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53 – Questions about the Third Eye – Doubts on the Third Eye (part 1)

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Angel: Welcome back! You can start with the first question about the Third Eye .

Student: Hi Angel. To be clear: it is fair to call the third eye as part of the sixth sense in charge to see what the untrained human eye can not see (eg energy, entity A , energy programs, forms of thought?) Or should we listen to it just like anything of physical? So not really a faculty à as is right, but rather a set of other skills à such as energy primarily seen. But the name is suggestive and therefore has entered the common use more than other expressions. This also seems to me another way to not give people a correct view of spirituality à(correct me if I’m wrong), that is, implying that all faculty à , just as the energetic view, telekinesis, astral travel, things are disconnected from each other and have nothing to do with the other. In this way few people come to understand that they are all expressions of the sixth sense and that it is on that and on meditation that we must first of all put concentration, from which we can then develop the rest.

Angel: Hi! Yes, it is all correct, the Third Eye is part of the sixth sense, which in turn is divided into different capacities, among which mainly the Energetic Sight and the Mental Vision . Obviously it is not a physical eye, nor should it be confused with the mind chakra, because the juxtaposition is only a mental confusion. In reality, the Third Eye is a capacity and nothing to do with a physical eye. You said well about the method that is used to confuse ideas with others and to ensure that all psychic faculties seem disconnected from each other, as if they didn’t all belong to the same Sixth Sense! They try in every way to confuse the ideas of others and make them believe one thing for another, so you always have to be careful about what is said, especially because most of the time they are said by people who have no personal experience, but only theoretical readings.

Student: More than a question, mine is a confirmation of having understood correctly. The third eye is that part of the sixth sense that allows us to consciously perceive the energy (which is prana or entity à ) and to interact with it or manipulate it at will (conduct of psychic techniques).

Angel: The Third Eye is not only useful to make you feel it, but to show it to you; seeing energy and manipulating it are two different concepts, in fact you could see the energy but not be able to use it, or you could use energy without knowing how to see it because you never trained to see it. Therefore the Third Eye is precisely the name given to the psychic faculty which allows you to see the energy.

Student: By training with the vision of the aura I see a white and luminous veil drop especially on the face, I thought that it is the white prana , is it possible? If so, then do I see with the mind chakra or the third eye?

Angel: Yes, it is prana and you are seeing it with the energetic Sight, which belongs to the Third Eye.

Student: Maybe it’s a trivial deduction, since it’s called third eye, but just to point out, from what I understand the third eye is that part of the sixth sense that allows us to see all the various forms of energy and therefore the other dimensions, but exclusively in their visual aspect. It’s correct?

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Angel: Yes, the Third Eye is specialized in vision, so it allows you to also know the other dimensions in a visual sense, but if you want to live more complete experiences, for example also in an auditory sense and not only in a visual sense (as I explain in the articles on Sounds) Dimensional ) you need to practice to evolve even that certain ability. Developing the Third Eye allows us to see all that is “beyond” the material dimension.

Student: The Third Eye is usually represented as a physical eye placed in the middle of the forehead. It seems to me that this is a very structured representation deriving from the habit in the physical, limiting world, because I believe that if well developed the third eye should see at 360 °, but even under the aspect of the precise point of where to place it they are not so convinced. If we were so structured then if the third eye is the organ of the sixth sense with which we “see” the true reality, we should think that we also have a third ear (which for example makes us hear dimensional sounds), a second language for the taste, a second nose (or maybe a third nostril?) for smell and a second skin for touch. Am I wrong?

Angel: Of course, in fact it is really so, the representation of the Third eye has the purpose of making us understand the existence of this more advanced View than the one we have always used, but as usual there are those who confuse everything and interpret the teachings to just liking, so he ends up believing that there must be a third physical eye and that he must necessarily find himself between the two eyes; moreover, as you well said, this also limits our concept of “sight”, because it can make us believe that it is a very common additional eye that sees nothing more and nothing less than the other two basic eyes. In fact, if we wanted to believe that the third eye is physical, it would mean that nothing would change from the other two eyes, because all three are on the face (and not, for example, one behind the head to give you a way to see even behind and not only in front), moreover it is often represented vertically, unlike the other two eyes which are horizontal; if we wanted to believe this, would it mean that the third eye would see us wrong? Or that it would be enough to put one’s head obliquely to see “reality”, without having to evolve the third eye? Of course this whole thing is only for confusing ideas and keeping everyone from the truth. The Third Eye is not physical, but it is a Psychic ability, which allows you to “see” energy, which is why it is drawn in the form of an eye. Pure illustration!

