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82 – Psychic Protection – How to protect someone else from afar (part 4)


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We often think of the desire to protect the people we love, but we feel stuck on several fronts which then become the reasons for our selfish closure, which force us to never help others. The first reason is laziness, because we would like to protect the people we care about but at the same time we do not commit ourselves to finding time to dedicate to them; the second reason is that of not knowing whether it is right to do so or not; the third reason is to not be sure how to do it right. Even if the first reason seems obvious, in truth it is always easy to fall into that thought, because until it comes to words it is easy to say that you would do everything for the people you love, but when you have the way to do it, most of the time you omit and you forget, or refer to a day that will never come. There are so many ways you can help others, especially the people you care about, and one of them is to protect them psychically. Practicing psychic protection on the people to whom we are connected allows us to help them in many ways. Through protection, we turn away from them the negative energies that they wanted to hit and damage them, taking away some weights that could have hurt them very much. We protect them from negative entities, larvae, presences of any form, even from people around them who would like to play bad tricks. By protecting them psychically we allow them to live a little more peacefully because they receive very strong external help, as it is not just a thought, but a practice. When it comes to helping others, Low tries all the cards he has to send us back to another time or make us think that deep down that person doesn’t deserve our help, so the Low manages to make us give up the desire to protect those we love, making us remain with the words spoken but without facts.

The people we love are many, but it would also be enough to protect them once in a while and not necessarily every day. But we must not underestimate the power of Protection, because even one session on another person can improve the day and who knows, even the entire period that is going through. It may occur to you that one protection is not enough, that since you should protect yourself every day, you too should be protected consistently. So you will think that if you can’t take care of it every day you might as well avoid protecting it, convinced that once only it serves no purpose. It is true that to increase the effect you should practice it every day, but the person you love is probably not a practitioner, so protecting her even once would definitely be much better than never protecting her. It is fair to think that it would be better if she started protecting herself and practicing the bubble every day, so the first choice would be to let her know about the existence of this technique and allow her to practice it for herself. However, in case you can’t communicate so openly with her and let her know about it, you can decide to protect her, at least sometimes. Protecting so many people every day beyond yourself could become tiring, but if you had to practice even 2-3 protection sessions a month to someone else, each time to different people, it will certainly be much less challenging. If then 3 people are too many, you could even do it to just one person a month, so you wouldn’t have anything to lose; but in the meantime you could improve the day and sometimes even the life of another person. You may not know it now, but sometimes even just protection is enough for the people we love to avoid serious problems and make their lives much more positive. Think if that one session of Protection could take away an entity from home or drive away negative people from around; his life would improve in a flash. For this reason it is true that we always have little time and it is true that it is almost not enough for us to practice on ourselves, but it is also true that many times we find excuses only for not helping others, because we prefer to speak rather than act. It is easy to say that in order to protect our loved ones we would be willing to give our lives, yet we are not even willing to give them 5 minutes of our time to make them feel better. There is no need to make great sacrifices, only to start acting more than we talk.

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Furthermore, protecting another person allows us to show our affection even if she does not see it, but the action can already fill our hearts more than we believe.

However, sometimes the doubt comes: does he deserve it or not? Is it right to do it or should I not intrude on his life? First of all, I believe that if we love a person, then we also deserve our attention in this sense, not just words and promises, but also in deeds. Protecting someone is a different way to show your love, but I think it’s the most true, because you’re using your time and energy for him. Nothing could be more true than this demonstration! If you love a person it means that you want her to be well and always happy, and you can help her by practicing Protection to ward off evil and negative energies in her various forms. And is it right to do it? Yes, without a doubt. Nowadays, unfortunately, there are many fake spirits who question justice, believing that it does not need to help the lives of others and that if we see a loved one suffer, it would not be fair to help her, because – according to these people – it means she deserves to suffer this is his destiny in which we must not intrude. Quite the contrary, I do not believe at all that people deserve to suffer, much less when we know them well and say we love them. The best Masters (like the well-known Jesus) taught to love others, to help them, to dedicate our time and our energies to them: do not let poor people put in doubt the word of true Awakened Beings. The great Masters said to help, weak and poorly developed people say it is wrong to do it. Who do you prefer to listen to? In any case, loving another person does not mean ignoring her suffering, but helping her as much as possible because we want to see her happy. So I’m sure that if you love someone, you’ll find time to protect him, even if only once a month, without feeling as tired as you think.

