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47 – Questions about Energy – The Energy of Life (part 1)

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Angel: Welcome to this new lesson.Today you can ask the questions concerning the topic Energy.

Student: Hi Angel.I am very interested in these practical applications of energy and, as I understand it, we have no limits but that of the energy we have to accumulate.Does it really take so much energy to start playing with it?

Angel: It depends on the goals you want to achieve, but at the beginning yes, because you don’t know how to use the techniques.You don’t know the mechanisms, so you’ll use a lot more energy, but going on with the practice you’ll learn to use the same techniques while consuming less and less energy;up to learn to perform the same techniques without the slightest effort.You just have to train your muscles, it’s a bit like going for a run: the first time you stop right away, tired and out of breath, but from the second time it will go a little bit better, until the same stretch you have traveled before will become for you a breath and you will expect to reach higher levels.Unfortunately we are used to criticizing ourselves without ever giving space to the observation of what we have achieved and done well.When you start running for the first time and you can’t reach 100 meters without stopping, you get discouraged and you think you will never make it.After a few running sessions, you will reach 100 meters without stopping and without pain in your legs, but you’ll complain because you couldn’t get over 150 meters away;convinced that nothing has changed since the first session because you still can’t reach your goal, although the objective has changed and is much more demanding than the first one.This is why I say it depends on the goals you want to achieve.At the beginning, practicing a technique like psychic protection, or energy cleansing, will ask you for energy and effort;in fact you will often fall into the unwillingness to practice.However, if you decide to practice and train in these techniques, just like in the race, you will be able to carry out the practice session of the same quality without having to struggle;so you will try to push yourself higher, and in that you will struggle, until you take your hand even in that level.So it’s normal, you just need to train yourself and don’t get discouraged right away, because whether you want to accept it or not, the racing champions started their life just like you started it: at the beginning they got tired, then they decided to persevere on their way, while everyone else sank or surrendered, and with so much practice they achieved their goal.In the spiritual path there are no competitions between those who are faster and those who are slower, but we know very well that every day you compete with yourself and with practice you can overcome yourself.

Student: If I understand correctly, there are more types of energy.

Angel: The word Energy includes many definitions.There is electrical energy, biochemical energy, material energy, static energy, auric energy, soul energy, pranic energy, plus other sub-categories;like energy programs, energy influences and so on.If we want to be precise we must know the meaning of all these definitions: the electrical energy is the one we use at home, for the light etc ;it is not an energy that gets along well with our body, in fact even the smallest shock causes us pain.Biochemical energy is what our body uses to move and find in food nutrition;in this case we use the energy of food to make our body live and make it move.Neither of these can help us in spiritual evolution, because they are very different from the pranic energy, as well as the real nourishment our Soul needs.

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As you cannot expect to feed the body with air alone, you cannot expect the Soul to feed on a food dish.Material energy is all that makes up matter, so the table, the wall … every object you can touch.Then there is static energy, which is present in every place in the world and in the universe, we could take the example with air: because at every point of the room you see or don’t see the air is present, even inside the closet or inside the oven, so static energy is also present.The auric energy is our Aura, therefore the energy field that surrounds us and can be of different colors.The soul energy is our Soul, which is composed of our Consciousness, memories, energy memories, our past lives and so on.Then there is the pranic energy, which is the energy we absorb as we meditate, because it is the one that allows us to evolve and that our mind, our aura and our Soul need to evolve.We can take the example with oxygen: even if there is air in every place, there is not necessarily enough oxygen, so even if the air is everywhere, there may be no oxygen.The prana could not be everywhere in large quantities, despite wherever there is static electricity.Obviously prana is not oxygen, so even in places where there is no oxygen , prana may well be there , because they have nothing to do with each other but have been taken as a case.To give an example, on a planet where we could not breathe because there is not enough oxygen for us, however it could be full of prana .Furthermore, it can be recalled in one place and increased in quantity.This is the right definition that allows you to understand the different types of Energy called with the correct names so that they can be distinguished from one another.When we meditate we recall pranic energy, because meditation serves to recall that kind of energy and you can’t go wrong.The pranic energy, however, is very advanced, so much so that it reinforces the biochemical, auric, soul energy , but also that material and, if well used, can become electric energy.Pranic energy is just what we need to improve our health, our evolution and our life, in every respect.