Student: Hi Angel! But this eye, in fact, there really is not just a word that encompasses our ability à vision (aura and energy)? Technically it should be like this because we see energy even with closed eyes. This question derives from the fact that in some meditations (perhaps more conscious than others) I noticed how the energy entered the Mind and I saw it also inside my skin entering the chakra.

Angel: The Third Eye is a skill, so it really exists, but it’s not physical! Exactly how Energy Healing exists, it really exists, but it is not a physical component of our body, nor is Perception, or the oobe technique , just like Dimensional Sounds are not a third ear. The Third Eye is represented as a physical eye only for illustrative reasons, but it is not a real physical component, but a capacity of the Sixth Sense. The sensations you had while meditating on the mind chakra are right, because while you meditated and absorbed prana , you also saw this prana enter you; but this does not mean that the chakra of the Mind is the Third Eye, it means instead that with the Mental Vision of the Third Eye you have seen the energy as it entered into a chakra. If you try again, with more concentration, you can see it also entering the Chi, even on the Plexus and the Heart, not just on the Mind.

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Student: I understand that the third eye is not a physical eye, but is it possible to see it with open eyes at the Mind chakra? Why he is months ago my daughter for a few seconds looking at my face told me: Mom at the center of the forehead I saw you like a bright eye. What do you think he saw? An alien life of mine in which I had three eyes? Or was it the third eye? Maybe it was just his suggestion. He asked me what it was and I obviously couldn’t answer. Thanks.

Angel: If the experience he told is real, and he didn’t misinterpret it, it was certainly a face of a past life, as there are races that have three physical eyes, as well as the races that have eight of them, because their physical body is made that way; there are also races that have only one eye, and races that do not have eyes, because their body is adapted to the dimension in which they were born and they probably do not need to see with their eyes (eg in very dark places). Therefore these alien races exist and for sure if you have lived incarnations in those dimensions, practicing the technique of Vision of the Faces you will be able to see faces of past lives very different from the face that you have now, not only regarding the details but really regarding the elements that in this life you have but that in other alien bodies could be very different; for example in alien life you could have an organ that, in this human life, you do not possess because the human physical body is suitable for this planet, for this dimension, but not for the others, and vice versa. But I said that you have to understand if you have interpreted the experience well, because it may also be that you saw a luminous ball in your forehead and said that it was an eye, although you only saw a luminous ball, and in that chance changes everything, because it may be that you have seen the energy of your mind chakra, nothing to do with a third eye. The chakras can be seen, if you practice to evolve your energy vision. Children are much more perceptive and also see energy better, so it may be that you have seen your chakra.

Student: Is it correct to say that we use our Third Eye whenever we are going to perform spiritual acts? That is, we use it when we do everything connected with spirituality.

Angel: No, because the Third Eye is connected solely to the faculty of seeing, but it is not connected to “all” other spiritual activities. For example, if you are performing a Meditation, it does not mean that you are using the Third Eye, or if practicing an Energy Healing does not mean that you are using the Third Eye, because the two faculties are quite distinct: you can use them together, of course, if you evolve them both at the right level, so you can use more faculties at the same time; but this does not mean that if you perform any spiritual act during the day, you are automatically using the Third Eye; absolutely not. You have probably confused the Third Eye with the Sixth sense.

Student: What would happen if my third eye suddenly opened?

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Angel: It wouldn’t happen, because the Third eye doesn’t open, not being a physical eye; it is a faculty that has to evolve with time, and also for this reason it cannot evolve suddenly, but it takes a lot of training, just like all the other practices such as Energy healing, Telepathy, all require training and do not evolve ” suddenly “, but step by step. Everything depends on how much you train and the goal you want to achieve.

Student: I know I have the third eye open because I was told when I was in other locations before I got here, but it’s stuck, what should I do?

Angel: It is important to understand that if you really were active, you would already see the energies, the presences, you would see the auras to perfection, you would see everything that is energetic and not just what you see with your physical eyes, so you would see auras very well (with eyes open) without training, you would see the entities without having to train, you would see the codes of the Matrix, and so on. Do you really see all this? Certainly not, because you have never trained, but in other ways you have been told this because they are taught something completely different from what is taught here. Here I teach you to make real experience through practice, I don’t teach theory alone. If you have moved away from those paths there will be a reason, certainly because you did not find the truth in what they taught, so put behind you what you were told then, and begin the new path by learning new revelations and new knowledge, without compare them with what you have read elsewhere, because you would just risk getting stuck where you had stopped before. Go ahead and put theory aside, because practice allows you to really evolve.

