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84 – Questions about Astral Travel – Real experiences or not? (part 3)

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Angel: Welcome to a new lesson on Astral Travel . You can start with your questions.

Student: Hi Angel! Some time ago, I don’t know why but for whole nights, even afterwards, for a week, my energetic body always tried to go out; why this need?

Angel: Hi! It depends on what your Consciousness had in mind to do. Perhaps he believed that this was the right time to make you have a good experience and therefore he tried to get you out even if you did not understand why; maybe he hoped that with that experience he would open your eyes. So why did you give up? You could have taken advantage of it. Maybe there was a need for you to see something important. Next time let yourself go and enjoy the experience.

Student: Hi Angel. I often do astral travel but I can’t manage where to go; sometimes I see dark, other times I find myself in strange places that don’t exist. How can I not get lost and see more clearly?

Angel: Hi! What do you mean by “they don’t exist”? Are you sure it’s an oobe and not a dream?

Student: Yes, because I want to go out and feel that I actually go out of the body and go out the window but then I find myself in places I don’t know.

Angel: Ok, if you don’t know them it’s an account, but it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. But make sure it’s not a dream.

Student: How do I manage it? Sometimes I am confused by the amazement of where I am and they don’t last me long; shortly after I find myself in my awake body.

Angel: It takes training and through the commitment in the technique you will learn to manage it. As with all techniques, astral travel must also be trained to ensure that they are successful.

Student: Ok so you advise me to try it often. Thanks Angel, I will.

Angel: Exactly, experience gives you all the answers you’re looking for. Even I, before gaining experience, obviously had no answers. Then, practicing, experiences started to arrive and so I found my answers. Practice and you will have the same results.

Student: Good evening Angel. I wanted to ask: when I am in paralysis and I have the awareness of being able to make an astral journey is it enough that I think or put the intention of wanting to get out of the body and will I be able to get out? Because sometimes I think I’m not able to do it and that the energy gets stuck inside even if I want to get it out.

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Angel: Exactly, intent is very important. If you managed to get into a state of paralysis and want to take the opportunity to make an oobe , it is essential that you continue to maintain relaxation and use a strong intention to want to go out. But be careful not to take over any type of thought because it is precisely what leads us to ruin the experience. Our regulator is always lurking, so it is important to remain unattended. The fact of thinking that we are not able or that the energy remains blocked is a thought that is induced precisely to avoid making us experience. Free your mind and trust the success of the technique. Energy cannot get stuck unless you want it. In fact, we often can’t get out because we allow thoughts like “I can’t” or “who knows how it will be” to take over, or emotions like fear take over. When it happens do not be fooled, but breathe prana and free your mind, let yourself go, let the body relax more and more and just put the intention of going out. You will see that after a while you will begin to feel the movements of the energy body that begins to move until it starts to come out.

Student: Thank you, I will succeed!

Angel: Imagine. Just don’t give up and continue to train steadily.

Student: If I keep seeing all black, does that mean I’m not out yet? Or I might have gone out of the body but for some reason I don’t see?

Angel: Yes, it means that you are not completely out yet, so you need to be patient a little longer. When you get out of the body you see perfectly as if you had your eyes open. So if you feel that you are about to go out but you see all black it means that you have not yet gone completely, but that you are close to us. You must continue to maintain relaxation and intent. Do not open your eyes before otherwise you will stop the experience on the most beautiful.

Student: Well then I know that if I still don’t see anything I have to continue and not give up and when I can see well it means I’m out. Thank you.

Student2: Hi Angel. Why do I still see human eyes when I go out on the astral?

Angel: Hi! During astral travel you could see much better, even reaching the 360 ​​degree view, but you are so used to looking with physical eyes that even when you are in astral you end up limiting your view. By choosing to train in the astral travel technique you can also improve your vision during the oobes , thus learning to see all directions at the same time, without even having to turn around. Remember: you are energy.

Student: Hi, during an experience where I became aware while I was sleeping, I perceived myself as energy with a shape similar to my body, this until I moved it with my mind. In addition to the energy, I perceived the empty physical body as a kind of envelope. The energy moved immediately because I was quite lucid and I was able to move it well with the intent, therefore I rushed to go out not knowing that I had to go lighter, so I felt the energy rise and gather on the chest, shoulders and head and from there I was going up, I didn’t see anything, then I started to feel a little fear so I relaxed to calm down, but the body immediately sucked me inside and I then woke up. Was it I who did not perceive other details, for example the aura, but only the probe that was preparing to go out?

