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72 – Questions about Astral Travel – Understand fully what an O.B.E. is (part 2)

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Angel: Welcome to this new lesson on Astral Travel! Please start with the first question.

Student: Hi Angel! In previous lectures I read on one of your answers that we could put intent to turn a dream into astral. Could you explain more about how? Meaning, should I try to practice the same relaxation techniques and close my eyes in the dream as well, or what? Perhaps we should expect to see our bodies suddenly sleeping just by putting intent? I ask it because in order to fly I first became aware that I was asleep and then made an effort to fly. But in the case of the astral, since there is a technique that allows us to do that, it is not enough to just decide to fly and launch, and so I can’t imagine how I could go from dream to astral.

Angel: Hi! The dream dimension is a very large but still limited dimension, that is, it is not infinite, so if during a lucid dream we decide to fly higher and higher until we decide we want to get out of that dimension and use that push as a trampoline to get out of the body, that is when we would enter the astral plane. While dreaming, our body is asleep exactly as when we try to perform the astral travel technique. If we can keep the mind clear and conscious, thus awake without, however, waking the whole body, here we would be performing an O.B.E. It would turn out to be easier since the body is already asleep, and also the natural defenses, which usually intervene when we try to induce astral travel and fail to relax properly, are calmer, because in the dream it is known that even if you fall down, you do not get hurt, so the shifting of our energy is not seen as a danger but as a natural occurrence. Therefore, if during a lucid dream you decided to move your energy out of the dream dimension and thus decided with the intent to make an astral journey, it might happen that from the dream you switch to an O.B.E. So, it is not that the dream turns into O.B.E., rather you use the dream to be able to go out into the astral, however then the astral is real so it is not just a dream. On the other hand, sometimes the opposite also happens, which is that you get into the technique for astral travel and you are about to go out, but when you unfortunately end up falling asleep and from there you start dreaming. So, you risk getting confused, because you were actually going out in the astral really, but then you fell asleep and found yourself in a dream, and what started as an O.B.E. suddenly turns into a dream, with the risk of confusing the two experiences. That is why it is important to pay attention to all the details that will enable you to understand whether it was a real experience or merely a dream.

Student: Hi Angel!!! Thank you so much for these lessons! For astral travel, I cannot tell if I really do it or if I am just imagining flying through the house or the sky. I see beautiful things but I do not hear the pop that is said to be felt when you leave your body.

Angel: Hi! Tell me a typical O.B.E. of yours, so I can tell you whether it is real or not.

Student: I was flying around the house then went outside and saw a hillside overlooking a lake full of colorful flowers. The feeling was beautiful.

Angel: Is this hill really outside your house?

Student: Not like this, but similar: the lake is there but not with flowers in it.

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Angel: In astral travel you see exactly what is there in reality: so, if you saw things that are not there in reality outside your home, you were not in astral travel but in a dream, so it is fantasy.

Student: Hi Angel. A girl one day told me about an astral travel. On this astral travel there was a girl who started to run away, he chased after her, and she hid behind a low wall in a forest her partner took. He then managed to find her, asked her what she was holding, and she after a while showed him that she had nothing. She tells him that her name is Chiara and that she knows a person who is very important to him, and from the description of this person she sounded like me (my name is not Chiara). The girl then showed him a picture of me and he stunned told her that it was me. I do not remember any of this, could this have been an O.B.E. as well? Or a dream?

Angel: Hi. Unfortunately, this was all a dream. The fact that he was “chasing” this girl, that she hid behind a low wall, that she had something in her hand, and so on, are all details that prove it was a dream; confirmation is that you do not remember any of that, so you do not remember running away, meeting that guy, etc., precisely because you were not in O.B.E. together but it was just a dream of his. Whether it was a premonitory dream or something else is another matter, but it certainly was not an O.B.E.

