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19 – Questions about the Low Frequency – The difference between Nature and Low Frequency (part 1)

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Student: Hi Angel, before asking my question, I want to thank you for everything you do. I have noticed a big positive change in various sectors of my life since I started this Academy! And you are UNIQUE. I’m so excited to write you… it’s unbelievable what you say about the interference of the Low Frequency. I am realizing more and more how it tries in every way to keep me down and interfere in my awakening. I would like to ask you: the Low Frequency is the conscience of the planet that keeps us tied to it to prevent us from recognizing our true identity. Is Nature the mind of the planet that manages everything and controls our lives? Why does Nature want to prevent our awakening? Until now I have always thought that Nature was part of God’s plan, but I understand that it wants to prevent us from awakening and consequently from connecting to our inner selves and to God. Why? What would change for Nature if we decided about our lives? Could it fear that we are moving towards self-destruction and so towards the destruction of the planet? Is this self preservation? Or is it a “sick” conscience that just wants to control us all?

Angel: Hi! First of all, the Nature and the Low are not the same thing but they are both part of the Mind of Gaia. Maybe this is the reason why you got confused: you thought they were the same thing , so the question of why Nature should keep us tied is normal. The problem is not Nature but that lower part of Gaia’s mind that keeps us too tied to this planet, that is the Low Frequency; these are two separate topics. In fact, we could define it as the lowest energetic part of the planet, its most oppressive vibration; unlike Nature which is its most evolved part. We can consider Nature as the most evolved part of this planet, because outside there are much higher vibrations than the one in the Nature of Gaia; that’s why to evolve spiritually it is not enough for us to go to a park and be in contact with Nature, but we need also to practice in order to evolve on higher vibrations than those we find here on Gaia. As I explained in the previous articles, in the example of the swamp, we might wonder why the planet should create any areas of the Earth that are so dangerous for us, so dirty or negative. The Low Frequency is like that marshy area of ​​Gaia’s mind: it keeps us bound, entangled in the low frequencies, because the Low wants us all to be obedient to the instincts it gave us, as insects and animals must do. When the Low realizes that we want to think outside the box, raising our vibration and therefore our tonal, it lowers us again – through all the distractions it sends us – to bring us back under its control. It acts in this way because the planet’s mind expects and demands that everything that is born inside itself, belongs to it until the end; this means it demands that we, as Souls, belong to it, not only in body but also in our entire existence. The mind of the planet is used to recycling energies, so it gives birth to insects, then they die and it recycles their energies to give birth to new ones. It would like to do the same thing with humans and with most of them it succeeds. Not all humans are the same though, that’s because a part of us wasn’t born just to work and start a family, but we were born as Souls who have a life purpose that goes far beyond that. We work, we raise a family, but our life purpose is not only this, we do it because we follow the instructions of this game called Matrix and because we like to do it, but this is not the only reason why we were born. Other people, on the other hand, were born for that purpose, and there is no denying it, because most of them say things like: “I found a reason to live only when my daughter was born” and that’s okay. Other people, conversely, were born for something more, because they are not just Consciences that are born and die on this planet, but they are Souls. Gaia’s mind has a very good side, that wants to get closer to God and that we know with the name of Nature; in fact Nature is the part of the planet closest to the high vibrations. On the contrary, the Low Frequency is the lowest part of the planet, it is energetically its swampiest area, which tries to maintain an excessive control over us. Anyway we must also say that the Low Frequency has not always been like this, but has become increasingly oppressive due to some reasons that I will explain in greater detail in the next lessons. In fact, some time ago, the Low was much lighter than the one we experience today.

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Student: I’m going to reread carefully the whole lesson from the beginning, but now that you have answered my question, everything is much clearer. Thank you.

Student2: Hi Angel and hello everyone, I’m happy to be part of this wonderful family and it’s nice to be all together at the same time here at class. Thank you for your super patience especially with me that I am a bit clumsy and make many mistakes, thank you because you accept us with all our faults and doubts and you help us find the right path, as it has been happening to me. I will be infinitely grateful to you for this, everything I could do to repay you will never be enough, you are unique in the Universe! You will be in my heart for my whole life. I would like to know: has the Low Frequency anything to do with the force of gravity?

Angel: Hi! It’s a pleasure to help you. The force of gravity is a rule of this Matrix, rather than of the Low Frequency. In a certain sense it is one of the rules that characterizes the Matrix of this planet, in fact on other planets gravity is different, because the Matrixes of those planets are different. On other dimensions gravity is even reversed, this depends on the rules of the Matrix on each dimension. But I will explain this step by step; what is important right now is to recognize the simple difference between Matrix and Low. The fact is that many people talk about these two topics as if they were one, because unfortunately they don’t understand the differences; a bit like talking about the third eye and the Mind chakra as if they were the same thing, although they are two very distinct and separate subjects. Between Matrix and Low there are great differences and you will understand them better and better through this path.