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Angel: No, that’s normal, because taking an astral journey doesn’t suddenly mean succeeding in all psychic practices, if you’ve never trained in them; therefore if you go out in astral without ever having trained to see the aura for example, even outside the body you will not be able to see it. So you don’t have to think that as soon as you go out in the astral pouffe you see everything and everyone, because it is not like that, you can only do what you trained for, for this reason you will not see what you have never trained to see, such as the auras, entities, etc., but you will continue to see none of this.

Student: I understand, with practice I will improve the senses when awake and also in astral, however in any case I felt the energy vibrate and I felt a lot alive, it was really beautiful. The day after the experience, my awake perception during the techniques had significantly increased.

Angel: Of course, this is exactly why astral travel is important, because it makes you live very beautiful experiences that help you understand the importance of staying out of Low.

Student: A person who hasn’t seen since birth, during the astral as he doesn’t use physical eyes, could see anything for the first time, right? It is extraordinary to think about it, it would not be the same thing since he still lives a physical life but during the astral he may not feel the weight of the problem and indeed evolve. Is it right to think so?

Angel: Of course, he would also go out on the astral without any expectation of what he should see, as he would not even know what is “right to see” and what is not, since he is blind from birth and has never seen anything on the physical plane; and this would allow him to live a definitely wider astral experience, because he would go there with fewer mental patterns and blocks.

Student: Can it happen that in an oobe I can move an object, like a pencil? Is it possible to take it and put it in another place?

Angel: Yes, depending on how strong and determined you are, you can actually be able to move something in the physical dimension and therefore to move it while you are in oobe . It all depends on the intent you put into it, how well you have trained your energy movement skills, in this case of telekinesis, and how much energy you have. The more energy you have, the more easily you can perform physical actions, therefore in the material dimension. You would be similar to a poltergeist, or an entity that manages to perform physical actions in this dimension. Obviously, this object will have to appear displaced even when you wake up, otherwise it will mean that it was only a dream. Who knows how many times it has happened that people who were in oobe and who made movements in the physical dimension – like dropping an object – were mistaken by others for poltergeists, or for entities that were haunting the house. Not all entities are really entities! Some may be living people but at the moment they are making an oobe .

Student: In the moment of oobe is it as if we were “entities” in a certain sense?

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Angel: Exactly, because we are going around the room and place without a physical body, so we are in all respects entities.

Student: But is it possible that some entity will forcefully transport you out of the body? Or it could be just a psychological block or perhaps of the subconscious. Has anyone ever had the experience of being out of the body because they pulled it? That is, maybe an external entity that maybe wants to communicate with you.

Angel: Yes of course, it happened to me, when I was a child, that it was really an entity that pulled me out for the first time .. in fact it was not an astral journey “wanted by me”, since I was too young to know the meaning of the oobes , but it was she who induced me on an astral journey. But it was a positive entity who wanted to help me live an evolutionary experience, although at the beginning I was worried and I thought it was someone who wanted to hurt me.

Student: In the document it says that in the astral you use telekinesis to move objects, also applies to whether themselves or when we go out there just moving with the intent? Since this technique is very advanced and it will take a long time to unlock it and even more to see the results, can external energy movements help with this? Could they be the basis for telekinesis? Since energy moves, in practice, energy movements are needed for any technique.

Angel: Absolutely yes. The basis of telekinesis is precisely the practice of energy movements , so if you train in it, as well as improving astral travel, you also start developing telekinesis.

Student: You can read a lot of them online, but I would like your opinion on this: can travel and even dreams be doors to other dimensions? Because on astral travel the web makes you desist and not a little.

Angel: Yes, unfortunately you can find many articles on the web deliberately written with the intention of divulging disinformation , especially regarding astral travel and all spiritual themes, but you can also find those who have had real experiences and tell them as they are, as in the my case, and not as he wanted to interpret them. Unfortunately, many of the people who have had real experiences are afraid to reveal them, they do not know that they are not the only ones to have similar experiences or they do not want to share them with others, as you all do. In fact, many confirm that you have had experiences on the various spiritual fields, yet few share your experiences and tell them, although knowing that your testimonies could be of fundamental importance to help other people who have not had experiences, or who are looking for confirmations and that they would have obtained them only thanks to your story. So just like you need real testimonials on the topics that interest you, I tell you: be kinder and more generous, and write your experiences where you have had them firsthand, so that you can help those who need confirmation. For example, you could write your astral travel experience below, through a comment. However, both astral travel and dreams can be used to enter and get to know other dimensions, but they are not the only means of course, you can also do it with more targeted techniques such as those taught in the appropriate articles .