Student: Hi Angel! To better understand, is it necessary to experience the moment of leaving the body to identify that experience as O.B.E.? Because, for example, I tried to make one astral travel one night and found myself directly in a small town in central Italy. It was nighttime and I was with an ACD student (I have not had a chance to verify who it is); I have my doubts that it had been an O.B.E. rather than a lucid dream, except that during the experience I “caught” it and we flew down an escarpment/wall to escape an unclear situation and from some individuals. Then we teleported back to his house in no time, and to make a long story short, I “re-entered” home.

Angel: You will not always notice the time of exit or re-entry when you are performing an O.B.E. But what you recounted is certainly a dream. In fact, I ask you, does this person have the same memories as you? Just because someone told you in the dream that they were an ACD student does not mean it was a real experience; this is because in your dream the characters are saying what you would like to hear, what would please you, or what you most fear, because it is your dream and it is controlled by your unconscious emotions. Therefore, if you dream that a person identifies himself or herself as an ACD student, it does not mean that he or she is real.

Student: Unfortunately, I could not verify it, but I knew he was a student, in fact we wanted to share the experience with others and I during the O.B.E. gave him the email, but in reality, I did not receive any email.

Angel: I know the excitement of wanting to experience an O.B.E. is a lot, but it is good to recognize when it is reality from when it is just a dream. I do not doubt that in a dream you can actually communicate with other people, but you are saying that a character you met who claimed to be an ACD student (but whom you do not know) had an O.B.E. experience with you, that you traveled together, that you exchanged e-mails but in reality, you received none. It is a dream, do not be disappointed.

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Student: Hello Angel. If I understand correctly, the creative thinking mechanism in the astral manifests “right away.” Is this correct? So, if I think I have a physical shape I will “see” myself with a physical body. But if in the astral I think I want to have dinner with Jesus, will I be able to summon his frequency and have him come to me, or is the thought talk in the astral really just a “perception” talk? I ask it because in dreams my thinking is highly creative of the dream scenario and my fears always take shape (fortunately they are only dreams).

Angel: There continues to be a huge difference between the dream and the astral, because the astral is a real experience, and one does not create imaginary or unfeasible scenarios or situations within it, just from thinking about them, as happens in a lucid dream. In a dream you can create whatever you want, you can even dream of dining with Deities because your imagination can create their likenesses, but that does not mean that they really came in your dream, and that it is really them. So, they were not recalled: it was you who imagined them. Tanto meno puoi creare una fantasia mentre sei in astrale. Also, in astral you do not go hungry and you cannot go to dinner, just to be clear, let alone there are restaurants in astral where you can meet to have dinner together; these are just fantasies. There are those who invent, since they have never had real experiences, that in the astral there are stores where you can shop, restaurants where you can eat with your friends, schools, everything in the physical dimension, but this is not real! They are only dreams! When you go out in the astral you are like an entity, moving through walls and you can visit the places that interest you most, however, you are not there physically so you do not go shopping or eating, or chatting with other people. Those are dreams!

Student: Hi Angel! Could you tell me again the distinction between lucid dreaming and O.B.E.? I am asking because I have been to so many places that I did not know (some I later got to know some time later), but I was sleeping. Was it prescience (what a big word!), astral travel, random rambling? I am a little bit confused.

Angel: Hi! During astral travel you leave your body to go and see places you have already seen or have never seen but which you will be able to recognize as real as soon as you go to visit them on a physical trip or through photographs; a premonitory dream, on the other hand, is when you foresee a place to which you will later go live, but which you saw during a dream and not during an astral travel. It is basically a forecast of a sightseeing trip that you will take. This has nothing to do with lucid dreaming, which instead is a moment when you recognize that you are inside a dream and for that reason you learn to play with it, for example you can start flying or changing scenarios as you like because you learn to control your dream; so, you can also choose to wake up from sleep. The lucid dream, however, is really a dream, whereas astral travel is not a dream, because you realize that it is real, you are not just dreaming.

