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70 – Questions about Psychic Protection – Reassurances and first attempts (part 1)

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Angel: Welcome to the first lesson on Psychic Protection.If you have any doubts about the creation of the Bubble, you can ask me any questions you want.

Student: Hi Angel, I’d like to ask you how important visualization is for protection purposes.Thanks to your documents I have understood much better why it is fundamental, but I happened to make excellent protections by visualizing little and nothing and concentrating much more on intent.So I would like to ask you: is it ok so too or advice regardless of training also with visualization because it is very important?Thank you.

Angel: Hi!Learning visualization is very important, because it allows you to reach levels much higher than those you can know now.Obviously it is perfectly fine that you have practiced well with the sole use of intent, that is the goal!But the intent has a limit if it is not stimulated by the visualization, so although now everything may seem to be going well, in a short time you will lose the motivation and the protections will no longer succeed you as at the beginning.This is why it is very important to learn visualization: because it allows you to overcome the initial level and increase the strength of your intent, so that growth is continuous, without blockages.Therefore I advise you to strive to improve visualization through practice and training.

Student: I just finished doing energy protection but as I said in other questions I can’t visualize and after all I never succeeded in my life, I can only do meditation on the chakras.The ACD site is beautiful and since I started studying and practicing here a month ago I’m better.Thanks for existing.

Angel: Hi! I am very pleased that you feel comfortable in ACD. Visualization is very important, so I advise you not to give up right away and have the patience to try. If you have not succeeded in all your life, it is because you have not found the right techniques and because you have given up on yourself; but now you are in ACD and I advise you to try, calmly, following the audio guide that we have created specifically for you.With time, if you put effort into it, you will succeed with absolute certainty.But you must want it and you will see that you will not do too much effort.

Student: Once the bubble is created, should it only be displayed and motivated or should it be rebuilt every time?

Angel: At first the bubble is too fragile, so it must be recreated every day until you can fit it into the program and keep it intact even in the following days, when it will be enough to fill it with energy and reinforce it.Well, not a little!This is not a thought, lazy and fast, but a practice!If you want to be protected psychically, make commitment, otherwise don’t expect it to survive long.So the bubble should be used every day, and I assure you that it is the best thing to do;if you are in too much of a hurry and prefer to do things hastily, you can be sure that you will not be able to create a strong bubble.

Student: Is it possible to create an effective bubble in one minute instead of ten minutes?

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Angel: It depends what you mean by effective: a bubble that satisfies your imagination but fails to protect you from anything or one that can really protect you from all negative energies?In the first case, you can fool yourself that it works even with just one minute;but rest assured it wo n’t work.In the second case, if you want protection that really works, don’t stop at just one minute of practice, because it’s really too little.

Student: Energy bubble: I perform the exercise but how do I conclude it?Just in practice, once the bubble is finished, I breathe and open my eyes, or what should I do?

Angel: When you’ve finished practicing the bubble, breathe prana to keep your conscience high and let a few seconds pass, then open your eyes and you are done.It is preferable not to open your eyes immediately without even taking a breath after the conclusion of the technique, because it brings you back too quickly to a lower vibration, typical of the normal routine;if, however, you give yourself a few seconds of prana breathing after completing the bubble, it will help you not to immediately drop vibration but to remain taller in tone, and you will notice it.It’s a few seconds, so give it without being too hasty.

Student: The bubble, the sphere, often works, but with some not, why?

Angel: Certainly because they don’t use the right technique: it’s not the form that doesn’t work, but how the technique is done.I invite you to practice the bubble technique that I taught you and to challenge others – who say that it doesn’t work with them – to practice it, and if they do it as I say, it will work without any doubt with them too.

Student: I would like to know if non-thinking, positive thinking and letting go are also not, in a certain sense, energy protections from the negativity that surrounds us.

Angel: Of course they are, each of them, but they don’t reach a complete level of protection, as there are not only negative personal thoughts, but also external influences, which can be very strong, such as psychic attacks.When you receive a very strong manipulation, or even an attack, you can be the most positive person in the world, more optimistic, confident and courageous, but I assure you that you take them all in any case.Non-thinking can become very powerful, but it is weak if it is not helped by the Bubble;just like the other way around, so being pessimistic weakens your protection.Weakening, however, does not mean eliminating it completely.So to be completely shielded we must first practice the psychic bubble that will help keep negative energies out, which will not affect our mind like a machine gun, and this will help us improve non-thinking and be more positive about everything.

