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68 – Questions about Seeing Energy – Recognizing the Truth (part 1)

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Angel: Welcome to this first lesson on Seeing Energy . You can start with your questions.

Student: Hi Angel, thanks for these new vision lessons that I really need. My question is about the floaters you mentioned as a possible optical problem. I state that the static as described in the document, I see it but still not very bright, in the sense that the white dots I see them more on the gray. However I wanted to tell my experience of seeing the energy I had up until now. The first time I tried to see energy, following the directions of the guided technique, staring at a black table lamp, I saw tiny white dots beating against and bouncing on it, as if they were “physical”. I have seen them other times, later, but rarely and with much effort. Continuing to practice, I began to see energy as a dense rain that always fell diagonally, from right to left or vice versa, but always from top to bottom, both inside a room and looking outwards. Also, a few months ago, one day when I was on a trip to the mountains, I lay down after lunch on the lawn and at a certain point, looking at the sky, I saw a lot of white dots that seemed to dance. Later, on other occasions, trying again I always managed to see it, and on the last occasion also having as a backdrop the panorama (mountains) and not just the sky, as happened the first few times. Now reading the document on the vision of energy, I cannot understand what I may have actually seen. I don’t think they are floaters, because I see those too. I don’t even think I imagined everything because of expectations, as I never really knew what I had to see. In part you have already answered in the various articles, but I wanted to ask you if you could give me your opinion. Thanks!

Angel: Hi! At the beginning it is normal for it to happen, because the eyes have yet to get used to this newness of wanting to see beyond, wanting to see the energy, so give it time. The important thing is to practice to train the eyes to stay open as long as possible so that you will always see more information! Regarding the experience you said, if you are sure that they are not miodesopsie, then it was prana. Obviously prana is everywhere, it is also in heaven, it is also in the midst of the mountains, indeed! If you look at a natural place, where there is no smog, where there is no chaos, just like in the midst of nature, or in the sky, prana is also stronger and more abundant, so it is easier to see it. In the document I have specified that it is better to train first of all in the house, in the shade or in the dark, so that you can start immediately with seeing the energy, without the risk of confusing you with myosopsias and the like. If you had left immediately from the first time with staring at the sky, then surely you would have been confused. So now that you can see the energy at home, in the dark, you can see it even better in the light without the risk of confusing it with other things. But I would like to be sure that you are really seeing the energy and you are not confusing me with my floaters that can show themselves as elongated or as white dots, so I advise you to do some more tests to see if it is really energy. The litmus test is to look at energy in the dark: do you see those black and white dots moving in the space of the room? Then it is energy; if you don’t see them, but you only see them looking at the sky during the day, then you are confused with floaters. Surely you can’t imagine everything just because of expectations, because these are not mental experiences but visual, so either you see or you don’t see; you just have to understand if you are seeing the energy or if you are seeing “the flies” of the eyes, that you only see in the day staring at the sky.

Student: Yes, I’m sure they weren’t floaters, but I had a doubt even for a sentence from the last lesson. I’m quieter now. Thanks Angel!

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Student2: Hi Angel. I realized that I can see the energy better by day, in the dark I just can’t do it well, how come?

Angel: In the dark it is actually much easier to start seeing the energy that is moving, just because there is no sunlight (or bulbs pointed in the eyes) to confuse you with other optical effects; you probably can’t because they are your first experiences, so you only need to train a little more. Try again with a little more patience, then you will let me know.

Student3: In fact, even to me it is much easier to look at the static in the light of the sun, the doubt is coming to me.

Angel: Do you mean looking at the sun? Because in that case you’re not looking at the static, but the floaters.

Student3: Looking at a clear sky for example, or looking at a white wall lit directly by the sun. I happen to see little things moving in the sky.

Angel: Yes I understand, that is not energy, I am floaters. I advise you to train in the dark to visually understand the difference between the two. I paste you a description of floaters so I can help you. I quote: “I float is an entoptic phenomenon due to an imperfect transparency of the vitreous body. In fact, densities of the vitreous humor that fills the eyeball project shadows on the retina and, therefore, occur in the visual field in the form of points, filaments, spots, spider webs or flying flies, as they are commonly defined. They are most perceived when looking at a uniformly clear or bright surface, for example looking at the blue sky, a light wall or a white computer screen. If you change the position of the gaze, the moving bodies follow the position changes and then stop when the eye stops. This can sometimes disturb the reading, as the floaters can hide the typefaces. ”
That said, there is only one way to find out if what you see is energy or not: look in the dark, if you can’t do it anymore and see these things then were not static; but I guarantee you that my floaters won’t stop you from seeing the real energy, so I advise you to practice, so you can learn to see the energy without confusing yourself.

Student3: Thank you so much Angel.

Angel: Imagine! I want you to learn to see true energy, without confusing it with anything else, because energy exists and can be seen, anyone can learn to see it if only it practiced to train their eyes to see, so it would not make sense to invent visual experiences or confuse one for another. Through the practice you will certainly learn to see the energy and you will immediately understand the difference!