Student: Does developing attention during dreaming help the fulfillment of astral travel?

Angel: Yes absolutely, if you improve your lucid dreams, it will also be easier for you to take advantage of them to perform astral travel.

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Student: Hi Angel, I would like to tell you about an alleged Astral travel of mine.
It all started from a dream, I think it was a dream within a dream: I dreamed that thieves had come into the house and that the front door was open. I woke up in fright, was heartened that it had only been a dream, and fell asleep again. In my sleep I felt a strange feeling of anguish, that of having left the front door open. I felt like I was in a deep sleep but I felt that I “had” to get up and close the door, so I got up. I got to the door of the room and, at the end of the hall where there was a shoe rack, I thought I saw (I could see very blurry) a white figure. Then, startled, I turned sharply to go back, but that abrupt movement made me lose my balance. That is when I realized that I did not have my body, I felt that I was falling very slowly: I could see the door handle, the edge and finally the floor. I was suspended horizontally about 50 cm above the floor, looking at the ceramic pattern, the inlets between the tiles. I was terrified, feeling my physical body paralyzed; I slowly tried to calm down and regained control. The next morning, I went to see what was down the hall: I had actually left on the shoe rack some shoe boxes that formed a small white tower. Other times I “had” to travel (I feel it as a necessity but one that I have no desire to do), but I somehow blocked the “flight” at the beginning and every time I was dealing with open doors that I “had” to close them. What do you think? Does the open door have a symbolic meaning?

Angel: Hello. Astral travels are not like dreams, so they do not have symbolic meanings or to be interpreted. In fact, I really believe that yours was not an astral journey, because everything you have told me brings back the features of a dream. So, it is important to be able to recognize a dream from a real astral journey, and in your case, I believe it had been a dream.

Student: I remember in certain dreams I used to have until a few years ago I would walk in the dark in the house, then I would become aware that it was a dream and I would feel very heavy, so much so that I could hardly walk. Knowing about astral travel but never having experienced it, I used to interpret these experiences as an astral journey in which, becoming aware of my body, I would weigh myself down and go back: do you think this is possible?

Angel: As you well said these are dreams because astral travel is quite different: it is real experience. Whether you realize you are in the astral or not, there are definite sensations that cannot be ignored; instead, in your dream you became heavy only after you thought about it, an important detail among all others to confirm more that it was a dream. Also, astral travels are not interpretations; they are real experiences, so yours was a dream.

Student: On what does the success of O.B.E. depend?

Angel: It depends on the energy you possess, how relaxed you are, how much you trust what is happening, as well as your detachment from fear.

Student: When it happens that you go out in the astral, can you also go out for a long time or do you risk losing too much energy?

Angel: The fear of losing too much energy is the last problem that should touch us, and this applies to whatever technique we want to practice. We take energy precisely so that we can use it to obtain experiences, certainly not to hold it down. Your human body has a very good sense of survival, in fact if it were to perceive a decrease in energy beyond its calculations, it will block that system, which, in this case, will immediately bring you back inside your body.

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Even if you wanted to run for days at a time without ever stopping, you know that your body, unable to withstand the exertion, will stop running because of fatigue, and whether you want to or not, you will have the blockages in your legs that will prevent you from running beyond the limit you could handle. Surely the body will not wait to die just to satisfy your desire to run for days on end. For the same reason, if you wanted to stay out of the body too long, you could do so only until the resources you can tap for an O.B.E. are almost at the limit, but that does not mean that if you exceed that limit then you will die: the body would suck you into it long before the end of the energy supply. It is kind of like the warning you see in the car when it tells you it is running out of gas: it does not warn you when you are already out of gas, although it makes it sound like you are almost going to stop; the alert goes off long before the car shuts down, so you have plenty of time to find the nearest gas station to fill up at. Better yet, the physical body signals you the end of astral travel long before–far too long before–your usable energy for O.B.E. ends altogether. So, you will only be able to stay out of the body for a long time if you have plenty of pranic energy to extend the duration of the O.B.E., otherwise you will go back in as soon as the body decides that it has run out of energy to spend on the O.B.E. It is normal, then, that after returning from astral travel you may feel a little tired, so you may wish to recover by getting a few hours of sleep, but nothing more; so, there is no need to worry.