Student: I fight to have my time, always.I have three part-time, a daughter and a troublesome companion who always bothers, even now haha , but I am obstinate.

Angel: The problem is always that: too much work to have more money and family to look after;all together take too long.Obviously the Low and the dark try in every way to take it away, tearing away even those few free moments that we can get when we have already completed all our personal matters.Precisely for this reason we should find more time to practice and devote himself even to themselves, and not just to others.

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If they struggle so hard to keep us from having time to practice, why don’t we realize how important it is for our life to do it?

Student: I feel like a crayfish, one step forward and one backward, but how beautiful that step forward when I fight everybody.Yes, the problem is that by dint of being annoyed my anger ignites me and then the meditations are no longer as they should be.

Angel: Of course, I understand, it happened to me when I lived with my parents.I had a rage so strong that I couldn’t meditate, but I did it anyway, even when, I guarantee you, it seemed impossible.Sometimes, while I was meditating, my mother began to blaspheme so loudly that she could hear her in the whole neighborhood;she hated God because she thought she deserved more from him, she hated him deeply;and I meanwhile tried to meditate on the heart chakra to connect to God, to keep peace and calm.But how could I?Several times I would burst into tears because until I did anything that had nothing to do with evolution, it didn’t make itself heard, then when I sat down to meditate and find my peace again, she began to scream because of her personal frustrations, her I hate everyone and God. I hated when I tried to meditate and she began to swear, to scream so loud that it made me feel shame, disgust and even pain, because the search for God made me feel bad if I hated those deep inside me .So many times, even though I started meditating well, I found myself crying from the pain that made me feel to hear her spit out hatred towards the only one who always gave me hope: God. I feel very fortunate to have chosen him and followed him, despite my faith was not born of my family.So many times I thought that I would not be able to overcome those moments – but I decided to try anyway – until, after having trained myself not to ruin my inner peace with the terrible noises that it caused with his words, I managed to change the situation and make it increasingly manageable.I assure you that it has not been easy, yet, with time, things have changed and I am really proud of having committed myself so much, because I have trained myself to keep the peace just as there was hatred, anger and frustration around me.Through protection, then, I learned to keep the Low away and prevent her from starting to scream and distract me just when I was starting to practice.Perhaps now it seems little to you, but being able to keep away the Low and all that negative energy for the duration of your practice, without receiving the continuous interruptions typical of the beginning of the path, is a great personal satisfaction that must absolutely be achieved to understand the great value of the techniques.And to think that this was only the beginning!

Student: Are there mainly negative influences around us?Isn’t there also something in our favor?Or do we just have to fight?

Angel: Obviously there are also positive energies that help us, otherwise we would have already lost at the start, in fact, there would not even have been a departure.We should really fight, not only our personal wars, but also those of others and protect others too;what we call Mission a lot.The mission is not to fight one’s own challenges and obstacles, they all do it!A mission is to help others, fighting wars that bring harm to everyone and not just us.Fighting for yourself is easy, they can do it all, instead fight for others what makes a truly strong spiritual and evolved.We are guided and helped also by positive energies, otherwise we would not even have the strength to start a spiritual path;of course, taking it forward is something that few have the courage to do, because it is up to us to do it and no outside help or influence can do the job for us.

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Very often, without our realizing it, we receive urges and help from entities, from people, from other spiritual people, which give us strength to start and push us to the first step, but then we are the ones who have to walk in time.

Student: When I find myself in situations where I have to face something or someone, I often have shortness of breath and a heart that beats at 1000, do you think are negative influences trying to weaken me?

Angel: Yes, certainly, in order for your energy to become destabilized, you start leaking out and breaking without control and you can’t protect yourself anymore;that’s why then you feel weaker than the others, overwhelmed and you begin to feel a certain insecurity and discomfort.When your energy is not steady and firm, negativities come in much better.So when it happens you breathe prana , strengthen your aura and think about your bubble, simply by breathing prana and feeling relaxed;you don’t have to do anything more complicated.You’ll see that everything will start to change.I had the same problems, ironically I could call it fortunate that I did not live an easy life, so I could learn everything I know today and now I can teach you and all of you.

Student: So I strengthen and intensify the protections!Your meditation is helping me so much.Thanks Angel!