Student: Hi Angel! When I was younger I followed online audio guides to “open” the third eye. They said that if I concentrated, I could feel it on my forehead and once I heard it, I opened it. I really felt something moving in the middle of my forehead. Since as you have already said obviously there is no third physical eye, I was probably activating the mind chakra giving importance in that area and so I felt “that weight” above my forehead, confirm?

Angel: Yes, exactly, you were practicing on the Mind chakra simply by giving it another name. So you were moving the energy inside the mind chakra, so you felt this energy shifting because the chakra has always been present in your forehead and there has always been some energy, as in all the chakras; consequently what you were doing was concentrating in the convinced chakra that it was something else, or the third eye. If you tried again now it would be very different, because you would feel much more energy in the chakra, since you are meditating on it. But the Third Eye had nothing to do with it, also because otherwise you would have had great visual experiences to tell, but I don’t think you have lived many with the use of that practice.

Student: No no, after all, absolutely nothing happened! haha !! Thanks!!

Angel: Exactly. These are the usual clickbait guides , which promise to make you open the third eye thanks to that video, make you evolve to the eleventh dimension, make you do a thousand things, but in reality they just want to receive yet another click.

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Student: When you develop your third eye, are the things you see with your eyes closed the same as you would see with your eyes open? I mean, besides entities à or anything paranormal that you could do with the third eye, you can see the normal things such as a location etc.

Angel: Yes, you are talking about Remote Vision , which allows you to see a place, as it is, even from a distance, so you can see just the physical place through the Remote Vision, so obviously it can be done. It is a technique that I will teach you later, because it requires a lot of training and concentration.

Student: For those who have developed the third eye and thus is able to see the invisible, it is right to think that you acquire other advantages, such as greater sensitivity a humane and understanding towards other people?

Angel: Yes, of course knowing how to see reality is not a question that only happens to good people, because anyone can develop their own psychic faculties with simple training, even negative people, so there are those who use this knowledge for their own good and others, and those who use them for negative purposes. Much also depends on the path they are following, because there are those who teach you to use these faculties for positive purposes (as happens in ACD!) And there are those who teach instead to use them for negative purposes. But by following the right spiritual path, and learning that these techniques can be very useful for your and your neighbor’s sake, you can develop greater sensitivity through these experiences and you will certainly be able to give you great thoughts that will allow you to improve your own lifestyle, so there will be good qualities.

Student: Good evening Angel and course company. Thank you for your availability as always. A curiosity came to me: if the Third Eye is part of the sixth sense, developing its abilities makes us able to see beyond the common view. I was wondering if a blind person developed this ability could he be able to see the energy, the entities?

Angel: Yes, it is not uncommon for blind people to “see” without using their eyes, obviously they do not see how we see ourselves, but for example they see presences through the use of a different view, a psychic view. This means that even the blind can learn to see entities through the third eye, so they will particularly use the sixth sense rather than the energetic Sight, since the latter exploits the physical eyes. Since they are blind, they may not evolve much in the energy view (but I say it could, because then it always depends on the case and the exception always exists); but certainly with the sixth sense they can learn to feel and see (through the Mental Vision) the presence of the entity through mental flashes. So yes.

Student: To develop the Third Eye is it useful to do meditation sessions only on the Mind chakra with that intention? In that case, how much should you practice to avoid an imbalance of the chakras?

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Angel: Meditating on the high chakras helps, but that’s not all, as the Third Eye is not the Mind chakra, so if you want to evolve the Energetic view, or the Mind Vision, you will have to train in those two skills through the exercises that I teach you in the Steps. Meditation serves to make you absorb energy and raise your tone so you can, from time to time, get more and more out of low frequency manipulation. So meditating is essential to give you high energy and tone to be able to practice the other techniques that allow you to evolve the Sixth sense. Therefore meditating on the mind chakra obviously helps, since you are absorbing energy, but he cannot do all the work, since to develop the visual skills (of the Third eye) you need to train in specific techniques. Furthermore, it is important to meditate on all 5 chakras and not only on the high ones, because it would obviously lead to an energy imbalance. So I advise you to meditate on the five chakras, as in the session I taught you in the previous lessons.

For today the lesson ends here, but if you have other doubts you can write me and send everything by clicking here ; I will answer all your questions! Good night to all!

Student: Thanks for the wonderful lesson Angel, it’s a really interesting topic that I can’t wait to investigate !! Only here in the Academy is treated admirably, immediately eliminating the false beliefs and fears due to those who speak without ever really practicing !! You are the only one to encourage us to practice and experience, to show us how many wonderful experiences we were missing out on !! Thank you very much for everything.

Student: Thanks Angel for this wonderful opportunity!

Student: Thanks for clarifying all our doubts! Beautiful lesson! Good night to all!

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