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90 – Seeing the Aura – Shapes and colours (Part 3)

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Each person’s Aura has different colors for each layer, depending on their personality, thoughts and energy. The colors of the aura are not the same for everyone, in fact each one has a different aura both in terms of strength, thickness and color. The colors of the aura can change due to new experiences or sudden situations that unbalance our lives negatively or that, on the contrary, offer us greater security by filling us with joy. Every experience nourishes our aura and for this reason can change its color. The energy field is composed of several layers: some of them change much more often, others remain more or less the same depending on the situation and the person’s spiritual habits: if he practices meditation at high levels, even the innermost layers can change very often, otherwise they will remain the same for many years. As I explained earlier, thoughts are also forms of energy and have colors, so when you learn to look at the auras of others you can also see the thoughts that come out of their heads. Obviously what you will see will not be little clouds with the written words inside, but you will be able to see small colored shapes coming out of the head, sometimes round, sometimes elongated, sometimes darting away like little lightning bolts.

A person’s aura will not remain the same color throughout life but will vary, changing shape and color several times over the years. The aura is the set of experiences and emotions, so a monotonous person who lives the same routine every day without ever changing anything in his life, who does not perform improvisations and does not feel different emotions than usual, will continue to have about the same aura years earlier in both form and color. On the contrary, a person who loves to change, open up to life, make different choices, meet new people and make new friends, overcome their mental limits to learn about other theories and updates, thus evolving his way of thinking and acting, will continue to change its aura in both form and color. Moreover, if in addition he will also practice advanced spiritual techniques, he will be able to modify it more radically and periodically. Every person is different and if for someone making different choices it could be traveling around the world from one country to another in no time and filling his or her wealth of knowledge, new languages ​​and cultures from everywhere, for other people it could mean changing jobs or life partner, also very important changes but different from the previous ones. However, every big change in our lives changes our aura and sometimes completely revolutionizes it. Among the experiences that can change our aura are obviously those that we cannot command, such as the death of a loved one (who usually destabilizes the aura for quite some time), or the birth of a child who each person interprets according to his own vision. Therefore, every novelty of our life could change our energy field, for good or for bad.

Apparently the aura is composed of several layers of energy resting one above the other and of different colors. In reality the layers of the aura are not stuck as if each one started where the previous one ended, but they live together crossing each other. For simplicity of explanation, we will talk about the layers as if each one was a separate level, because these are your first experiences and it is right to simplify your view, but it is important to remember that each layer is composed and connected to the other levels that complement each other each other. For the same reason, the colors of the layers are not necessarily all different, because sometimes they can be repeated. For example, we could find the aura of a person composed of the first green layer, the second orange and the third celestial, while someone else’s aura could be green, orange and then green again. Besides, we must know that not all the colors of the rainbow will be found in a single aura, as there is no similar energy law.

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Therefore in the aura of a subject there could be 5 colors plus some repetitions, while in another one all the colors of the rainbow could be found and in addition also other dimensional colors that in this dimension do not exist; I will talk about the dimensional colors in the next articles.

Practicing the vision of the aura allows you to discover information about life and energy existence that otherwise you would never have understood. First you will notice how each person’s aura can change from time to time, as our ability to see it will also evolve thanks to constant training. Looking at the aura, you will notice some seemingly insignificant differences, but that in reality will be able to reveal very useful information about the other person and, by reflecting on ourselves. First of all, the more you train your eyes to see auras, the faster and bigger they will appear, while without training you would see them thinner but still have a hard time concentrating.
In the image above the aura was shown after a few minutes of vision, which is brighter and wider than before. This step is essential to understand that the more we stop to observe the aura, the more it grows and shows us more information, such as more interesting colors, various nuances and strange tears or holes from which problems can enter. It is possible to notice how the aura appears mostly in the upper part of the body, while in the legs it seems almost non-existent. This happens both because we are generally interested in looking at the aura of the head, assuming that its color is the same throughout the body, thus tending to ignore the aura of the legs, and because very many people have little energy in their legs – from since they do not practice enough sport for their health and give them little attention – so the aura of the lower body area is less visible.