Student: Then the body protects itself; it is in its own interest.

Angel: Exactly. Throughout my experiences I practiced to have very intense O.B.Es, trying to force myself to stay out as long as possible, but it was my decision to outdo myself more and more each time. When I re-entered the body, I felt very tired, rested for a few hours and then I was as good as new. Of course, sleep cannot give you pranic energy, so to recover energy you must meditate, but astral travel consumes less energy than your physique would have you believe. The point is that the body, to allow you to go out into the astral, requires you to have a lot more energy than you would expend, which is why it is necessary to meditate, so that you can absorb a lot of energy that you can then use to make lasting O.B.Es.

Student: You said that the body, when we are afraid, holds back energy. It does not want to detach the soul and therefore it holds back. But I think of those people, for example in war, who although they have tremendous fear, at the moment of death they still die and the soul is detached. Why does not the body in those cases retain?

Angel: This has nothing to do with astral travel. When the body is about to die because you have a disease or because you are killed by a bullet, a knife or whatever the weapon is, it cannot retain the soul simply because the body is dying and has neither the ability nor the interest to retain the soul to itself, since it is dying. Astral travel is not going to war, it is not a death, it makes no sense at all to compare death in war with an O.B.E. During an O.B.E the physical body risks nothing because it is lying in the comfortable and warm bed; there is no one who is going to point a gun at you in the meantime, not least because if that were the case your concern would certainly not be the fear of astral travel.

Student: Hi Angel, hi everyone. Some time ago I happened to feel my body vibrating for several nights while I was in my sleep. It was a strong tremor, so much so that I thought of an earthquake, however, then I realized that it was my body. Somewhere I read that it is a beginning of astral travel, but I would like to ask you to confirm. Is it O.B.E. or is it just the nerves maybe contracting? Sorry for the stupid question. Thank you.

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Angel: Hi. Yes, that is correct, these physical sensations are the beginning of astral travel. When it happens again, try to be in nonthought and stay well relaxed so that you can enjoy the astral journey.

Student: When you start a spontaneous O.B.E. and cannot get out of the body, does it happen because you do not have enough energy to get out completely?

Angel: That is right, when you are about to perform an O.B.E. but cannot get out it can happen because fear is blocking you inside, or because you do not have enough energy to complete the exit. However, if it is your first O.B.E., it could also be simple physical tension that is blocking you, which occurs when the body is too tense and energy cannot flow well. So just relax and let yourself go. If despite your good mental state, you still do not go out in the astral, it depends on the low amount of energy: so, make provision and increase your meditative sessions to replenish your energy and be more prepared for the next astral travel.

Student: But being spontaneous, why does it start if the body already knows it does not have the right energy?

Angel: First, because it is not necessarily that the problem is really lack of energy, as it could also be fear that is blocking you, and this does not depend on how much energy you possess but on how intensely you prevent yourself from having this new experience. Also, astral travel is driven by your Self, your Consciousness that wants you to have this experience, not so much by the physical body, so you could start an O.B.E. even if the body does not completely agree because it was YOU who chose it as Consciousness, not the body.

Student: What would happen if I had little energy, that is, if I had just started meditating a short time ago and happened to take an astral journey consuming a lot of energy? Would I drain myself? Should I start all over again?

