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78 – Questions about Past Lives – Memories and Reasons for Life (part 2)

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Angel: Welcome everyone! Today we will explore the topic of Past Lives together.

Student: Hi Angel, I’ll start with the first question right away. Is it possible to remember the moment of our birth… the exact moment we entered our physical body in this life? Can it also be remembered for past lives? I ask because it happened to me that I remembered the moment of my birth in this life. It lasted about 10 seconds in the way I “saw” it. It was short, but a beautiful experience of vision / memory. Is it possible that certain memories, even from our past lives, emerge spontaneously, and emerge to tell us something? For example, I associated the memory of my birth with a real rebirth. It was very pleasant as a memory, because I felt present at that moment and I really experienced the exit from my mother’s womb… it was truly incredible, and so I can imagine what memories of previous lives will be like.

Angel: Hi! Yes, it is possible to remember the exact moment of your birth. There are those who remember their birth in this life in detail, so much so as to get confirmation by their parents. Usually the memory of one’s birth occurs spontaneously, as it is not memories of past lives, or of reincarnation, which are more complex to remember. So, in order to remember your past lives, or the moment of their birth, I advise you not to wait for the experiences to come spontaneously, as it is not guaranteed that they will ever come this way. Just consider the vast majority of people, who, even at the point of death in old age, still do not remember anything about their past lives. This means that waiting is unreliable, if you want to remember such important moments, or entire past lives, it is better to practice hard to increase your ability to remember.

Student: Hi Angel. If from a very young age we are more sensitive, with a more developed sixth sense, we could be aware of all our past lives, right? Isn’t the block that is created in our sensoria a mechanism whereby we can begin to build an identity in the present without being influenced by everything we have already been?

Angel: First of all, as children we have a more active sixth sense, but it doesn’t mean that we are super psychics capable of anything. Otherwise we would see children levitating and moving large objects with their minds every day. As children we are more psychic, but we are not Awakened. Then, as we grow up, we fall asleep even more due to the excessive Low that surrounds us, which is the unjust rules, the heaviness of society, fashions to follow, the difficulties in family or in friendship. All this is working against our conscience to make us fall asleep completely. So, as children, we are not at all aware of all of our past lives, but we are certainly much more aware of not being “only” the person we see when we look in the mirror. As children we knew that we were not “only this”, we knew that we were something much bigger and much more important than just a child. So, some children can remember fragments of previous lives, but they do not remember all of their lives in their totality. What you called a blockage is what I call the “zeroing process”. It makes us forget who we are so that in this new life we have no knowledge of the incredible psychic abilities that we have awakened in previous lives; with the hope that in this life we will not follow the same footprints and we will fall into the utmost Low. That’s why, as I described in The Seal of Past Lives, it can, at first, also be a useful factor because the absence of memories allows you to start over and be a new person. But, after a while, not remembering your past lives means living with Alzheimer’s, which prevents you from enjoying your life as you no longer know who you are, nor who you can trust. It’s not nice at all, but you only realize it when you finally start remembering your lives and taking notice of how hard and terrible at certain moments your life has been, when you knew nothing about yourself and your true identity.

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Student: Why is the sixth sense particularly developed in almost all children?

