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07 – The Sixth Sense – It has always been part of you, you only need to acknowledge it (Part 1)

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The Sixth sense is what has always belonged to us, but it has never been explained to us at school or by our parents, so it seems unknown to us. In truth we have always known that we have it within us, even though we have defined it with different names. Whether we want to call it sensation, perception, sensitivity, foresight or as we are more used to defining it, we all know that there is a sensor inside us that sometimes warns us of an event or makes us feel strange, to warn us that something is wrong. Certainly it is not something you could describe in words, because in fact no one has ever explained it to you before. Yet inside you know that when you perceive that precise feeling, it means only one thing. Everyone could perceive it differently, because there are those who feel a sensation in their chest, or those who see a sort of flash in their mind, but the fact is that when it happens you know it’s not a mistake, you know it’s not fantasy. It is something that is warning you of a situation that is happening or that will happen soon. You can define it as you like, but this is the Sixth sense. Some people realize it already as children, because maybe they happened to have premonitory dreams, or they could perceive what another person was about to say, well before he said it. Other people instead realize it as teenagers, others still understand it as adults. It doesn’t matter when you realize it, because the Sixth sense has always belonged to you. Do you know when we talk about foresight, or premonition, or the ability to know something that is going to happen or that will happen in the distant future, well before it happens? Or the ability to perceive what others are going to say, before they say it, as well as a form of telepathy? Or that ability to perceive if someone is lying to you, or hides something from you, even if you have chatted via chat and you would have no way of seeing his face to observe his movements? These are just Sixth Sense tastings.

Today we see the world divided into two parts, because on the one hand there are those who do not believe in the sixth sense and its various ramifications, on the other hand we find those who say they have the sixth sense developed forever.But both sides are not aware of how incredibly advanced the sixth sense is, and how it does not stop at a premonitory dream or a strange feeling that the night warns you.The Sixth sense has always belonged to us, as it is a part of our Consciousness, it is a sense that is born together with us.As with all other senses, it does not present itself as abnormal in our life, but it is so normal that we do not realize we have it.Thus, we believe that the only people who possess the sixth sense, are only those who live more “strong” experiences, such as those who make dreams that after a short time are realized with high precision, or those who feel the presence of entities.At that point, if we have never had a premonitory dream or seen an entity, we believe that the sixth sense is not something that belongs to us or that interests us.In truth the sixth sense is not only this, but it is the set of all the sensorial capacities united. Just because some people grow up with a slightly more active sensory, it is thought that they have the sixth sense, while all the others don’t. The truth is much more complex, but also positive.Who knows how many times during your life you had signs of possessing the sixth sense, but you didn’t notice it at all, because it belongs to you and it is completely normal to use it.For example, your most visible ability could be to perceive a sensation, if a person known at the time, could be a good person or could hurt you.It is not about appearance, but about experience: in fact you do not judge its appearance, but you feel inside yourself that that person, even if beautiful and nice to everyone, hides something that will bring you serious problems if you make her enter your life.You know it because, whenever you happened to feel that feeling, you were right and the experience of multiple similar situations led you to immediately understand when that feeling is right and should be heard right away, or when it is just one impression.Here, this is a taste of sixth sense.

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Or you could have a completely different capacity.In fact, you may have missed so many times the impression on others, so you made very bad people enter your life, without realizing it until they caused you serious trouble.This could make you believe you don’t have a shred of sixth sense;and to that faculty it is true.And yet, you may have a predisposition to perceive other events in a completely different context.For example, you may already know that when you go to a specific place, for example in a bar, you will meet a person with whom you had no appointment, and there was no reason to meet you there either;yet in your mind, in absolute normality, you perceive that today you will meet that precise person, and in fact then when you see it you will seem completely normal.No one had told you that she would be there, and besides, that is not a place that she attends, yet you already knew that you would find her right there.How many times have you happened to think of a person you have not seen for a while, and here you find her before the eyes while taking a walk, or while going to the grocery store.Who knows how many times you’ve thought of calling a person, with whom you don’t usually call, yet as soon as you pick up the phone this starts to ring, because at that very moment the same person has decided to call you.You can call them coincidences for life, or you can realize that the sixth sense exists.The sixth sense is an organ of your Consciousness, therefore everyone possesses it but not everyone discovers it in the same way.In fact, each of us can present himself in a different way, but the sixth sense is so normal that there is no switch to turn it on or off, and it does not warn you when it is about to offer you its vision or perception, but the It just does, just like your ears do not warn you when they are about to hear something: they just hear it.The sixth sense can appear, sometimes, in a more pronounced way, as for example in the case of premonitory dreams, thus making the person suspect of having an additional sense, in addition to the 5 most common senses studied at school.In fact, as long as you expect to meet someone at the bar or in another place, you are not afraid of your foresight, because you ignore what has just happened and pretend that you have done nothing;you deny it to yourself.Instead, when something more pronounced happens to you, like making a premonitory dream with great details, and the same day / or the next day you relive the exact same situation even in reality, this makes you enter more alert, as you foresee the future can scare many.In fact there are sixth sense abilities more pronounced or more evident than others, and this suggests that some people possess the sixth sense and others do not.In truth, everyone has it, even the skeptics, but there are those who realize it and those who, from the fear of the unknown, prefer to deny the evidence and convince themselves that it is all a huge succession of mass coincidences and suggestions.Of course, why predict another car accident, or see at a distance – with absolute certainty – where the other person is and what he is doing right now – confirmed by herself!- it’s all suggestion, a fantasy;in fact also the other person has confirmed everything, because he is imagining it.Let’s face it: when we want to deny the evidence, we are able to invent anything, even more absurd excuses than sensory faculties.Therefore you can pretend that they are all fantasies, or you can realize that the sixth sense is the most normal thing in the world, because it has always belonged to you as each organ of your body belongs to you.Every single extra-sensory ability is part of the sixth sense.When we speak of telepathy, or of premonition, or of being able to see at a distance, we are describing individual capacities that all refer to the same Sixth sense.We can compare the sixth sense with hearing: there are those who are very good at recognizing every sound they hear and defining it as a musical note, while those who only hear the mass of sounds as if it were a big noise;but the truth is that both are using hearing to hear, only that the former has trained to recognize sounds, the other feels without understanding what he is listening to, so he is almost annoyed.

