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65 – Questions about the Sixth Sense – Learning how to use what you have (part 2)

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Angel: Welcome back! Today we continue with the lesson on the Sixth Sense.Start with the first question.

Student: Hi Angel, thank you for this wonderful opportunity and time, I would like to ask you: according to some cultures, some parents or ancestors with a very developed sixth sense then give their abilities to the strongest child, a sort of passage of descent … This is possible and real? That is, reading your lesson yesterday I understood that we all already possess the sixth sense that is then to be developed, it may be that at most it is the conviction of the family, the context in which it grows and the son himself united to the intent to ensure that is it possible that this becomes real? Or is there really some kind of parental connection that allows a sort of quicker awakening or natural predisposition that will still have to be trained? Thanks a lot.

Angel: No, the evolution of the sixth sense is not hereditary, as some people still believe, thinking that, since the mother was a medium, they too today are a must medium. The evolution of the sixth sense is not inherited, but certainly if you live with a relative who speaks to you about spirituality since you were a child, you are much, much more inclined to evolve as a young man than someone who grows up in a skeptical family and finds himself to discover the existence of the sixth sense only at a mature age. This does not mean that the latter cannot evolve, in fact it is not said that the child who grew up with relatives who talk to him about spirituality, has also applied these arts. Today I know many people who say “my mother was a medium, so I am too”, yet they pass in front of a thousand entities and do not see even one. Therefore it is more a way of saying, a wanting to feel special. A bit like the absurd story I heard a thousand times: “when I was a child, the priest was baptizing me, but by mistake he was wrong a word and from that moment my sixth sense evolved!”, You do not know how many people have told me, as if now the priest possessed the keys of the sixth sense and it is enough to say a wrong word, coughing, or interrupting himself to breathe, to guarantee an incredible sixth sense. And yet, there really are those who believe in it.

Student: I’m so happy with this answer, thanks Angel. Thank you so much.

Student2: The last lesson was really very motivating and very clear, it made me think a lot about points that I was not considering and as always Angel very clearly expound the concepts solving any kind of doubt. I found it very interesting the part in which you explain that having the sixth sense does not mean seeing only entities or predicting natural disasters, but everyone can express it in different ways. We are used to TV, to stories and to any means of dissemination that make sense the same as entities, mediums, telekinesis at very high levels. As a child I always had a predisposition to hearing people, how they were, what they felt and sometimes what they thought, sometimes I happened to predict some small event, but being small, I didn’t give it much importance. This is because it is not true that we start at the beginning with powers fired by the thousand, as we see in the movies, but as you say, the sixth sense, being a muscle, must be trained, little by little and this makes us reflect because many of us have had experiences in a branch of the sixth sense but maybe we did not give it much importance as it is not like the skills of superheroes, this part makes us reflect a lot and if taken well as a reflection it makes you understand how the sixth sense is vast and that it really has always been part of us , thank you, a lesson that really opens our eyes, I agree with the students, you really saved us all!

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Angel: Yes, it is normal that after all these films, we expect the sixth sense to be an explosion of lightning and flying mountains, and worse yet that all this must happen from the first day you are interested in this topic; but in reality the sixth sense is a muscle that must be trained to give you the results you are looking for. This does not mean that you cannot succeed in telekinesis, but it does mean that you should not expect miracles just because you try only once.

Student: Hi Angel, I wanted to ask you or rather to think together about my reflection.Our body / machine in this dimension on Earth works in a certain way, practically everything that exists we perceive it with our senses: for example we see images with eyes, we hear sounds with ears and flavors with the tongue and so on, but all these organs / muscles transmit to our brain everything we perceive through electrical impulses without it tasting, seeing or feeling.As you said, the sixth sense is a muscle that perceives what exists without us wanting to perceive or not, he is there, there has always been and always will be, only that he must be trained.I wanted to know if there is a similarity between this and the others and that is if this muscle (if used and trained) transmits and connects to our brain through electrical impulses or our regulator gets in the way (speaking of brain and low).Finally, is there any connection with the so-called pineal gland or chakra of the mind (as an organ of similarity to tongue ears etc.)?I would simply like to know what you think of my reflection.Thanks in advance.

