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37- Past lives – Remember your Past Lives (Part 1)

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You can avoid the topic for as long as you want, yet you know inside yourself that this will come back into your mind to make you ask: Who am I?What are these feelings of not being the first time I live?Here, this is your Consciousness that tries to tell you that the time has come to understand who you are.Everyone has his times to understand, accept and admit to having past lives, but sooner or later everyone who seeks Awakening will have to deal with the truth about their previous experience.Maybe you don’t even know you’re looking for Awakening, maybe you found this article by accident or while you were just snooping, just because “spiritual matters” tickle your mind.And yet, even if you don’t know the term, every time you try to know who you are, what your past is, or what your hidden faculties are, what you’re doing is looking for your awakening.Your rationality tries to distance you from the study of past lives as it makes you think that all this is not possible, that it must be a joke of your feelings;that you’re wrong.There are so many trials, countless testimonies, but these are not enough to accept that you too could have past lives.Your thoughts take you away from research, while your instinct, a light but stubborn feeling within you, takes possession of your body and drives you to search for the truth.You know it inside yourself, you feel it, because sometimes you think about yourself and you say “I’m not just this, I am much more, I am someone … that I don’t remember who it is … ” but apparently you have no proof, and indeed even if I had the evidence in hand we believe, for so long as no will begin to remember your past lives with your own mind.Everyone could try to convince you, but nobody can ever do it if you don’t remember your past lives.They could tell you about your experiences, or show you who you were before, but you can never understand if this is the truth if you don’t remember it among your own memories.If you can recognize the truth from a dream and reality from a thought, then you will know how to recognize the true memories of past lives from a simple fantasy;but only if you remember them with the right practices that teach you this fundamental difference right from the start.We must be sincere at the start: remembering our past lives is not as easy as they say, because it is not a journey in one’s own creative imagination, but a practice that stimulates your real memories and makes them come back to the present, so they allow you to remember yourself and see you in the shoes of your previous body.But when you begin to have concrete signs of previous memories that do not belong to your life, but that involve you and have marked you, giving you a way to understand the origin of your traumas, your fears, but also your desires, goals and passions that you live in this life, you realize that your birth was not really 30 or 40 years ago, but you have been alive for at least hundreds of years: you only had to change your physical body in the meantime.You don’t remember anything, because during the birth within the new physical body, you had to face a process of zeroing all your memories, so you can’t remember your past lives if you don’t stimulate your most advanced memories: those of your Consciousness.At the moment, you as a person, you can only remember what you lived in this present life;but if you train yourself to know the memories of your Consciousness, or what you really are, you can have access to the information of all the reincarnations you have experienced, in their related physical bodies.Memories of past lives will never be taken for granted, because they will reveal information about yourself that only by studying your present life could you never discover.

And yet, you have past lives, or lived experiences where you were a completely different person from what you are today, where you played another role and lived in another era, even if very far from it.Perhaps you may have lived a life during Ancient Egypt, which is why so many times, thinking of Egypt or looking at the pyramids, you feel a feeling re-emerge in you that you do not understand with reason, yet it leads you to believe that you know it very well;even if you don’t understand why.

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Or, quite the contrary, Egypt does not tell you anything, but really nothing, because you prefer a completely different era;how could the 800 be.You don’t know why and you prefer to think that if it were true that past lives existed, you should also like Ancient Egypt.But this is not a right theory, because you may not have experienced any reincarnation in Egypt but in a completely different place, so you have no memory of Egypt that stimulates your memories.Consequently it is normal that you do not feel anything by thinking about it, because you may not have a past life at that time or in that place, or it is simply too hidden to evoke something.On the other hand, you might think it’s all a matter of fashion, that Ancient Egypt likes and evokes deep feelings for so many people just because it’s a place full of history but nothing more;otherwise why should so many people be interested in that era?Why should so many people think they have experienced a reincarnation in Egypt?Is it possible that thousands of people say the truth, when they say that they lived their incarnation in Ancient Egypt?Clear that there is no reason to believe otherwise.Surely you are not the only person who has lived past lives in other times, so how could you think that among the millions of people who lived in Ancient Egypt in those times, there is not at least a part of them that has continued to reincarnate, up to today’s life?Remembering is not easy, but denying your past is not as useful.No one can make you understand how real reincarnation is, if not the practice to remember your past lives through your higher memories: those of your Consciousness, your higher Self, your Soul.

Your Consciousness often tries to push the idea into your mind to seek the truth, to discover your identities of the past, or to understand who you really were before being reborn with this aspect, with this name and with this face. Are you really all here? Is there anything else that is not worth discovering? So I suggest you read the book The Seal of Past Lives through which you can find out what your past lives are, how their life has influenced yours, and continues to influence you in the choices you make in everyday life. I assure you that it will not be a wasted reading, but you will be completely satisfied. You’ll find out why you don’t remember anything about your past lives, but continue to have that deep feeling that makes you believe you’re something else, or someone else, beyond what you see in the mirror. Why should you think you are more than what you are today, more than the person all your friends know, if there wasn’t a much bigger truth behind your eyes? Through the first and second volumes you will learn about the connection that exists between you and all your past lives, so you will be guided through practical techniques to remember what you lived in those times and to resurface memories that you did not know completely, but that you they have always belonged. Furthermore, you will be able to experience the vision of your physical body belonging to the previous life, directly with your eyes open. You will discover what Karma is, how it works and how to get rid of the negative karma that you carry with you from entire past lives. You will discover the existence of living beings of other dimensions, through memories of past lives directed on a completely different dimension, on physical bodies that are not human. Continuing, you will discover that you have lived periods of life in which you were only the Soul, without necessarily having a physical body on which to incarnate, and much more. If you are looking for the discovery about your true existence and your past lives, do not wait to learn and practice the knowledge described and guided in the book, because the path on Past Lives will be based on it: in fact, in the next Steps, the topic “past lives” will be continued on the basis of the knowledge exposed within the Seal of Past Lives .Get ready, because your past lives are too important to be ignored for your whole life;as long as you want to silence your instinct once and for all … or, finally, decide to listen to it.Only in this way will you understand the reasons and the missions that led you to reincarnate yourself on this planet again, in this life, along with many other Souls who pursue the same mission.

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  1. Since the article about the aura says that our memory can also be found in the aura. Is that also the case for the memories of my past lives … can these be found in the aura?
    Does a deja vu also mean that at some point you are reminded of a fork of life also a place where you feel you have been before but never in reality?
    I am curious about my past lives And that book. Will it be translated into English ?

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