Student: Hi Angel, first of all thank you for these lessons, they are a unique opportunity and I am immensely grateful to you! Just today, practicing this technique, instead of the black and white dots I saw almost immediately how bright and colored cobwebs in movement; they were of a bluish blue and even green / pale yellow color and their movement was slow but I saw them intermittently, that is they lasted a few seconds and then disappeared, then returned and disappeared again. I think it is an optical effect, because it is not followed by the sight of white and black dots that increase, as in the representations of your document, but they appeared shortly after starting the technique. They were similar to the representations that are often seen of the Universe and of the various galaxies, I don’t know if I made myself understood. I still wanted your opinion about it.

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Angel: Hi! Described so it seems to me an optical effect indeed, but the only way to be certain is to try again: practice again in that room and see if it happens immediately, or if it happens only after a while that you are staring at the static. So you will understand if it is true energy, or an optical effect that can happen even for normal reasons, if the eye is tired, if you have another image imprinted on it, etc. Sometimes, for example, you might see a sort of “spider web” because it is really energetic, but other times what you are seeing is not an energy web, but an optical effect like the one I mentioned a little while ago between my experience. For example, even on the web there are images that represent these cobwebs mentioned above, caused by optical effects that you might even see with your eyes open, but it is different from when you see energy. Moreover, when it comes to an optical effect, it is as if it follows you where you move your gaze, while if you are seeing the energy this does not follow you, so it does not follow the movement of your gaze. I advise you to inform you about my floaters so that you know what they are, so trying again the technique to see the energy you can focus on the real energy and not get confused with the optical effects / problems.

Student: The blue balls, blue and white dots I see in the dark are part of the energy, right?

Angel: Yes, also because the floaters are not seen in the dark, so what you will see is only static energy.

Student: Is energy better seen without glasses?

Angel: Yes, obviously it is easier to look at it without glasses because there is no optical effect and therefore the lens deception, but you can do it very well even with glasses, without problems. I advise you to always practice without glasses, but if you have such serious vision problems that you can’t really be without glasses / contact lenses, then you can practice with those wearing them, no problem.

Student: Hi Angel and thanks for the docs and the lessons on vision that are making me understand much better the importance of the vision and they urge me a lot to practice. Following today’s lesson, it occurred to me that a few times in the mountains when I started a meditation, closing my eyes I saw everything red. Knowing that it is not good to see everything red, I set a strong intent to replace that red with white, and slowly in a few minutes I could do it, so then I devoted myself to meditate. In my opinion it was only an optical effect, but in doubt I wanted to eliminate it. What do you think about it?

Angel: Hi! Yes, don’t worry, there is nothing to worry about, you must know that when you close your eyelids it is normal to see everything red, they are just the eyelids; if you happen to have the light on you then (especially when you have the sun pointed, or the light of the lamp) you even realize it better, because you see really red, but obviously it is not the energy but it is the eyelids physical that inside are red, while when you don’t have too much light you see everything more “rosy”. So don’t worry; it is not energy, but it is the physical color of the eyelids.

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Student: Yes indeed as when you look at the sun first; it just seemed a little strange to happen anyway. Thanks!

Student: I have just read the doc on the vision of energy that with the guided technique you teach to see it. I was very upset to understand that the marvelous sight I saw in the sky is not energy but practically a defect of sight. At this point I wanted to understand if even what I see in the walls of furniture when there is a lot of light (even if the ray of sunlight does not directly affect the furniture) is always due to that defect or it is really energy.

Angel: It is very important to recognize whether what you are seeing is really energy, or whether they are optical effects or even dust, which can be seen when the sun beam hits a piece of furniture. Do you remember the morning when the ray of sunlight enters the room, and you see this luminous trail that looks like so many fluttering dots? Here, that is dust, and you can understand it also because if you take a photograph with a mobile phone, this beam of light full of white dots will be very evident also in the photo, so it is clear that it is not energy, but dust. If you look on the internet for ” dust ” nothing but dust, and look at the images you understand what I mean. On the other hand, with regard to mydopsopsies, obviously they cannot be seen in photos since they are problems of the eye, so it is not dust or an external effect but it is really an effect inside the eye. As already mentioned, until you try to look at energy only by staring at the sky or during the day, you will not understand the difference; so I invite you to practice in the dark: you will notice an expanse of white dots that becomes more and more visible, more and more luminous, so as to seem that the room is illuminating. At that point you will be seeing the energy! If you look at the dust, that is and remains so, regardless of how long and how carefully you look at it; therefore if it were dust it would behave in the same way! Furthermore, the dust in mid-air can only be seen if there is a ray of sunshine / light that illuminates with a direct beam, just like in the images I mentioned earlier by clicking on ” dust “. Instead, you can only see my eyes if you look at the sky, when it’s sunny, or after keeping your eyes fixed for a long time in front of a screen (PC, mobile phone, tablet ..). The way to be sure of seeing the energy and not these optical effects / problems is to focus on seeing energy in the dark or half-light.

Student: My question on the energy view is the following, the other day after a meditation I opened my eyes and saw everything foggy, as if there was fog in my room lasted a couple of hours, my view was not clear but I saw blurred, I wanted to understand what it was I was using the energy view?