Angel: Yes, the pineal gland is considered by many to be the site of the sixth sense and it is not wrong, but personally I differentiate them a little, because the sixth sense is much more connected to our Consciousness, or better still to our Soul, and it does not belong only to the human physical body, but also accompanies us during other reincarnations in other dimensions and therefore in other bodies. In practice the sixth sense is not the pineal gland, but they are certainly connected, in fact performing correct exercises on the pineal gland can be very useful in helping the development of the sixth sense. For example, like the Crown chakra, you always see how half and half out of the head is represented, do you know? It is represented in this way because this chakra is not only physical, so it is not only inside the head, but it is a very dimensional chakra, in fact you can perceive a part of it even outside the head, and it is strange to understand, yet the feel that there is a part inside and an external part that are part of the same chakra. The sixth sense, too, is much more evolved, because everyone has the basic sense, but it is too “low” to be really defined as a “sixth evolved sense”; so it’s like an unused muscle, an extinct organ. The sixth sense gives you some impulse, some warning when something serious is going to happen, but it stops there. Instead, if you develop it to evolve psychically, you begin to have experiences and receive much higher, multidimensional information that does not stop at earthly life or the physical body. So the sixth sense is as connected to our brain as the Crown chakra or the Mind chakra, but it is absolutely not possible to close it in a category like we could do with the brain organ, because it is much more multidimensional.

Student: Thanks Angel, always fascinating to think about these issues.

Student2: Hi Angel, I found myself a lot in the description of those who as a child had active sixth sense skills because as a child I had some. Now that I am meditating they are awakening but one that has always remained active to me is to understand if the person in front of me has good or bad intentions and if I will be nice or very unpleasant. In the last lesson you said that the sixth sense is an organ of conscience, I always thought it was a physical organ but this didn’t make much sense and in fact when I tried to reflect on this I didn’t go anywhere. My question is: does the sixth sense have a shape like the physical organs? (Maybe even a changeable form, being made of energy). Is it visible to the naked eye from those with the right skills? Does Consciousness therefore consist of various different energy organs?

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Angel: Not imagining the Conscious, and therefore the Soul, as a human physical body, with its organs etc; it is rather an energy, which can change shape, size, and evolve or regress, in case you were not evolving or to be precise in case the person was not practicing for so long to evolve. One can recognize who possesses a sixth sense much more developed by those who instead possess it dormant (like most) not because they see “the sixth sense” with the naked eye, but because it can be recognized by its energy. Now it’s hard to explain, because it’s too early, but over time you’ll learn how to evolve your sixth sense and learn, later, to recognize who has it evolved.

Student: What can be a feeling that the Sixth Sense is widening and waking up?

Angel: It’s complicated. The Sixth Sense is not something structured, which can be said “if you see the Auras then you are awakening”, it is not so. Ok, for example if you see the entities we could say that you have a small part of the energetic view, which belongs to the Sixth Sense, which is waking up; or, if you see the future, you have another small part of your premonition that is waking up, but that’s not all. If I told you that I can run very fast, you could tell me that you are very good at arm wrestling. But if I know how to run, it doesn’t mean that I’m a world athlete; understand the example. Maybe I can run faster than you, but that doesn’t make me the best in all sports, it doesn’t mean that I know how to use all the muscles in my body. It is the same for the Sixth Sense. There are those who say that they developed it only because they sometimes see entities, or those who say they are awakened only because they like to say it, because they think they are mentally evolved even though they have very little advanced psychic ability. Therefore, an inkling that the sixth sense is getting bigger is probably what makes you think “There’s more”, while when it’s closing it makes you think: “I’m fine like that, I already know everything I need to be awakened “, although you know very well that you do not possess any truly awakened psychic faculty. One day, by dint of practicing, you will say to yourself: “Hey, how can I do this? Where does this ability come from? “; well you know how to do it and that’s it, thanks to the practice on the sixth sense that will allow you to evolve in more sectors.

Student: Hi Angel and hi everyone! I hope it’s not a too structured question! It also happens to me to perceive what has to happen or what a person has to say before he even says it, but there is a kind of experience that I don’t know how to explain myself. That is when we begin to know things that we did not know before. For example, knowing what time it is before you even look at your watch; or I noticed it also on some Low practices, in particular with the drawing: I improved a lot (without practicing), because it is as if I knew how to move the pencil to represent what I want (well, of course not it is precisely the excellence to be exhibited in the galleries, but compared to the former it is much better). In this case, what makes the sixth sense? Extend our knowledge about this dimension through meditation on the Crown? Thank you so much for everything you do!