Student: Can pranic energy increase the daily life force that a person needs?

Angel: Absolutely yes.Meditation makes you absorb the pranic energy that strengthens your health and your evolution.The prana is not the sole objective to evolve your consciousness, but also takes care of your physical body, treating pain and problems you may have too many years, giving you a greater amount of translatable energy from your body, as a biological energy .Pranic energy is very advanced, because it adapts easily to any vibration and can be translated and used to increase, improve and amplify other types of energy.Our body already has a personal reserve of energy taken from nourishment, with which you carry out your daily activities every day, but at the end of the day you finish and that is why you feel tired and are forced to go to bed and sleep.This is because you have consumed yourself during work and with everything you did during the day;the energy taken from food serves to nourish your body but not your mind.The pranic energy also gives you a great help on the body, because by meditating you absorb prana which recognizes the points in which you are lacking and which, in this case, translates into the energy you need to perform certain activities;therefore at the end of the evening you will be much more serene and you will be less tired than when you did not meditate.Many daily activities that we believe will tire out our bodies, in reality they also tire our mind very much;because we have to work too much on reasoning, calculations and searching for instant solutions that consume mental energy.

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This energy may not have fully recovered the next day , so we continue to increase the weight of our mind without giving it the proper nourishment, because obviously it does not feed on food, but it needs a more direct and faster energy which is prana .Remember that the mind is not the brain but something more evolved and, above all, it is made of energy.Through meditation you restore the energy of the mind and increase it, so that during the day you have to make less effort to solve everyday problems and in the evening it is not destroyed but still very active.You will only understand the enormous difference with practice.

Student: In addition to what you said, I need pranic energy to evolve psychic abilities and therefore to practice the techniques you teach us;but can I practice the techniques even if I don’t have enough energy?

Angel: Practicing them is an account, making them work is another.Our psychic abilities belong to the Sixth sense, which has a great need for nourishment, just like our body has.The sixth sense can give evidence of functioning even without meditating and therefore without absorbing prana , just as you could continue walking even without eating for days.The physical body needs constant nourishment to be able to move, to function well and stay alive, but if you reduce nutrition to the limit, you will experience excruciating pain, you will lose weight, you will be sick;you can still make some movements and with great effort you can still walk.Here’s what you do in your sixth sense.It does not scream in pain and has no physical form, so you cannot see when it is too thin and lacking in nutrition and recognize it from when it is well;therefore, you make the maximum effort and expect him to be able to do great activities while having very little food.Just as the physical body can still manage to walk even when it is undernourished, even the sixth sense manages to make some movement without meditation, but this does not mean that it is good.The physical body can give its best only if it is well nourished, just as the sixth sense can evolve and function well if fed with prana , thanks to meditation.Just as the physical body will die if it is not nourished for too long, even the Soul will suffer very heavy damage;ergo the Sixth sense will become almost nil.Then there are the exercises to keep fit and become stronger than normal, which for the physical body are called Sports practices and for the sixth sense they are called Psychic practices.A person who seriously applies to sport becomes stronger and more resistant than a standard person who has not added physical activity to his life, in fact athletes get sick less, live better, hardly ever experience back pain, bones , or muscle tears.With sport they train their body, make it more elastic and resistant;so they lengthen their lives and live longer.It takes very little to live longer and without pain, but that little must be done, otherwise it will fail.Obviously we are talking about athletes who do not smoke and do not take drugs, otherwise it is normal to find one who dies young.Certainly it is not because of sport but because it has been drugged!Just as sport makes you stronger and healthier than normal, meditation makes you more evolved than the standard people around us;therefore it makes more conscious, more telepathic, more sensitive, more able to exploit energy to our advantage to achieve our goals.Everyone has his personal goals: there are those who enroll in a sport to get back pain and those who register to become much stronger;so the former will stop playing sports when his pain has passed, while the latter will surpass himself, improving more and more in the practices he performs.You could also practice the techniques without meditating and therefore without absorbing prana but those techniques will have a limit that you will reach very quickly and from there you will not be moved any more;instead, by meditating and then nurturing your psychic abilities, you can improve them and evolve them to much higher levels.

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Student: But if I run out of energy, my power will end and will I have to accumulate more?

