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17 – Questions about Meditation (Part 1)

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Welcome to the Academy of Dimensional Consciousness. I am very happy to meet you and see so many people online. Today’s lesson will be dedicated to solving all those doubts and questions that prevent you from doing a quiet practice, often afraid of making something wrong. Since meditation is a relaxing technique that wants to make you feel very positive sensations, there is no reason to be afraid of not being able or feeling annoyance for not having reached the goal immediately, because it is normal that you find difficulty the first time one meditates. Most of our insecurities derive simply from the novelty of meditation in our lives that we were not used to before. Today, therefore, we will dedicate ourselves to the exposition of all these insecurities and to the resolution of the doubts that slow down our evolution. Let’s get on and get on with the first question.

Student: Hi Angel, first of all I thank you for everything you do for us. I wanted to ask you how I can find my chakra exactly. Some say he hears it lower, some say he hears it higher, the point is: where is mine?

Angel: Hello! The chakras are found in the area I represented in the drawing included in the Meditation article. If you notice, each article has its own image and they are all made by us; they were not taken from the internet, but were created by the staff or students of A.C.D. therefore they represent the exact zones where the chakras are located. You can also take a look at the other articles on meditation and those on the chakras, where you will find ever more precise and clear drawings about the position of the chakras in our body. Each of us owns them, they are energy zones, so it is not a small dot that you have to be able to catch it with difficulty, but it is an area of ​​the body, which we call chakra, where this energy moves. For example, the heart chakra is located in the heart area, so you certainly should not look for it in the stomach area; you could feel it a few centimeters down or more from the heart, therefore always remaining in that precise area. You are not mistaken if you focus slightly higher up or down while remaining in the same area, because you might perceive it a little displaced compared to another person; certainly, however, it will not be at a completely different point in the body. The chakras expand and the more you meditate the more you can feel them big and wide, feeling better where they are, so it’s just about getting a little confidence with your body and recognizing the feeling that your chakra gives you. Over time, you may find yourself better at changing positions, although at first I felt you were at a different point, because by practicing you will realize that the correct position of your chakra could be different from what you thought at the beginning. This does not have to worry, but you must remember that the chakras follow the height of the spine, so you will not have to concentrate either right or left, but exactly on the center line of your body: for example the heart chakra is in the center of the chest and not left.

Student: During the meditation on the heart you say to focus on it and hear its beats, but more than once I happened to feel these beats in my ears and then in my head, even if I do not think it’s the same thing. Do I have to feel the beats right on the heart chakra or should I hear them with my ears?

Angel: The heart is a chakra that is placed in the chest area, very close to the heart, an organ to which it is very connected. Here is the reason for this name. When I say to concentrate on the heart chakra it is clear that we must concentrate precisely on the sensation of the heart and not in what we feel in other parts of the body.

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If you pay attention to what you hear with your ears, you would be paying attention to your hearing, certainly not to the chakra. When you touch something with your hands you are paying attention to what you are feeling with them, not to what you are feeling with your feet, because they are two parts of the body that at that moment have nothing to do with each other. For the same reason, when I point to focus on the heart chakra and heartbeat I mean to feel with my heart the sensation that gives us its heartbeat, paying attention to our chest that makes us feel a kind of obvious and natural emotion that but we have always ignored and taken for granted, considering it useless to have to concentrate on it. In fact, thanks to the beating of the heart we can speed up our connection to the chakra connected to it and make it active faster, because concentrating on the beat (which is always working and never abandons us) we can focus more easily on that area, compared to the other in which there is no apparent movement. Clearly knowing that the heart beats but ignore it and decide instead to consciously perceive its beats, one by one in total silence while breathing prana, are two very different things. Here’s what meditation is: it’s a short session that can last as long as 30 minutes, but in that time it allows you to evolve and expand your chakra thanks to the concentration and the filling of energy you perform during this practice.

Student: When I meditate on the heart chakra I concentrate on the chakras of the fingers, am I doing correctly? But I must say that I do not feel the heart chakra as you say.