Angel: It happens because as children our life and our routine are much more focused on what we like to do, on our passions and on the lightness of being able to live listening to our Self, rather than on the burden of doing what we don’t like and on the rules of society that are imposed on us. Children are allowed to give vent to their creativity, as “they are children” and they can do so. In doing so they trigger the freedom to be able to use the sixth sense as well. While growing up, many Low rules start to be imposed on you: by your parents, by school teachers, by your own friends and schoolmates; without even taking into account the effects of religion. I’ll give you an example. During the first years of life the child is pampered and let free to play, to have fun and to free his/her senses. In fact many children give signs of sensitivity, sometimes also different from each other. But as you grow up your parents start projecting their fears on you, responsibilities, their obsessions, but also unnecessary burdens such as the typical question “do you have a girlfriend yet?” this question, even if it seems harmless, will start to lead the child to think that he has to find a girlfriend, even if he was not directly interested yet. When turning into a teenager, that question will become more and more pressing because the young man, instead of feeling free to live his life at his own pace, will lose sight of his goals in order to follow those set by society, such as looking for a girlfriend just to prove to others that he’s got one too. Then, the problems with the family will begin, and they’ll tell him: “It’s too early to have a girlfriend! I won’t let you go out with her in the evening! ” so the boy will find himself in total confusion, because he grew up with the idea that he had to find a girlfriend because society requires it, but as soon as he finds her, the same people who pushed him so far will tell him that he must not have a girlfriend. Meanwhile, his friends, who will find themselves in the same situation but who have to pretend to be stronger, will behave the same way. Everyone will put aside their ideas of mental and psychic growth, therefore listening to their desires and passions, to literally chase desires that do not belong to them, but which they must follow to prove to others that they are a “normal” person. So everyone will have to compete on how many girlfriends they’ve got or how many experiences they have had. So, friends themselves will throw you inside the Low, because if you don’t follow these rules of society (such as “find a girl and just think about sex, otherwise you are not normal!”) they will  discard you and throw you out of the group. In the meantime, the teachers show up in school dissatisfied with their lives and increasingly nervous. So you have to study, hope that the teacher doesn’t target you, get good grades, while knowing that it doesn’t matter if you bring home a C or a B, because for your parents it will always be insufficient and they will tell you: “Mark does better, you only got a B, of course you could have got a nice A!”. So it doesn’t matter how committed you are, because others will always make you feel in competition and lower than you really are. The teachers who tell you: “You will not achieve anything in life” or “You will become a bum, stop dreaming and keep your feet on the ground”, just because you got a low grade in their subject, as they are dissatisfied with their life and they try to blame you. At 18, a period in which you should feel free from the old life to start a new one, you don’t have time to graduate as they already put the hard truth in front of you: “Good, you have studied all these years and you are still nobody. Now choose: continue your studies for another 5 or 10 years, or start working. ” But it doesn’t matter what you choose, because others will come against you either way.

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If you choose to work they will criticize you because if you are not graduated you are an ignoramus, even though you are taking money home and learning how to manage your life on your own. If you choose to study they will criticize you because at 30 you will still be living off your parents’ back and in the end you will have used another 10 years of study to achieve the same ultimate goal: finding a job. Society, thus every single person in this world, follows the same rule: throw yourself into the Low and throw others into the Low. No matter which path you take, your relatives and friends will always try to throw you back on the old path of spiritual sleep. You don’t even finish celebrating your graduation when it will be already pointed out to you that right now you couldn’t find a job even if you paid your employer. So they make you feel like a failure both if you found a job right away and you’re independent, or if you chose to study and have a degree. Now tell me, how could a person who listens to others be able to Awaken and therefore exit the Low? They couldn’t, they couldn’t get out of the Low at all! Because it doesn’t matter if you have a job, a degree or whatever, because there will be always something else to say about how at 30 you still don’t have a girlfriend, or whether you’re going to decide to have children. This is what the Low looks like.

I know all this seems normal, because we grew up with this mentality, but there is nothing normal about it. It’s all a mechanism to keep you constantly stuck in the obsessions of what you do not have, so that you waste your time chasing after what you don’t care about and what you don’t need, just to show others that you have wasted your time too. And in the end will you feel proud of what you’ve done? No, because you did it for others, so when you reach the age of 50 you will feel empty and you will realize that what you were looking for, throughout your life, has been stifled by the chase towards the approval of others. But what you really wanted, inside you, you didn’t listen to: you just needed to follow your instincts. This doesn’t mean that you mustn’t find a girlfriend or that you shouldn’t study/work, but it does mean that you have to stop listening to the Low and listen a little more to the voice of your Self, which says: “We can achieve anything together, or you can fail alone”. As children we feel much less the weight of society on us, first of all because our parents think more about cuddling us rather than filling us with obsessions. It would be nice if they behaved like this when we’re more mature as well, and not just for the first 4-5 years of life. Before we are indoctrinated by society and its crazes, we have much more of an open mind, uncorrupted by everyday life. But things will change as we start going to school and follow the opinions and will of others among us. As children we are not told: “Don’t play with toy cars, it won’t get you anywhere!”, but when we grow up, yes, we are told this for every single thing we do! According to others, we should only do what brings us money, otherwise it is not worth doing because one’s own and pure happiness does not matter: it does not bring money home, so it’s not worth doing. This is why our mind closes: because others make decisions for us, they tell us what to do and more than anything what not to do, what we should like and especially what we should not like. So we stop listening to our Soul. When we are children, we are much more connected to our Self, the Soul, because we do not throw it out of our life, as will happen when we become adults. Thus, when we are children, the Soul takes advantage of this connection to send us signals and communicate intentions to us, therefore also past and deep memories, which should push us to make certain choices and actions useful for our happiness, for our well-being, but especially for our Awakening. When growing up, however, we feel “stupid” to listen to it, because we believe that it is much more important to follow what we are told to do, and what others force us to like, rather than our Self. Let’s only hope that all the effort made by our Soul was not in vain.