Angel: Exactly!I’m happy.

Student: When I strengthen defenses, I usually visualize myself suspended in space, because I imagine the bubble that goes beyond walls, floor, etc.I find it difficult, especially when going to make a multi-layered defense.I have always done so and I feel good, but I arose a doubt if I did visualizzandomi in the place where I am at that moment, I would make the most effective defense on a physical level?

Angel: It is important to understand if finding yourself well means that this method makes you lie down, makes you concentrate a little, travel with your imagination and therefore makes you imagine, instead of moving real energy and creating something real and concrete;or if finding yourself well means that it is really working in physical reality.Since the defense is designed to protect you and your home, I suggest you focus on displaying the protection right on you and your home, rather than on space.Where do you want the defense?You need to understand what the goal is and for sure right now you can’t protect yourself from the whole space … but you can practice to protect your home from negative influences.So yes, protection becomes effective from the moment you focus on where you are at that moment.Obviously you can also carry out techniques at a distance, for example if you are in the office you can practice a psychic protection on the house to make sure that everything goes well even while you are not there;but for the time being learn to do it well on you.

Student: My reasoning was that in any case I have to do the bubble myself, the important thing is intent, isn’t it?

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Angel: Yes, but you have to do it in this physical plane, because it has to protect you here, in this physical dimension.This is why we must concentrate on making it concrete in reality and not only in our imagination, which is why we must be conscious of the place where we find ourselves without traveling too much with the imagination.

Student: What determines the possible bubble break?Can this be prevented simply with the intention of making it indestructible?

Angel: If that was enough, like the desire to create it indestructible to make it so for life, believe me I wouldn’t spend all the time I spend making the protections on me and those I practice on people become stronger. commitment to defend.I’m sorry, but you have to face the harsh truth: you can’t protect yourself once and think it’s worth forever, but you can make your defenses stronger and stronger so that you can shield yourself from bigger events.The first reason why the bubble weakens is the absence of energy, so if you meditate little to absorb prana , and practice little psychic protection to reinforce the bubble, it weakens because it does not have a solid base on which to lean.Furthermore, one should not underestimate one’s mental state either, because it is clear that if you do not have the slightest confidence in the success of the protection, it will not become very strong, as you are its first enemy.It is clear that you can not start with the utmost confidence if, rightly, you have not yet had direct experience, but a minimum to start you have to put it there, otherwise how do you create a protective shield if you first, with your pessimistic thought, the destroy?It is one thing to trust little and an account is not to trust at all.So have a little more esteem in your Bubble and above all practice, because in this way you can strengthen it and give it a way to show you what it can do.In the absence of energy it is very easy to blow someone’s bubble away, which is why it must be nourished constantly.At first it may even seem challenging, but then you realize that it’s absolutely worth it and you wonder why you didn’t do it before.

Student: But can it be destroyed even if I strengthen it day after day?

Angel: It depends, of course not alone because you’re feeding it every day and you give it the energy it needs to continue to perform its job.But it depends on how strong the external influences are that strike you and on any presence of entities or evil people around you who can manage to smash it and hurt you a lot, which is why you should never settle for a light shield, but you have to create yourself an increasingly solid protection.Every day we must try to make it stronger than it was the day before.

Student: And can the famous sign of the cross destroy the bubble?Even if I don’t want to?

Angel: I don’t see why it should.Do you mean the cross that Catholics do while they pray?

Student: Yes. As I read on the web that cuts energy, I asked myself the problem and in fact now I don’t do it anymore.I read that making the sign of the cross determines a cut in our energy, and I wondered if this also implies a possible cutting of my bubble, so that it allows other energy to penetrate.Have I read something incorrect?

Angel: No, don’t believe everything you read on the web, and especially when you enter this site, don’t mix what you’ve read elsewhere with what you learn here at ACD.

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The sign of the cross was taught to move energy within one’s body, so it was a practical spiritual exercise.It is true that today that movement is known in a somewhat different way and is seen as a Catholic sign, now accomplished without the slightest energy movement;but from here to say that it breaks your energy and destroys the bubble … you are serene that it is not so.

Student: Thanks.When I think is negative or down in the dumps, move away the prana energy bubble?Because, if this is the case, each of us must prepare before creating it and must be aware that negative thoughts destroy it, otherwise we waste time reinforcing it and the next day with our mood we weaken it.