Student: Hi Angel, thanks again for the opportunity you gave us to ask you some questions, I find it very useful. I wanted to ask you a question about Nature. You say that Nature is the part of the planet closest to God; I guess that’s the reason why when we are in the middle of nature the Low has less effect on our mind and it’s more pleasant to meditate. I have a slightly more complex question but I hope I’m not going off topic. If I have understood correctly, Nature is part of Gaia’s mind and regulates everything with perfect mechanisms in order to allow life on Earth, but it also takes care of performing actions necessary for its survival. So I’m wondering: when any external events or agents could endanger the balance it has created, the life of human beings on Earth or even the very existence of Gaia (pollution, climate change through chemtrails, atomic bombs and natural disasters caused by nuclear weapons, just to give you an idea), how does Nature defend itself? Could it also take extreme measures? I’ve always thought that when it just can’t bear the situation anymore it does a “tabula rasa”, a “total reset” to start over again. I don’t know how to explain it but I consider the legend of the universal flood as a kind of metaphor that we are told to explain this concept and the end of past civilizations that were much more evolved than ours. Is it possible that we are here to bring the Light of God and prevent this from happening again? Sorry if I drifted from the topic of the Low Frequency, thank you very much Angel.

Angel: Hi, I think that your question is very important. Let’s start immediately from the fact that wherever you go and whoever you talk to, there will always be someone who will try to instil in you the idea that humans are the problem of the world, that we humans are enemies of the Earth, that we are destroying it, that the planet is suffering because of us, etc… and at this point it is natural to think that our planet wants to get rid of us, that it wants to kill us all or halve the population, maybe through “natural disasters” in order to live better in our absence. The truth is very different but as long as you listen to the voice of those ignorant and depressed people, you will be convinced that our planet wants to end the human race in order to bring back peace to the Earth and that it is achieving its goal through various means.

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The truth is that those means do not belong to the planet, but are simulated through technology. The first method, that one might think, could be earthquakes that can destroy houses or entire cities, and someone could try to convince us that the Earth has spontaneously decided to trigger an earthquake to kill us all and get rid of us. But the truth is very different! Nowadays most of the earthquakes are not natural at all, they are triggered through the use of specific technologies aimed at causing damage to the planet. And who controls this technology? Few specific people who have very evil and dark ideas towards this planet and towards all of us. Just think that there are groups of people who consider humanity too unevolved to be at their level and that they (these groups of people) are the only ones who deserve to live while the others should all die. So they have tried to spread the idea that the human race should be halved and many ordinary people keep repeating this rigmarole by heart, without even realizing how much nonsense comes from their mouths. So let’s start immediately from the reality that the human race is not the problem of this planet, otherwise it would not have given us life. There are very evil and dark people who want us to destroy ourselves with our own hands but we are not all like them. They create the problem inside the planet to eliminate us, then they blame us for these catastrophes they created, so that we decide to destroy ourselves with our own hands. In other words they use their weapons to destroy life, then they tell us that it’s all our fault and that we are the root of all evil for the simple reason that we exist. I stop right here since this is such a vast topic and we will go into more detail later. The point is that humans are part of this planet and they are really very important to Gaia. Nevertheless we are so ignorant that we believe we are the problem, we think that we are guilty just because we exist, after all even religion teaches us this: that our birth is our first sin towards God. This is not true! They confuse us, they have inculcated these wrong thoughts into our mind since we were children to make sure we don’t understand that the real problem isn’t us: it’s the darkness. Humans are not evil by nature, it is darkness that ruins us. When you see a newborn, when you look into the eyes of a small child, could you ever think that he is the incarnation of Evil? No, because looking at him you realize that humans are good by nature, they are positive, they are light, they are love. Only later, growing up among thousands of injustices and sufferings, they end up making mistakes and performing negative actions, such as hurting the people around them just like others did to them. Look a newborn baby in the eye and tell me, if you dare, that he was born evil or dark. At this point you should understand that humans, as a people, are not the problem, but it is the dark interference that tries to put dark thoughts into our minds, which later will turn into harmful actions for us and others.

So quoting your question: “When any external events or agents could endanger the balance it has created, the life of human beings on Earth or even the very existence of Gaia (pollution, climate change through chemtrails, atomic bombs and natural disasters caused by nuclear weapons, just to give you an idea), how does Nature defend itself? Could it also take extreme measures? I’ve always thought that when it just can’t bear the situation anymore it does a “tabula rasa”, a “total reset” to start over again.” I tell you that the Planet and therefore its Nature is very, very intelligent, although spiritually it is still a little too unconscious. Nevertheless, unlike us, it puts Life before personal pride. Before destroying everything, it will look for a thousand solutions to restore peace, unlike us who, as soon as we dislike something or it seems to be broken, we immediately throw it away without trying to fix it. Anyway we are not talking about a broken object but about life, and life should not be thrown away at the earliest opportunity. If you have ever broken your foot in your life, did you decide to cut it off out of the blue? No, first you obviously looked for a thousand solutions to solve the problem, so you still have your foot. The planet does not destroy humanity out of the blue, not even with the universal flood which, among other things, is another of those stories that have been told us differently from how it really happened, just like the extinction of the dinosaurs that did not occurred so “easily and quickly” as we are led to believe. The planet, on its own time that may not be immediate, seeks solutions to solve all the problems that the living beings could accidentally have caused in it. You don’t have to believe that all the world’s problems are “man-made”, because the planet knows very well how to manage our “works” even when they are wrong.