Student: With the right guidance, would it be possible for children to remember the previous lives they lived?

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Angel: Absolutely yes, and it would certainly be of great help to keep them from psychically falling asleep during their entry into society, which begins with kindergarten and worsens between middle school and high school. Be careful: what I’m saying does not mean that the child mustn’t go to school, because we do not want a country of illiterates! Instead, it means that children should be left more free to pursue their passions without their parents dictating what they should like, and what they should do with their future. It is fair to say to your child that he/she has to study, but is it really necessary to get in the way of their passions and replace them with obsessions like “your friends are always better than you” or “everyone else has a girlfriend and you don’t”, and in the meantime “don’t you dare go out with a girl”? I want to give advice to many of you who are parents of adolescents: be at least coherent with what you teach your children. Because by going against them whatever they do, even when they seek your approval, you’ll drive them crazy for what is usually just the sake of wanting to have the last word. Giving them responsibilities is fine, but don’t give them your obsessions. Leave them free to listen to their Soul, help them communicate with it rather than move away from it.

Student: If a person meditates and therefore practices spirituality, and then reincarnates in another life, can they remember everything they did in their previous lives and continue their evolution from there, or do they have to start all over again, without remembering anything of what was done in the previous life?

Angel: It’s the second case: you will always start all over again, but only for what concerns the memories. It doesn’t matter how many lives you have had because during reincarnation, due to the zeroing process, you will forget your past lives again. In fact, in this life you don’t remember your past lives because of this, but you can recall them through the practice that allows you to remember everything you have lived previously.

Student: Well, otherwise we would have immediately remembered everything about our previous lives, even of people who live on the other side of the world but who we still don’t know in this life.

Angel: Exactly!

Student: Could it be that a person who meditates never remembers what they have accomplished in the past, but stays in the Low and falls asleep?

Angel: If you are asking me if it is possible that a person who meditates well, who is seriously evolving their psychic abilities through practice, may still not remember their past lives, the answer is no; because a person who seriously practices to remember their past lives – through valid techniques like those I teach in the Academy – you can be sure that they will remember them at their own pace. If, on the other hand, you are asking me if it is possible that a person who for some time has meditated in fits and starts, therefore sometimes yes and sometimes no, without ever taking the path of practice seriously, may one day stop practicing and therefore fall completely asleep in the Low, the answer is certainly yes; because they have never taken the path seriously, so it is quite normal that sooner or later they will stop following it, and it happens very often.

Student: Since in the next life we will not remember if we have meditated in this one, is it like saying that what we are doing now may no longer be of any use in the next life?

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Angel: Absolutely Not. We are not meditating to let our future life know that in this life we meditate; we are meditating to evolve psychically, to Awaken, so that in the present life, and in future lives, we will be stronger and more capable of deciding our lives for ourselves, rather than undergoing the conditions of the Low, of darkness, and of anyone who is capable of manipulating our life negatively with their psyche. So what we are doing in this life, regardless of whether we will remember it in the future or not, serves our future life to become much stronger and protected from harm. We meditate to help our Soul become bigger and stronger, and we do it life after life. Also, the more you evolve spiritually in this life, the easier it will be in the next ones to remember your past lives, or even what is currently our present life.

Student: Could you give an example?

Angel: For example, if you evolved a lot in this life, you would not only be doing good to this life, but you would be offering a psychic evolution package to your Soul. So if you make your Soul very strong, in the next life you may be much more conscious and evolved than you are today, in this one. For example, if you started meditating at the age of 30 in this life, you may start meditating at the age of 15 in the next. In fact, it is not strange that some people start practicing at the age of 60, while others already begin to ask questions at the age of 14-15. They seek a spiritual path and start meditating. Also, they don’t only begin, but they continue until a much older age. This means that thanks to the spiritual work done in the previous life, in the next one you will find the path suitable for you faster and more easily, which allows you to wake up even more quickly, instead of waiting until a certain age, as it could have happened in the previous life. This is just one example, but it can happen very often thanks to what we have accomplished in past lives. This does not mean that if you find meditation at the age of 60 it is too late and that there is nothing you can do. It is much better that you take care of it today, rather than thinking of postponing it to the next life, because as you well know, without practice we are not guaranteed a future life. So you still have time to recover before it’s too late.