Angel: You would not go back to zero and drain, so do not have these fears. Astral travel is a natural experience; in fact, even people who do not meditate or practice might take involuntary astral travels sometimes, so there is no risk. You would consume some energy, but awareness and experience will grow a lot in you, evolving your consciousness. So, it is worth it, because we do not meditate as an end in itself, but to evolve and have experiences, that is why there is no problem if you consume some of your energy during an astral journey-it is specifically for that! Energy is needed to give you the opportunity to have experiences, to practice techniques that will lead you to results to which, otherwise, without energy you could not arrive. During an O.B.E. you do not consume all the energy you have in your body, or all the energy you have accumulated so far by meditating, it would be too much. The energy you have consumed you will be able to regain quickly during the meditations you will do upon your return. Therefore, you do not start over, but rather you continue with more experiences.


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Student: Perhaps the question is not perfectly pertinent to astral travel, but in the last few weeks when I practice self-healing I tend to get to a state of near paralysis (like the one I reach when I try to go out into the astral even though I still cannot for now). The body is still and I can stay like this for more than an hour, and I can sense energy movements within me in great detail. If I took this state to the extreme and put intent into it, could it become a steppingstone? Thank you, Angel.

Angel: Absolutely, so continue as you are doing because it is a great tool to succeed!

Student: The day before yesterday I was almost out of the body, feeling everything, especially the Dimension. I could feel the astral feet and everything else, however, my head was stuck, could not get off; was it also this lack of energy?

Angel: During an astral journey you must not force the energy out but you must let go, because if you force too much the body starts to feel in danger and brings its energy back in, interpreting this as a threat. For this reason, it is necessary to let go so that the energy flows and can detach and exit the body gently. The head is the most difficult part to detach because it is the area of the body where energy is most “rigid” and finds it most difficult to let go and flow out of the body. Have more patience and relax, slowly letting your head out as well.

Student: Hi Angel! To best execute an astral journey, knowing and practicing external energy movements well can help?

Angel: Yes, absolutely, but not only the external movements, also the internal movements.

Student: I think that experiences like astral travel improve you certain techniques, such as precisely energy movements.

Angel: Of course, each technique enhances and reinforces the others. I am glad you noticed that.

Student: When you go out into the astral, how long does it take to re-enter the body?

Angel: Energy does not leave the body with extreme speed, so it also takes a few seconds to re-enter, although at the moment they may seem long; even though it is much faster and easier to get back into the body than to get out of it. Wanting to quantify the time, it takes a few seconds, but rightly you must let the re-entry be smooth and then let it take its time, without getting anxious and rushing him too much. Rest assured that there is no way that you can get stuck outside, already by the principle that you are not outside the body but you have always stayed inside: what comes out is just a probe of your conscious energy through which you see in the first person as if it were you, but you are actually the soul that is left inside. So, it depends on the occasion: usually the re-entry can be very quick, almost immediate, especially if it was the body that decided to let you re-enter and break the experience sometimes at the most beautiful; instead, when you are the one who decides you want to go back in, it may take a few seconds, but no longer.

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During the first experiences it is normal to have the fear of not being able to re-enter, we have all been there, however, rest assured that you will re-enter the body and, indeed, in time you will get annoyed with re-entering so quickly, because you will want to hold back more in the astral and you will not want to re-enter. Usually, it is the body that makes you re-enter before you want it to so it will be ready to welcome you and absorb you into itself and the re-entry will be very fast, sometimes immediate, so much so that you will not remember the passage. Other times, when you can hold yourself out for longer without the body sucking you in right away, you will get closer to your body and think you want to go back in: you will be back in seconds. Do not be in too much of a hurry, give your body the seconds it needs to calmly absorb the energy probe and let it flow fluidly back into itself. Sometimes you may have dreamed that you fell or plummeted into the void and woke up startled and maybe even heartbroken. It happened because at that moment your energy was moving and probably also flowing out of the body, but when it re-enters too quickly – and not fluidly – the rush frightens the body and the heartbeat occurs. Nothing serious of course, but it is a bit annoying and the first few times can be scary.

Student: So, every time I dream about plummeting into the void, I am actually taking an astral travel?

