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88 – Questions about what the Aura is – The negative and manipulative Aura (part 2)

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Angel: Welcome back to this new Aura lesson! You can start with your questions.

Student: Hi Angel, hello everyone. If I have not misunderstood the aura then influences our unconscious mind. What we have inside this mind, like the image of ourselves, past traumas and beliefs, are actually in our aura and the mind “deciphers” them, or “captures” them. Quite right? So does any intervention in the mind, energetically speaking, even just positive thinking, act in the aura? So also the Low actually binds and influences our aura which, in turn, influences our way of thinking?

Angel: Let’s start from the fact that Low acts from every point of our life, both from inside and outside. It acts from within, through our brain thanks to the use of the regulator, and acts from outside, through the other people who influence us. So it acts from within, influencing – through the regulator – our brain that forces us to think what Low wants us to think (e.g. skeptical thoughts, which prevent us from evolving) and then works from the outside to send us people who, with their thoughts, their auras, their mental energy influence us and bind us to them. In this way the Low uses the same people to tie them to each other, so that a spider web is created in which all are spiders that continue to weave threads on each other, to prevent each other from coming out and therefore Awakening. Our thoughts create our aura, but at the same time, if our aura is programmed (e.g. negatively from our traumas experienced in the past, or because of other people who are influencing us) it itself influences our internal thoughts, creating a energy loop. So you have to take command of your aura so that it respects our decisions, our intentions, rather than influencing us and keeping us suffocated by our own mental energies, memories, traumas, etc. That said, all our memories are stored in our aura, therefore memories, feelings, thoughts, etc; but this does not mean that our mind or brain has no memory. Even our brain has memory, but it is very reduced compared to that present inside the aura; in fact it, to remember much more information, takes it from the aura and translates it for us into memories. The important thing is to understand that the brain is not completely empty of memory, of course!

Student: Hi Angel and hello to everyone, in the meantime I wanted to thank you for everything you do for our evolution and for giving everyone the opportunity to participate in your lessons on the Aura. Reviewing the second document, I read that old memories and information, even if we do not remember them, remain the same always imprinted in the aura, from which they will never be erased. Of course there are exceptions, but they are rare cases. By rare cases what do you mean? How are they permanently erased from our aura? Thanks.

Angel: Hi! Well we are not talking about natural cases of course, as the Aura naturally stores and retains all the memories within itself. The exceptional cases of which I speak are cases of serious psychic attacks received, in which the aura is attacked heavily for a long time and with great psychic strength. At that point you can ruin a person’s aura with serious consequences, to the extent of making it smaller, splitting pieces of aura and inevitably cutting off energy that will also lose memories. But it is not as easy as it seems, fortunately! But one has to consider the fact that the possibility exists. That’s why it’s so important to practice to strengthen and protect your aura. I repeat that it does not happen by nature, but only undergoing serious psychic attacks.

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Loss of mental memory is due to brain damage, which is obviously just as serious; for example, those who have taken drugs for many years, find themselves having serious memory problems, because it has damaged their brain. So losing (mental) memory does not mean that the aura has been damaged, because the aura continues to hold the information within itself. The discussion changes if it is the aura that is seriously damaged, because in that case the energy is lost. To avoid misunderstandings it is right that I tell you that if the aura is damaged and therefore some memories are lost, it does not mean that those memories “disappear” from your life. In other words, if someone hypothetically manages to erase your childhood memories, it does not mean that your experience disappears and that you will no longer have a childhood, thus changing the past. It just means that the memory is gone. But I repeat that it is a decidedly rare exception, I named it because it is right to know the variants, but do not believe that it is so easy that it happens.

Student: Perfect Angel, thank you so much for the explanation!

Student2: Greetings to you Angel and everyone, I take this opportunity to thank you for everything you do and for the opportunity to participate in these lessons. You say that if we do not remember something it is not because the memory has been canceled, but because our brain cannot decode that code imprinted in the Aura, which however will remain imprinted on it forever. Reading this I wondered if even the memories of dreams end up in the Aura, and in that case, if I have a very bad nightmare then will this remain etched in the Aura forever? And maybe it will also influence my thoughts or the vision of the Aura?

