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81 – Mental Vision – Close your eyes and see (part 1)

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Mental Vision is a capacity that belongs to the Third Eye . Previously, I explained to you the main difference between the Energy View and the Mental Vision. It is enough to remember that the first is practiced with open eyes, while the second takes place with closed eyes, but it is essential to understand that the two methods should not be reversed.

The Power View includes faculties such as seeing auras , seeing static energy , seeing entities, therefore all practices in which it is necessary to train the physical eyes to be able to see these types of energy, through the Energy Vision. Beyond this faculty, however, there is also the Mental Vision, which among other things is the first that you happen to discover during your life experiences, yet it is also the most difficult faculty to evolve at very high levels as it is easy to confuse with the ‘imagination. In fact, everyone has happened to have mental flashes (with eyes closed or eyes open, but still mental flashes and not visible from the physical eyes!) In which prescient images have arrived, or mental flashes that show the presence of a nearby entities, or similar experiences. It has happened to everyone at least once in their lives to feel the presence of an entity and to “see” it in their mind, even if with their eyes they saw nothing. Or it happened to have a mental flash in which a precise scene happened, and soon after, or the day after, the precise onescene really happened by thread and by sign (or almost) just as you had seen it the day before during the flash. This is what Mental View is, but this is only a hint of what this capacity really is, in fact you don’t know how to control it to the fullest of its power, but you only live a hint when it happens by chance, without even having the maximum precision of details. In other words, you suffer the flash, but you don’t live it to its full potential. This suffering also leads you to have discomfort, or at least to ask you if having this gift is really a merit or a defect, because many times you suffer the premonitory flash but it seems almost useless, because you don’t know how to change things or how to behave when then it is realized in reality.

To all this there is an answer and a remedy: the practice. Flash warning lights are not a defect, in fact they are a great privilege, but obviously you don’t know how to control them because you’ve never trained to evolve these abilities, so take what comes without being able to decide when and how the flash should present itself. In other words, you suffer it, because you are unable to control it, so it almost seems like a condemnation rather than a gift. On the other hand, it is what drives us to believe all our lives, but I assure you that preventing the future, or having flashes that allow you to know other sides of reality, is a great fortune, or rather a great ability: you must just learn to take control so that you decide how and when, and not the other way around.

To explain what Mental Vision is, I will give you some examples of various experiences that may have happened to you during your life, so that you can understand how important this faculty is which is part of the Third Eye. Let’s start with the Remote Vision , or the ability to instantly see a place or a person at a distance. Perhaps you have already had an experience of Remote Vision, in which basically you saw instantly someone who was doing something, even though he was very far from you, even from somewhere else in the city, region, nation! For example, you were sure that your son / father / best friend or whoever he is, was at his house, because he told you he was there, and so far he had never lied to you or otherwise he would never have moved without first warn you. But all of a sudden you got a flash in which you saw this person while driving the car, or while he was next to a second person (eg a friend of yours in common) or while he was in a bar.

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Rationally you thought it was impossible, given that that person had assured you that she would stay at home all day, alone, yet this flash came to you in which she was in a completely different place and in the company of other people. But you probably ignored the flash, as it didn’t correspond to the rational version that was provided to you, so you didn’t believe that mental flash because you thought it was just “imagination”. A few hours later, or the next day, that same person told you that the day before he was not alone at home (as he told you earlier) but was instead in another place in the presence of other people. In practice it has confirmed your mental flash, by wire and by sign, or almost, because most of the details seen in the flash matched what really happened. This is what Remote Vision is: the ability to see at a distance (without using physical eyes) what is happening in another place, or what a specific person is doing, instantly, or at the exact moment when it is doing.

To say it is simple, but to do it is another matter, because learning this technique in very precise detail is much more complex than it seems. In fact, think of all the times you have obsessed yourself thinking if your girlfriend / boyfriend was with someone else to betray you; flashes came to you, but most of the time – if not all – were not flashes of remote viewing, but your obsessive fears that showed you what you most fear in life. This is the reason why it is a technique that I will teach you later and not immediately, as it requires precision and mental silence that you may not have at the moment, thus risking to imagine everything and convince yourself that it is real; but don’t worry, because you will learn this precision if you follow this spiritual path with great interest. On the other hand there is to know that one of the most common mistakes that can be made during training on Remote Vision, is precisely the difficulty of “connecting” at the moment “now”, therefore knowing how to see what that person is doing at this very moment, therefore instantaneously, with great precision. So many times it happens that while you are practicing the Remote Vision, for some reason you might be able to see (always through mental flashes) what that person was doing before, for example what he accomplished this morning, or a few minutes before, but it is more difficult to connect to the precise moment that is now. Naturally, however, even knowing how to see at a distance what a person has accomplished a few minutes before is no less important, because it is a Remote Vision, therefore, of a capacity that belongs to the Third Eye (which therefore uses Mental Vision).