Angel: Not necessarily. I said that your energy was moving and that it might be the beginning of an exit, but that it did not necessarily occur. Energy moves all the time but flows gently, so you do not notice it, it is natural. However, when you are asleep and too fast and strong a movement takes place inside you, you wake up startled by the sudden sensation given by the energy. It can happen.

Student: Hi Angel. Is there a time when a person may be ready to perform the techniques for astral travel?

Angel: Actually, any time is good and you do not have to wait any longer; you can decide to make an O.B.E. whenever you want, without being limited by fear or the belief that something must happen to let you know you are ready. You are ready now if you want to.

Student: To attempt astral travel, do we have to wait until we have accumulated energy or can we try right away?

Angel: Absolutely, it should be tried right away, because you will never have accumulated enough energy if you start with this assumption. Successful astral travel depends not only on energy, but on training in technique and detaching fear, so I recommend that you start right away and do not put it off; it does not matter if you do not come out on the first try, because the more you practice, the better you will become, having more familiarity. Just try and try again.

Student: What would happen if this energy I use, while traveling outside the body, was suddenly destroyed?

Angel: You would wake up inside your body, in your bed. The Soul does not come out of the body, so if the outgoing energy that you used as a probe was destroyed, at most you would feel a little more tired and need to regain energy by meditating, but nothing serious. However, it is not so easy for that to happen; your probe is safe.

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Student: Is there a difference in doing an O.B.E. in the daytime or in the evening?

Angel: No, during my experiences I have not found any difference, although it is generally easier to do it early in the morning because-if you are in the habit of going to bed early-it might be the perfect stage when your body goes into paralysis because you still do not feel like getting up but your mind is more active to spiritual experiences.

Student: I will preface this by saying that I have already had three astral trips and one while I was awake, and before I met ACD it was horrible as a feeling because it was very scary for me to leave the body, now thanks to you it is better. I want to make them, the curiosity is great, but I always ask myself a question: why do I always feel like making them during the day and not at night?

Angel: Do them in the daytime, what is the problem? If night scares you, then do them during the day. Do not worry, when you feel braver later you will start doing them at night as well.

Student: When there is a bad thunderstorm with lightning, thunder, etc., is it prudent to go out in astral (if that were possible)? Are there times when it is better not to do them if the weather conditions outside are not favorable?

Angel: Do not worry, weather conditions count for nothing in the performance of the O.B.E., and you will be able to make a good astral travel no matter what the weather is like outside. You could perform an O.B.E. while there is a storm as well as when there is beautiful sunshine; there is no danger you could run, nothing bad will happen to you.

Student: Hello everyone. I wanted to know if it is possible to go into paralysis even during the daytime in order to come out in astral. For example, I am at work and want to try, is it possible?

Angel: Hi! It would be very nice but it is not so easy! Going out into the astral is a time-consuming technique, because it needs the body to be asleep, thus precisely in paralysis. Do not think of the astral as they show it in movies, where even before you close your eyes, you are already asleep and your energy is already out of your body. You are in a heavy Low at work, and I do not think you have a chance to lie down in order to be able to sleep the body and succeed in the O.B.E. Therefore, it is one of the few techniques that can be accomplished only at home and not while you are out and about, at work, etc.

Student: When I met ACD, my desire was to develop communication with God, and I thought everything else was not my concern; now I am beginning to understand that to know you must experience directly through the experience of the soul, so I sometimes find myself in places or seeing some thing that I do not know and that gradually becomes outlined. It is like you go randomly in feeling the energy coming out like it is an O.B.E.: I do not expect it and my body experiences it as a fall and it distracts me from that moment of depth that I have during meditation. Let me explain, when I do not feel separated from the point on which I am meditating but am focused completely there, something happens that I see but immediately the physical sensation of falling comes and I lose everything. How to avoid being distracted by the body?

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Angel: It just takes training. With practice you will learn how to make your body relax and let go without getting distracted. It will understand and will no longer block your experiences. It is a work you must do within yourself.