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Student: Hi Angel. I would like to let you read some experiences that happened to me spontaneously.
At a certain point I feel myself leaving the body and I realize that I am having an experience, I think oobe , so I try to perceive the sensations around me and I see that it is half-dark. I am just above the body and I feel a warmth above me. I decide that I like that warmth and try to reach it, but as I go upwards I feel like a force pushing me downwards, then I stop to think about what to do; I still didn’t know the bubble technique you taught us, however I decide to feel the energy inside me and release it. From nowhere I feel a pervade of a shock on my whole “body”, a powerful almost annoying energy never perceived before. I try to release this energy out of me to counteract that force that didn’t make me reach the top and unexpectedly I feel my heart start to beat wildly. A beat out of the ordinary, very fast; so to speak, it was like the spin of a washing machine at maximum power! At which I get a little scared and immediately I think that if I continue with the energy I could die, but I also think that I had read from your documents that you cannot die in the astral, so I try again. I still feel the energy all over my body like a very strong shock and again I feel the beats of my heart splashing to the max. So I decide to stop not knowing what was happening to me, I was afraid to leave our feathers (damn, but there is to be afraid!). After I turn to the bed but I see dark and a few flashes of light, then I wake up. Was it an oobe start ?

Angel: Hi! Yes, it was an experience that was starting and it could become interesting, but don’t worry, it was still a good start; over time you will learn not to be afraid anymore and you will be able to continue your experiences without getting stuck. During the first experiences it is normal to get scared, because the body holds the energy to itself and you may think something bad is going on, so your heart accelerates madly and the muscles tighten, but there is nothing to fear. Practice again and time after time it will get better and better!

Student: In fact, I was tense and felt electrifying pain. Why do I see energy much better when I wake up from an oobe attempt ? I see such fantastic things. I also heard strange sounds that I had never heard before. Very often I happen to “dream” that I am in my room, that I sleep in the same position in which I am really sleeping, but I see, even if I have my eyes closed, my room, but it is as if I had a colored filter before my eyes . I have seen blue and an orange-like color, sometimes as if I have some kind of lens. And I try to get up but I’m half paralyzed. It’s as if I get up, then halfway I can’t move well; I feel my body as if it were a pudding, but heavy, and when I try to get up I deform and fall back on the bed. I think it’s an attempt at astral travel.

Angel: When you try an astral journey, or in any case you are going to have a spontaneous oobe experience , you are raising your tonal because you are living a spiritual experience, therefore even when you re-enter the body and wake up, for a few seconds you see the energy move much better around you, more than usual, until then you return to the Low and get back down. For the same reason you happen to hear those strange sounds, or the dimensional sounds . Probably the lens you are talking about is the view you have during an oobe , which is different from what you have when you look with human eyes. When you are on an astral journey the view changes because you are looking with the Sixth sense view, so you can make it wider and deeper. Also I think you saw the light blue and orange because, while you were in the astral, you were starting to see the next layer of energy, so you saw the color and not just the typical white dots of an inexperienced eye. Regarding whether you block yourself in the middle, it is normal because the energy cannot flow well and go outwards, because your fear blocks it or because you do not have enough to complete the exit. So it’s all normal. I advise you to practice to better develop these skills.

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Student: Some time ago I happened to feel myself falling into the void while I was sleeping and then I woke up suddenly. After some time I learned about astral travel and I realized that I was probably having these experiences, then for a period of time it didn’t happen to me anymore. After a few years I happened a couple of times to “see myself from outside” as if I were floating, obviously I was afraid because it was the first time. Could it have been an experience in your opinion?

Angel: Yes, it was an oobe experience . Now that you know there is no reason to be afraid, you can devote yourself to this practice and live the experience to the fullest.

Student: But then once I leave the body (assuming I can), if, for example, I go to visit another city, I will be immediately aware of what I am looking at and experiencing or I will know what I experienced only when will I have re-entered the body and have the information processed by the brain?