Angel: Hi! Dreams are a bit of a separate matter, because they don’t happen on this dimension, but they happen on another dimension, precisely on the dimension of dreams. Some of them can influence us very much also in the physical dimension (that is the one we live in now); you realize when some dreams, even if they are only dreams, leave you with a very bad feeling even when awake, even throughout the day. I am not talking about premonitory dreams or the like, but dreams that you recognize as “completely imaginative”. An example of an absurd dream may be that you dream of your 40-year-old mother who finds her lover and runs away to America, and you cry in despair because you will never see her again; although your mother is 70 and certainly has no desire to find a lover to run away with. So it is a completely imaginative dream, but absurdly, all day you stay with that strange anguish that, of logic, has neither head nor tail. In fact, it was not the dream itself that made you feel bad, but the energy behind it: probably while you slept something happened to you, you were attacked or the like, and when you wake up you think it’s because of what you dreamed, without recognizing that the fault lies with the attack suffered while you slept. But to answer your question, dreams happen on another dimension and therefore do not affect your aura. At best, what can affect your aura is that anguish that remains for you all day, because it is that anguish that will dirty the energy of your aura, not the dream. Then of course, there is always the exception, so maybe a dream remains so imprinted on you that it becomes your thought and is thus stored among the memories of the aura; because let’s remember that we are not only aura, we are the mind, so if you think and think about something, that thought influences the aura. But the vast majority of dreams remain in the dimension of dreams, so to speak.

Student: Thanks you have been very clear as always.

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Student2: You said that the memories of dreams do not end in the aura, but then how do I remember the dreams? If the storehouse of memories is the aura, where do I get the memory of a dream from? Thanks so much!

Angel: As I said, our mind also has memory, as does our brain; our aura stores all our memories but this does not mean that the brain is completely emptied of it, including the mind. That’s why you remember dreams, and that’s also why the vast majority of dreams don’t remember them at all; because these are not stored in the aura.

Student: Hi Angel, I wanted to thank you for this new lesson, every topic you deal with is a great growth for us. Reading the documents, did you write that all our memories reside in the aura, but the memories only of this life or even of past lives? Or with new life, do all memories from the aura reset? And then I wanted to ask you if we already protect our Aura with psychic protection, in addition of course to specific techniques.

Angel: Hi! Exactly, as I said to the first student, in every life we ​​have a practically new aura, so inside you can find only the memories of the present life. But there is some information, in the more distant dimensional layers of the aura, that can help you decipher some memories of past lives. However, I assure you that this practice is more difficult than remembering the past lives through the techniques I taught you in the Past Lives books ; so it is not a shortcut to remember them first, but a more complex practice that certainly allows you to discover interesting information, but it takes much more training and sensory training. Having said that, with psychic protection you are protecting your aura but it is not enough, it certainly helps, but it cannot protect the aura completely; that’s why it would be better to reinforce the aura through specific techniques.

Student: Thanks a lot Angel, it’s all very clear!

Student2: Hi dear Angel, thank you for the opportunity you give us. On page 3 of the document “How the aura affects us” you say that the black color in the aura heralds darkness. So it is assumed that the aura has been pierced by negative influences by bringing a curse, invoice or possession. You say it’s very rare to see a dark aura, why? I do energy cleaning, wire cutting, aura reinforcement, protection; when I practice the techniques you have taught us, my dark aura on the right side lightens up to be bright, after a few days it becomes dark even if less compact. I have reason to believe that I have received a strong psychic attack, since in my family for too many years now physical ailments, relationship problems, economic and various diseases have occurred. I am convinced that someone has deliberately sent negative energy programs to the auras of the whole family with the intention of annihilating us. In this case, are the techniques I said above sufficient or do you need a more powerful technique? I have the impression that I will never get out of it again, because the negative events continue in the family.

Angel: A black aura heralds darkness, most of the time because the same person is dark and feeds on these energies. However, if you see patches of black energy in the aura, which is quite different, they can mean attacks received and that you are seeing just like black patches inside your aura, or larvae, etc. It depends, because black does not have a single meaning, in the sense that if you see black it does not mean one thing.

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You could see many things in black, even a shadow entity, but it is not said that it is pure darkness; you simply see it black because you do not yet have the energetic view developed enough to see other colors. We Earthlings have a really narrow view of colors, so maybe you see the black entities, but instead they could be dark blue, dark brown, dark purple, in short, there are many variations that, however, with an untrained eye you cannot see, limiting your single dark color visual that you interpret as black. In fact, most people see entities either white or black, but I almost always see them colored, because I see their dimensional color, which can only be seen with a trained eye. Having said that, I say that it is very rare to see a black aura, precisely because it is very rare that a dark person, who feeds on black prana, is still alive. Feeding on black prana is really dangerous, it makes you sick quickly. You say you see a part of your dark aura, but not because you meditate breathing black prana, or because you make human sacrifices that dirty your aura; also because for sure you wouldn’t be here otherwise. You see that area of ​​the dark aura because there is negative energy there that has slipped inside your aura and that with practice you have to clean up; which could be a larva, that’s why it occurs so often.