Angel: The heart chakra is located exactly in the heart area and certainly not in the fingers. Where do you have your heart? In the chest, you do not have it in your fingers. So meditating on that chakra means concentrating on the chest because that’s where it is. The fingers are used to better direct your concentration towards the chakra on which you must meditate, but it is not the fingers in itself that we need to focus on. Most people do not have much confidence with their body, despite seeing it every day, because it is a training that we do not do every day. In fact, no one focuses on hearing what their back of their neck feels, or what their elbows feel; we notice these areas only when we feel pain, we slam or we feel itching, but for the rest of the day we forget what they feel, unlike the hands we use a lot to touch and perceive what is near us. Meditation makes you get out of the usual patterns and the usual habits, allows you to focus on something that has always been there but you have perennially ignored. The reason why you do not feel the heart chakra is because you are not focusing on the heart but on the fingers. From today, try to focus on the heart as I have indicated to you, doing so will always feel better the chakra connected to it.

Student: During meditation advice to touch the chakras with the fingers, well this “touch” must take place really or only in my imagination? Because maybe moving I could lose concentration. Moreover, to touch the chakra I have to use a finger by the hand or 2 fingers of the same hand? And which finger should I use?

Angel: Through that feeling that is created by placing your fingers on the skin of the chakra area, which we call touch, you focus better on the chakra you want to meditate on helping your mind focus on the present rather than getting lost in thought and imagination. Therefore, the touch must be real and not just an imagination. Without touching the chakra you risk not to focus on it in the slightest and to fail in not thinking, ending up demoralizing yourself and believing you can not succeed simply because you are doing wrong technique.

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For this reason, even if you can tire your arm or be uncomfortable the first times, in reality in the long run it will be much easier to meditate touching the chakras because it will allow you to concentrate better on the right area without losing in a thousand fantasies. To touch it you will use two fingers of the same hand, but if you want to use three or even the whole hand will be your choice; surely you will find yourself much better meditating with index and middle, or with medium and ring finger. These fingers are the ones that move the most, so it will be easier to feel the chakras if they are touched by more energetic fingers. Sometimes you can decide to vary and use other fingers to improve the energy of the hands, but do not forget the goal of meditation that is to evolve the 5 main chakras. The chakras of the fingers can be trained in other situations, therefore concentrated on the large chakras.

Student: It happened to me, while meditating on the higher chakras, to no longer feel the fingers with which I touched the chakra. It was as if they had fallen asleep, as if they were no longer mine. Does this depend on a circulation problem or is it a sensation that you can try? If I took my mind, I resent my fingers. Lately I also have the problem that the legs snap themselves and contract, so I do not understand if it is connected or if it is a sensation that can happen during meditation.

Angel: During meditation it is normal for the fingers with which you are touching the chakras and legs to fall asleep, because you are holding a position you were not used to. When the hand falls asleep or the arm or legs can not stay in the same position, change it and arrange as you feel more comfortable without making too many problems. The ideal position to meditate is to sit in the middle of the lotus, but if you are not used it is normal that the early times could be uncomfortable and annoying; slowly you will get used to it without hurting yourself, so when it becomes annoying, settle down and sit down as you see fit to conclude your meditation serenely.

Student: If you start tingling me all, can I remove my fingers and concentrate on the belly chakra through the tingling?

Angel: I would advise not to remove the fingers from the chakra, but, at most, to change hands so that the tired one can rest in the most suitable position. At least for the first few months of meditation I recommend using your fingers to focus better on the chakra although you can do it even without touching it, because the fingers will better help the addressing of the energy; at least for the first time. After that, when you can move energy and feel very well for real, you can choose to meditate without using your fingers, although you will probably find it so well that you will decide to continue as you are doing now. The fingers allow you to stay focused not only thanks to the touch but also thanks to the energy that is created between the chakras of the hand and the important one on which you are meditating because they are in tune; without using your fingers, as you are not yet an expert in meditation, you may end up distracting yourself immediately; for this I suggest you follow the steps listed during the explanation of the meditation technique.