Angel: If you stop meditating it’s normal for your tone to go down and the energy starts to run down, because the energy is consumed.So you need to accumulate more nutrition every day: don’t eat just once in your life!While if you constantly meditate you will always have an important supply of energy that will not end because it will be added again every day.

Student: Energy is consumed equally if it does not come out of the body? Even if I hold it inside and don’t let it dissolve outside?

Angel: This is a rather strange question. First of all because it is normal for energy to be consumed, just as you eat every day to nourish your body and then consume this energy during the day. When you meditate and absorb prana , you nourish your sixth sense which obviously will use this energy and then consume it. We take energy just to consume it, not to keep it locked up in the body with the fear that it will dissolve. It is normal that it should be consumed, it is precisely for this reason, which is why we want to increase its quantity: so not only do we never remain at zero, but every activity we carry out can be completed more quickly and with higher quality thanks to the fact that we have more energy to do it. We take energy just to use it and live life to the fullest.

Student: To perform the techniques you need energy that you receive meditating, but, for example, to cure someone else you do not use your energy, so it would not be necessary to absorb energy if you are able to draw from this source of infinite energy (excuse the ignorance). I ask you this question because I have the possibility to do the first level of Reiki, but if I learn with you (I know that in this period you are teaching Energy Healing to students who have been in ACD the longest) I prefer to choose a thousand times you.

Angel: When you heal another person, you use pranic energy, so you are using external energy (the universal prana or, as you say, the infinite source) and not the biochemical energy; therefore do not take energy from your body to give it to him, as other antiquated practices teach. But this does not mean that you do not consume your own energy, because to make energy healing you must use your sixth sense and therefore your psychic abilities, which need energy to function and, to do so, they must consume it. But if they didn’t have energy, how could they consume it and then use it to the fullest? Simple: if you don’t have enough energy, the sixth sense doesn’t work. True Energy Healing is not just “sending prana ” to the other person, but there is a much deeper technique that requires energy and exercise. Healing can be considered as such not only when you practice it, but when you get results, or when the people you are practicing recover from their illness. The difference is fundamental: because being a good healer does not mean being a person who tries often, but being someone who always or almost always succeeds. In the Academy I will teach you advanced Energy Healing, but first you must learn to meditate to absorb energy, otherwise the healing sessions will not work as well as you would like. Regarding Reiki, the choice is yours, but if you are asking me for an opinion I advise you not to waste time, because it is an old and outdated practice for a long time. If among my students there are so many people who have practiced that path and then dropped it to enter the Academy, it means that in that path they have not found the answers they were looking for, which is why they are looking for them here.

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Student: If, for example, I meditate to accumulate energy and then stop and I don’t do it for 2 more years, what happens to the energy collected? Is it consumed? Is it dispersed? Or does it remain latent in the chakra?

Angel: Energy is consumed in a few days, so in two years you won’t even have a minimum residue of pranic energy collected today, because you will have consumed it within a few days. Would you stay two years without eating and then expect everything to stay the same as before?

Student: I approached meditation with different goals, one of which is telekinesis. I have been meditating for about a month and sometimes after meditation I feel really full of energy and I think: can I ever use it for telekinesis? So I ask you: how can I use my energy? Where do I start to apply it and above all how?

Angel: Yes, of course the energy can also be used to perform telekinesis, as with all other psychic practices that interest you. Before claiming to move a physical object you must learn to move the pranic energy. It starts with the energy movements inside your body, then with the external ones, practicing it until you get good results. When you are getting results you will realize that you are already practicing telekinesis, albeit in a lighter way. Telekinesis is the evolution of the technique of moving energy, so if you want to learn how to move material energy you must first get busy with the most abstract energy. If you care so much as you say, don’t wait! Start moving the energy and training right away in this; after meditating, clearly.

Student: If I remember correctly, I read that the amount of energy that can be accumulated in a meditation depends very much on the level of concentration. What does concentration depend on?

Angel: Concentration depends on how much you commit yourself to remain conscious during meditation, rather than losing yourself in fantasies and daydreams (or in this case with your eyes closed) instead of focusing on what you are or should be really doing. The more concentrated you are, the better the quality of meditation will be.

Student: During the day, but above all at night, I feel discharges, electric waves, all over my body. What can it be?