Student: So, relaxation, intent and energy are the three main ingredients?

Angel: Exactly. Have you noticed how sometimes the O.B.E. gets stuck and you get stuck inside the body or half out and half in? This happens because there is not enough energy so if you strain the body more, the body may think it is something negative and it will start to stiffen up and hurt you; if you let yourself flow, let yourself go with relaxation, it is possible that you will go out or you will go back in and try again when you are more charged. Cannot do it today? Try again tomorrow. Cannot do it? Try again. Still cannot do it? Then you try again. In ACD there is no such thing as “I cannot,” if you try you can, so either you can or you have not really tried. It is all in the state of mind and preparation, the technique is easy but it depends on how hard you work on your preparation. You will see that it will get better!

Student: What happens if one goes astral and then the phone rings, or the doorbell rings, or they call you? What happens if someone disturbs?

Angel: If the phone rings, the alarm clock, or any other distraction goes off, you simply wake up. The energy probe that was outside the body will return inside very quickly, and you will simply open your eyes and wake up, as happens when you wake up from a dream.

Student: Thank you…then no fear….

Angel: No, absolutely, there is nothing to be afraid of, and with experience you will understand it.

Student: You said earlier that the unconscious fear is the fear that the physical body has in losing its energetic part. In this case, precisely because it is unconscious, how do you overcome it?

Angel: You get over the fear with time, trying and trying again, realizing that the O.B.E. cannot hurt you, that you cannot die during astral travel. Trust in God, because by trusting Him you will be sure that nothing bad can happen to you during an O.B.E., which is why you will be more relaxed and let go of the experience.

Student: One day I almost succeeded in astral travel, but only partially. I can only get the limbs out; the head remains attached, as if pivoting. I also had many lucid dreams; I never had any before. In what can I improve to achieve complete detachment?

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Angel: Self-confidence and not being in too much of a hurry or afraid. Detachment the first time is very particular to your physical body and can seem scary. You know it is not dangerous, but your body has a very strong natural defense that is activated and can block the energy from escaping, so it tries to stop it and hold it within itself. If you are in a hurry and try to forcibly detach, your body will believe it is something negative and therefore block it; Instead, if you relax, even though it takes time and may seem too slow at the time, the detachment will be gentler and your body will understand that you are the one who wants it and therefore there is nothing to be afraid of, because it is not something negative. In this way he will allow you to have this experience and little by little he will trust your decisions, your choices more and more and–when you want to have another experience–he will no longer resist.

Student: I have been trying for years and only with your meditation I am getting results in such a short time. I have never had “paranormal” experiences in the past and it is great now to have them. I cannot thank you enough.

Angel: I am very happy about it! Little by little you will get to know more and more about the practices I teach, and of course you will become better at practicing them and applying them for your own needs.

Student: I tried to make an O.B.E. Energy had come out of the back, feet, arms and neck, while from the head it came out with difficulty. My body had gone all numb and I was so hot. But I could not get out of the body. My question: have I not done the technique properly or do I still not have enough energy?

Angel: Just as I said before, you were coming out but you got stuck from the head because that is the hardest part to come out of, so you must relax more and let go. Also, if I had more energy, it would have gone better. Meditate more and try again, it will always go better.

Student: I have tried several times to perform an O.B.E., but I cannot break away, even though I see colors and have perceptions however very vague. Can it be that still a small part of my energy will come off?

Angel: It is possible that in those moments it is going to happen, but you must work much harder on it. We have concluded for today, but if you have any more questions, you can submit them in the appropriate section by clicking here, so I will answer all your questions about astral travel and read about your experiences with this topic.

Student: Thank you Angel, it was a wonderful lesson!

Student: Thank you very much, it helped me a lot to better understand these topics that scare me a bit.

Student: Fantastic class Angel, every day I learn something new. I look forward to attending the next class!

Student: Thank you very much, good night everybody.

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