Student: And if hypothetically I had a strong concentration, could I meditate without using my fingers?

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Angel: If you feel that you perceive energy very well right away and you do not need to follow these steps, you can certainly decide to meditate without touching the chakra because you feel safe to perceive it and stay focused without distractions. It is important that you acquire meditation as a passage that will allow you to evolve: it is not a race to those who will hear the chakras first, it is not a game to those who will say to feel the energy better. The meditation technique that I taught you has the intent to make you evolve with the right rhythm and with the right potential, but if you feel that some steps are useless, and so you jump them, you risk losing the beauty of meditation, then ending to judge it for what it is not. Surely if you do not practice the right steps and the technique will end up being ineffective with you, it will not be the fault of the technique but yours, that you have preferred to ignore the most important steps to make it work so. Therefore, you can of course decide to skip or change the steps that I showed you, but if the technique proves to be more difficult or even ineffective, realize that it is not the technique that is wrong but you have to start over and get the situation in hand putting into practice the right steps listed by me. Do not be in a hurry to become perfect because you will become thanks to the practice through the steps taught and when it will be time you can choose, thanks to your personal experience which is the best position to feel the energy, because this is the purpose of meditation.

Student: Unfortunately I can only meditate once a day because I can not find time. I would therefore have a little doubt: to load the chakras simply focus on them and that is enough, or should I continue to attract white prana in them for the duration of the meditation?

Angel: To load the chakras it is sufficient to concentrate on them, but it is important to really concentrate without getting lost in fantasies and chatter. Pay attention not to decide spontaneously to practice too simplified and reductive because of laziness, ending up to meditate badly and not conclude anything. In practice, it would not be enough to rest your fingers on the chakra and then get lost in mind journeys and junk thoughts, because they would not load. To meditate well and then load the chakras during meditation it is necessary to take some basic steps such as relaxation of the body and mind for the first few minutes of the session; then you can breathe white prana from the chakra and, after some deep and very conscious breathing, you can concentrate on it by stopping thinking and focusing only on the tactile perception you have on your chakra. Do not allow the lack of time to ruin even the only meditation of the day that you can do with that program enough: just because you can only meditate once engaged so that it is excellent and not a mere half an hour of thoughts and fantasies that do not they’ll take you anywhere. Meditate a little more and meditate badly of your own will, will not load your chakras and will not allow your consciousness to evolve.

Student: If during the meditation I detach the two fingers from the chakra for a moment, I have to start over it again or can I move on to the next one?

Angel: If you unplug your fingers there is no problem, the important thing is not to lose too much concentration by not meditating at all on that chakra, because in that case it would be better to repeat it since you have not seriously meditated on it. Otherwise, continue with the next chakra without stopping.

Student: Sometimes when I meditate, I do not feel my chakra, but sometimes I feel it very much. It happens because I do not focus well? But the others feel good.

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Angel: It’s normal that it happens because you’ve just started meditating and with it the chakras are not yet stable and balanced, but they will need many meditation sessions to stabilize and allow you to always feel good about them; for now you may not feel them a little or fluctuating, sometimes yes and sometimes not because you are still at the beginning and it is obvious that they will need time. Continuing to practice constantly you will always feel better, give them a little attention and you will see how they will improve.

Student: Thanks. You have certainly repeated it many times in the various documents but I would like to be sure. When I meditate on the chakra of the mind it seems that my fingers stick to the head, as if they were merging with it. It’s normal?

Angel: Yes, it’s normal because while we meditate on the mind chakra, usually without realizing it, we push our fingers too much on the skin, ending up feeling too much stuck to the forehead or even feeling the heartbeat in them. This simply happens because you are pressing too much, so try to press a little less with your fingers so you will notice that the pressure was due only to an inattention.

Student: I started meditating for a few days. Unfortunately, I can not keep my legs half lotus and even keeping them crossed I find some problem because they fall asleep; so until now I meditated while sitting. I try to follow the steps you have explained as carefully as possible, I try to focus on the feelings of the “skin” in the chakra area but, unlike other people, I do not feel anything. I can not even feel the contact with the fabric (for the chakra chi). It’s normal?

