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36 – Questions about the Aura – The importance of the Aura (part 1)

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Angel: Welcome to this first lecture on “What is the Aura.” Today I will answer all your inherent questions, please take your time and think about them.

Student: Hi Angel! I thank you for this path in which you are leading us, it is very interesting. I wanted to ask you: is there any living being, or non-living being, that does not possess the aura?

Angel: Hello, and welcome! No, there is no such thing within this planet that does not possess aura. Whether it is living beings, or inanimate objects, we are always talking about energy; therefore, everything possesses an aura.

Student: Everyone’s aura, if not nurtured and strengthened, will weaken over time. But it is impossible for it to disappear completely, that is, we will never see anything or anyone who does not have an aura, as there are always energies around people and things that “shape” it, even if, for example, a person does nothing to maintain it. Is this correct?

Angel: That is right, it is impossible for the aura to disappear completely, because there is no living or inanimate being that does not possess an aura. Through the targeted techniques, which I will teach you in this course, you can strengthen your aura and make it much stronger and more resilient, and you will later discover the countless advantages of having a strong aura rather than a weak and half-destroyed one. On the other hand, even if you weakened your aura to the utmost through bad habits and forgetting to nourish and strengthen it, still the aura would remain; of course, it would be much weaker and more fragile than an ordinary aura, but the fact remains that that the aura cannot disappear, as objects also possess one. Basically, there is no object or material that does not have an energy field, as matter itself is made of energy; much less a living being that does not possess an aura.

Student: Hi Angel. I have always imagined aura as something external to us. es, probably always part of our energy or at any rate I thought of it as an electric field generated by us, but completely outside of the person although I had probably already read in another lectures of yours that this is not so. Instead, from these lectures I was able to learn that the aura is very very deep within us and only then extends far beyond our physical body. In previous lessons it is also written that the aura is “a part of our soul.” What are the psychic techniques that are accomplished through the aura? Probably all of them if, as I understand, the aura corresponds to everyone’s personal energy.

Angel: First of all, I am glad that through this path you are becoming more familiar with the topic of “aura” and realizing how important it is, and not just a colorful form that surrounds us but almost insignificant. The aura is very important because it protects us, helps us face daily adversities and allows us to have more power over this physical dimension. This is only the first lecture on the subject, so do not worry, time for time we will delve into the subject on higher and higher levels. In fact, in the next few lessons I will explain some of the psychic techniques for improving and strengthening one’s aura; then I will teach you how to use it to achieve personal goals.

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Student: Yes, thank you, it is very important to reinforce it and not neglect it. I am realizing this in a positive sense.

Angel: That makes me happy.

Student: Does everything have an aura, including entities? Since they are also energy like us, like objects and like everything that exists.

Angel: Yes, absolutely, entities also possess an aura, since they are living beings; the aura is not only possessed by those who have a material body, because the aura is made of energy, even more so that dimensional entities and living beings also possess it.

Student: Is the aura of the entities like ours or do they have different characteristics?

Angel: It is a little different, of course, since the functions it will need on certain aspects will be different from human needs; however, on a great many other aspects the two auras are very similar.

Student: If there is my aura around me, where is the prana located? In another dimension?

Angel: Aura does not exclude prana! Your aura is made of energy; prana is energy. Why do you think the two collide? The two energies can coexist very well in the same space, in fact the more you breathe prana the stronger and more compact your aura becomes. When it comes to energy, we should not imagine that it functions like matter. o give a simple example, if you fill a box with matter, for example with sand, nothing else will fit inside the box, because it will be full and cannot contain anything else inside it; but when it comes to energy, there is no limit, there is no blockage that prevents energy from entering, so the box can also be filled with different energies and not because of that one would exclude the other. In fact, the box possesses its own aura, yet you could, for example, fill its interior with prana.

Student: Since so much information can be drawn from the aura regarding our life, our health, our evolution and our energy, is the aura a projection of what we have inside in the form of an energy field?

Angel: Yes, we could say that this is the case, but you will notice, as these lessons on auras go on, how it is much more advanced than just a basic definition. With the new knowledge you will discover in the coming lessons, many doubts will be resolved in you and you will learn about information that you have underestimated all your life.

Student: Is the head aura united with the Crown chakra on which we meditate?

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Angel: The Corona chakra and the head aura are not the same thing, so the energies are not confused with each other. But certainly, one helps the other, so the more you meditate on the Crown the more the aura around the head is also strengthened; and the more you strengthen the aura around the head the more meditation on the high chakras will also go better!

Student: Hello everyone and hello Angel! Thank you so much for this opportunity! I wanted to ask you this: in the documents you said that everyone possesses the aura, so living beings and objects. I was wondering if Gaia also possessed it.