Angel: Your energy is as closely connected to the soul as it is to your physical body, therefore also to your brain. Energy does not need bonds such as cords or wires – which are only inventions of those who cannot understand the connection of energy and want to give a logical explanation using forced information – therefore it will communicate directly with your brain, with your memory and above all with your Sixth sense, instantly even at a distance, without having to wait for it to re-enter the body. So you will see everything in real time and not only when you have finished the oobe . When you go out in astral you will have a small part of your conscious energy outside the body, but not the soul, so you will not have communication problems because you will be in and out of the body at the same time. For example, if someone should come to wake you up, you will feel it in a normal way as if you were simply sleeping, because your Consciousness will always remain inside your body. The part that goes out on the astral can show you what it is experiencing, so who are you really? The conscious part inside the body or the part outside it? You are both, that’s the point. If you then manage to make an astral journey while awake, you will taste an ounce of omniscience, that is, the ability to live and experience multiple places at the same time. Where are you when you take an astral journey, inside or outside the body? You will be on both sides at the same time. Being omniscient means being in multiple places simultaneously, not to be confused with duplication, which means being in multiple places physically, which has nothing to do with astral travel now. When you learn to perform oobes on a higher level and manage to be perfectly conscious both inside and outside the body, then you will be starting to understand what omniscience means, being able to see, hear and touch from both places simultaneously; which does not happen during a simple oobe in which you live the astral experience, completely forgetting about the body until you have returned to it. But it is still early to talk about it, we will deepen later!

Student: You talked about waking experiences; I had never heard of it before, in fact thanks to you I am always discovering new topics. Could you elaborate on what it is, how they work, what difference do they have with those performed asleep?

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Angel: Astral journeys when awake are more complicated to hold because if you distract yourself for a moment, the probe that had gone out on the astral will immediately return inside. So it is not easy to stay conscious in both places at the same time, because it takes very little to distract you and make you lose the experience, so it takes a lot of training. In fact, it is much easier to make an astral journey asleep, because the physical body is already well relaxed since it is sleeping, also it does not have to worry about staying conscious so you are focused only on the astral vision and not of the physical body, so it is less complicated . However, during an awake oobe , with your body you will have your eyes open and you will see what really happens in the room where you are, in the meantime with the energy probe you will be in the astral and you will see from both places at the same time. Traveling awake is not to be confused with remote viewing : in fact you can perform remote viewing with much more speed and it is very important that you recognize the difference and not mistake an R. vision for an oobe . As I have already explained, the astral exit causes real physical sensations, not only visions, therefore it is really unlikely that you will experience an astral journey while you are working or doing something else because the body must be very relaxed for the probe to be able to exit fluidly; but it is not impossible if you are very capable of practicing this technique. So it can happen that you are lying in bed and you open your eyes just while you are also in astral, so you can see both with astral eyes and with physical eyes, both places at the same time. The fact is that it is not just a vision, as if you were looking at another place far from where you are, but it is really an astral journey in which you felt yourself come out of your body – with evident physical sensations typical of astral – and in the meantime also keep your physical eyes open and see with them. Sometimes it could happen that while you are in astral you also open your physical eyes, by mistake or by your decision, but as soon as you realize you are in astral and feel the least fear or insecurity, here is that the probe physically re-enters, you perceive it and you lose the astral view, because you are back. Otherwise it happens when you watch with remote vision, first of all because you can practice vision at any time and not only when you are lying in bed and perfectly relaxed, but also while at work, taking a walk, and so on; moreover you do not perceive the exit physically, but you find yourself in the desired place directly. The experience of waking astral travel, or rather waking up while you are taking astral travel, is quite rare, at least until you learn to do it consciously; however, there is no hurry to learn it, because first you need to improve in the actual astral journey. However what happens during an awake oobe , is that you see from both places at the same time, but it is difficult to understand if you have never lived this experience: it is not like when you look at the room where you are and while you are imagining something “seeing it with the mind ”, because during the oobe experience you really see, you see with the view from both places perfectly, as if you were there physically. When we imagine something we can see the scene in mind but we don’t see it with the eyes, instead when you see with the eyes or in the astral it is all precise, without typical blur from imagination. It is complex because it seems like having a television with the screen divided in two, in one half of the screen you will see a movie and in the other half completely different, but you will have to be able to follow both situations with both eyes; with practice you could become good and be able to follow both screens without losing sight of the astral one. Unfortunately there is no easily understandable example to make you understand what it feels like, because even the reference to TV is not identical to how you see when you are awake and astral. However, for the rest it doesn’t change much compared to the typical oobe , except that it is more complicated to perform; in fact, not everyone has had waking oobe experiences because it is already complex for many to carry out the typical astral journey intentionally, unless they practice the techniques well in order to do it, all the more reason to remain conscious in two places at the same time.