Angel: The position of the half lotus can be uncomfortable and difficult for many people, especially if you are younger or have a bulky body because it is not a position that is often used in your routine. In fact, it is easier for young people because for them it is more typical to sit in an Indian position and not with the typical office position to which it adapts by going ahead with age and work habits. So the only reason why the half lotus is inconvenient is only because you are not used to sitting that way; the habit can be created and removed depending on your choices and needs by repeating the same action over and over again. Meditation is for everyone because it is about the practice of charging the chakras and becoming aware of one’s life. If you can not practice meditation in the middle lotus you can practice it as a sitting because the ultimate intent is not to sit in the middle of the lotus but to meditate, so you have to learn not to lose sight of the true initial goal. Clearly there are steps that can improve our meditation, for example meditating in half lotus rather than with the back crooked and in a very uncomfortable position. If you are currently unable to assume the position of the half lot because your physical problems prevent you, you can practice sitting down, this being the only choice; but if you have the opportunity to choose, I suggest you try each time to take the habit of sitting in an Indian position, so that sooner or later, by dint of trying, you will also be able to meditate in half lotus. You must understand that meditation does not require a super physique, all of us including myself have found it difficult to assume the position of the half lotus for the early times; little by little, however, with training, you will be able to position your legs in a certain way for longer until you can complete the half-hour meditation without having to move or change position due to leg fatigue.

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Pay attention that we are not talking about a very difficult position with the legs above the head: we are simply talking about crossing them, so it is only a matter of habit. Since you have just started practicing meditation it is very normal not to feel the chakra who, being usually also the most difficult to feel. Among other things, the position of the half lotus helps to better perceive chi’s energy because it can remain in the belly area instead of wasting time spreading down the length of the legs downwards, as would happen if you meditated from sitting down. However it is not a serious loss, so it would not nullify your meditation; I recommend only meditating in half lotus if you have the chance, for the same reason. The fact that you can not even feel the contact of the fabric on your skin certainly does not depend on the chakra. The fact is that we are too used to completely ignore the signals of our body, even forgetting that we can feel every inch of it because it belongs to us. A good exercise to regain confidence is to realize what is resting on our body. For example, you might try to feel the fabric of your socks that cover your feet, so you will focus on the feeling that the sock makes the skin of your foot feel. It’s not about paranormal or difficult exercises, it’s all more than normal and natural, you just have to pay attention to what touches your body. Let us realize that we do not touch only with our hands, but touch continuously with every part of our body. For example, right now our legs are sensing the fabric of the pants we are wearing, just as our arms are sensing the fabric of the sweater we are wearing. Learning to recognize these sensations will allow us to improve faster in the perception of our chakras, because if you are not interested in hearing what touches your body from the outside, how will you feel what makes it from within? Because this is what this is about, it takes interest, because we can not say that we can not do it if we continue to ignore the sensations of our body. Regardless of meditation you should learn to feel what touches your body because it will serve you in life to better understand what happens to you: for example, the beginning of a problem, allergy or inflammation preventing it from being created. Then this will also be useful during meditation because it will allow you to concentrate better in the area of ​​the chakra of your interest by feeling your skin without ignoring it. You will hear the chakra shortly thereafter.

Student: And can I even meditate while lying down?

Angel: The purpose of the technique is to meditate, so if you can do it in the half lotus position it’s better, but if because of the uncomfortable position you feel obliged to give up meditation just because you can not sit like that, obviously you’d be losing the true meaning of the practice, which is to meditate regardless of the position taken. My advice is therefore to meditate and that’s it, because doing it lying or sitting will certainly not ruin your practice, even more so now that you’ve just started. The main purpose is to meditate, you could do it even upside down for what concerns me; there are some tips you could follow depending on your abilities and intentions, such as meditating by sitting with your back straight rather than lying down in a fetal position, recognizing that in the last case you would not move the energy for all the chakras well instead you could do with your back straight. Among other things, I had also started to meditate from lying down for the first time, because the first times I thought it was easier and more comfortable; only after I realized that it would have been better in half lotus and so I did. Sometimes, when I happened to not be able to meditate from sitting for personal problems, such as back pain or other reasons that prevented me the position of the half lotus, I simply meditated by lying in bed, because my goal was to meditate, then position is a factor that comes later.