Angel: It’s about your internal energy moving inside you.

Student: When you are full of energy do you feel your hands are warm, or is it subjective? Because when I think of energy I feel my hands burn, especially in the middle of my palm, as if I had pins. Am I concentrating it there unconsciously or are they specific points?

Angel: It is subjective, it happens to many people but not to all and it does not always happen. It is much more important, however, to feel the chakras charged rather than the hands: the chakras are the energy centers, the hands are only an instrument.

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The hands are much more sensitive to energies, simply because they are the part of the body to which we generally exercise – daily – greater sensitivity, because we use them to touch and do everything. With your hands you touch everything and make them more sensitive than the rest of the body. If you gave yourself a tissue in your hand you would recognize it more easily than if you touched it with your arm, so they are more “perceptive” to energies, because you have trained them more during the years and you can better feel the sensations. Even using and moving energy in your hands is easier than moving it in your arm, because you pay more attention to it and you are more trained. But it is subjective and not a rule, so you could be very heavy and not feel anything at the hands, or feel the very moving energy in your hands while your 5 chakras are definitely discharged.

Student: The question I would like to ask is related to spiritual evolution. How can I understand if I practice the techniques with the right intent in order to arrive at a positive evolution? From what I understand by reading the articles, simple constant techniques can help you accumulate and store spiritual energy that will be constantly cleaned, protected and used with a positive intent. I wonder if I can understand for myself when I’m ready to use this energy to help other people without harming anyone, how can I see an energy evolution?

Angel: It depends what you mean to help someone without harming. Actually helping others helps you to speed up your own evolution from different points of view: first of all because you experience techniques that you might be listless to do (like energy healing, you are always listless to heal yourself …) , then it helps you a lot because when you practice on someone else it can give you an external point of view and increase your awareness towards the value of your skills, as it confirms that thanks to you you feel better or have achieved certain goals. Therefore you can already help people and indeed, practicing on others with good intentions helps you speed up your learning, because you are training on different techniques and frequencies. If instead your question is another, for example when you will understand that you are ready to start using the healing technique, in this case I will help you too, because I make the teachings accessible when I think it is time. After that, in my opinion, you should be ready to learn the technique; but it will be up to you to put it into practice and learn it. I teach you the method and I offer you a guide, but you have to practice it just like I had to do to learn it. Then, of course, you could say “I have no desire to wait until you make the healing articles accessible to me, I will do my research and learn from someone else”; alright then. For me there is no problem, but it will not be easy to find someone else who teaches me like me, because I transcribe my practical experiences and these are what I teach my students; many others instead try to teach techniques that they have never even put into practice. If you want my advice: start now to help others, practicing psychic Protection on them and everything you want from the techniques I taught you; as soon as you have access to Energy Healing, the time will come when you will begin to experience the technical one as well.

Student: If when we practice we are in a certain mood, then our intent is in tune with it, can it influence the quality of the prana we refer to? For example, if I am a little nervous, do I risk attracting the energy of that vibration, thus risking getting prana into me not too clean? And vice versa, if I am in good spirits the quality of the prana will be better than usual?

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Angel: According to this reasoning, we should practice only and exclusively when we are in a good mood, otherwise we will risk doing worse and attracting dark energies that will make us feel bad. So no, you’re serene that it doesn’t work that way at all. Quite the contrary, many have started practicing precisely because they did not feel fully satisfied by life – Low, illusory – that they were living, therefore they practiced also with the bad mood specifically to be able to improve it. In fact, with practice they have improved their mood and their life. When you’re sick, you’re sad or feeling stressed, meditation just needs to make you feel better, put that mental peace in you and bring you peace. In this case the intent is not in tune with your mood, because your mood is black, you are sad and stressed, but the intent, and therefore the desire, is to feel better: because you really want to come back to be happy. That’s why you have to practice at any time, but even more so when you feel down, sad, empty and demoralized: because it makes you come back in peace and fills you with clean energy that will bring you back to energy and mood. We must always practice, even more so if you feel bad or in a bad mood. The real question is: who made you out of temper? The person you discussed with, or the energy program they put in behind your neck, to get you into that discussion during the day? Through meditation you learn to shield yourself from these programs and to prevent them from hitting you, that’s why it is always worth meditating.