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Whether you hear the chirping of birds, or that you hear the noise of the bus passing in front of your house, you are using your hearing to hear both sounds, even though they are very different from each other.The sixth sense is a little the same thing: whether you expect to meet a person, or that you perceive the sentence that is about to pronounce, you are using the sixth sense in both cases.Taking the example of hearing, not everyone has “the musical ear” capable of recognizing the musical notes of each piece.But does this derive from the absence of hearing in all of us?No, of course;it depends only on training.A musician trains himself to learn to recognize the notes, while all the others – who are not musicians – do not train, that’s why the great majority is not able to grasp all the nuances of music, or recognize one musical instrument on the other, but only hears a single melody on the whole.The sixth sense is the same thing: if untrained, it is very low and unable to recognize what is happening around you, but if it is trained – like the musical ear – you begin to recognize what others do not see, do not hear and do not perceive, possessing an enormous extra gear to live your life better.Certainly the musical ear does not interest those who are not willing to become musicians, yet hearing interests you even if you do not listen to music.

As well as hearing, or like sight, even the sixth sense has more levels of ability.Also the view differs not only in the degrees you possess by eye, but also in the “ability to observe”. For example, you could be one of those people who wear glasses because you miss so many tenths, yet, when you wear glasses, when you walk down the street or go somewhere, you see lots of details surrounding you.In addition to seeing immediately if there is any friend or colleague whom you immediately recognize among the crowd passing by.Or, you could be one of those people who owns 10/10, which means you have a perfect view, but despite this when you walk down the street you don’t even see someone who stops to look at you to greet you, you look more blind than a blind man .This is because to see, it is not only the grading of sight that counts, but also your ability to know how to look around, rather than walk as if you had blindfolded eyes!As for the sixth sense, you could have a perfect view, the maximum of degrees, yet you continue to see nothing of your surroundings, to the point that a person with 3/10 sees better than you.This is why everyone is in possession of the sixth sense, yet there are far fewer who seem to really possess it.

So the real question we should ask ourselves is not because some people have the sixth sense and others do not, but because some people realize they have it from an early age, and others from adults do not understand it.The first reason is habits, first of all, that is the context in which you grew up and the habits you had or had to have.Let’s take some small examples.A child raised in an entity-infested home is more likely to grow up with the ability to perceive these presences, or even to see them, rather than another person who was born and raised in a home where such events never happened “paranormal”. Although we all possess that capacity within us, there are those who have trained it since we were children (wanting, or being forced in some way) and those who are not, that’s why there are adults capable of feeling and even seeing entities, and others do not.Another example is a child who grew up in a very serene environment, very pampered and very calm, from a loving family, in a stable context, all this has led the child to never enter the defensive.So he grew up in his comfort zone and until he was older he might not have noticed that he had any sensory ability, because everything he needed was already there.

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A child who grew up in a somewhat more complex situation , which does not necessarily have to be a violent family towards him, but also in a context that is a little harder to deal with, regardless of whether it comes from within (problems in the family) or from the outside (problems at school, victim of bullying, etc. ), it is more likely that he was inclined to seek a solution to his problems, even unconsciously, so as to activate something in his unconscious that would open him to one or more faculty of the sixth sense.For example, over time he has learned to prevent where the problems were, how to know that turning to a specific road will meet the bullies who would bother him and so he will already know that he must change course.Or he will begin to dream of the future, discovering from the start what will happen the next day, so he will be able to avoid making that mistake that would lead to bad figures in front of his companions, or he will avoid a question at school.They are small signs, if we think about it now, but when you find yourself in those situations they are sensations of great help, because they avoid problems that at that age can seem very serious.