Student: If a person has a predominantly red or black aura, can it be assumed that he is a negative person or can the colors be independent of the person’s attitude and disposition? The more an Aura is developed and the more it coexists in different dimensions, given this, is it possible that there are beings or objects without Aura? Thanks for the replies.

Angel: If a person has a red and black aura, it is almost certain that he is a very negative person, who does not necessarily mean that he deals with dark arts, that is, that he uses dark techniques, but it can also mean “only” that it is a very false, treacherous, cowardly person, who uses other people only for his own interest and who sucks them to the bone, just like a human larva. It may be a person who is apparently polite and polite, certainly not immediately recognizable by how he speaks, but his “badness” based on life behavior dirties his aura making it red; then, when you are always very profiteer, you end up attracting negative energies on you that obviously you cannot control, for example larvae arrive on you, attacks, etc, and that’s why black spots on the red aura. Then it is certain that there are always exceptions, but the red aura I have seen it in very few people: in thieves, cheaters, swindlers, in those who live feeding on the lives of others, in practice in human larvae. There is no object, much less a living being that does not possess the aura, otherwise it would not exist in this physical dimension, nor in any other dimension.

Student: How can a dark person and a positive person have the same green aura?

Angel: Well, first of all the green aura is not necessarily positive, it depends on many factors, but usually the green aura identifies a person who has serious health or even mental disorders; many times I have seen the green aura in people who have had a history of drugs. So it’s not really a good thing, but I repeat that it always depends on case by case and which green we are talking about. The fact is that the color of the aura, as explained in the articles on the Vision of the Aura, cannot accurately identify a person’s character. I explained perfectly the reasons why two completely different people, of character, of ability, of everything, could both have the aura of the same color, for example yellow, orange, purple, and so on; we have too narrow a spectrum of colors, so in the end we only see “few” colors in the auras. But by training our energetic view we can begin to see many more dimensional colors and recognize that even those two “green” auras have very different colors; for example one is bright green, shiny, while the other is sewer green. You understand that there is a big difference.

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Student: The aura is very large in the case of conscious and positive people. Can it also be large in a negative sense? Ex: very evil people. I got this doubt.

Angel: It all depends on whether we are talking about practicing people or not. The size of the aura does not depend on how good you are or how bad you are, but on how much you practice. You could be the best person in the world, but if you don’t practice your aura it could be very weak and fragile, because it is weakened by the dark attacks received by evil people. At the same time, we could talk about evil people, who if they don’t practice will have a much weaker and rotten aura, but if they practice, they could have a much stronger and more imposing aura than the good person described above. Psychic evolution, for example the development of one’s extra-sensory abilities, does not depend only on the goodness of the person, but on how much practice. There are good people in the world but not spiritually evolved at all, and very negative people who know how to use their psychic faculties, so on certain aspects they are more advanced than others. The sixth sense is a very normal sense, even if they made us pass it as something abnormal, paranormal, external to us. In reality, the sixth sense has always belonged to us, so just like sight and hearing, it does not matter if you are a good or bad person, because you still have them. It is clear that if we speak of spiritual evolution understood as connection to God, then obviously the discourse changes, because good people are much more connected to God than evil people; but here too it all depends on how much the person practices, because it is not enough to consider oneself good to evolve spiritually. On the other hand, we are talking about aura here, so good or not good, it all depends solely on how much the individual person practices.

Student: Reading the first article on “What is Aura” it is written that we often let ourselves be fooled by the appearance of a person’s aura, since we focus only on the most superficial layers of the aura and do not go into depth. So a good person who has a slightly creased aura from the problems he has faced during his life will be unpleasant, like the aura of a deceiving and profiting person. But shouldn’t the superficial layers of the aura of these two people be different anyway since in one case the aura has been ruined by its life path while in the other it is a profiteer and that’s it? Shouldn’t we still perceive people differently?

Angel: The layers are different, of course, but people are not born with a super developed sixth sense, on the contrary, all people on this planet are born with a strong regulator and internal Low. This means that your sixth sense does not immediately allow you to recognize the enormous differences in the layers of people’s aura, but you are deceived by a first sensation, which will be negative in both cases; beyond this you will not be able to decipher, until you develop your sixth sense. So even if there is a big difference in the two auras, you will not be able to recognize it – without the practical development of the sixth sense – therefore you will easily confuse a suffering person with a negative person, and vice versa, ending up treating the suffering person badly because the confuse for negative, and pledging to treat well and have pity on the negative person convinced that he is a suffering person. This is a big problem, because you end up treating the good guys badly and treating the bad ones well, and it’s one of the many problems caused by the sixth sense asleep; that’s why we have to wake up!