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The real problem arises when specific people voluntarily choose to create weapons to destroy the planet from within. It is not the fault of the ordinary citizens if the world is suffering so much, because some specialized people are using much worse weapons in order to destroy the population and the entire planet a little at a time, through lab-created diseases and technologies able to shake the ground beneath our feet causing terrible earthquakes. They think they are the only ones who deserve to live, so they are working to destroy the rest of the population with the idea that we are all too stupid to deserve to live. Whether it is true or not that humans are stupid or not, this doesn’t mean that anyone can set oneself up as the leader of others and exterminate people. Just open your eyes and you will see how many people in history have tried to reach these goals; but there are many others who are still trying today in a much more hidden way. The worst part is that they make people believe that it’s all our fault, of us humans, for the simple fact that we exist. Let me tell you that humans are not stupid but sadly they are ignorant. That’s why so many people, without even knowing what they are saying, repeat as parrots: “We are the problem, we should all die”. Well, what can I say?! Let them die if they want to, but they don’t have to take it out on those who fully intend to live.

Student: Hi Angel, I wanted to ask you a couple of questions to clarify my doubts. In the first lesson on the Low Frequency you said that Nature and Low are two distinct consciences of the planet. This is a bit difficult for me to understand, because I usually associate one conscience with a single living being, so I believed that Gaia had only one. I’m not excluding anything a priori so it could also be like this, but this a new thing for me and I wanted a confirmation. You describe Low and Nature as two different intents of the same mind, since they are made up of the same energy as the planet but with two different goals, and the Low is an intelligent energy that tries to keep the living beings in a low vibration in order to completely control them. Is that right? Thank you.

Angel: Hi! I chose on purpose to use the term conscience although I imagined you might be confused at first. Of course, the planet is alive and has only one Conscience that we could identify as its Soul, so it is a highly evolved part, just like our Soul, nevertheless at the moment it may be difficult for you to imagine this planet as “alive”, if you have always seen it as a simple set of rock and water; but even the planet is alive and has a Conscience, albeit different from how we expect it. Low and Nature are two faculties of its mind, just like you and your body possess them. Your brain directs your physical body, every movement that your body makes starts from the brain. At the same time, however, you also have many other faculties, for example the ability of remembering, which is very different from the faculty of moving the body. This is just an example to make you understand that Low and Nature are both part of this planet, even if they are two very different parts of its mind. I decided to use the term conscience because both Nature and Low Frequency are so big and so intelligent that we can consider them as if they were two separate intelligences although they are both part of the same planet. If we are talking about your ability to move your body, or your ability to remember, they seem two completely different and distant actions, but to perform them you must use your brain for both. Even the planet has its own mind, which, although it is different from ours, has also a sort of intelligence that coordinates its vital functions (which we call Nature) but it has also other faculties, one of which is called Low Frequency. So the existence of the Nature does not exclude the existence of the Low, or vice versa, just like your brain allows you to perform a myriad of actions, not just one excluding the others. So I decided to use the term “consciences” to make you understand how big and intelligent they are but don’t get stuck on that term, because it is clear that the planet has a single “Conscience” understood as “Soul”. I hope everything is clearer now.

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The thing is, if you consider Low and Nature as two instincts of the same conscience, you immediately think of the idea that Nature is too good to “keep us all tied”, forgetting that they are two distinct instincts and not a single system. That’s why I decided to describe them as two separate intelligences: just to help you understand who is in charge of what.

Student: Hi Angel! While I was reading the article about the Low (at 1am alone in my room) I was interrupted three times in 10 minutes and I would never have noticed this if you hadn’t pointed this out to me. My phone rang, some people drove by my house blasting the car radio and started doing some night work with a hammer drill (I live near a motorway), all this within 10 minutes! I am shocked and at the same time more and more passionate. I can’t wait to read the next topics.

Angel: This should make you understand that the Low exists and wants to distract you from your spiritual evolution, but this is just the beginning and you will notice it more and more. If you realize that the Low exists, you will understand better and better how important it is for us to evolve  to get out of it and become free from it; otherwise it wouldn’t work so hard to distract us with these absurd solutions, which unfortunately many times work. We are done for today but I invite you to write all your questions in the appropriate section. I will answer as soon as possible. In the meantime, I look forward to reading your considerations as a conclusion of this article, which I hope you will write in the comments below! I wish you a good evening!

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