So having discovered the existence of the sixth sense, by younger or less young people, depends very much on the habits and the context in which each of us grew up.Certainly, however, the most serious error one can encounter is the idea that if the sixth sense is not developed as a child, it will never be developed again, as if there were the possibility that by becoming an adult you will lose that mental organ.In truth the sixth sense will accompany you until your last day of life, because it belongs to your Consciousness and you will not be able to lose it for any reason.Certainly, you could increase his faculties by giving him more attention, or diminish his faculties by ignoring him, but it is something that has always belonged to you.The only difference that we could consider a great help, is that if you become accustomed as a child to grow aware of possessing the sixth sense, it would be easier even as adults to approach to its different faculties, because you realize that it is all natural: it is a muscle that needs training.Instead, starting as an adult can be more frightening, because you are not used to his abilities, how to predict the future or perceive what someone is about to tell you before;so all this can scare you!Fear is a big block, which can prevent you from following an evolutionary path, even if you know inside yourself that the sixth sense is the most normal thing in the world.But it happens, that as adults, you have more fear, so you limit yourself very much to the sixth sense.There is no difference or impossibility for an adult to evolve his sixth sense, even if he has not started since he was a child.If it weren’t for fear and if you start to realize that you don’t have to fear something that has always belonged to you.In fact, let’s face it clearly: what do you expect?If you haven’t started since you were a child, what do you care?Do you really want to think that you can’t do anything for your present, and for your future, if you haven’t already started doing it as a child?

Therefore it is really important that you understand that the sixth sense is your muscle, which can be evolved even if you start doing it when you are already an adult;he hasn’t died in the meantime!Furthermore, we must also be aware that the sixth sense is the set of many sensory capacities and not the synonym of only one faculty.In fact, many people talk about themselves as if they had all the sixth sense developed, since they were children.This is because, rightly, not knowing what the sixth sense really is, they do not even know that they do not really possess the full sixth sense developed but only a taste of a certain capacity.Try to think for a moment about the ability to see the Auras, or the Remote Vision, or the Foresight, or Telepathy.Here, these are all faculties that belong to the sixth sense, yet each of them is very different from all the other faculties listed.In fact, for those who do not know the immense capacities of the sixth sense, they might think that all these faculties are separated from each other, as if they were different “senses”. Instead, all of these are part of the same set and therefore of the same muscle, called the Sixth sense.

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So if we want to be precise, to say that “we have the sixth sense developed as a child”, it is wrong, because you do not have all these advanced faculties at the same level, but it is possible that you have had some important tastings of some abilities, how could it be foresight;yet, all the others do not yet know them.For example, you may have had so many experiences of foresight, yet you have never seen an Aura in your life before meeting this Academy.This does not mean that you possess only one and only capacity of the sixth sense, but you possess them all!Only that, during your life, you only had a taste of one or some of them, because the context and the habits you lived led you to experiment only those and you did not want to discover all the others.

The sixth sense is much more, in fact you can decide whether to evolve the skills you already know, at much higher levels, so that you have the absolute mastery of your favorite faculty.You can discover the existence of many other faculties, which you did not know before.At the moment it is normal to believe that you want to evolve only your favorite faculty: because you only know that, so it’s normal to be your favorite!But if you could open your mind and even choose to try to understand the usefulness of all the other faculties, surely you will no longer be stuck in your comfort zone, but you will decide to experiment the others as well.Your sixth sense has all the capabilities, even those you’ve never heard of before;so it would really be a shame if you didn’t use it fully.Through this journey, I will accompany you to know all the faculties that belong to your sixth sense, so that you can discover the immensity of what you might be able to do, if you decide to do it.After that, I will teach you the techniques to develop each of them, at increasingly higher levels and less known to the rest of the people.You decide when and … If you really stop;because if you begin to understand the value of what you have inside your head, in my opinion, you will never be able to do without wanting to know it even more deeply.No matter what level you are in, or at what level you think you find yourself, because I assure you that this is only the beginning of your true evolutionary path.

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  1. After reading this very interesting article I wonder if my gut feeling, which I usually follow, is also my 6th sense. Until the time of reading this article, I have not seen / experienced this as my 6th sense. I rely heavily on my gut feeling when making decisions in my life.
    The time of my childhood was not an easy one … it was a time of being alert to what was going on around me. I understand that during this period a part of the 6th Sense would have developed more like other part of the 6th sense but also because of this the other parts of my 6th sense have been developed. So, without realizing it, I trained my 6th sense. I rely heavily on my gut feeling when making decisions in my life.
    Is there a possibility that my 6th sense is more present with certain people with whom I have a close connection? In my youth I met a wonderful person whom I lost sight of for years. At a moment in my life I met this person again with this person I experience things that I do not experience with others or much less, such as perceiving her energy at a great distance, perceiving how she sometimes feels. I think this is a special experience and when reading this article I had to think about the connection with this person and to what extent this is my 6th sense.
    Is the development of the 6th sense faster and / or easier for people with a high sensitivity?

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