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56 – The Chakras – Red energy, why to avoid it (Part 4)

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Knowing the chakras allows us to be more active and reactive during our days. At first, if we do not know how to use them, they may seem almost useless or absent, so it is important to decide to train them in order to realize how much they can affect our lives. Through meditation and the awareness of our chakras we allow them to grow, fortify and optimize their capacities so that they can be well used. Obviously, be aware of the chakras it is not enough to be able to effectively exploit their mental and psychic qualities, but they must be trained in order to learn how to be properly used.  It is necessary to stop taking our body for granted as if we knew it by heart only because it has always belonged to us, because I could also prove you with the simplest examples that you are not able to control your body perfectly even though you believe you know it well. If I asked you to move the pelvis, the ears, or know how to do the splits, they would all be actions that you could not possibly do, despite having the pelvis, the ears and the legs. Like everyone else, you also have chakras, but it does not imply that you know how to use them, since you never trained them you would not be able to do anything with them, just as you cannot do the splits if you’ve never trained your body to do it. Furthermore, it is important to understand that the theory is very important, because it allows you to have deal to think about on topics that you would never have known if you had not read them, but what really will make you evolve and become capable in psychic qualities it is the practice. Your chakras’ training. If you decide to spend your time only to read the theories of others instead to practice and create your experience, you will never develop your chakras and you will not awaken your mental and psychic gifts capable of changing your life.

If your interest is only to read and be informed about the theory, then, you will notice, reading all the opinions of people who write articles or books on the chakras, that everyone has his own idea, different from others, sometimes even in contrast. Be careful that, without practice, you will never understand who among them tells the truth and who speaks only for having read elsewhere without any experience. Theory is not experience, it is only reading. So if you want to know the truth do not expect to find it by reading it, because the authentic truth is discovered through practical experience and it is not achieved as time goes by. Too many people take chakras for granted as if they knew everything about them, while, in fact, they absolutely do not know how to use them. These people believe that it is enough to read some books and wait; so, as the time goes by, they can then say that: “I have been reading books about chakras for 10 years, and my experience says that …” confusing reading with true experience, convinced that readings and experience are almost the same thing.

When we talk about practical issues we cannot only study it theoretically, because if you do not try them on yourself you will never really know what it feels like. It’s a bit like studying on theory books how to draw without ever taking a pencil in your hand. Certainly you will know that the pencil is used to draw and the rubber to erase, that exists a sharpener, and the putty rubber for blending, the different types of pencils with a hard or soft lead, but in fact you will never learn to draw because you never really tried. So you could also boast of knowing every style of design, all terminologies of the equipment to use, even the history of art, but you will continue to be unable to draw because your experience will be based only on books, nothing else!

The problem arises when, even in spirituality, many people are convinced – and they try to convince others – that after reading some books they have gathered enough experience to be able to comment on the spiritual techniques and even be able to invent new ones, like a new meditation style. They do not have any experience, but they use this word to deceive those who, just like them, rather than practice and understand on their skin what the truth is, prefers to listen to someone else’s theory and makes it like the word of God: absolute.

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Alternatively, they will prefer to go against any theory convinced that by criticizing them and going to read the next one, then criticizing the next and going to read the another one, they are gaining experience. Reading different points of view will be useful because it will push some more questions into our mind, which is good, provided these questions are not doubts that do nothing but confuse us even more than we already were. Indeed, it is not normal for many to talk about the same topic and yet they are so in contrast with each other or, alternatively, to “copy and paste” somebody else’s ideas because, having no personal experience to be told, they need to copy what someone else had already written before them. The true experience is not made by reading books but really knowing our chakras, putting into practice the techniques. The problem is that you are so afraid of making mistakes that even the attempt to gain experience is blocked. We are talking about our body: we will not suffer any irreversible damage and nothing bad will happen if we just try to develop our chakras, so why be passive and wait for someone else to reveal the truth that he/she might not even really know?

When I began my journey, I had the “good fortune” to find only books that confused my ideas, all of them being very contradictory. This led me to an obnoxious confusion that prevented me from reading anything else, because as soon as I opened another article or another book, here was that the information was practically opposite to those described in the previous text, and this really got on my nerves. I did not immediately understand why each author expressed a personal opinion very different from that of others, although the theme was the same. So I found myself detesting the reading of spiritual themes not only because the authors were against each other, but because they went above all against what I was feeling true, which was very different from what they described. So, for a long time, I promised myself not to read other points of view if I had not first developed mine, through personal experience and not just by hearsay. For a long time I practiced, without confusing my ideas with other readings. The experience does not come immediately but comes practicing, practicing, and still practicing, as well as remaining in alert about what happens around us. Through experience, I realized that I was developing skills and knowledge that became obvious to me, but not for others. Many times it happened to me, and it still happens to me, to talk with people – who have spent their lives studying – and describing my experiences and my feelings about them, I always find the same answer: “How do you know? I spent my life studying to find it out! I only got it after 40 years of studies! “; I, on the other hand, have not even opened those books. My knowledge is based first of all on private experience so I do not know everything, but I know a lot more than people who study theory, because I rely on practice. Let us remember that theory is nothing more than practice wrote on a paper, but if a person studies the theory and describes another theory, he is absolutely not assimilating practice, because he is only reading and writing without having real practical experiences. Only after a long time spent practicing and making sure that my experiences had led me to an answer that was certain to me, I began to open myself up to the points of view of others simply for further confirmation or mostly out of curiosity. Knowing the other points of view is very useful because it allows you to bring questions up that you would not have asked before and resolve doubts or go in to new theories that you previously ignored. However, mixing too many different points of view even contrasting to each other, without having your own strong and based on personal experience, you may risk to be so confused that you end up believing anything that is said, or even stop believing in anything despite the evidence. So you end up becoming stupid or even more stupid.