Student: If one quits at 60 they will have wasted everything.

Angel: Right.

Student: I have a question about the reincarnation/soul connection: in my case, I was clinically dead before I was born, and stillborn. The time that passed between the loss of the heartbeat inside the womb and after, once extracted by caesarean section, was way above 3 minutes (time limit taken into consideration by canonical medicine for “rescue”). Could this have affected my Physical body, Energetic body and Soul in some way? Thank you.

Angel: It could have affected your energy body, making it weaker than normal and therefore more fragile to negative influences, which could therefore cause you more damage than they would on another person. But it is something that you must understand on your own, by noticing if in your life you have had a series of misfortunes and injuries that probably would not have happened to another person. In any case, for safety, I recommend that you practice the techniques you find in the Steps, on strengthening the Aura and the energy body. The Soul, however, should not have suffered any problems, but even in this case you should study your situation more in depth.

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Student: Is it possible and/or frequent that a soul, on the planet Gaia, is reincarnated in the same family more than once, but in different generations?

Angel: Yes, it has happened and it can happen easily, depending on the choices of the Soul. But we must not believe that all your relatives like your grandparents who have gone before will necessarily become your children, because there is no spiritual rule or law that requires a Soul to have to reincarnate again in the same family. Each Soul chooses for itself, and sometimes it can happen that they choose to reincarnate in the same family, for example as a son or a granddaughter, or to return to the family through other ways, such as becoming the girlfriend of a son, therefore returning to the family but in the role of daughter-in-law.

Student: A gentleman with a biotensor read my energy and told me that I have had several past lives and, for the most part, I have been a man, and when I was a woman I was always a witch, imprisoned and then burned, in all lives. I didn’t believe much of it. Would it be possible?

Angel: Don’t believe it, don’t believe it.

Student: Before your lesson on this topic I thought I would be more tense and anxious. I started to reflect on reincarnation only a few months ago, when a person told me that a couple of souls have chosen to be reborn through me, as a mother. If that doesn’t happen, will those souls have changed the vehicle they have chosen, or is it because what I was told wasn’t true?

Angel: It was simply not true what they told you.

Student: I know I have had a lot of reincarnations (at least for 4000 years now). Do you think it is possible?

Angel: The fact that you are able to accept this concept regarding reincarnation makes it clear that this is certainly not your first life. And if it is correct that you have had reincarnations for 4 thousand years now, you will understand it only by practicing.

Student: In a past life could we have been born also in another species, or were we always and only human?

Angel: No, absolutely. We have also been aliens, dimensional beings without a physical body, and a lot more. We’ve not been just humans, otherwise what kind of evolution would it be to be always and forever a human?!

Student: Well, most of us don’t remember that anyway.

Angel: Hahaha.

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Student: Thank you.

Angel: Memories of alien and/or dimensional past lives are more complex to remember, but through the Vision of Faces technique you can start to realize how many different races you have been part of, not just the human race.

Student: I have always had the feeling, in the course of my life, of being inadequate, and to have to redeem myself in all contexts. I have always made the most difficult choices to prove to myself that “I could do it” and I always carry with me this sense of redemption. Is it possible that it comes from something from the past that I have to solve?

Angel: First of all, it is important to understand that you don’t have to live your present life to redeem yourself from the past ones, because every life must be enjoyed singularly, and not by thinking about past or future ones. Having said that, however, it is certainly possible what you say, because our past lives influence us a lot even if we do not remember them, and because of that we believe that they cannot influence us. Instead, so many of our present characteristics come precisely from what we have experienced in a previous life. So I advise you to evolve spiritually to find out from which one this feeling comes.

Student: I would like to know if a disease such as asthma is linked to something that happened in a previous life, and if it can be resolved by grasping its connection with the previous life.

Angel: We don’t necessarily have to think that everything that happens to us in this life is linked to past lives, as there are also negative attacks and other causes, received in this present life. But yes, certain health difficulties can derive from negative situations that we have experienced in a past life and that we have not been able to detach, so much so that we also encounter problems in the present life which normally shouldn’t have happened. In order to solve these health problems it would not be enough just to “accept” that they come from past lives, but also to work on that negative program so that it gets detached from our present life.

Student: How do you understand the difference? I mean, can you understand when a problem is related to a past life or not? How can this be understood?