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But surely if every time you try to meditate then you end up falling asleep because of the lying position, you will not go on for a long time, so you will have to make a decisive choice on the position to be taken during practice. Unfortunately, meditating by lying down prevents you from concentrating well, a fundamental principle to do it well, because if you are not focused and you fall asleep constantly it is obvious that you will not attain the objectives of the technique. So you see how you feel better, remembering that the purpose is to meditate well and not to stay still half an hour wasting time and fantasizing about various thoughts and commitments.

Student: I tried the meditation technique you taught, but I think I did something wrong. I could not relax properly because the neighbors’ noises tormented me all the time, even though I know it’s Low. Besides, I used the lotus position, but after a while they started to hurt my legs.

Angel: The first obstacles to overcome are the methods that the Low uses to make us give up already from the first meditation. Recognizing that it is Low is already a great beginning, because it will help us more and more to understand the reasons why it tries to distract us and not to let us therefore complete our meditation in peace, precisely because it is extremely important. Insist is the only solution to defeat him. Regarding the position that causes discomfort in the legs, it is not a real problem: when they hurt you relax and continue without worrying about anything.

Student: Being new, is it okay if I first do the guided relaxation that you taught us, which lasts about 10 minutes, and immediately after meditation on the chakras?

Angel: Yes, of course, you can practice both techniques because the basic meditation is on the chakras, but to better concentrate and learn to relax you can practice the relaxation technique that lasts just 10 minutes; in this way you will be more relaxed and the following meditation will be better.

Student: If during meditation it happens that you have arrived in a state of relaxation, but suddenly you are interrupted, can you create an energy block that damages us and awakens us when we wake up very nervous and nervous?

Angel: The interruption during meditation can be very annoying, but this does not have to change our mood and make us collapse all the work done so far. Despite the distractions we must not be deconcentrated, because the interruption is clearly an event that happens to prevent us from reaching the final goal, and the more we are interrupted the more we should understand how important it is to commit to achieve the goal today not postponing it to tomorrow. However, although annoying, the interruption does not create any energy blockage or damage, it is simply up to us to be able not to lose the stirrups from the first obstacle, but to go ahead completely ignoring the incident. The goal is to relax, calm our masks, becoming calm and peaceful: if we get nervous and nervous at the first hurdle we are getting the opposite of what meditation is. Whatever happens, do not distract yourself, continue with meditation ignoring who or what you would like to prevent: it is only half an hour, not a whole day isolated and out of the world! Is it possible that those around you can not accept that you want to spend half an hour alone with yourself? Teach them to respect your personal space, doing the same thing when other people want to be able to spend some time alone and in peace.

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Student: It’s the first time I’ve been meditating and I’ve found several difficulties, but thanks to this I’ve had the chance to meet people like you, incredibly generous that although they did not know me at all, they took advantage of their time to help me! Thank you so much! In the state of no thought I have a very short autonomy and I have never come to visualize the chakras. Reading step 1 I think I understood that we must breathe prana: it means focusing on the light and inhaling it? The thing that struck me most about this site is that it really seems a solid group, it is not just a site where you read and then who you saw it, but get advice from the staff, get advice from the students themselves, it’s incredible. You must be proud of what you have created, Angel, because I have never seen anything like it anywhere else.