Angel: Hello and welcome! Yes of course, the planet Earth also possesses the aura. Although it is a much larger matter than we are, it does not mean that it should not possess an energy field; in fact, it possesses it more because we are talking about a large living being, even if it is different from what we are made of. Trees are also very different from what we look like, yet they possess a large aura, sometimes even larger than ours.

Student: Hi Angel, thank you for being here to answer our questions. I did not understand the meaning of aura so well. To understand it, we need to experience it: precisely, I still have not experienced so much to be able to ask questions about the practice, but maybe I am wrong, I take some things for granted but I am working on it. I have noticed that, unlike other approaches I have implemented in past years, where I would soon tire and thus give up on the path I had taken, to this day I feel naturally proactive; I want to get to know the aura, I have a strong feeling (received also, from the way you Angel describe it: you remind me of life, the substance that vivifies everything, I really like the way you explain these topics) that she desires to express herself and be born through me and vice versa. This I owe only to you. It is really important for our and others’ evolution to know her. The aura is “born with us,” it is part of our soul, all that it holds, sensations, memories, words, gestures, joy, sorrow and feelings (what others would like us to be, etc.). The aura possesses a certain amount of energy, what determines its energy capacity? It is then the same for all, the aura is subject to aging, that is, if it is not properly protected in turn, it will deteriorate; differently, through her recognition, she evolves and we also benefit by raising our tonal through new information that allows us to see and understand other dimensions and so much more. Regarding the aura of objects, inanimate things, without souls precisely, its meaning changes; where does the aura take its origin, from a more “superficial” layer? Is its task different? But at the same time its task is necessary, as it creates continuity of information, a continuous cycle of energies that are not lost, but can be transformed. We can say that the aura is energy organized at various levels, its expansion, transformation and independence depending on our evolution. I hope I have explained myself a little and not asked an inappropriate question. Thank you.

Angel: First of all, welcome to this path, I am glad to hear that through these Steps you are having a much deeper approach to spiritual issues, including the aura. I have noticed how the aura is taken lightly and taken for granted by so many people, and this is no accident, because so many spiritualists who call themselves practitioners (even outside of here, clearly) treat the aura as something unimportant, as if all that matters is just looking at its color for a few minutes and then forgetting about its existence again. This results in even those who are interested in the subject for the first time ending up reading texts in which the aura is definitely underestimated and almost ridiculed, passing it off as a colorful silhouette that surrounds us but nothing more. Let me be clear that I, too, many years before I began to gain personal experience with aura practice, underestimated it; through experience then I began to realize how important the aura actually is, because it is through the aura that we can perform very large actions, greatly amplifying all the techniques we perform and the psychic faculties we possess.

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To give an example, looking at the aura is not just to see its surface color and then return to everyday life unaware of the true power of our energy field. Although at first practicing aura viewing can be tiring and almost seem like a waste of time, it actually offers a great experience that does not stop at the first colored layer. This is because the more you look at it, the more you become aware of the existence of other dimensions, which if you did not see with your own eyes, you would never understand them as they really are, but would rely solely on the idea you had about them, and that would not be enough at all to discover the truth. It is useless to think that dimensions can be understood without having your own experience, thus without having evidence of their existence. Evidence, however, should not be given to you by others, but you must take it yourself with your own eyes, with your own firsthand experience, because seeing other dimensions is not something impossible or meant for a select few; they can be seen but you must decide to practice on them in order to open yourself to these experiences. To see the aura, you simply stare at a point and these energies begin to become visible to your eyes; from there to seeing the first hints of other dimensions the step is quick, you just must decide to practice on it. What is the aura? It is dimensional energy, and it is just the beginning, because obviously to see more important dimensions you must train yourself to see more deeply, but it’s important to understand that this is what it is all about, to train yourself to see, and to do that you have to open your eyes and engage.

We are used to closing our eyes, we all like to close them, because even if we say we want to know the whole truth we always end up not wanting to know anything about it; this is what we should change in us. So, I am very pleased that my papers are inspiring you to want to try again and to want to put more effort into this practice, because knowing the aura and learning how to use it is crucial for Awakening. How can one person awaken if he does not even know the existence of the other dimensions? And to do that you have to look at the aura, because everything is connected, each technique is closely related to the others, and you cannot give up one just because it apparently requires time and effort, because nothing can be achieved without them. The aura is born with us and is part of our soul, in fact it is most important to understand this concept because it allows you to open up to all others. The aura contains within it all our pain, which means that whenever we suffer, this energy of suffering goes into the aura, which in turn goes directly into our soul.