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Student: As written in the document, I too happen to meet people who generate a feeling of almost nervousness and repulsion just by seeing them and for no apparent reason. Sometimes it happens that this person starts talking to me, he also does it in a polite way and the previous feeling vanishes or at least reduces a lot. Now I am thinking that although their nature is negative, perhaps even unconsciously they tend to mask it in apparently normal ways: is this so or can there be a different explanation?

Angel: Of course, the feelings of repulsion and nervousness usually aren’t wrong, because it’s not just about dislike, but you feel that something is wrong with that person and many times you’re right. But then she starts talking to you and, kindly, manages to make you believe that you have done everything wrong about her and that in reality she is a good person, because she is kind. Of course, sometimes you might really find out that you were wrong, but many other times instead, with his kindness, he manages to hide his true intentions. The more wicked people are, the more able they are to use fake kindness to deceive you, discovering their true identity many times too late. So it is good that you pay attention to the sensations you feel when you know someone, without leaving biased with the idea that if he is kind it necessarily means that he hides something; but without even being lulled too much by your laurels and then finding yourself the stab at the end. Appearances can be deceiving, especially if that person is smart and is used to deceiving people by masking his true intentions with a kind and polite face. Always remain conscious and you will realize the identity of the other person before it is already too late.

Student: I understand, then perhaps also the fact that while he speaks to you you are distracted from perception, let’s say energetic, focusing more on what he is saying to you and we tend to be less conscious.

Student2: A bit like sellers, as Angel described in his articles, when they try to convince you to sell you something even though you don’t really need it. This is because they have been able to persuade you and therefore influence you to buy that specific product.

Angel: Exactly, so it distracts you with so many beautiful words and in the meantime it misleads you.

Student: Yes, you made the right example. I have another question always on the subject. When you think of a negative person, even if physically distant, and you experience that feeling of anguish, it is because you create a connection between the respective auras and therefore it is not only due to a personal thought, how can it be, for example, a bad memory?

Angel: When we talk about energy there is no distance, so it does not depend only on the aura, but precisely on the telepathic connection that is created between you and that person, which spontaneously leads to an exchange of information / energies; in this case you feel that feeling of anguish because thinking about that person you connected to a negative energy, so it is what you perceived. Detachment serves just this: to be able to perceive others without being overwhelmed by the sensations that their “presence” brings us.

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Student: Hi Angel, I would like to ask you how I can interpret the following episode. It has happened to me that one of my closest friends who has been practicing yoga for years and beyond (she is a person very open to spiritual growth), after almost 10 years of friendship, one fine day started accusing me of non-existent things. She began to tell me that she finally saw the real person I was, that is, bad and envious, who perceived and saw bad energy around me for a year now, who could see my thoughts etc. I admit that I did not expect such an attitude and even accused me of things I had never done and thought, claiming that she saw and felt the negative energy in me. I didn’t recognize her: she had eyes and a demonized smile and she also told me really bad things, and she wasn’t softened by my words and by trying to make him understand that he was wrong, at least for the unfounded accusations he was addressing me . I haven’t had a good time but now I’m better and I didn’t want to instill “negative energies” on others at all! I also insulated myself against this. Anyway, to conclude I would like to ask you: since I was the subject of attribution of this negative aura, what should I do? I ask for your suggestion and advice. PS: other friends have told me that despite the bad period I instilled positive energy. Thanks.

Angel: Honestly, as soon as you started the sentence with “my friend who has been practicing yoga for years” I immediately thought “Ok, it doesn’t end well here!”, In fact then I read the continuation of your question and you described exactly what I expected. This is because some paths, especially depending on their “master”, push you towards a path of absolute exaltation, where you are perfect and the rest of the world is rotten, envious of you, less evolved than you, less important than you; there is only you, as the supreme and best of all, the most awakened, while all the others are there only to envy you and to serve you as best you can. Here is what happens to these people: they literally go crazy from one day to the next, accusing their friends, treating friends and relatives badly, with whom until the day before they got along well, and much more. Then because of these sick paths, because this is what we are dealing with, all the other paths that are serious and professional, also end up being united as if we were all the same, “all crazy”, just as I explained in the articles of 1 Steps. I liked the precision with which you described the “eyes and smile possessed” typical by those who follow a path based on self-exaltation, which in all those years does nothing but move them away from the true Awakening and the truth, while they are convinced of having found it: you just have to exalt yourself and convince yourself that you are better than others to wake up, right? Having said that, I advise you to slip all the bad things he said to you and that obviously hurt you, because you see that you are not the problem, but she and her beliefs. Here the aura has nothing to do with it, here it has to do with education first of all, respect for other people and also a pinch of sanity, which never hurts. I understand that certain things can hurt and make you feel bad, but when a person begins to show such excessive changes in mood and behavior, so much so that you blame yourself for things you have not done, it is better to stay away from him, because they will not bring anything good. His head is gone, let him go where he likes best, instead you remain conscious and do not be touched by his useless verbal attacks. Some people are better off losing them, because if you keep them close they only bring you so many problems and confusion. Put that disappointment aside and take back your smile, which you must not take away from such a person!