When one looks at the aura of a subject, however, this does not always appear perfect and balanced, because this depends so much on our ability to see, but also on the very aura of the person. Sometimes, in fact, we could notice how the aura tends to expand only towards one side of the body and not towards every direction in a balanced way; although most of the time it depends on our inability to see it well, other times it depends on the energy of the person we are looking at.











This event is not at all rare and can happen both if at that moment the subject is thinking intensely about something, therefore his thought will stretch towards a precise direction (and not towards all), or because the area of ​​the body in which the aura it is absent has been ruined and therefore pierced. Very often, in the area where the aura has been pierced and therefore is not very visible, there is a physical problem, even a serious one. The example of the legs is the most obvious and should not be underestimated, given that they will continue to weaken more and more – in the absence of sports – and will be destined to fall ill and have serious problems, in fact the aura is not very present.

Other examples, however, can be seen in the eyes if the subject has severe vision problems: in fact, in the area of ​​the head, on the sides, the aura will be weaker or with dark spots, precisely in correspondence of the eyes. By learning to see the aura you may even recognize the causes of the vision problems of the person in front of you.

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Another example is the area of ​​the body where the subject has a serious illness or has been operated on in the past: in fact it can be seen that in height of the operation its aura will be broken or much weaker.

Continuing with the vision of the aura it can be noticed how it almost always stretches upwards, although on the sides it could expand much less. Other times you can see the aura stretch upwards and simultaneously to one side.











Nevertheless I repeat that most of the times in which the aura is seen little comes from the inability of the practitioner to see it, so it is good to practice and improve rather than judge the aura of others for lack of visibility, as if it were the cause itself . With training you will always notice more details that you did not see before.

The colors of the aura vary depending on the period you are passing but also from the mood of the moment. In fact, some layers of aura remain the same color for a long time while others can change faster. We need to consider further information that we need to understand what we are seeing: the energy that surrounds us. When we look at a person’s aura, without realizing it, we also begin to see the external energy that passes near or emanates through what they are feeling or thinking. We could in fact believe that, since we are looking at the aura, we should only see that, but it is not said, because while we observe the aura we could also see the energy that surrounds us, both the external one and, if we are very careful, even that internal, such as the thoughts of the subject. As a result, the aura can change without our being aware of it and for that reason you should watch it several times during the month.

To give an example, if we focus on looking at the aura of many people who practice meditation we might notice a strange detail: for a while in each of them we could see purple. People often get excited by convincing themselves they are better than others, defining themselves as the most advanced and even enlightened because of this color. In reality, purple energy is a sign of spiritual energy, which is why people who start meditating and reasoning higher than the typical flock may subconsciously attract purple energy. But most people will change color again after a short time and only a few will be able to keep the aura purple for many years or even a lifetime. This is because the purple energy comes closer to the spiritual periods of our lives, but few people choose to live constantly in spirituality, with real practice and a decision to evolve rather than live it as simple fashion and habit. Evolution is a continuous ascent towards higher stages and those who get used to spirituality mean that they have stopped for quite a while. It must be acknowledged that we are faced with a major fundamental problem. People look at each other – or rather they make someone look at the aura to let themselves be told the color, after which, throughout their lives they will continue to tell of having the aura of that same color not knowing in the least that in all those years it can definitely be changed. In the spiritual world there are many more uninformed and well-informed people, so they speak without knowing and teach their non-knowledge to others, expanding total ignorance and handing it down to the younger ones. As if that were not enough, several of them never really trained themselves to see the colors of the aura but stopped at the first level, thus seeing the first transparent layer. After that, for fear of making a bad impression, some of them invents to see colors that, by chance, turns out to be almost always purple.

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Knowing that it is a very high energy they try to self-elect themselves to more evolved or to make others fit their heads for approvals. We know that the easiest way to please people is to tell them what they want to hear, because very few love the truth: telling someone who has evolved, the strongest, the wisest, who has the oldest soul of all, surely he will give you reason and he will consider you a good person, only because you have fed his ego. This is why those who tell of being able to evolve without practicing and without having to do anything are much more appreciated than those who instead explain to people that to wake up it is necessary to get busy. People love those who let them lie around and allow them to feel special, not those who make them open their eyes.