Student: Lately, when I greet people, I spontaneously caress them, for example on the shoulders; before I was afraid to touch them for fear of being contaminated by their energy. Do you think it may have become energetically stronger and that I unconsciously perceive it? And for this reason I feel safer and quieter to get closer to others, because having stronger energy I know that mine will prevail? It’s a great feeling!

Angel: Yes, of course, thanks to meditation, your energy becomes more and more compact, so you feel more confident. However you don’t have to be afraid of touching others, also because if we really wanted to find the hair in the egg, the energy of others influences you even at a distance of meters, so without necessarily touching. In other words, don’t get these problems, protect yourself psychically and everything will be fine.

Student: I would like to know if and how I can donate my positive energy to an individual that we believe needs. Although I have good intentions, I doubt that I could donate some of my unclean energy.

Angel: As already mentioned, we must never give our personal energy. When we practice on others, we use the pranic energy, which is external to our body. If you practice with pranic energy, rather than with personal internal energy (as other obsolete and opposing practices of mine teach!) You will not share with him what is not clean of you or what you think could harm him. You can be serene.

Student: Not being good at charging me with energy yet, it often happens that maybe I leave the house feeling good and then among the people you meet on the street, in the buses, the people you talk to etc , I find myself feeling like I feel like suck up the little of positivity I have.

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Finding myself literally drained, often tired, and if someone who has problems speaks to me, I also find myself depressed without my having real problems to be so. So I was wondering if there is a way to avoid it.

Angel: Good, I like your question. Absolutely yes, there is a way. The technique is to remain conscious of your life moment by moment. It is a difficult technique in the early days, but in two weeks, if you train seriously every day, you will notice that you have already obtained the very big changes. It is a matter of becoming aware, of living in the here and now; as you walk be aware that you are walking, simply note, be careful that you are walking. Observe your surroundings, pay attention to what you are seeing, smelling or savoring; when you are at work be aware that you are working, that you are doing this precise action, that you are moving your hands to work but that your mind is free from these programs. When you’re on a bus, be aware of all the people around you: who are thinking, who are feeling, who are hungry or who are sleepy. Be aware of everything and feel your light energy protecting you from any external influence, to help you become aware you can look at your hands (even looking in the mirror helps, but more looking at your hands): look at them and move them slowly, close them and open them again. Do you notice how mechanical he is? It’s a car, a robot, it’s not really you. It is the machine in which you reside. The first times will be a difficult technique to do, don’t worry, then it will become easier; so much so that you will learn to be conscious even while you sleep.

Student: Ok I’ll do it! Thank you very much, I think it will be hard for me that I have always escaped from reality.

Angel: This technique is difficult, but if you want it you will make it! Every day focus on paying attention to what’s going on around you and see how everything will get better! Your spiritual evolution will rise to a thousand! Staying conscious will allow you to have less energy stolen from others and not let them put their negative energies up against you; therefore even if practicing the exercise of staying conscious can seem tiring, in reality then it will make you get many privileges, among which first of all not to let yourself be influenced by others or make you steal energy.

Student: Could you steal energy unconsciously?

Angel: Yes, of course, almost everyone actually steals the energy of others unconsciously. Then there are those who steal energy consciously, or on their own will, and these are called “energy vampires”, because they suck up a lot of energy and drain you. However, in truth, everyone steals energy from others, but there are those who do it much more.

Student: Is it true that there are people who draw energy from you?

Angel: No matter what, everyone steals energy and that’s why it’s necessary to protect yourself. But yes, there are people more “thieves” than others, in which in their presence you feel yourself draining faster. So I advise you to always keep a very clean and obviously protected energy, so that they can’t throw their suffering or their negative feelings on you, or even steal your energy.

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Student: How can we actually defend ourselves against negative energies and possible attacks? Apart from keeping the energy high, of course.

Angel: With strong psychic protection that must be practiced and reinforced every day. Moreover, it is very important to practice also the exercises to reinforce the aura because it allows you to keep it beautiful resistant and not let it pierce or damage you from who is too unconscious and also lowers your vibration, or from who consciously decides to hurt you.

Student: During breastfeeding, how can energy be managed?