Angel: Yes, after the meditation you have a much higher tonal, so even without effort you see more easily the energy inside the room you were practicing, also because while you were meditating you were recalling prana, so it is much easier then to be able to see it. That fog you saw was the expanse of white prana!

Student: Seeing energy requires a rather prolonged state of non-thinking, so we say that it becomes difficult to do it in a crowded place, so you get a better view by developing other techniques very well. Being a fundamental technique for spiritual evolution, at advanced levels, should it be possible to do it anywhere?

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Angel: Of course yes, you can practice in any place, but it is taken for granted that in the beginning you have to practice this technique in a quiet place and in a calm atmosphere, or in your home while you are alone; if you leave immediately in a crowded place, perhaps with the light on and while people are talking to you, it is clear that it is much more difficult to concentrate to see the energy for the first time.

Student: Maybe mine is a silly question. I was wondering if the third eye was used to see prana or aura even though it is not yet very developed. I mean that at the beginning we can see prana even with little training, is the third eye still used for this?

Angel: Of course, to see the aura as for static energy, you are using the energetic Sight that belongs to the Third Eye. It is not a question of having an undeveloped third eye in order to see the energy, but rather that by training to see the energy you are developing the third eye. In other words, you don’t have to wait for the view to evolve to make you see the energy, but you have to practice to see the energy so that the view evolves.

Student: Hi Angel and hello everyone. I heartily thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in these lessons. What you do is that gifts to us is fantastic, and at the very least I feel I must do my best. I have problems visualizing static energy, the dots, I see them but very small and if I fix a point with the intent to see it everywhere after a while the image darkens, but no dots everywhere. Maybe I’m wrong with the intent. I tried in the dark and even in this case I saw the dots, very fine though, and insisting yesterday evening I saw light movements, concentric towards the center and other shapes that turning became roses with brighter lines inside . I also saw some small, rainbow-colored, colored shapes, if possible. So my doubt is that not having seen the static well, which is the first step, maybe even everything I saw later may not be energy but due to visual or other problems.

Angel: Hi! It’s okay if everything around you darkens, because that’s the moment you move from one dimensional state to another, so go on like this, you just have to “trust” what’s going on, without making you expect. Probably your problem is this, that you make yourself expect, you expect it to happen in a certain way, but since it does not happen as you expect it, you block yourself the experiences and do not continue with the practice. Instead, try to stay calmer, to wait, to be patient: observe a point in the room, stop your gaze there and wait, with the intent to see the energy, but wait calmly for the vision to evolve. With more training you will always see better, you just have to be patient.

Student: When I look at the static energy at night it happens that it moves, disappears and reappears, I train myself to look at it and it seems that you play with me.

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Angel: Yes, at certain times it looks like you’re playing, and it’s fun. Keep training and you’ll have more and more beautiful experiences!

Student: When I look at energy I see small trails of smoke, as if a person had left a lit cigarette, is it imagination?

Angel: It is not imagination, since you have your eyes open; those are the wakes I talked about here , that is the sort of white stripes that move in the air.

Student: When I look at the static I see other things that I can’t explain. They are kind of transparent signs.

Angel: Yes they don’t have a very precise form, and they move as if they were composing a drawing.

Student: Exactly. What are?

Angel: It is energy, simple energy that takes shape. Energy is in constant motion and can change shape as many times as you want, so you will see continuous movements that will look just like they were composing a drawing in the static.

Student: I see them from an early age and sometimes I was worried. I thought I had vision problems.

Angel: You don’t have to worry, it’s normal to see energy, especially when we were kids.

Student: Hi Angel and hi everyone! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to develop the energetic view, a fundamental step for our Awakening. I wanted to ask you: when I try to see static energy, at the beginning I see it as white and black dots as you show in the article, even if not so clearly, but then the blue prana takes over; that is, after a while I see blue energy as if it were haze, and so far I think it’s fine, but then I see pieces of transparent energy moving at great speed. What are they? Thanks Angel!

Angel: Hi! Those transparent parts that you see moving is always energy but, instead of seeing it just stop, you see it in motion. But you don’t have to worry because it is the energy that moves. The further you go, the more you will see it move faster and faster, dashing from one side of the room to the other, or creating symbols, or you will see a heavy rain, every time you will see different movements and each will be more interesting than the other! But fear not, it is always energy!

Student: I’m not afraid! Thanks Angel!

Angel: For today we conclude the lesson here, but if you have other questions, don’t hesitate to send them to me here . Goodnight and see you soon!

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Student: Thanks Angel and goodnight to all.

Student: Thanks for this fantastic lesson Angel! Good night to all.

Student: Thanks Angel, wonderful lesson, good night. Good night to all.

Student: Thank you so much for everything, you are the light for all of us.

Student: Thanks for the lesson, really beautiful!

Student: Thanks Angel, it was a fantastic lesson and you loaded me a lot !!! They really wanted these lessons!

Student: Thanks Angel !!! What a beautiful lesson thank you so much !!!

Student: Thanks Angel, I feel enriched at every lesson! Good night to all!

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