Angel: Yes, I also improved a lot in Art, like drawing, just meditating, without practicing drawing for a long time. It happens because meditation evolves not only the sixth sense understood as psychic abilities, but also your intelligence, your mental concentration evolves, in practice it is as if every time you meditate, you are upgrading your brain, making it more awake than before , more active. This is seen on many occasions, for example, you become much more capable in your work environment, or you improve a lot in the sport you usually practice, or you still recognize that you have an artistic faculty like drawing can. Clear that, if you never try to do anything, don’t try to draw, play sports, do nothing, you can’t realize that something has changed in your brain; this does not stem from the absence of improvements, but it is just that you do not allow your brain to show you what it is capable of. However, if you practice some passion, like music, drawing or a sport, you realize many improvements derived from meditation. So we are not talking just about the sixth sense, but about the well-being that meditation brings to your physical body, including your brain.

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Student: Hi thanks for today’s lesson, is it possible that the sixth sense also warns you physically that you are in danger? Type a stroke on a chakra, such as an electric shock related to a strange sensation; or is it only the chakra that needs energy, or if you are charged, is it because it is expanding then it makes itself felt? Why is a mother who feels a thud in the heart when a child gets hurt is it sixth sense or is it just because you are more connected with your children? Does the blood bond count? Or can you notice in the same way with a friend, like you get a visual flash of him or her? It’s amazing how many things we have to discover and understanding is beautiful, thanks again I feel super lucky to be here.

Angel: When we talk about a mother and a child, we must recognize that there is a much stronger energy bond, so we are not talking about the sixth sense developed, but about the telepathy that exists between mother and child, which can happen even with him alone and with no one else, because of their energy connection. It is not that the sixth sense gives physical warnings, otherwise it would be really easy to recognize one’s sixth sense: if your stomach hurts it means that someone is dying, if your head hurts it means that someone is thinking about you. No, unfortunately and fortunately it is not so. But it can happen sometimes, only a few times, outside the mother and child situation that it is all a separate matter, that you could have a physical sensation due to a perception, even if most of the time these derive from negative energy influences . To give an example: you get a strange feeling, as if something bad is going to happen, then here comes the pain in your stomach. Does it mean that the sixth sense has warned you through the pain in the stomach? No, it means that you are receiving an energy influence or an attack, which is hitting you: the sixth sense has tried to warn you, but then the attack arrived anyway (stomach ache) and you have to decide whether to protect yourself, or if you keep it and remain a victim of that attack that probably won’t end there. In fact, as you will find described in the article dedicated to the Plexus chakra, the stomach can receive painful pangs also due to the negative energies coming from outside, and not only for internal issues (such as digestion problems, for instance!). The Plexus is very “empathetic”, so you can experience feelings of pain in your stomach when bad news is coming, or when you are receiving an energetic influence sent by someone, very bad. But flashes are not physical sensations, rather they are images of the mind that the sixth sense can use to make you prevent something.

Student: Physical sensations do not necessarily have to correspond to the intuitions that belong to the sixth sense … these words of yours, Angel, have made me think a lot because confusing them is easy but distinguishing them no … Starting from the base that to be able to develop the sixth sense it is necessary first to meditate . I feel a little the need to ” structure” and understand exactly which other techniques then develop every sixth sense ability … For example, practicing seeing energy will then help you to see the entities … Practicing remote viewing can help you “see” and finding people etc. Then everyone is different and will have different needs, but I would like to learn a bit of everything and choose to use the sixth sense in a targeted way while now happens by chance …

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Angel: Of course, that is why I put up the Academy: to teach you all how to manage your sixth sense and learn to control it, so that he obeys you, rather than giving splashes of knowledge only to him, and almost always difficult to decipher. That’s why I teach you practice sessions for all abilities and not just one so you can choose to develop them all. Just follow the path I have made available to you, putting it into practice, to evolve your sixth sense and learn to control it.

Student: Hi Angel! In each of your lessons there is always something more to be explored, on any subject, even the basic ones. The sixth sense is a very interesting topic that fascinates me. In fact, as you have already said, although we do not realize this innate capacity in all of us, we can begin to understand it at any time and even better with your advice and practices. Since I was here at the Academy, I began to notice strange signs that my body was sending me, something I had never heard or noticed before. This is already something, because even if in a small part it means that we pay more attention to our senses and in this case to their development. An example is to hear strange annoyances that we did not pay much attention to before, while now we pay more attention trying to understand what it can derive from and even act to try to placate it. Perhaps now we are aware of many more things that we did not previously know or ignore. This is also very important for the fact that we are also a little more aware of what surrounds us, isn’t it? You explained that each of us can sense the sixth sense in different ways, such as on the mind or on the heart. It has happened to me lately or in different periods of feeling sensations that I do not know well to define in the center of the chest, then to the heart chakra, but I cannot understand yet what it may depend on. It is not really a nuisance and with what you said in the lesson I was wondering if it could be some signal due to the sixth sense that develops to warn me of a certain thing, what do you say? Or I happened to feel like tingling on the nasal septum, but more than once and for a while. I found him curious and I was there to hear them. Is it just energy? I may feel these sensations but I still can’t understand what they are due to, so in this case I definitely need to develop the sixth sense more to be able to understand the derivation of these signals. Then, reading more about the answer to another student, could they be more negative influences? Thanks a lot!