This “error” of Remote viewing happens because instead of connecting at the instant of the person you are watching at a distance, you connect to the Energy logs of the house or place you are observing, ending up seeing what happened in the past (even of just a few minutes ago) instead of seeing the present moment. But we will talk about this later, because at the moment it would be too much in the fire.Of course, we are leaving aside the ethical discourse, the moralism, and all that follows on the right or wrong factor on the act of observing at a distance another person, out of respect for his privacy and all the rest; because what I want you to know is that these skills exist and a lot of people use them, whether you know it or not. Knowledge is never a mistake, on the contrary knowledge gives you power. In fact, if you feel that observing a person through the Remote Vision is wrong, it is better that you do what you think is more than fair. On the other hand, however, I urge you to be consistent in both words and deeds, as most people who criticize the use of Remote Vision, believing that it is not right to “spy” a person at a distance and therefore invade the his privacy, they are the same people who then go through their boyfriend’s cell phone, install spying and remote control apps on their children’s mobile phones, wife, best friends, or send the paid Spy to track their husband every step he takes. So at least be consistent in both words and deeds, respecting the privacy of your family and friends dear in every respect, without making moralism on the web and then live very badly towards your family / loved ones.

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That said, the Remote Vision was not born with the aim of spying on other people, but of living experiences that are more than interesting and evolutionary, that you will understand over time, such as observing a place you cannot physically access, seeing the details with precision almost as if you were physically there. Of course, however, many people use Remote Vision as they see fit, even to see at a distance what another person is doing. I explained to you, however, that knowledge gives you power, for the simple fact that if you know the power of Remote Vision and therefore the use that some people might make of it, you can also defend yourself and therefore protect yourself from any curious things that come to “spy on you”, and that obviously they don’t come to tell you! If you ignore this knowledge, because you believe that “Know is Evil” continue to be the target of anyone who knows how to practice these techniques, for the simple fact that you do nothing to defend yourself. Unlike what you think, ignoring reality doesn’t make you immune to it, which means that if you don’t know something, it doesn’t mean that something can’t hit you; on the contrary, just because you ignore it it can hit you, because you are not protecting yourself; it would be very different if you knew how to defend yourself.

Mental Vision uses the Third Eye but not the energetic Sight, because you are not looking at events with open eyes, seeing them appear before you, but these are mental flashes that show you real facts directly inside your mind, for example as happens during the Clairvoyance . In fact the ability to See the Future, therefore the Clairvoyance, is based on a “vision” that does not exploit the physical eyes, but mental flashes that allow you to see brief moments of the future, but not always the short flashes can allow you to understand the real scenarios that will happen, because they are not enough to have a complete picture of what really will happen. Many times in fact because of short flashes of which you do not have full control, you end up creating a wrong interpretation of the future, because you have not seen a “complete video”, but only a few short images, some clips, which can make you fall into the misunderstandings and wrong interpretations. This is why it is important not to wait for random flashes, but you need to train yourself to ensure that the flashes are much more detailed and focused, to the point of allowing you to know the true future and not a wrong idea.

Mental Vision seems easy, because it is easy to confuse reality with imagination, but in truth the VM is much more complex than it seems, because you always risk inserting imaginary details and believing that they are reality, or worse still live real experiences and Convince yourself that you imagined everything. I must say that during my years of teaching I found many people who, due to wrong teachings collected in previous paths, then arrived in ACD unable to recognize the imaginations from the real Visions. Any imagination took it for real, so much so that they gave rope even to the most absurd, ridiculous, imaginative ones. Instead, I understood how those who did not have other paths prior to ACD behind them, but started their journey for the first time with ACD, did not have this problem of “believing everything” in their minds, but on the contrary, with less effort they have succeeded in learning to recognize which mental visions are real and which have been completely invented by their brains.

One of the most important reasons why I teach Mental Silence in ACD, both during Meditation, but also during the day, is precisely to prevent your brain from inventing imaginary flashes and taking them for real. You have noticed, during the meditations, how not thinking is complicated to keep, because the brain tries to throw you so many thoughts, images, flashes, mental films, just to get you to think and distract yourself from what you are doing: evolving. This is the Regulator, which uses your own thought to keep you anchored to this Low dimension, so as not to let you get out of its chains and evolve spiritually.