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In other words, an awake oobe can happen by chance, by mistake, in case you played an oobe and only after you were out did you also open your physical eyes; the problem is that, almost certainly, you immediately re-entered the body because you didn’t manage the contemporary experience. You can get to the level of living an oobe and still open your physical eyes, see also with them and remain stable in both dimensions, but it is not so easy, because as soon as you open your eyes your body immediately draws the energy inside itself, preventing you from continuing the astral experience. This is natural defense, because as soon as you open your eyes your body recognizes your awakening from sleep and calls the probe inside so that you can have all the energy to get out of bed and live your day; it would be strange if he didn’t. This, however, blocks your experiences out of your body and ruins your astral journey as soon as you open your eyes, because as soon as you open them it immediately brings you back into your body and you miss the opportunity. That’s why I advised you not to open your eyes while on the astral, at least until you have become very good, really good enough to be able to practice the oobe deliberately and as many times as you want, so you will have nothing more to lose and you can experience new stages of experience. It would be a shame if you already started to open your eyes every time you go out on the astral – by your decision – thus ruining the experience outside the body just to show that you can do it, without then really learning to travel in the astral dimension and then complain of not being able to go further. So my advice is: first learn how to do oobe while the body sleeps, then, when you have become really very good at it, you will try with the awake ones and you will find that there is an extra level, in addition to what I just have described. I remember one of my first experiences in which while I was taking an astral journey, I accidentally opened my eyes to understand if I was inside or outside. I was inexperienced, it was the first time for me. I felt in the middle, because I felt I was leaving the body but at the same time I still didn’t see anything, so I opened my eyes so much was the temptation to see. It was really interesting! I was able to see at the same time both with my physical and energetic eyes, I felt really strange. It was very interesting and I decided to go deeper. So I tried again on other occasions and I saw both with physical eyes and with the view outside the body, it was complicated to understand what was happening but it was interesting. The first time it seemed who knows what big trouble I had done, but I simply did not have enough energy to do all this and therefore I could not get out of the body and I got stuck in the middle, and then immediately returned. Time and time again I have learned to intentionally “get stuck” in that “half in and half out” state to try new experiences. Being able to remain aware both of what you see in the astral and of what you see with your physical eyes is not easy, in fact you end up re-entering the body even without wanting to, because he chose it. The difficulty lies in being able to stay out even if you have opened your physical eyes, keeping you as far outside as possible despite the body sucking you in. I must say that the first time it made a certain impression and probably another person in my place would have recounted this experience with a free interpretation, saying that he was stuck between the dimensions, that he found it difficult to return and that he lost his soul in astral and that’s why he saw from both places, but in reality the astral journey is much more serene and natural than what is told. Some astral experiences, especially the first times you go out, may seem a little frightening, because it is the first time you do them and it is normal; but when you understand that this is only the impression of your body, because you have not run any danger that you should worry about, then you also understand that there is no need to make it so long scaring and trying to frighten others as well, simply admit that you were afraid of an experience you do not know and end it: it is very normal and you would also make a better figure in my opinion.

Student: I have tried astral travel several times with only a few successful attempts, but I don’t give up. Instead it is much easier for me to have remote visions, some of which are random and generally occur after meditation; sometimes my mind goes alone somewhere and I am dragged there, other times I can control them better and interact with the environment by doing some techniques. I was wondering: is remote viewing like a beginning of the astral technique? Can we pass from it to the astral experience in some way since the difference is subtle?

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Angel: It must be understood that going out in the astral means exactly going out of the body, and not just seeing at a distance while remaining inside your body; this is the most important difference. When you look at a place in remote vision you stay inside your body, even if with the “eyes” you seem to be somewhere else, but that you are looking at that place or another you are always inside your body and you don’t have you ever gone out; when you travel in the astral, however, you really go to that place, you go there with a probe that has come out of the body and the sensations are physical, because you feel you are really there. When you have a remote vision you don’t go out of the body but you look at that place from a distance, instead performing an oobe allows you to see that place live. Having said that, you can train in remote vision and, if you consider it simpler than the lucid dream techniques or tones, you can take advantage of the remote vision technique to then go out in the astral. Remember, however, that in order to exit astral it is necessary for the body to enter paralysis. Anyway, remote viewing is a practice that I teach here in the Academy, so I will reveal the techniques to be able to evolve it more.