Angel: It really makes me very glad you found our site and it made you a very good impression. During the meditation the chakras will not be displayed, but touched to be able to charge them with energy. In fact, chakras are not spheres to be imagined, but they are areas of our physical body where energy is concentrated most; so it’s all real. When we meditate we can help by visualizing the white energy that enters us to bring it closer faster thanks to our intent to recall it. In practice, visualizing energy serves first of all to ourselves to understand what we want to do, so with the intent of absorbing it we will actually recall it and we will let it enter us. Thank you so much for the compliments, I really care that the site of the Academy is experienced as a solid group in which everyone cares about the presence of the other, and not just a place to read where nobody knows the existence of the other. Evolution is an important step that we can decide to share and do together, for this reason I created this group, this team that collaborates, sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly. I’m putting all my effort into it and I’m glad that it has its fruits every day.

Student: Unfortunately I made a big mistake. I did not imagine prana entering the chakras for the first three minutes only, but I did it all the time!

Angel: This is not a mistake, you just focused more on recalling prana and less on non-thinking, but it’s not really a mistake. Imagining energy helps bring it closer to us, so we use the visualization technique to call it back and let it in. The fact that you recalled it for the duration of the meditation is not bad, because you did not think about your problems or what to eat for dinner, but you focused on a fundamental step in the technique, so there’s no problem. Simply the next time you meditate you will try to stay a bit ‘more in non-thought, but I repeat that it was not a mistake to focus on energy, being it fundamental to the technique.

Student: Instead of thinking about music is a distraction?

Angel: Yes, focusing on music is a distraction, because you would lose the real goal of meditating on the chakras and not listening to music. Meditation must be based on taking energy in the chakras in non-thought and in complete awareness. Music will not load them.

Student: Feeling your mix I started to analyze it, so to speak.

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Angel: I understand and hope you enjoyed it, but do not get distracted during meditation because the mix is ​​meant to help you relax and therefore meditate better, not the other way round.

Student: I am a musician, Low knows my weak point …

Angel: Being a musician does not stop you from practicing meditation in non-thought, indeed. If your problem is the distraction that makes you music, you can meditate quietly without headphones so as not to distract yourself. I love music too, but when I meditate I have to focus only on the chakras and not on the notes of the melody I’m listening to. During meditation, which lasts only half an hour, you can put your work aside and focus better on the meditation session.

Student: When I start meditating, do I have to imagine prana entering my chakra, or entering into me through the breath?

Angel: During the relaxation phase you can breathe prana through the breath and let the energy expand throughout the body; the moment you take care of a precise chakra you will let the energy enter directly from it, as if the chakra itself could breathe inside itself through the skin.

Student: When I get caught up in thoughts, meditation loses its value and I have to start all over again?

Angel: It depends. Since these are your very first meditation sessions you can safely go ahead and move on to the next chakra without having to start over; but if you notice that every time you come to the chakra of the mind as an example, just happen for one reason or another you always end up not meditating, to stop meditation or to fall asleep, at that point it would be better to start from the chakra you have thought too much rather than going to the next, just to recover the lost chakra. In this way you will avoid meditating too much on the first chakras and not meditating at all on the high ones, as it may happen to many people in the early days. It is important that all the chakras are considered with the same attention. If you have not meditated during a meditation session because in reality you have spent all the time thinking, fantasizing or even moving to the rhythm of music, you can consider this session as canceled, because in fact you did not meditate but only listened to music on your own . Meditation is not a waste of time but has a meaning and a purpose, so it is different from the simple act of putting on headphones and listening to music, although this can also relax. But meditation is not just relaxation, it is a state of evolution that allows your psychic faculties to evolve and activate.

Student: How do you turn off your brain during meditation? The feeling of not thinking lasts a little, at least for very little, then again to fight against him.

Angel: We do not have to turn off the brain, on the contrary, we have to turn it on more than before. The concentration we base on the chakras is a capacity that we must develop through meditation, so the intent is precisely to improve our brain and make our mind more active and quick.

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To do this you have to focus exclusively on your chakra without thinking about anything else. The relaxation phase that occurs in the first part of the meditation allows you to focus better without too many distractions. In fact, the initial phase is very important because meditation continues well. When you are unconscious, your masks and problems take over you, but if you turn on the brain, become present and aware of every single thought that runs in your head and then decide to maneuver it, you can make the decision to expel it if it disturbs you. You focus your attention on everything else, which is why it is difficult for you to meditate, but now try to focus only on your chakra, so you will notice the difference. Relax, do not think of the Low, your boyfriend, your job or the time that passes, otherwise you are remaining rooted in this dimension. Meditating takes you far beyond, so whenever thoughts come back you simply take a deep breath and pick up where you left off; if you are fighting, you are giving yourself a hoe on your feet.