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So you understand that mental silence is fundamental, not only during meditation, but also to teach you – during the course of the other techniques – to silence the completely imaginary thoughts sent by the Low, so that the only flashes that arrive are correct. But it’s not as easy as it sounds! And it won’t be for a long time, because this practice requires training and for a long time you will always have the doubt, but only with experience can you learn to recognize the real flashes from the imaginative ones, and I assure you that it will be very difficult especially if before ACD you spent a lot of time in other paths that taught you to increase your thoughts and not to decrease them; such as meditations in which you have to imagine something (colors, symbols, whole scenes, people) or all those paths in which they delude you that whatever you see (in your mind) while you are meditating with them, is necessarily absolute reality, so they teach you to take all your thoughts and mental flashes for real, without even asking yourself if there’s anything else to know. Our brain is very complicated and equally fascinating: from the two minutes of silence and will manage to create for you an entire film that the whole of Hollywood could envy you! Everything, just to make you think, and to prevent you from keeping the mental silence.

We can exploit these “difficulties” that our brain puts us in when we want to keep the mental silence, because it is a very strong creativity that, if we want, we can use to our advantage. For example we can use creativity for artistic reasons, for example to create music, paint, but also to write stories, poems, etc .; creativity is certainly not a negative side, but one must be able to recognize what creativity is from what is instead a real experience. Many people are frigated by creativity, because sometimes it is so beautiful that they end up stuck there, in their imaginary world. It is good to give vent to creativity, it is right, it makes us feel good, but this should not replace our real life, including psychic experiences that should not be confused with imagination. Psychic experiences have always existed, you just have to decide whether to commit yourself to live the real experiences, or if you just imagine everything to feel happy and complete. At the Academy I’m teaching you how to live real experiences and recognize the fake ones, but then you have to take a step every day to evolve, or to remain lulled by the illusory world.

Furthermore, creativity can also be exploited to best perform some techniques that require Visualization . Also in this case many spirituals confuse the usefulness of the Visualization, with the continuous imagination. So there are those who believe that “visualizing” is on a par with “seeing”, and those who believe that visualization is as useless as other thoughts and that needs to be avoided, even that practice. It must be made clear that some techniques require the use of visualization, just to better approach that particular practice. But not all techniques require visualization! Because it all depends on which technique we are doing. Visualization is the decision to imagine something, with the intent to create it, so you need to use your thoughts to create what you need. For example, we visualize prana with the intent to recall it; if we didn’t visualize it, it would be much more difficult to recall it, and the results would be scarce. During Energy Healing it is important to visualize, because it helps you to better integrate the intent to heal that health problem and thus achieve the real goal. If you didn’t visualize it, the technique would not have followed. There are techniques that require visualization, that is, to imagine something with the intent to actually create it, for example how it works with Psychic Protection. Mental Vision is quite different because the Vision is not like visualization, in which you have to imagine something; but it is the ability to see something that exists, therefore that has already been created or has always existed. As an example, an account is to display a Psychic Protection , which means that you are practicing to create one. An account is instead to practice the mental vision on the psychic protection of someone else to see how it is made: here everything changes!

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In fact, if you wanted to practice Mental Vision to see how your psychic Protection is, or the Protection of someone else, you should concentrate on “seeing” your protection with your mind, then see how it is made, what form it has, if it is strong or if it is punctured and then the negativities have the green light to enter his life, etc. With visualization, you must imagine to create; but Mental Vision is not an imagination, but is the ability to See something that actually exists, but without the use of physical eyes, because you are looking at it with mental faculties. Let’s say for example that I wanted to see how the Protection of another practitioner is made. If you visualize, it means that you are imagining how it is made; if instead you concentrate with the Mental Vision, you are observing how it is made, so you can discover real information about its protection. But to say it is easy, doing it is another thing. In fact it will be extremely easy to confuse the two, so much so that you will believe you are seeing reality but you are imagining everything, or the opposite could happen! In fact you could really see how his Protection is made, by thread and by sign, and you will believe that you have imagined everything! How do you first understand when you’re imagining and when you’re seeing it right? My advice is to practice together with someone else, so that you can confirm to each other what you have seen. For example, the other person has never told you how he is doing his protection, so you believe his protection is first and foremost white in color, about half a meter away from his body; but then, as you watch his Protection, you start to have flashes of a blue / blue protection, very large, about five meters, very thick, very compact, so different from what you had imagined before. Rationally, then you will think that you were wrong, that you imagined everything, because you think that the protection must be white by force, and that it is impossible to have seen it blue. Here the confirmation comes into play, because practicing with another person who can confirm or deny what you’ve seen is much simpler. Then the other person might say “Yes, it’s true, you got it right!” And in that case you would discover that you saw his real protection, despite your thoughts wanting to deceive you and make you think you’re wrong. So you will confirm that you have been able to see reality. Or the other person will be able to tell you “No, actually I have not been protecting myself for some time and I have never practiced a blue protection, I have always practiced white” and in this case you have to accept that what you saw was imagination.

