown away often and bought new, it is more difficult to find quite dated memories of that person, because his or her items are much more recent. Because everyone has different habits, some people find it easier to imprint their memories in objects in a specific area of the house, for example, in the kitchen if they spend a lot of time cooking, or in objects in the bedroom if they spend a lot of time locked in the room. Objects absorb everything that happens around them and especially what happens to them directly. Materials, so also walls, ceilings and floors and not just furniture, register empathic energy, not visual energy. To be clear, objects do not see who touches them or who did what to them, because they are not alive, they do not have eyes; they, however, are like sponges that absorb energy, so they record what happens, translating the energy into memories.

For example, if a person while he is crying–and therefore is in pain and is feeling very strongly–touches an object, opens the closet and closes the door, goes to the desk and sits in that chair, in all of them he is recording the memory of his crying, his suffering. Although he does not realize it, all objects are memorizing his movements.

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In addition, energy is transmitted not only through physical touch, but also without the need to touch the object. So, if his mood is very suffering, even without needing to touch the whole room, his suffering energy will move throughout the room as negative vapor, which will impregnate the walls, the ceiling, every object in the room. In general, taller objects, for example those placed on top of cabinets or on top of shelves that are difficult to physically reach, are also those where energy reaches less easily, so they are affected less. The higher the objects are above your head the less the influence of the moment manages to be strong on them, however, it does not mean that it is nothing; therefore, energy comes into those objects but much less, unlike the much closer objects that are affected first. The same thing applies to objects that sit too low, such as those at foot height. Unless you were leaning against a very low couch, or were lying on a carpet, the momentary energy emanating from your crying will affect more the objects next to you and of the same height as your chest and head. If the feeling felt at that moment, however, is very strong, it can expand much more and soak into all the walls of the room even if the room is very large and the ceiling is very high, because the feeling-in this case negative-has expanded quickly and touched and affected everything around you.

It should be added that if the ceiling of the room is very low, it is affected first by your energy than if the ceiling is very high. Objects placed in a very high area of the room, for example on top of the closet or in hard-to-reach shelves, absorb less daily energy, so their records and energy programs are less affected by the emotions that in daily life you emit; in many cases this is good, but in other cases it should be noted that if they have negative programs, these remain imprinted in them without being released. On the other hand, if the objects placed above did not already have a negative program within them before they were placed there, then they will be less victims of influences. So, objects that are higher up tend to have more neutral-positive energy than those at human height. In contrast, objects at the bottom, especially if they are hidden or in the same position for too long, tend to have more stagnant energy, which does not clean up; this increases the energy of low vibration. In fact, areas far down tend to be a bit more negative (e.g., the corners of the room, under the bed, near the bedside tables), instead the higher points of the room tend to have lighter energy.

Thus, if you were to bring in given items that have been used for a long time by other people, they can have their energies, unlike newly bought items that should not have energy programs inserted because, in theory, they have never been used. Then, of course, there are cases when an object is passed off to us as new, instead it belonged to someone else, and in that case, it has been charged with its energy. In fact, going back to your grandmother’s example, if she often cried inside the closet and today that closet has been put in your room, you might notice something strange, because even though it is beautiful, well-kept, spacious and comfortable, on impact you feel that something is wrong. In a way it is like it clashes with the rest of your room. The feeling is not about the modernity of the furniture, but about the imprinted energy that, even if you cannot describe it because you do not yet know the proper terms, you feel, however, that you do not like it. Yet, it is your grandmother’s closet, you must like it! However, inside you feel that something is not right. What you dislike is not the closet, but the energy in it! Your grandmother might have been the nicest person in the world, but when she cried, like everyone else, she exuded suffering energy that soaked into the inside of the closet. It should be noted that the closet is not a small object but a piece of furniture in which energies and programs can form or enter it, so if you close it, it may look like a very normal closet but, inside, there is a very negative program.

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Of course, we are now giving the example that your grandmother cried inside the closet, but even if she had cried beside it, it would have absorbed the negative energy from its outer walls. The impact zone where the energy hits the object is the area where the memory is most felt, but this actually expands throughout the object. However, if we are talking about a very large piece of furniture such as a closet, if negative energy was born inside, closing the doors you might not feel anything in appearance, then opening them again you feel a heavy energy. You may notice this because you would find it difficult to fall asleep with the closet doors open, because you would feel in awe, almost in danger, so you would feel compelled to close the doors again if you wanted to fall asleep. Instead, when an object or piece of furniture has no bad energy in it, you can put it in any position and it won’t bother you, it won’t give you that strange distressing feeling.