Despite this, it is not so easy to have a purple aura, let alone keep it for many years. The vast majority of spirituals do not possess the purple aura or hold it for a long time, because at some point, while saying they seek evolution, they will get used to the first spiritual level transforming it as usual into a routine, and they will forget that to evolve we must continue to look higher. In fact, if they were to see the purple aura, they will be convinced that they have already arrived, overestimating themselves to the point of forgetting even totally about spirituality. For this reason, as already mentioned above, the color of the aura is only one color and in order to know the evolution of a person it is necessary to go deeper. Sometimes, in fact, it can happen that even non-evolved and non-practicing people have for a certain period the violet aura, even the non-believers and suspicious of spirituality. But this does not mean that they are very advanced or already enlightened, because, as already mentioned, they are not even interested in the subject and are definitely away from it. As with any color, the aura is the set of experiences and emotions that by mixing create a predominant color. It is in the eye of the beholder to understand the reasons for those colors, without telling them at random. However, the purple aura is a feature that will come naturally and is not a goal to be achieved: every color of the aura is beautiful and meaningful because it is born from the set of personal experiences, so you don’t have to fixate. Moreover, we must learn to recognize if what we are looking at is the color of the aura or is the color of the external energy that has attracted and surrounds us at that moment. In each article we will deepen these steps to learn to understand the differences, but the more you will have to do it by putting yourself to the test and seriously practicing the techniques taught.
In the image above I wanted to represent the example of the purple aura. Most practitioners stop to look at that layer convinced that there is nothing else, while instead you can overcome the obstacle of haste and, with patience and practice, discover that there is something else.
It is important to know that every area of our body has energy of a different color, so the feet could have a green aura, while on the head we could have a light blue color or, as in the example, purple. The aura around the head is clearly more complex than that of the feet, because in the head we find the reasonings, thoughts, memories, in a few words it has more experience than the feet, therefore the latter possess a much more subtle aura and delicate, most often green or blue. In the example above I represented another layer of aura beyond the purple one, to understand how they could be seen. Since we are used to seeing the images of the aura on the web always all equal to each other, with perfect colors, shiny and never mixed, we believe that in real life we should see the aura in exactly the same way.

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Although the very colorful and shiny aura with all the colors of the rainbow does a lot of scene to see in a drawing, the reality is very different, but not everyone draws it based on what they really see, but they continue to make a copy and paste illustrating the same images already seen and reviewed everywhere. Our brain is used to associating, believing that if we see the same scene from multiple sources then this is real, convinced that the majority equals to the truth. The top level advertisers know how it works, in fact they fill us with posters with hidden messages inside the visible advertising so as to make our brains believe that what we see is the truth and therefore is right. In fact, however, we are all top-level advertisers because we advertise anything without knowing it, not being informed. In doing so, many people advertise the perfect aura and the 7 very bright and perfectly balanced rainbow layers without ever even being interested in really seeing the shape and colors of the aura with their own eyes.
Therefore, my main interest is to show the colors and shapes of the aura as truthfully as possible, putting aside the desire to make the design aesthetically “beautiful”. Being a design, it will never be as perfect and precise as reality, because what we are looking at can change even from one instant to another (such as the passage of an immediate thought, which shows a color and then disappears completely) while in a drawing cannot be made to disappear because the color remains there, imprinted. Based on the real experience that I lived and I continue to live I can represent the aura the best I can.
In the previous image we can therefore note that the first layer (violet) is quite homogeneous while the second layer in this case is already divided into two colors, yellow and orange. This is clearly an example of aura and not everyone has it identical!
The upper part of the body generally has a greater connection with the high vibrations, thanks to the high chakras such as Corona and Mind, while the lower part is more related to earthly dimensions, which is why the color of its aura tends to get dirty sooner and become more dark, unlike the head which turns out to be brighter for most cases. Moreover it is possible to see how the aura weakens in the belly area going to shrink, instead of continuing with the same width for the whole body as in the typical images seen on the web. This is because in the lower part we lower our defenses and suffer more negative influences. In fact I showed how the legs almost come out of the aura, because many people ignore the health of their legs and move them like a preset command without realizing their existence and their importance. The legs are not only aesthetically beautiful, but they are the main pillars that keep us on our feet for a lifetime in a physical and emotional sense. We must pay more attention to it!
Beyond the layers of the aura, in the following image I wanted to add an important detail that, when you become more familiar, you will begin to see and recognize people. Their thoughts.
As already mentioned, looking at the aura you could see thoughts as colored shapes, this does not mean that you will be able to “read the thought”, being that another technique called Telepathy that has nothing to do with looking with the eyes. Nevertheless, by looking at those forms of color you could recognize whether it is a beautiful or ugly thought, positive towards you or the opposite, thanks to the movement it makes, the trail it leaves, the consequences visible in the aura after its passage, and so much more. At this moment it is not important to explain all these details that would only confuse you, given that you probably still don’t even see the second layer of aura, let alone the thoughts and consequences they leave behind. But this is not a problem, because with training you will be able to see what I am anticipating.