Student: Hi Angel, I read the document on the aura and I find my experience perfectly. When I am next to a person (fortunately it happens rarely) all day, the next day I feel on the ground, I feel negative. I know it is this subject that transfers this negativity to me, because he is a passive, depressed person etc. My question is: how can I immediately reject this negativity?

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Angel: Hi! In the immediate future, when you are there in front of that person, I advise you to breathe deeply and concentrate on strengthening your aura, or on strengthening your psychic protection; in both cases, very useful, remain aware of what you are doing so that the heaviness and negativity of that person cannot influence you and therefore make you feel bad. If you practice right away when you have it face to face, without waiting for when it goes away, you will realize that the effect will be much stronger, because its negative energy does not have time to get inside you and influence you; if instead you wait until after to practice, you are giving him all the time to enter you, influence you, make you lower, etc. Recovering the situation later becomes difficult, better to act now!

Student: Meanwhile, thank you very much Angel. I read that negative energy can enter the aura and create problems in various areas of life and I also believe in a person’s health. But then this energy runs out of itself? If the person does not know how to neutralize him, how far can he go on creating problems in that person’s life?

Angel: Well it depends, because sometimes it runs out of itself, makes a bang and then ends; at other times this energy continues until it becomes a real program in the aura of the victim, who can no longer detach himself from it; therefore it continues to repeat itself and cause damage that will continue over the years, because the victim is unable to get rid of it. It becomes almost a loop that leads negative situations to repeat themselves, or rather, bad luck continues to repeat itself, proposing always different scenarios, but something ends up going wrong in everyone. This is what happens when there is a negative energy that has now become an energy program.

Student: Good evening Angel. We have always talked about a negative aura that negatively affects another aura, a positive one that rejects the negative one, but I would like to understand if there were cases in which the positive aura, instead of removing the negative one, could not influence it positively and therefore help it . On the other hand, you explained to us that we, with our aura, influence everything around us. And how come or doesn’t happen?

Or can you help another aura only with techniques?

Angel: Of course it can happen, but it must be understood that it depends as much on how much that person really wants to change his character and therefore be helped. To give an example, many times I am asked why a person who has a negative aura, if he approaches us (hopefully our aura is positive) does not change and does not become positive. Of course it can sometimes happen, depending on why that person is negative; but other times not, because our aura does not “impose” on others that they must also be good and positive people. Our aura can positively influence someone, but if that person does not want to be positive, does not want to be well or does not want to be good, there is little that can be done, you cannot force someone to become good or positive, because as soon as he turns the angle will return exactly as it was before, negative or evil. Indeed, it is a burden for us who waste time at. Is that what you meant?

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Student: This is exactly what I was asking for! Thanks a lot Angel! Thanks a lot for your advice! Thanks to these lessons I’m focusing a lot on the aura, so I’m trying to study every single thing that happens to me during the day and everything around me.

Angel: Very well! For today the lesson ends here, but if you have any other questions do not hesitate to send them to me through this box . I will reply as soon as possible. In the meantime, I wish you goodnight and see you again at the next lesson!

Student: Thank you so much Angel for the lesson. Being present at these lessons held by you is always an enriching experience, thank you very much.

Student: Fantastic lesson, Angel you are amazing, thank you and goodnight everyone!

Student: Thank you so much Angel, a fantastic and truly beautiful lesson! Three and a half hours and almost have flown! Thanks a lot, it was fantastic! And good rest, goodnight everyone. Hi!

Student: Thank you so much Angel it was a super interesting lesson! Thanks for your time and for everything!

Student: Really wonderful lesson! Goodnight everyone and thank you Angel for your wonderful answers!

Student: Fantastic lesson! You outdo yourself every time Angel! Thank you so much!

Student: Thanks Angel! Beautiful lesson, goodnight!

Angel: Goodnight everyone!

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