Angel: From the way you described them, these are not signs of the sixth sense, but signals from the chakras, which shows you are starting to charge and therefore you are feeding on energy. It’s different, but it’s still a good sign!

Student: Before the question I would like to make a reflection. I focused on the point where you said that a child who is well with his family and also outside stays on his comfort zone, because he believes that everything he needs is there with him. While those who do not have a simple life, we can say, whether in a family or outside, they need to look for something that goes beyond everything around them, something deeper, and that’s where the sixth sense develops. It happened to me that I was confronted with boys who differed from others in their age with regard to thought, and these were always people who had spent something strong in their lives and this had made them mature. In this case, therefore, the people who realize that everything they have around them, such as material objects, fashions, etc. is not the only thing that matters but there is something deeper, it is because these experiences helped them to unconsciously develop the sixth sense and therefore seem more mature than others of their age?

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Angel: You know, this way it can seem that to evolve you have to suffer, that is to say that to evolve your sixth sense you must necessarily have spent a bad childhood.The fact is not that suffering leads us to evolve, but leads us to seek a solution, which is very different.The mistake is ours, because we try to evolve only when everything goes wrong, so we look for a solution, a better way only when we are sick, while instead when we are well we lie down and we give a damn about spiritual evolution, because we have a beautiful romantic relationship, we have a good job, everything is fine, so we forget that Low life is not everything;we forget the existence of our Soul, or of our true self.The fact is that people are roughly divided into two parts: the first is that in front of the problems falls into depression, hurts itself, becomes self-defeating, and there are those who instead of problems, try to pull themselves up and find a solution.As they say, need sharpens ingenuity, and it is also so in psychic abilities.If you spend your life in comfort, you don’t feel the need to protect yourself from entities, because you don’t even know they exist;if you spend a long time in close contact with negative entities, instead, you can react in only two ways: depress yourself, obsess and go crazy, or react to entities, looking for solutions to resolve this matter.So, in the second case, in the end you learn to protect yourself and you become mentally ill.The meaning is this: we must try to be awake even when our life goes well, and not only when everything goes wrong;otherwise our Soul, to awaken and not die, is also willing to let us experience some difficult experience, just to give us a bucket of cold water to make us wake up.Of course, we only talk about a bucket of water, not something too serious;he just wants to wake us up, don’t hurt us.Certainly, when there are far greater sufferings, they are not signs or punishments dictated by our Soul, but they are people or obscure presences that have targeted us.

Student: All much clearer! Indeed it is so, only when everything in our life goes wrong do we look for a solution, while when we are good in Low life, we underestimate real life. Thank you so much for your explanations! Very clear.

Student: As a child I loved listening to my maternal grandmother’s stories. He often told me about his life in the small village where he grew up. For my tender age, listening to his stories was a bit like immersing myself in a fairy and magical world. They had this kind of emotional intelligence (inexplicable with the only logic) thanks to which they established a unique relationship with nature, and they were able to know things without having studied them, learned from anyone, knowledge that was not transmitted. He told me how in the summer and drought times it was always a struggle to be able to cultivate the land. One day he understood what he had to do to resolve the situation. He came to build a sort of irrigation system (or small dam) creating a kind of island or isolating a piece of land (digging with his hands) enough to be cultivated surrounded by the water of the flowing river. So thanks to her they managed to get food even in the driest seasons. I asked her how she knew what she should do, she replied that she didn’t even know it, or rather she just knew it had to be done that way. He also explained to me how many villagers dreamed of leaves, dreamed of collecting specific therapeutic plants and how they should be used. And so, by making compresses and infusions they could calm the headaches, eliminate intestinal pains and heal diseases like anemia. They had a firm faith in God, convinced that all these survival strategies came from Him. They led a simple and genuine life in direct contact with nature in all its forms. They do not have basic medical knowledge, they do not know the human body, they do not know why that particular plant from the chemical point of view will have a certain action on the body and consequently a specific benefit. Another case is that of my paternal grandmother who also grew up in a small village. She was able to heal my brother, who was born with a physical problem that if he was born in a western nation he would have resorted to a surgical operation. She had a dream in which she was immersed in the forest, concentrated in the collection of a mix of herbs (totally unknown to her) suitable for solving the problem. So the next morning, she opened her eyes, remembering that dream in detail and immediately ran to get those plants that had appeared in her dream. From their stories (and now thanks to your documents, Angel) I realized that the Force actually gave us everything we really need to live our life to the fullest: the sixth sense. After this papyrus my question: is it possible that today, there are human populations on Gaia that due to their culture, connection to God, traditions, contact with nature, lifestyle (which while not practicing) have the possibility or do they at least tend to have a more developed sixth sense?