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In hindsight I understood the reasons why today we get a lot of misinformation on all the main issues, because I understood  that this is not just caused by ignorance but by the desire of others, not very positive, to spread wrong information specially to confuse ideas to those who will read them, pushing them to have so much confusion in their heads to decide spontaneously to stop gathering information.

In this way we will get much more ignorance in people and in everything they will say, because it will be a “chosen” ignorance since they decide by themselves to not be informed. My “luck” was to decide to discover the truth through experience, rather than fall into the typical trap and end up giving up everything, only because of unsatisfactory readings. Obviously it is not about luck, but about common sense and the drive towards knowledge, motivated by my feeling of not belonging to this world even if my body and my life are completely “human”.

The first very important inner revolution that allowed me to understand that I did not have to rely on the theory but on my personal practical experience, was to discover the colors of the chakras. It was really difficult for me to understand why people meditated on the low chakras, voluntarily breathing and assimilating red – or negative – energy. It was only thanks to my desire to practice the techniques that I was very interested in seeing people’s auras. Learning to see the auras, with the proper training, I also learned to see the subtlest energies that surrounded people. The more I trained, the more I could see the energy of people with my eyes, the more I realized how really everything was energy. It is one thing to say it, quite another is to see it with your own eyes. I realized how dark the red energy was, mainly seeing that, when people were too angry and grumpy, they had a layer of red energy around them. This could be a case. However, since I have always enjoyed seeing other kinds of energy in addition to the auras, I realized that when people were talking about an argument for them painful, annoying, somehow suffering, or with a pessimistic tone, around their heads it was forming like a sort of red or very dark red or orange mist. When they thought of a memory or an argument for them annoying, I saw how little threads or red balls come out quickly from the head and emanate just a red energy around it. Since I saw this energy and still see it with my eyes wide open, I could no longer believe it was a coincidence. Having then experimented on many other occasions, I could for example note that the “sellers” es. door-to-door experts (I refer in this case only to crooks) emanate a very red or red energy, with which they influence people to make them fall into their very negative deception.

Trial to trial, experience after experience, I came to understand that red energy is very negative. It is not by chance that very sad, negative or angry people have a red energy around them, while very sunny and positive people tend to have blue, sky blue and golden energies. In this case, I’m talking about the energy around us and not exactly the aura, since they are two different things: the color of the aura comes from many factors joined together, so it is not possible to list it in two words. The red energy, however (to be clear, what is called “red prana” or “red static energy”) it is exactly the negative, unmistakable energy. When a person is happy, it does not shine with red energy, but shines with golden or blue energy, while a very angry person does not exclude shining energy but only red, brown, black, and other negative energies. I was able to discover this information only by seeing it with my own eyes, otherwise I would not have understood what “the energy around us” meant, nor how much energy influences us.

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In this regard there is another very important point to consider, namely, when a person is in a room where red energy is present, despite not seeing it, it is affected by feeling bad, for example starting to have inner issues like obsessions, a sudden desire to cry, and sometimes even physical illnesses. In fact, the presence of red energy in a room is not a positive sign at all and you must immediately clean up the energy so that the red one disappears. Thanks to the practice, the curiosity and the interest to get involved, I discovered and concluded that the red energy is negative regardless of what the “great theoreticians” think without any practical experience.

In addition to this, I always wondered how people could decide to spontaneously breathe the red energy inside them, feeding on negativity. I did not understand why people do not realize that meditating on red energy causes so much harm and continue to do so without realizing it. If you search the term “meditation” or “chakra” on the web, you will immediately find the typical image of the little man with the colored chakras, certainly beautiful to see since even the red is a beautiful color and no objection about this.

One thing, however, is to see it as a material color (for example a red rose, a red dress or a red sofa), another thing is the red spiritual energy which is quite different. Unfortunately, in each image appears the kundalini chakra painted red and it is explained that the latter must be fed with red energy. Since this chakra is the most connected to matter, then the most earthly and also the most negatively affected (being the chakra that increases the ego and the desire for power and submission to others), it is no accident that it was decided that, precisely because of its “characteristics”, it must be nourished even more by negative energy. In fact, there is so much to say about kundalini and I will do it in the next lessons. The important point is to understand why people meditate with red energy, especially on kundalini.