This is not to be underestimated because it means that every time we suffer, this heavy energy gets inside the soul and stays there until we decide to remove it, otherwise it will remain there in the next lives. For this reason, it is important to keep a firm grip on our mind, detach painful and negative emotions, and become aware that everything negative we feel seeps into our aura and thus directly into our soul. All this can become serious as time passes, especially if we go on life after life without cleaning up the damage caused in past lives. I will stop here because I would end up talking to you for hours about past lives, and this is not the context, but what is important to understand is that the aura is part of our soul and we cannot take it for granted or underestimate it. In addition to our feelings, also imprinted in the aura are the programs that other people put on us, that is, those programs that everyone around us projects on us to make us the people they would like us to be.

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How many of you have always felt confident about every choice you have made in your life? I deduce very few, because for every choice in your life there was your Self telling you to go right, but the programs imposed by other people on your aura and therefore on your mind told you to go somewhere else, and so you found yourself confused on so many occasions and many of you did not even realize your desire and goal because you were stopped by fear, a fear that did not really belong to you. We often find ourselves with an aura that has been programmed into us by our parents, by our partner, by our siblings, by our best friends who think they know better than we do what is right for us, without giving us freedom to decide for ourselves what our destiny is; not to mention how much we are programmed by the people who envy us, who want to see us break down and fail in everything we do, and we will talk about these programs in much more detail in the next lessons as well.

The aura possesses a fair amount of energy that would be very good if evil, darkness and psychic attacks did not exist. Unfortunately, however, these exist, there are attacks, there are curses, there are spells, there are larvae, there are those people who steal so much energy from us (called energy vampires because they steal energy, so they “vampire” energy from us, often without even knowing it, making us feel tired and weak), and still so much more. So the aura finds itself having to endure a different situation every single day that can lead to its weakening; first and foremost, basic energy vampirism, which is what we undergo every day from anyone who thinks about us or passes us by (so we are never sheltered from it), in fact you will have noticed how whatever you do, if you do it by yourself then you come home feeling fine, but if you do it with someone who is close to you for many hours a day, you come home feeling very tired. This depends not only on the actions you took during the day, but also on the people who were beside you and who consumed a lot of your energy. Not to mention larvae, which are not as uncommon as you might think; or the energetic influences and misfortunes sent to us by others, typically called the “evil eye”: nothing more than the envy or anger of a person who cannot stand you and therefore thinks so negatively of you that they create an environment of misfortune around you, which can spill over to your physical body as well, hence your health. Then there are the heavier psychic attacks, and so much more.

So yes, our aura is born with just the right amount of energy that would be perfect if we did not live in such a negative environment as we do today, so today’s aura cannot handle all these negative blows and ends up weakening sooner than expected and getting old; in the sense that at some point he can no longer cope with even the smallest affront, just as an elderly person would no longer cope with even a simple cold because unfortunately he no longer has the strength to overcome it. To fortify the aura, one must first realize that it exists, yes but not in words! One must understand it through experience, that is why it is necessary to see it, otherwise one cannot really become aware of its existence because it would always remain a vague theory based on other people’s hearsay and not the certainty given by one’s own experience. To fortify it, we need to make ourselves aware that it exists and then immediately begin to nurture and protect it, through the targeted techniques (which we will discuss later) by remaining aware of its existence throughout the day, especially when we find ourselves in difficult situations and that should bring us back with a sleepy Low state. Regarding objects, everything in this universe possesses an aura because it is not the soul, the aura is energy that in humans is united with the soul; not all humans possess the soul however all have the aura. The aura is part of the soul of the person who possesses it because it is an energy field, but it is not directly the soul itself. Objects are made of energy, so they too possess an aura. Everything is energy around us, the Matrix is energy and everything in it is made of energy, so objects are also made of energy and possess the aura.

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Student: Thank you Angel, you always awaken such strength in me. I will reflect a lot on today’s lesson.

Angel: It was a pleasure for me. We will end the lecture here for today, but I invite you to think carefully about the topic of auras and especially begin to make the experience your own, starting with the practice of Aura Vision. After that, many more lectures on the topic will await us. In the meantime, if you have any more questions or some concept is not clear to you, you can write all your questions and send them inside this box; I will answer them all as soon as possible. Good night to everyone!

Student: It was a very nice lecture, thank you Angel and good night, everyone.

Student: Very interesting this lecture. Thank you for being so strong and present. Good night!

Student: Thank you Angel!!! Super lesson again tonight. Good night, everyone!

Student: Thank you for the lesson, again today you answered our questions without leaving any doubt. Good night.

Student: Thank you for the beautiful lecture again this evening, it was very important for me to participate. Good night!

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