Angel: Don’t make it so tragic.Instead of adapting our practice to our mood, we adapt our mood to our practice.Rather than seeing it so pessimistic, thinking that when you are sad or negative you should not practice because you fear to push away the energy, see the bubble for what it really is: practicing it helps you return calm.That’s why you always have to do it, especially when you feel negative and tired, because it means that something is influencing you or, worse still, stealing energy to make you feel destroyed.By protecting yourself you decrease these negative hot flashes and you will feel better, both in body and in mood.It seems so strange at the moment, because when we are sad we do not want to think about anything that can make us feel good, but if only you tried for a moment to perform the psychic protection even in these dark moments, you would realize that thanks to her you start to feel you much better, with much more positive mood.Suddenly you will feel like being sad or angry;why?Because that feeling wasn’t yours, it wasn’t something that belonged to you deep inside, but you had been stuffed from the outside.You will always better understand this concept with practice, but only with practice!Then it is clear: it also depends on how far you are negative but it is also the time to work on yourself and cut the excess of negativity.In these Steps I teach you how to do it, it is up to you to decide to start this important work on yourself.

Student: My problem is that during the day, as you said before, Low fills me with doubts because sometimes I think, “But will this bubble really be there?Was I good enough at building it or does it no longer exist? “.How can I regain concentration?Maybe it’s a stupid question but I just can’t stay focused.

Angel: Don’t worry, it’s the first hurdle that annoys everyone.It only takes a little more training before you start to get more confident with the practice of protection and learn to recognize the effect it has and the negative events it protects you from, which is to say that it prevents them from hitting you and hurting you.If there had been no bubble they would have reached you and created problems, as always happens.The trouble is that they all come together, without giving you a way to breathe, but if you decide to protect yourself then you prevent this usual system from having an effect on you.Even if your doubts are understandable, start not to think anymore if the protection works or not: practice and, after practicing it, don’t think about it anymore.Stop.With time you will notice that there is something different in people, in their way of approaching you, of how situations begin to take more and more of a turn in your favor, even when you hoped for it, and how you too, though not knowing how or why, you will begin to be stronger and braver towards certain situations in your life that previously stopped you.Practice protection and you will notice how everything will be better, getting used to not thinking negative anymore.

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Student: If I slept at night without disturbance, thanks to protection, it would be so much for me!

Angel: Strengthen your protection and you’ll see that it will be!

Student: Before getting to know you, I created my bubble with a powerful phrase invented by me and it worked, what do you think?

Angel: It sure didn’t work that long if you looked for other solutions.Now you know me, change the page and start testing my techniques.Then you will tell me.

Student: Can protection also be used at other times outside of meditation?I’m just in the dark, am I afraid and do I make the bubble?Could it be useful?

Angel: Of course Yes!The bubble serves just that, especially in times when you’re scared.Therefore reinforce it whenever you feel the need even outside of everyday practice, without forgetting the latter –   obviously – because it is the basis of everything.It should not be practiced only when you are afraid, but it should be practiced every day to prevent negative events from hitting you from behind or in ways that you least expect.

Student: Hi!I’m writing to you because I have a doubt about the protection bubble.Helping me with arm gestures, imagining delineating the boundaries even with my eyes open, is it counterproductive or can I do it?Thanks a lot!

Angel: It would be better if you practiced psychic protection without physically moving, also because the protection must be much wider than the distance you could cover with the length of the arms.But you can use physical movement – for example arm gestures – to practice other techniques such as energy movements, cutting the wires, and so on.

Student: I created my bubble and reinforced it often, but only with the intention.The problem is that I don’t see it.I don’t see prana , I just imagine it is there.I imagine the spaces of the bubble of two meters, I imagine it strengthens when I pay attention to it, but I don’t see it.Is it actually a problem or does it work the same?

Angel: Sure, it’s normal.You haven’t trained your energy vision yet, so you can’t expect to see the bubble!But obviously this is created and still works, God forbid.

Student: Is it possible to fortify the bubble even while doing something else?For example, if I am working, while I can do the technique, or would it be less effective?And also, does it change anything if you do it lying down or sitting?