Student: Hi everyone, I wanted to ask: when we do an astral journey, a small energy probe comes out of the body but is it possible to let multiple probes come out and therefore make multiple astral trips at the same time?

Angel: It would be possible because what comes out of the body is only a small part of our energy, so if we wanted we could use another small part to go elsewhere. However, it is not easy to do, as it requires a great deal of control of your energy and you must be able to be aware of both probes, otherwise you risk fantasizing and not ending any experience. It is not easy, however, at very high levels of evolution it can be managed.

Student: Is it possible that the probe can no longer re-enter the physical body? And if so, could meditating and healing be reconstituted that part of energy, so to speak, lost?

If we attempted an astral journey to a place where we do not sleep normally (sleep program) would it be easier to obtain?

Angel: When you take an astral journey, what comes out is not your soul, as you will have understood by reading the previous documents, but only a small part of your energy. Once the astral experience is complete, your body recalls within itself that part of energy that had gone out, so it is unlikely that it will be destroyed. But let’s say that it can happen, that the probe is destroyed, well nothing serious happens, you simply have lost a little energy and when you wake up you will feel more tired, as it happens during a daily vampirization when you are at work or in other places where people next to you might vampire you and make you feel more tired. You can safely recover that part of lost energy by sleeping and immediately after doing a nice meditation. So there is nothing to fear. But obviously if you practice healing it is a great choice, because you will quickly recover – beyond meditation – all that energy previously lost, so it is a great thing. As for the second question, as with any technique, it is easier to do it better in a place where there are no programs strong enough to influence us.

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To be clear if you meditate on the bed and you see that every time you cannot finish the meditation because you fall asleep, it means that the sleep program is very rooted (since the bed is still used mainly for sleeping in it) and therefore, unless you detach from you that program when you don’t want to be influenced, it is more convenient to meditate where that program is not present; for example elsewhere in the room. But this must not become a fixation or an obsession, so if you have no other place to meditate, meditate on the bed, there is no problem. Astral travel is a very different technique from meditation in that, to meditate, it requires you to be awake all the time, while to go out on astral requires you to fall asleep; therefore in the latter case the bed is fine, as is the sofa, as you can lie down and sleep the body. The important thing is to respect the steps of the technique without skipping any of them, after which you choose the place you feel best for you.

Student: Can an astral journey happen during a deep meditation? I make this question because it is I do not think I have ever done astral travel, but once during a very beautiful meditation I felt that I was detached from the body but I was there, a very strange thing. I was very focused in meditation (in half lotus position) and when I felt like I was “detaching” from the body I lost control of the neck, let’s say that the head dangled forward and I felt as if the body was blocked , but not forcibly. But I stood there wondering what the hell was going on and then come back slowly in me because it is being in the heart chakra and felt my fingers were resting on very accelerated rate, which disturbed me.

Angel: That it was an astral journey no, but it was a very deep meditation, which in fact produces these strong sensations unlike the typical meditations carried out in a hurry and superficially; deep meditations must give these sensations! And it is very important to reach them without getting caught up in the routine and end up doing only hurried and therefore superficial meditations. Consequently, during a very deep meditation, it can happen that the body relaxes to the point of falling asleep and entering into a paralysis that is not really complete but almost, while keeping the mind very conscious. Reaching such a deep meditative state, in fact, leads to having a very high vibration at that moment and therefore being much more aware also of the energetic and psychic sensations that occur to you, such as internal energy movements.

Student: These are things I’ve never done before, apart from relaxation which is the best thing I can do when I want to try. Anyway, thank you so much for now it is all clear.

Angel: Relaxation is very important, but also remaining unattended and recalling prana are, because thanks to them we get up tonally and therefore become more conscious. We have concluded for today, but if you wish to receive your questions, you can send them here and I will answer in the next lesson. Before sending them, make sure you have read all the articles already present on the site regarding the Astral Travel theme accessible to you, so that the questions are not the same as those I have already answered; once you have ascertained this, you can proceed with sending the questions. I can’t wait to hear about your improvements!


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