Angel: It can be understood through the techniques I teach on The Seal of Past Lives, because only practice can give you answers.

Student: I am particularly sensitive to images of war. It is as if they remind me of something. Could the reason be because I saw such images in a past life? Yesterday after the meditation guided by you I had a feeling of profound love, followed by deep sadness and the initial feeling was that it came from a past life. Is it possible? As I learned from you; I give a lot of weight to my instincts and to initial sensations, but I wouldn’t want to make an error.

Angel: Yes of course, it could come from a reincarnation that you lived during the war. There would be nothing strange as there have been many wars, and depending on your role in that life you may have lived it more closely than others, so much so that it has wounded you more intensely. Thus, memories, even if they don’t appear clearly and visible to you, still influence your mind from the unconscious and arouse these feelings and moods in you.

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Student: Can some fears from this life be memories of other lives from the past? Traumas not overcome in that life?

Angel: Yes, sure, if in that life you didn’t detach from them, you carried them with you up to this life and you could still have them imprinted in you today. This is why it is so important to detach yourself from the fear of dying and detach yourself from the idea of your human body, so that you do not carry certain traumas and certain masks with you even in the following lives.

Student: Detaching oneself in the sense of realizing that the human body is one thing, but that the soul lives forever?

Angel: Yes. The human body is only the vehicle we use to live in this material dimension, but it is not our real Self. By recognizing this, detaching from our fear of the death of the body becomes easier, since you realize that You will never die, as long as you evolve spiritually, because you can decide to continue your experiences of life, and of reincarnation.

Student: Can one practice Letting Go to detach from their past material masks, even if I don’t know exactly what they are? To practice Letting Go with that purpose?

Angel: Yes yes, of course. It will help a lot.
Student: Since I was a child I have always been afraid of the sound of planes at night. Every time I hear it, I feel anxiety. I’ve always had a suspicion of a past life residue. I identify with a person staying in an air raid shelter. By reading the document about masks I thought it could be possible. Is it?

Angel: Absolutely, yes. These feelings come from one or more past lives in which you have lived in close contact with these sounds and which I imagine refer to periods of war, in which that sound was associated with the terror of dying. That’s why it traumatized you so much.

Student: I believe I have witnessed memories of past lives lived long ago. For example, I once opened a book at a random page and came across a fragment that spoke of the eruption of Vesuvius in Pompeii in 70 AD. I had in my head a succession of images combined with a feeling in my stomach and heart. I closed the book as if I had experienced that moment first-hand. I’ll give another example: another time, out of the blue, I saw myself inside a structure, perhaps a pyramid, in the act of greasing bandages for mummification or something. I felt their smell. Could these be concrete memories?

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Angel: Yes, it is possible that they are fragments of memories, since other sensations such as smell have also intervened. I advise you to study these memories well and try to explore the more deeply, especially the memory of the pyramid and mummification, because you could discover very interesting information.

Student: When we access memories of past lives, is it the soul that is able to review what has already been experienced? And if so, would that information always be available to us because it’s as if it is sealed in a container that we can look inside at any time? It happened to me once, during one of your meditations, that suddenly I felt the volume of the mix very high and I had the feeling of doubling: I was there meditating and at the same time I found myself in a scene in which I was observing three women, and I was sure that one of them was me. I also knew which one, but I couldn’t explain how I knew it. Then I felt sucked back to where I was before. Could it have been a past life vision?

Angel: Yes, it’s possible that it was a past life scene. Very interesting. The memories of all your past lives are imprinted in the Soul, which possesses them all, and you could draw from this information at any time, but only through the techniques that allow you to do so.

Student: What are past lives actually for? Because I wonder to myself that if I want to communicate with something that helps me, wouldn’t it be better to go to the source that is our Being? Since all our little pieces of soul are contained in it, therefore all our past lives, and consequently all the information we might need?

Angel: You often ask me what past lives are for, then ask yourself: what is it for to be alive today? Do you think it’s useless to be alive today? Of course not. So, your past lives are not useless, but they are long experiences that you have lived before this one and which have formed you, and allowed you to be here today. Your past lives have formed your Soul. The Soul is basically made up of all your past lives, so it’s strange to be asked what past lives are for. So, if you ask me if it is useful to communicate with your Soul, it is obvious that it is, and it is exactly what I am teaching you to do. So what are you waiting for?

Student: How can we remember who we have been?