The most serious mistake that can be made is the refusal to accept the truth, or to accept that you too can make mistakes. The point is that you’re just starting to practice and you can’t expect yourself not to make mistakes, because you’ll commit them all right! But you can decide whether to learn through these in order not to commit them in the future, and so evolve yourself, or stop there forever. You must accept that you are not perfect, so that you can improve. So many times it happens that someone practices Mental Vision and imagines everything, then he is told, but he insists that he wants to be right by force. For example, he sees that the other person has a golden protection, but the other person denies it, telling him that he has never practiced golden protection; yet he wants to be right by force, saying “I’ve seen that it’s golden, so it’s golden even if you don’t want it!” This is what happens when someone wants to live in his illusory world instead of learning to practice psychic techniques to live real experiences.

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Or many times the same situation happens with the Remote Vision. Someone says he saw someone else in a certain context, for example saw him at work, in the office, in front of the PC while working with files. The other person however denies everything, saying “actually today I am at home because I am sick, so I didn’t go to work and right now I’m in bed reading a book”; hence a completely different version from what the former had seen; yet he does not want to accept that he was wrong, and he wants to be right by force, so he finds excuses saying “Well, yes, in fact I confused the desk with the bed, besides I saw you in the office because it has four walls anyway and so it’s like a house, I’ve seen it right! ”but this is not just seeing. Mental Vision must be correct, no excuses must be found. If the other person is in bed, reading a book, you should see him in bed reading a book; if you see it in the office, it means that you are imagining everything. There are those who want to improve and evolve and those who are only here to play, waste time and make others lose. But we have no time to waste in this way, so we must practice seriously to see what is real, and know how to recognize it from what is imaginary. Practicing with someone who can give you confirmations is very important to help you recognize when you are imagining everything since you are starting to see something right.

Of course in the beginning you will be able to see everything confused, in the sense that you could see something right, but not everything, in fact you could see that that person is in bed (as it really is) but erroneously you would see that he is watching TV, while instead he is reading a book. So you’ve seen it right in part, but while practicing it, you also put a fake thought in the middle, which in this case is the act of watching TV, aimed at confusing the Vision and making you make mistakes. This should not discourage you, but give you a way to improve yourself. In fact you were good at seeing a part of the truth, or finding out that he was in bed instead of at work; all you have to do is improve again so that imaginary thoughts don’t get in the way anymore to make you fall into mistakes, so that you will go on getting more and more precise in this practice. Obviously, at least in the beginning, you have to practice with a person who is perfectly honest with you, because it is clear that if you ask confirmation from a lying person, or that he is not willing to tell you the truth, you could even contradict yourself when you said all right. This is why I advise you to practice with a spiritual person who practices the same techniques as you do, so that he knows how it works and knows how important it is to tell the truth. These confirmations will serve you to lower your Regulator and allow you to understand how to recognize real visions from imaginations. When you have become good at these techniques, you can also practice on people who would deny everything, because your skill will allow you to understand whether what you saw is real or not, and you will no longer need confirmation.

Mental Vision allows you to know the presence of Entities, or rather to identify their presence as a sort of radar. This faculty, however, is more inherent in Perception , inasmuch as you perceive someone’s presence and through this perception a visual (mental) flash begins to be created in which perception offers a visual form. For example, if you happened to have experiences with entities, you will have noticed that first of all you perceived their presence as a sort of feeling, a bit like how you perceive when someone comes into the house even without having warned you. It sure has happened to you that you have sensed that someone has come into the house, for example your father who came home from work early without telling you, or your wife who came back earlier and did not say goodbye, thinking there was no one at home. She didn’t say goodbye and didn’t make any noise, so you didn’t hear with your ears, yet something inside you warned you, made you feel that someone came into the house, and maybe among the various people who could have access to the house (in case your parents and siblings have the keys) you have also understood who was among them, for example perceiving that he was really your father and not your brother. This perception has stopped at the ability to feel the presence of something / someone, but if you evolve the skills of the Third Eye, then practice to improve the Mind Vision, this perception will also offer you much more detailed visual flashes, which allow you to better understand who / what you have in front of you, or even at a distance.