Let us start from the beginning saying that the chakras are different from each other so they behave differently. If we rely on the example of a person who does not meditate, his or her chakras are not evolved, they are not aware and intelligent enough to recognize what is good and what is bad, so they absorb whatever kind of energy surrounds them since by not meditating, they do not know how to draw on the purest ones. Consequently it is understandable that, in people who do not meditate, the low chakras have a dirty energy, because they live submissive life or subjugating others by behaving with animal instinct, without having that self-consciousness that instead possesses those who seriously meditate. So, who has learned to see the energies, has found that the people around him show the kundalini chakra with patches of red energy rather than white and clean, because checking  on non-meditating people, he can only see these examples. Over time, however, everyone else should have realized that red energy is caused by manipulation and external influences of negative energies, and therefore that negative energy does not belong to kundalini by nature, but that it got in after that negative situations had energetically taken down non-meditating people. Instead, they continued to spread the idea that kundalini should be fed by negative energy spontaneously, as if it were right to bring negativity into us, as if we did not have it too much already!

My question was answered only after having met too many people who say they practice but who in reality are spiritual fakes. In fact, today’s “practitioners” are people who “practice reading” books, but who in practice do not do anything. Because of these people who, instead of practicing seriously, only read and parrot back what they have read, the the accumulation of negativity chain continues convincing other people that it is the right thing to do, that it is good energy and that it has always been such.

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In the meantime, the negative people, knowing the truth, have been clever enough to encourage this chain to continue, thinking:

“If we cannot prevent others from meditating, at least let them absorb negative energy by passing it off as good!”

And so it was. Finally I was able to answer my question:

“Why do people decide to feed their low red energy chakras, knowing that they are also the most negatively manipulated chakras?”

It’s simple, because people do not know, so they do not really decide, they simply follow the crowd. People let themselves be deceived by putting off rumors and distractions for absolute truth, for the laziness of asking themselves a few simple questions, that prevents them from even try to discover the truth. Well, asking questions requires courage and effort and people are too lazy and coward to do it.

Moreover, free interpretation always takes over when people prefer to ignore the truth and speak without knowing what they are saying. I think it is possible that some people recognizing the physical warmth that kundalini is able to create for themselves, have associated with the chakra – therefore to its warmth – the symbol of fire, for the simple reason that the kundalini chakra, if practiced well, can make you feel a physical warmth so strong that it really seems the burning heat of fire. But this does not mean that it is real fire, but heat, which is very different. This perception led to the idea that the chakra should be nourished with red energy, just because it is a hot chakra like fire, it makes us understand how free interpretation always spoils everything. It makes me think that for the same reason the kundalini chakra could be defined as a portal to hell because for some … it is red. Unfortunately, even this time the interpretation and ignorance have taken over because yes, some say that the kundalini chakra is a demon of our body extremely dangerous that should not be awakened for any reason. Of course.

I am so sure that negative energy does not belong naturally to our chakras, but that it has been inserted later through the dark influence that surrounds us, because of my practical experience, that allowed me to fill all my chakras with white and luminous energy, making clearly visible (for those who can see),  my luminous chakras and not full of red, orange, brown or black energy as well as other people, since the latter are all negative energies. The chakras are not green, purple or red, they are energetic points of the body: it is you who chooses with which energy to nourish them, thus suffering the consequences if you decide to take negative energies. It should also be noted how the people who meditate on red energy, especially from kundalini, are extremely self-centered, arrogant, cowardly and unstable people, full of negative masks, sex slaves and submissive to money, as well as driven to attack others in continuation and to increase false gossip, prejudices and negative rumors about anyone – even on family and friends – in order to bring out their personality by muddying that of others; very special factors for people who say they meditate to evolve and do good to the world. Are we sure this is evolution? They spontaneously decide to let the red energy into themselves, choosing to feed on negativity. What could we expect then?

Obviously I am aware that if these people read my writings they would try to come against me, blaming me for being wrong, to expose theories that are not based on demonstrable evidence – as if they had them; therefore, one falls into the mistake of believing all that is written around or of no longer believing in anything because of them. Precisely for this reason I do not invite you to take my word but to test with your eyes by training your energy sight to see if what I’m saying it is true, so you can be sure only when you have made your personal experience. In this way no one will be able to deceive you and pass off as real something making up to hurt you.

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Feeding our positive energy chakra will bring us the physical and mental well-being we are looking for: it will make us notice, in fact, that people who meditate and use only white energy – unlike those who use the red one – find in their life many more positive experiences, improvements, physical well-being and happiness, unlike others. My advice is to feed on positive energies because, deciding to get the negativity into your body, you decide to let in the disease. With these words, I would like to invite you to practice to have personal experience that will allow you to understand how the practice is light years more important than the theory. So you can know and recognize the truth every time you get the opportunity for a new question or a doubt, understanding if it is a theory based on nothing and then to put aside, or a new interesting discovery to deepen. I hope that my writing has helped you to open your eyes and decide to get involved, understanding that it is much more risky to remain still than to move forward. If today I am so sure and satisfied, as well as happy with my answers, it is because I got them through the most reliable source: experience. Like me, you could find the answers you are looking for without having to jump like a frog from one book to another or from one site to another, in a desperate search for answers that you could simply get by sitting down and meditate. From today you will have a new reason to commit and decide to evolve with more determination.


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