Angel: By meditating you will develop your Sixth Sense, so that you will connect to your true self and then begin to download memories, in order to remember who you have been. But the process must contain all the steps. The point is, it’s not easy to remember past lives until you choose to practice the techniques. We could spend hours talking about them, but the truth is that if you don’t practice consistently you will never remember them.

Student: I would like to ask you a question about one’s Mission. After completing the mission in one life, for example in this one, can I already know what my next mission for the Force will be? And, depending on what it is, could I still use the time I have available in this life, until I decide to, in order to prepare myself for the next mission?

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Angel: It is often believed that the mission is a goal, just as it is thought of Enlightenment. In reality, I believe there is no end of a mission as we imagine it, because if that was the case the meaning of living would end. Anything that will come in the future will give birth to new missions, regardless of dangers or darkness still existing or not. There may still be new goals to be achieved. Life on Earth does not end overnight, and this happens thanks to us. Sure, it will happen that there are lives in which you will help your next lives or past lives. It will happen when you are ready to understand that it is time, no matter what situation or period you are going through. I found, in this life, a personality from a previous life who spent a lot of time helping me in my present life, and it has simplified things a lot for me. Maybe someone will want to tell me that I was helped, that I got my evolution by cheating? I have helped myself, I have not obtained advantages without deserving them. How can you expect someone to help you or ask you for help if you can’t even help yourself? That is a temporal connection at high levels, but to accomplish it, I would recommend first of all to have progressed to a high spiritual level. So my answer is that it is possible that you finish your mission in this life before ending your physical life, so you could dedicate yourself to preparing for the next one. This does not mean that once the mission is over you must immediately “die” and not have the possibility to enjoy your free time, if this is what you are asking me. But the mission is not just one, as it is something that carries on life after life, and in the meantime others are added or replaced by more urgent ones. Don’t see the mission as a burden, a nuisance that wants to take away your precious time, instead see it as it really is: the real reason why we were born here. It is the Low events, the daily chores that want to take away your precious time to prevent you from dedicating yourself to your mission; not the other way round.

Student: Having reached maximum evolution, will our soul continue to reincarnate? If not, where will it live?

Angel: It all depends on which missions each individual Soul chooses to accomplish. Obviously there is no limit of evolution and therefore a maximum evolution, but there are very high stages of evolution in which perhaps you will feel that you no longer want to reincarnate to have that kind of experience, but I believe that this level is very far off to have to worry about it now. The point is that even if the Soul no longer needs to reincarnate, if it wants to carry out missions for the Force and therefore for God, and if these require reincarnation, it will probably do it again for the love of Him. Let’s get out of the idea that we reincarnate only to follow some sort of cycle that will one day end and lead us to a dimension of pure peace, because we are not reincarnating by obligation: we do it because we want to experience, we want to evolve. But, above all, we do it because the Force has asked us to carry out important missions and we have agreed to reincarnate here to fulfill them from within the planet, as it was not feasible from the outside. So there is no obligation that has been imposed on us, there is no cycle to follow. We are the ones who chose to come back here to do something good for this planet. And now that we’re here, we just have to do it!

Student: So we could also reincarnate endlessly? In the sense that we will we reach an ever greater level that today we are not even able to perceive?

Angel: Yes, of course. It all depends on what you decide when dis-incarnate, whether to continue to reincarnate or to do something else for some time. Sometimes you will decide to spend time in dimensions of pure light and not to deal with missions against darkness, like the one we are carrying out in this life. On other occasions you will choose to reincarnate again to help this planet and hopefully direct it in a brighter and more peaceful direction. Other times you will decide to gain experience in alien physical bodies, to help another particular planet, as not only the Earth is at war against darkness, but there are millions of races that are fighting the same enemy. In any case, I recommend that you study well the material I have made available on this topic, because there is a lot more to discover.

Student: Thanks Angel, I will reflect a lot on this lesson.

Angel: It was a pleasure. We’re done for today! Hope to see you all soon in the next lesson!


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  1. Really interesting topic, I really like the question & answer style lecture! I would love to remember the moment of my birth in this life, also because it was not at all easy and so I would be curious to remember what happened in those moments. So far in this life I think I have had various memories of past lives, especially during some dreams: certain environments, certain landscapes I have dreamed of many times, always identical, each time they left me with strong feelings and so I know that I have already been in those places because they are really too detailed to be just fantasy. Thank you for this article, in addition to detailed information there is also a lot of food for thought and practice.

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