Angel: Breastfeeding unloads so much energy that a lot of it will go to the baby, so the purer the energy, the better it will do to you and the baby. I advise you to meditate a lot and to breathe often prana , even outside of meditation. You need to recharge yourself much more often than a standard person also to avoid “aging” quickly, as rightly happens to the female body after having given birth and during the entire period of breastfeeding. It will improve your health and that of your child, so it is important that you take your moment of meditation daily. When you breastfeed, you feel the prana entering your child, not so much feeling the prana that goes from your breast to your child, but you feel just like every suck he breathes prana from the outside and you automatically get used to breathing prana . In this way it will take more external pranic energy and less your own. You will discharge yourself less. Unfortunately the mistake that all spiritual mothers make is to believe that to do good for the child it is right to stop practicing to devote himself entirely to him, but if what you say is true, that is, the soul of your child has chosen you as mothers before reincarnating, she has certainly chosen you because you practice and are spiritual. So why should you let him find a mother Low after his birth? If he had known he would have chosen any other woman as a mother. So if he chose you because you are spiritual, continue to be so, all the more so because you were the lucky ones; don’t give up everything as if you didn’t care about anything anymore. You can look after your child and evolve spiritually at the same time, so as to offer your child a better, more conscious, more telepathic, stronger motherbetter. Instead of an unconscious mother, always tired and stressed, not at all telepathic, fragile and weak. Therefore I advise you to practice. I know you are tired, that you have no time, that the child steals you all day, I already know these answers but you must not tell her, because nothing changes me. If you do not practice you lose consciousness, but if you practice you evolve, you remain strong despite a child – while the others will be tired and you will still be full of energy – and above all you can guarantee a better mother to your child. You do it for yourself and for your family.

Student: When I close my eyes to meditate, to practice, or in any case I have a slightly more conscious state of mind, I happen to see flashes of light in front of me: as if in the room there was a light that goes on, but if I open my eyes there is nothing. Do you think it has anything to do with meditation?

Angel: Yes of course, these flashes of light you see can sometimes happen even outside of meditation, even though most often they happen during; this is because they are due to the spiritual evolution she is offering you. These flashes of light are seen when you are raising your tone and, even if you do not notice it, you are opening up to new dimensional layers.

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It’s just the beginning, so it’s still the first step, but it’s an important first step because it gives you the first signs that something is moving.

Student: Can types of energies of completely different consistency exist in other dimensions than those that our brain can understand in this dimension? For example: physical or dense energy and abstract energy (aura, prana , static). In other words: in this dimension we see certain colors and we have certain materials. In other dimensions could there be colors that we cannot see or understand, or materials, or other kinds of energies that do not exist in this planet and that our brain cannot see / perceive?

Angel: Yes, absolutely, every dimension is different and there are dimensions very similar to ours, others instead that only with the aid of the brain we could not understand; because in this world they just don’t exist. When you learn to see energy at a bit higher levels, it can happen to you to see colors that you wouldn’t know how to name and you wouldn’t even be able to describe, because they are colors that just don’t exist in this dimension. The brain tries to catalog the colors for those it knows, for example yellow and blue; so if I told you that it is a color that resembles both and united, the brain would think that it is green, while instead it is not a color that exists in this dimension, therefore it cannot be explained using existing examples.Also regarding matter there are dense and material energies that do not exist in this planet, which we cannot understand with the brain but only by having dimensional experiences to know and discover more information.

Student: Is there energy under water? How does it behave unlike the one on the surface?

Angel: Yes, there is energy under water exactly as there is on the surface. For energy it doesn’t change much to stay in the air or stay in the water, it is just everywhere.

Student: I would like to ask a somewhat particular question. You yourself have explained several times that there is a concrete link between science and spirituality, so I asked myself: with the continuous evolution of technology is it possible to scientifically demonstrate the existence of energy (in the sense of prana )? I mean, by now it is widely accepted the existence of a “dark matter” that, not emitting radiation, cannot be observed. So I was wondering if one day even the gaia’s will be able to learn about these concepts while not practicing or if, on the contrary, the Low will always keep the truth secret, thus limiting the evolution.