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In the image above I wanted to represent a negative thought born in the mind of a person. Even if we do not realize it, thoughts travel and move, without ever stopping. Although we are convinced that our thoughts remain inside the head, in reality they come out and move, often going to the people we thought of, also creating problems for them; for this reason we must learn non-thought. At other times they set out to create the reality that surrounds us, often in a negative or not positive way if we do not have the absolute control of our thoughts in an energetic way.
Seeing the thought of a person is a matter of a moment, because when he remembers something or a thought comes to his mind, it is a second when the thought appears and then disappears immediately. So if you are looking at the aura of a person who is thinking a lot at that very moment, you might see little colored lightning coming out of his head and splashing away who knows where; at other times they will have various shapes such as oval, round, or irregular patches of color. Although he remains still in the drawing, in reality that patch of red would have disappeared long ago, so to see all the thoughts of the subject in front of us we need careful attention and precision.

Another important detail not to be overlooked is the consequence of negative thinking about the aura. In fact in the drawing it is clearly visible that, as negative thought passes, the aura is ruined, losing its homogeneity and leaving an opening from which other negative energies could enter from outside that will then create problems within the person. Taking for example that the subject is continuing to think negatively, every thought will continue to dart away ruining the aura and creating internal holes. Meanwhile, due to negative thinking, an accumulation of heavy energy will be created inside and above the aura, which could remain etched in the aura. In fact this accumulation will not be a simple thought that will fly away, but it will be the union of the heaviness of every thought that will from time to time expand as the subject nourishes it with negativity.

This heaviness will show itself as a dark uniform mass, usually still and positioned within or above a layer of the aura (and within the aura as a complex in itself). Unlike thought, which will be seen as a small form of color that moves and squirts away quickly, the negative energy cluster will stop inside the aura and remain in that area until it is eliminated by the same subject; alternatively it will stay there and continue to expand until it gets worse. For this reason it may be easier to see these forms of stagnant energy rather than a thought, the latter being very fast to disappear. The pile of negative energy will not be harmless: it will expand and push the subject to think again negative even when he has no intention, taking over and planning the person’s thinking. In doing so, the subject will find himself thinking negatively even when he would not have liked, entering a loop of negative thoughts in which he no longer thinks more about the dark patch of expands, and the more he expands the more he will push the person to think negative.

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That energy storage, in fact, is called a program. When I talk about negative programs that are activated in the aura to attract low-frequency events or people to me, I also refer to this. The point is that it is not easy to see all the programs, so seeing one does not imply being able to see them all; that is why we cannot rely only on what we see with our eyes, even more so if they see almost nothing. In fact I teach the other techniques just to be able to recognize them at their best.