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Angel: Maybe they don’t practice on the chakras, yet practicing the connection with God, their culture and their tradition push them to practice something, thanks above all to the same contact they have with nature. Nature is the body of God! So it is clear that they do not know how to control their psychic faculties to their liking, as a person who meditates to evolve his abilities could do, but through trust in God and therefore the connection with nature, they try to develop the sixth sense in a way in fact, I take the example in which she was able to learn about medicinal herbs without ever having studied them. The sixth sense is in our nature, we can deny it even for life, but it continues to be in our nature.

Student: I reflect a lot in the example you gave of the child who grows up in a happy and loving family, and who has never had experience with entities or anything and who has not developed his sixth sense in that direction. But I feel that divine spark inside me, perhaps since I left home at 18. I feel I have developed it in relationships with people, almost understanding them on the fly and trying to give serenity and pleasant moments, making everyone feel at ease. It’s like something innate that pushes me to want to do good to others. Is this also due to the sixth sense or only to one’s Consciousness? Is empathy also the sixth sense? Thanks a lot.

Angel: In the first case it is more due to the Conscious, which tells you what to do. Empathy also derives from the sixth sense.

Student: Hi Angel, thanks for these days of intense and exciting fantastic lessons that you gave us, it was an honor to participate. I wondered with wonder how you managed to respond so quickly and perfectly to all the questions, some even very complex, that were asked to you. And the answer is without a doubt: “thanks to its very developed sixth sense” !!! What I wanted to ask you is this: Can fearing some experiences, like seeing entities, limit me a lot in the development of my senses? I have had several experiences of foresight (some of which I think have saved me from even serious events) of telepathy and energy healing performed on others. But when it comes to entities and aliens, I feel scared and I would prefer to avoid any kind of interaction with them, even though I know very well that this doesn’t just depend on my will. Or, proceeding with the development of the sixth sense, can I feel stronger and these fears will disappear by themselves?

Angel: First, take the time you need. You don’t have to do everything in a hurry, because you probably don’t feel ready now. What I advise you, however, is not to choose to remain ignorant on these issues, only to listen to the fear, because as I believe you know very well, if you remain ignorant on any subject, everything and everyone can manipulate you better. Choosing to know a topic, like entities, does not mean attracting them, but instead means knowing the strong points but above all the weak points of one’s enemy, in the event life takes you before this situation. Unfortunately we cannot choose not to have experiences with entities or with dark aliens, or with evil psychic persons: they are the ones who choose whether to hurt us or not. Therefore, we can decide to inform ourselves, to know how to protect ourselves, so that if something should happen we will already be prepared and, for this very reason, you are certain that it will not happen. I mean the dark ones wouldn’t be able to touch you if you were already protected, but they can do it until you know how to protect yourself from them. I didn’t want to have any experiences with aliens either, all the contrary; but it has happened and today I teach you how to defend yourself from these experiences. Knowing the subject does not mean attracting it, on the contrary, it means knowing how to defend yourself. If you choose to become a black belt in karate, you are not choosing to lure bullies or violent people to yourself, but you are choosing to learn to protect yourself in the event that you may meet someone evil in life so that you know how to defend yourself. But know well, that from the moment you know how to defend yourself, no one will want to fight with you. So take the time you need, but don’t let fear limit you, because you never have to fear knowledge. It is clear that if you voluntarily decide to remain ignorant on some topics, you are choosing to bind yourself, to limit yourself because you will always be subjected to certain spiritual situations that you cannot avoid in any other way. Take the time you need and passetto passetto take some courage and choose the path of knowledge, because it will allow you to be free.

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