Helping others is right, what is wrong is believing that we should not intrude into his life and therefore ignore his suffering and problems, as if we didn’t care. Protecting someone does not mean manipulating his life or his choices, but rather giving him the opportunity to make his own in total freedom. When a person is attacked by evil, when he suffers or becomes ill, he no longer has so much choice, because he finds himself suffering against his will and no longer knows how to get out of it, sometimes feeling pushed to take risky actions. Protecting a person means keeping evil out of his life, like pain, misfortune, as much as possible also illness, so that he can live his life and his choices without suffering negative energies coming from outside. Does protecting a person go against his will? No, because you are not imposing on them what decision to make, or what lifestyle choices to make; you’re taking away the negativity, the evil, so that she can live her life serenely and make her choices with a clear mind. What makes us wander and makes us make wrong decisions are external influences – coming from who and what surrounds us – that affect us and influence us. Defending that person protects her from external influences – hence from decisions not her own that would like to hit her to make her change her mood and thought – allowing her to be lucid in her choices and her mood. I seriously doubt that the people you love would want to get sick or suffer, instead I am convinced that you wouldn’t mind at all feeling lightened by their daily burdens. Protecting the people you love means removing negative weights from their lives, so that they can better enjoy the positives they have or present themselves to them after you have cleared the way for negative obstacles. Believing that helping others is wrong goes against every teaching of the greatest and best Masters, so think about them for a moment before supporting this theory dictated by darkness and enunciated by people who feel wise to teach others not mutual help. The darkness tempts them all, even talking through the voice of people who pretend to be good, and you will find many of these, unfortunately also among the spiritual ones.

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But you can make a choice, to protect those you love or to ignore their suffering and keep telling you that you can’t do anything to help them.

The third reason why people don’t help those they love is because they don’t know where to start, but this is the easiest problem to solve. A very effective way is the Remote Psychic Protection, which I am going to teach you in the next few lines. So sit back and prepare yourself, because we will dedicate a session of about 10-15 minutes to Psychic Protection on another person. I advise you to follow every delivery and leave yourself time to do it before moving on to the next one. Don’t be in a hurry to finish but enjoy the experience!

When you’re ready, start relaxing.

Breathe in prana and relax …


Call prana around you … and then breathe it deeply.


Breathe white energy and don’t think of anything else …


Focus only on your relaxation.


Breathe white energy into you.


Now focus on the loved one that comes to mind …

And focus on her, on her frequency.


View this person, to better connect to their frequency.


Now visualize the white energy approaching her.


He calls prana directly next to her.


See the white energy approaching it, with a strong positive light surrounding it.


Visualize this light energy that begins to take shape, the shape of a sphere.

She is inside the sphere.


Make the bubble about a meter and a half wide, so that it starts from you and expands in all directions.


View the bubble that surrounds it completely, which is 150 cm large even above the head and under the feet. Don’t underestimate these areas!


Visualize the very bright prana that fills the inside of the Bubble with a loving feeling towards this person.


Feel how the Bubble starts to program itself, taking the intent that it should protect the person dear to you.


Concentrate on the loving intent that the Bubble must have: it must protect those you love with all its strength.


It calls prana in the outer layer of the Bubble: reinforce it so that no negativity can enter.


Make the Bull more solid and perfect, because it can protect you from mood influences, change of mind, and from the will of others who impose on you. So protect the person you love from the influences of others.


Feel how the Bubble prevents low-vibration external energies from entering, thus preventing the person from being negatively affected by them.


It recalls white energy inside the Bubble, with the intent that it fills the person with positivity and that he always manages to keep them in a good mood.


Feel how this Bubble prevents bad luck from hitting the person you love.


Feel how the Bubble prevents entities from influencing his thinking, his mood and his life.


Feel how the Bubble prevents negative or opportunistic people from taking advantage of you, stealing energy from you and making you feel bad.


Now it calls bright prana inside the Bubble, with the intent to fill it with positive energy so that the negative one has no access.


Expand a feeling of love within the Bubble, so that the loved one feels good, loved, always protected.


Now extend the bubble to the size of about 3 meters away from the person’s body, on each side.


Don’t forget over your head and under your feet, as well as behind your back.


Fill the White Prana Bubble with the intent of making it impenetrable.


The Protection session is concluded; when you want to continue reading.


Welcome back to the practice on Protection. Practicing on others is always very exciting and fills us with good feelings, so why not do it more often? Of course we must never forget ourselves, but the two interests can live together very well without having to forget one. So let me know how your first remote practice session went and enjoy the experience of practicing other people on your loved ones. Even if they don’t know who the merits belong to, they will still feel much closer and loved by you, so they will do the same.

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