If the energy is light, it may stay inside the cabinet and not leak out; on the other hand, if it is very heavy, it might come out of the closet even with the doors closed and make you feel in awe all the time, even when it is all set up and in order, making you spend time staring at that closet. You do not know why and you do not know what it is, but that piece of furniture keeps your attention fixed on it. Now you know it is about his energy, which is probably negative. It is no coincidence that I have often taken the closet as a reference point, because very large furniture that you rarely move tends to absorb more of the energy you give off and allow it to stagnate within them; for this reason, the closet, dresser and other large pieces of furniture are the ones most likely to hold more negative energies within them, which is why, on top of everything else, they also attract entities into the home. In fact, you are more likely to perceive barrels coming from the closet than from a small nightstand or chair, because the closet or a large bookcase hold more stagnant energy since they are moved infrequently, so more negative programs are created within them that attract low-vibration presences. In addition, the closet is a piece of furniture that possesses a closed inner part but is very spacious, unlike, for example, a chair that has all its faces to the air. Therefore, it is more suitable for the creation of negative or stagnant energy programs within it.

Objects record your movements and how you use them, so if you move an object from one place to another, this action is recorded, and if you do not move them the energy that is in them is not moved so it starts to stagnate, becoming of low vibration. Every day the objects and furniture around you register your energies, then store your emotions, even if you do not notice and think it does not happen. Every single object and every brick that makes up the walls of your house act as if they were little video cameras that record every feeling you give off, but also every word you say and every movement you make in the house. All materials record everything, however, it is clear that walls and furniture that have always belonged to that house have been able to record much more information than, on the other hand, a chair bought only a few years ago. That is why the walls, doors and ceilings, contain many more recorded memories. They also record what you say because your voice is energy, and they do not record the words, but the sound of the words you say, so the sound-which is energy-is recorded from the walls and various pieces of furniture. All these memories are recorded within the aura of the objects and walls, thus within their energy field and not within their frequency. Frequency, in fact, is the name we give to the set of codes of that object that makes it unique until it is destroyed. Therefore, your energy is registered in his energy field, and not in his Matrix codes. For this reason, anything that is recorded in its aura can also be erased. In fact, you can clean the energy of an object and also take away any stored memories from it. It is somewhat different from what happens in a person’s aura because the latter is alive and possesses not only records, but also the ability to reason and remember. However, by cleansing the aura, it is possible to remove from the inside any energies including memories and negative energy programs.

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I willl teach you this technique right after I explain in detail what Energy Programs are. In addition, you can go and feel the memories of an object, a piece of furniture or walls, being able to know the information they have collected during their existence. Through them you could discover other people’s habits and see the memories they have recorded, including very intimate moments and private conversations that you would not have discovered otherwise. I will teach you this technique in the next Steps. Learning to take information from the circumstances environment and knowing the records of objects, walls, but also from the memories of trees that have lived in your backyard, allows you to know the past and what happened there. A person’s personal items can provide you with much more information than other people, even the most confidential ones, could. You will then learn through this path to pay more attention when you feel a strong emotion, especially a negative one, because it will go to store itself in the place around you and in your objects that you are most attached to, so much so that it will create an energy program and backfire on you. Cleaning up your own energy is important, but also that of the place where you live and the environments you usually frequent. Get ready, because so much more information is waiting for you!

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  1. Again a very interesting article to read. I was shocked to read that objects have an energy memory and that this can also affect us. I will now look at second-hand furniture in a different way. Interesting material and I am now also beginning to understand why I sometimes have a negative or a positive feeling (happiness) with older furniture. I never realized it in this way and thought about it. Does this also apply to places? Because I can have the same feeling at places in a city, for example. In some places you never want to leave and in others you want to leave as soon as possible because it doesn’t feel right. From now on I will pay more attention to understand it and learn more about my feelings.
    I wonder if I would like to learn the habits of others through old furniture I would like to learn cleaning because it can affect my own aura in a negative way.

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