Angel: Of course, you can reinforce the protection whenever you want, the important thing is that the base is shaped with the practice I explained to you, while you are sitting with your eyes closed to concentrate only on its creation.After that, you can reinforce it as often as you like during the day and while you are doing anything.It may seem repetitive, but it is one thing to create and one thing is to reinforce: the basis for strong protection is forged at home, while you are calm and comfortable, then during the day you can reinforce it wherever you are.

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Student: Can I feed it even without doing the complete technique? For example, if I am around and try to be conscious and send them prana , is it useful as a thing? I don’t want to say not to do the technique, I just wanted to know if it is possible to feed it without doing the complete technique since I already do it at home.

Angel: Yes, certainly; as long as it is to reinforce it you can do even faster.

Student2: I call her back to me even as I walk down the street … I feel it.

Student3: Yes, maybe you know it is there and you feel protected because you are inside it.

Angel: Exactly.

Student: Is it unlikely that the Low breaks it?

Angel: Hahaha , well unfortunately not, because the Low is really the anti-evolution, so it’s clear that every day it tries to weaken your protection and if you let it go, without reinforcing your bubble, it will destroy it in a few days. It is precisely the reason why we have to re-use it every day instead of doing it once in a lifetime: if there were no Low, it would be enough once, but the Low is there and we have to make a right of it.

Student: But how quickly can you break it?

Angel: It depends on how strong it is, how long you have been practicing it and how much energy the created bubble has. It is obvious that there is a great difference between you who have been practicing the bubble for a few days, and who has been practicing (for good!) The bubble for some years, without having ever stopped doing it. This is also an interesting test, because to say that you have strong protection is easy, but having it for real is another thing. I often recognize a person’s evolution from his own bubble: it doesn’t matter if he tries to convince me he’s a real practitioner, if he doesn’t have strong protection it’s proof that he hasn’t practiced for a long time, or he’s never practiced . However, at this moment it can take from 1 to 3 days for you, but if in your case you are particularly surrounded by negative energies or presences that want to hurt you, even a few hours are enough.

Student: I could try not to practice it for 3 days to see how much it holds …

Angel: And what would you be different from a non-spiritual person? Nothing, because both are not practiced. Then, you talk as if you were completely aware of your protection, as if I had been making the bubble for years and knew everything about her. I advise you to practice it to see what changes, because you already know what happens if you don’t do it: nothing, because problems come as always and you will have to torment yourself to solve them. If you want to see change, you need to do something different from what you did before; therefore protect you.

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Student2: I took a nice pace because I feel much better since I practice it, and I do it three times a day.

Angel: Good, great.

Student: When we practice some technique like bubble, wire cutting or any other technique, can we use God’s help and feel that he is really helping us at that moment, or do we have to rely solely on us?

Angel: Of course, God always helps us, so we can connect to Him as we practice to help us make them stronger. Counting on our strength does not mean excluding God from our life, but it means acting without expecting Him to do it while we do nothing to change and improve our lives. There is a big difference! To act also with the help of God and not to act because we expect that it is He who must do it is what differentiates a spiritual practitioner from a religious. The religious, in fact, pray to God to protect them, but we protect ourselves while God increases our strength and effect.

Student: Lately I have noticed that after having fortified the bubble, especially if I make 2-3 consecutive ones, I feel tingling everywhere, in particular hands and arms, and the tones become very sharp. Can it be due to stress?

Angel: Actually it’s a great sign, because it means you’re doing very well, so you’re getting up tonal and you can hear better energy and even dimensional sounds. This is a great start!

Student: While I was making the bubble I felt deeply that it was definitely loud, as if she testified to me her power. I continued the technique, but what do you think? Is it the Low who wanted me to stop?

Angel: It’s normal to feel this way, but you obviously don’t stop just because you feel you have practiced it well, even more so until the end to make it even stronger than it was yesterday.

Student: About a month and a half ago, I felt the strong feeling that I would have ended up in the hospital and would have undergone an emergency operation.I had kind of imagined, but not even, perhaps, seen the scene.I can not explain.Generally when I have these visions, in a little while, they come true.This time however, at least for now, it didn’t happen.Could it be the protection that you avoided?

Angel: I really think so, because if you say that your visions always come true, it means you’ve done a great job!I’m glad you’re starting to have your first tests.

Today’s lesson is over. If you want to write me more questions or tell me about your first improvements with Psychic Protection, I’ll be happy to read you! You can write your experiences below with a comment, or write me your questions through the appropriate section .At the next lesson!

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