Student: How much do external sounds influence in a meditation? Meditation is affected by noise and external confusion, despite having good internal thought?

Angel: Meditation is not affected by external noises, since these are external ones. What may be affected by external noise is only your concentration in case you get distracted by them, for example by listening to the voices of neighbors or focusing on the dog barking rather than focusing perfectly on your chakra. In addition to this, no noise or kind of external confusion could affect the quality of your meditation. However, to avoid being distracted by outside noise, I suggest you meditate with a meditation mix among those proposed by the Academy, in this way you will not be distracted by hearing the voices of the neighbors because you will have headphones that will help you focus better on meditation.

Student: When I get to the heart chakra I fall asleep without realizing it, even for 20 minutes. Why does this happen? What can I do?

Angel: Meditation relaxes us a lot as this is the main effect that makes us get, that’s why we could fall asleep thanks to the very deep relaxation. Clearly your intent is to continue meditation until the end without falling asleep, because your goal is to evolve and not just sleep; not to fall asleep there are various tips that I could give you, but first of all I advise you to meditate in the middle instead of lying down, with the back straight and the head well supported by the neck, instead of resting the nape on the wall or let the head fall into forward, because these positions would most likely lead you to fall asleep. By committing yourself to keeping your head straight, your back as well as your hand touching the chakra, you will keep your body active because it will be busy performing actions, so you will be able to stay awake. Instead, if you meditate without touching the chakra, with the head down or with the head completely supported by the wall, you will risk falling asleep and not solve this problem.

Student: How much time do you have to meditate a day?

Angel: To achieve concrete results you need to meditate at least once a day every day, for about 25/30 minutes in a row. My advice, however, is to meditate twice a day for about half an hour per session, because in this way you will achieve your goals without wasting time, having visible results from the early days.

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Student: Is it normal that after meditating, do I feel the energy flowing inside me even outside of meditation?

Angel: Yes of course, it’s very normal. When you meditate you gather energy that will obviously remain there within you, it will not be lost immediately after completing the meditation; therefore you may feel it moving during the day even though you are not meditating at that moment but doing something else. You will learn that the techniques I teach you are not only useful when you are meditating, but will be useful for every single moment of your life. Feeling the energy out of meditation is a good sign, because you are beginning to perceive the first results and understand that spirituality is much more than a simple pastime to relax.

Student: Is it normal to feel chills during meditation, like goosebumps? And what does it mean?

Angel: Yes it is very normal, it is simply the energy that moves and causes you these feelings of chills.

Student: So, during meditation is it normal to even hear hot flashes from time to time?

Angel: Yes absolutely. The low chakras like the chi and the plexus, being much more earthy and material, when they collect energy they could make us feel heat, which is simply a sensation due to the energy that is coming in and that the chakras translate as temperature increase. The high chakras, on the other hand, could make us feel a certain fresh air, sometimes even breeze, even though we are in a closed room with locked windows and with no possibility of wind coming in from outside. This phenomenon is nothing disturbing, it is energy that is absorbed by the chakras and each one makes us try it in its own way.

Student: And when I do not feel warm it means I’m not taking energy?

Angel: Of course, this has nothing to do with it. Warmth and freshness are characteristics of the chakras, but they do not always make you feel these feelings because you will most often meditate without focusing on the temperature of the environment because you will be concentrating on meditation. So many times you may not feel the warmth and yet complete the beautiful meditations. So you can stay calm and do not worry.

For the moment we have concluded the lesson, but there will be many other occasions where you can fill me with questions and I will be happy to answer them. I was pleased to be able to spend time with you and thank you for having actively participated in the lesson. From today you have more details to be able to carry out your meditations with greater security and serenity.

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