This program, which initially formed above the head and was almost imperceptible, could expand and create more serious problems, always in an “invisible” way. The principle will remain at the same point but will send negative signals to other areas of the body where new negative programs will be born. In the following example, in fact, I will show how a thought can cause very negative feelings, which in turn will dirty and damage the aura from within, thus allowing external influences to enter more easily and continue the damage.
In the example above it is visible how through the negative feelings the aura gets dirty in large quantities and is programmed in a heavy and annoying way even in the eyes of the people who approach us. That’s why some people don’t like “skin”, or rather “ad aura”. As already mentioned, it is not easy to see these programs even though they are present in the aura, because they vibrate at a different frequency and even though they live simultaneously in the same place, they are not easy to find. The more you evolve the more you will be able to see the different levels of energy that have always been there but that you could not perceive before because your eyes did not reach us. In fact, when you look at a person’s aura, the first thing you will see is the luminous white halo, which I personally define as the beginning of the first level but not the level itself, because it is like a preparation to see the first layer of the ‘aura. Then, with more training, you will see the first layer of colored aura that in this case I have represented as purple. Then everyone stops here and they think they know everything about the aura, ending up getting stuck forever. If instead you decide to continue, the other layers of the aura will start to be seen and every now and then some patches out of place, which could be the energy programs or the thoughts of the person. With so much more training you will begin to see them more and more often, until you learn to see all the programs and not just someone by chance. Therefore it is useless to try to deceive oneself and others, because in order to really see the aura and all that it contains within it, one must train with perseverance and seriousness, otherwise one will remain still where all the others are left, without becoming anything more .
Having said this, let us instead analyze the aura of a person who practices meditation and energy techniques for the improvement of his energy (such as the reinforcement of the aura that I teach from Step 2) and who pays attention during the days not to think negatively, thus from do not get dirty with heavy and harmful programs. The previous example referred to the great majority of people who, despite being convinced of being evolved, spend their days feeding on obsessive problems and thoughts; the next example will show the aura of a person really intending to evolve, who demonstrates day by day practicing the techniques and who pays attention to his own internal and external programs, eliminating them from time to time.

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In this image the aura is much more compact and bright. The first thing we see is the white halo, much larger and brighter than those who live a life thinking and undergoing their own programs. Secondly, I wanted to assume that it was a very positive and sunny person, so I added a celestial layer that in this case would be the union of positive thoughts and emotions that even manage to overwhelm the other layers of aura. Therefore, by continuing to look, you will notice the layer of purple aura, which is also much cleaner and more uniform.
At this point it is necessary to understand that there are not only two levels of evolution, that is the poor and the optimal and perfect, but there are thousands of intermediate levels between those who do not practice and have an aura weakened by those who practice and possess a resistant aura. In fact, even in this design, while dealing with the aura of a person who is striving to keep it clean and compact, we must not assume that he already knows and knows how to do everything, because it is not like that at all. In fact, the person of the example could be aware of the negative programs and the effects that negative thoughts cause in our lives, and therefore strive to improve, but it could be unaware that even the legs deserve attention, therefore also in this representation is shown l aura of the legs much weaker than in the upper area of ​​the aura, rather than continuing with the same width and compactness. Therefore it is less visible. For this reason we must never take for granted that those who meditate automatically know everything about everything, because in reality it is a person who is learning, so he could also have his weaknesses and consequently still need to improve. Despite this it still remains much more evolved than those who do not practice at all.

To conclude, if the subject to which we are looking at the aura, turns out to be really very happy at that moment for something he is thinking about or just happened to, he could attract a lot of positive energy to him that will come closer and shine. For this reason we could start to see numerous and bright dots (blue-blue) that move around him forming very nice patches of color. In general, these dots come together in several groups forming colored spots of dots that move together in the same direction. Seeing these energies is an excellent sign, both for the subject that is attracting them to themselves, and for those who are looking at the aura, because it is not easy to see these patches of positive energy as I have explained before for the spots of negative energy, so it means that one’s ability to see is improving.

Clearly if the person who was attracting positive energy suddenly began to have a negative thought and give in to his temptation, it would ruin the energy state in which he arrived due to the entry of negative energies. Therefore one must not believe that a positive and practicing person can never give in, because even if she lowered her guard and let negative thoughts make themselves heard, it would ruin the work done previously and lose many improvements gained. Therefore we must always remain conscious and not let our ego make us fall down.

Through these images I hope you have succeeded in understanding that the aura can change several times during life and that sometimes we can see different colors of the subject we are analyzing due to the thoughts and the emotional state of the moment; if we looked at it at another time it could be different because of the different mood. Although it was still early, I wanted to show you the presence of the energy programs present or created in the aura as well as the attraction of positive or negative energy depending on what you are thinking and how you are doing it. With the various examples I have shown you what shapes the aura might take during vision, remembering that most of the time it will come from your inability to see and not from the aura itself, for this reason I suggest you put into practice the techniques taught and make your first experiences so as to enrich your knowledge. Do not give up on the first level but open up to others already knowing that you find something very interesting. Impress in yourself the desire to evolve, putting yourself as a goal to reach the ability to see the layers of energy listed today.
I wish you some wonderful experiences. Good practice!

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