Angel: Science is far more advanced than public. Science knows energy, knows that it exists, that it works, it knows about psychic abilities, it knows about the existence of aliens, it knows about the effect a chip can have on a person’s personality and spiritual evolution, and he knows many others things that they don’t know publicly. But I have to say that science has revealed many discoveries in recent years, it is people who want to continue to remain attached to the idea that science has not made discoveries or that it has not shown that spirituality exists. To give an example: it is public the news that decades ago the US government paid over 40 million dollars to train its army in the evolution of psychic techniques, in particular in the Remote Vision.

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Obviously they invested so much money because they were sure of investing it well, in fact it went well and today they train the army of the highest rank because they evolve their psychic abilities including Remote Vision and other sensory techniques. The news has been made public, yet people still want to believe that there is no evidence that remote viewing exists and is feasible. Let’s move on to another example, chemtrails: in 2016 our former chairman of the board said about these words: “From next year I will put in the asylum who believes in the existence of chemtrails!”, The day after NASA itself confessed publicly admitted that chemtrails exist and that they are the ones who used them – and still continue,worse than before – to change weather and practice experiments on the air we breathe. What a shit figure he did! Furthermore, it was another former president of ours to sign the agreement to give permission to release chemical substances also in Italy, in the early 2000s. Nevertheless, however, people still believe that chemtrails do not exist even though there is evidence , confessions and signed documents. But no, people want to keep saying that there is no evidence, even when they have it under our eyes all day and every day. Another example is that scientific studies (hence science) have shown that meditation increases gray matter, improves reasoning skills, memory, intelligence, lowers and / or eliminates diseases of various kinds:among which they studied many cancer patients who, after starting to meditate (for good, for real) treated their deadly disease, in a short time and without relapses. There is scientific evidence, yet no, people still want to believe that there is no evidence of this. So the fact is that there are no studies or tests, but it is that people do not want to update themselves. You knew that the subjects that taught us at school, for example history and science, have been updated for decades with new discoveries that have surpassed the previous ones, but that still today, after at least 40 years, the teachers and professors Are they still teaching today’s children and young people the exact same information that we learned or learned from them as children? The simplest example is the round earth,we all still draw the perfectly spherical earth convinced that it is really so; don’t worry, it’s not flat! But his geoid form is very different from how you study at school (please do a search). but yet if you ask your grandparents and ask your children to draw the Earth, they will tell you that it is perfectly round with slightly flattened poles. In all these years nothing has changed in school books, just like the fake dates of archaeological finds, of the epochs (example: Ancient Egypt), or of the real merits of the geniuses of the past. The children still do not know that we owe the merits of the inventions we use every day to Nikola Tesla instead of to Thomas Edison, who has exploited the genius of Tesla to enrich himself behind him and steal his projects; and there would still be much to say. Science is publicly warning lots of study improvements, theories, technological advances, ancient finds and so on, but we have to open our minds and accept evolution,rather than remaining attached to what we have studied decades ago without uprooting ourselves from our ideas and claiming that science gives us more proof than we are already giving. By this I mean that Science is far ahead of what we say publicly, but this does not mean that it has not given us news for more than 40 years; it continues to carry on the news and inform of news, however, we are the ones who must interest and inform us. What do you expect, that TV characters do a service to reveal the truth to you? The TV has no intention of letting us know the information, in fact it keeps us glued to listening to so many stories to prevent us from having time and the desire to educate ourselves with true information. And if you don’t trust the websites because you think everyone says hoaxes, then why don’t you go to the official websites where you can find articles written directly by them? Obviously do not expect to find highly evolved spiritual revelations, which, as I have already said, would like to keep us hidden as much as possible. Meanwhile, however, you can learn about the studies they have admitted and / or accepted to make public that, willingly or unwillingly, have shown that energy exists, works and heals.So before we ask ourselves when the day will come when science will admit that something exists, let’s go and let us know and we will probably find that it has already admitted it even between the lines, but it did. It often contradicts itself, because it says that aliens do not exist but that there are living beings from other planets much more technologically advanced, but if you read between the lines you can understand that it is only trying to hide the truth from the public, but is aware that this game is destined to end.but if you read between the lines you can understand that he is only trying to hide the truth from the public, but he is aware that this game is destined to end.but if you read between the lines you can understand that he is only trying to hide the truth from the public, but he is aware that this game is destined to end.

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This document is the translation of the original article https://www.accademiadicoscienzadimensionale.com/archives/18073 on the Accademia di Coscienza Dimensionale website.

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