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Knowing how to perceive entities without seeing them with physical eyes is no small thing, because it allows you to perceive something that your eyes cannot yet see. Here at the Academy you will learn that the most important thing is to discover the truth, no matter how, the important thing is to discover it. Sometimes you will discover it first with one meaning, and then with another, for example first you will discover the presence of entities through Perception, and not immediately with the Energy Vision (with the eyes), other times you will not notice anything through the perception, yet it will happen that you see (with your eyes) the entity passing by. Probably happened to you, when you were at your house, at a friend’s house, or in a place you don’t visit often, to have seen something move and to have noticed that it was really an entity, even if perceptively you didn’t hear anything , so you didn’t notice his presence. Or many other times you happened to perceive something, even in great detail, for example the presence of your long-dead grandparents, and you perceived their presence, their feelings, but you did not see them with your eyes, so you are the doubt remained.If you do not see with your eyes it does not mean that it is not real, it means instead that you have to train them to see the reality, because so far they have not been trained.

The reason I push you to recognize the differences between Energetic Vision and Mental Vision is not to discredit the mental vision as pure and perennial imagination. On the contrary, through the Mental Vision you can live very strong and absolutely real experiences, which you may not see with your eyes, precisely because that experience is found on other dimensional planes and not on this, so your energy vision is not capable of see them. The real reason I teach you to recognize differences is because I really care about you having real and not imaginary experiences, for the simple fact that Spirituality is Reality, entities exist, dimensions exist, all these techniques and experiences of I talk about it exist and work, but I want you to believe it thanks to real experiences and not because you believe in fantasies, or you believe everything you are told: I want you to believe in the real experience, because that really exists. If you believe that I am the only spiritual person who tells you not to believe everything you read, but to have their own experience to believe, then yes, it is possible that I am the only one, for the simple fact that there is no it is necessary to invent experiences, if these can really be lived. So there is no need to imagine, if you can really experience these experiences firsthand.

There are practices, such as the Remote Vision, which will not always be confirmed by others, or which you can confirm with your physical eyes, so you will have to rely solely on your Mental Vision, ergo it is essential that you evolve it at high levels recognizing which are correct visions from which they are wrong. Just like perceiving the entities, which sometimes offer visual flashes in which, more or less, you see (with the mind) the figure of that presence, for example as a white figure that wanders around the house. If you don’t see it with your eyes it doesn’t mean you imagined it, but much more likely that your perception felt it, but your eyes are still not well trained to see energy, so you can’t see it. Other times, it could be that you imagined it, depending on what your habits are and if you often imagine things. Consequently it is up to you, train yourself to find out if it is all true or if you are a little too inspired.

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But as I said before, even if it is not a rule, it must be admitted that those who have followed other paths before it, are a little too used to “believing everything” what they see in their mind, without even asking themselves the questions , while whoever is on his first journey, in part, could start with some more doubts, as it is the first time he has traveled a spiritual path and therefore everything is new to him; on the other hand, however, he begins to have a great advantage because right away he understands that real and imaginary experiences exist, so he doesn’t get too carried away by the ego of wanting to tell “real experiences” at all costs, even at the cost of inventing them; but he wonders a little more if they are real or not. Having a strong regulator is never good, on the contrary, being a skeptic a priori means that you are here only as a hobby, to waste time and make everyone else waste time, too little of the experience; therefore being skeptical is not the way of awakening, but that of perennial unconsciousness. But between being skeptical and believing that all your thoughts / images are real, I don’t know which is worse.

What is the solution to these problems? Practice and training.
Train yourself to develop the Third Eye, both in visual techniques that evolve your Energy Sight, such as seeing the Aura, seeing Energy, and training in Mental Vision techniques, such as Remote Vision, training to see the psychic protection of others, etc. Never replace the Energy Vision with the Mental Vision, and never underestimate the Mental Vision, believing that if you do not see with your physical eyes then it is not real, because if you do not see something it does not mean that it does not exist, but that your eyes are not yet capable To see. If you understand that reality exists, but that you have to learn to see it, experiences will open up to you sooner than you imagine. Today I explained to you what the difference between Energetic Sight and Mental Vision is, so that you can know the importance of training yourself to evolve both. All you have to do is practice!


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