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06 – The Soul – Who am I? Consciousness, first of all (Part 1)


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There comes a moment of our life when we are ready to ask ourselves: “Who am I?”
and it is a very important moment for our evolution, a fundamental question that we should ask ourselves even when we are sure we already know the answer.
“I am something more, in here. I’m not what people see, I’m much more! “, We respond to ourselves. But who are we exactly?
We know that we are something that goes far beyond what we believe we are and what we see in the mirror, yet our identity still remains too hidden. Sometimes when we look at each other in the mirror and stare into each other’s eyes, we feel a little strange, as if someone else were there staring at us; so we lower our eyes and try to observe our reflection only for logical reasons, like combing, make-up, wash our face, but never to fix our eyes and understand “who we are”, because this makes us feel embarrassed. We feel strange looking at each other straight in the eye because we fear that somehow something unexpected might come out of it, and this upsets us. So, we avoid as much as possible to fix ourselves in the eye with the intent to discover who we are, acquiring the habit of seeing our face without giving it a real value, if not that of being all that we are: a simple human body.
Around us something is mobilized to prevent us from discovering who we are, filling our days with commitments that exclude any possibility of having free time to stop and reflect. This prevents us from having time to think about us, to reason about our lives, giving us so many problems to which we pay our utmost attention so as not to think more about ourselves.
Something has always prevented us from asking ourselves who we are and we support it, for fear of being aware of too much information, which we believe we may not want to know. We are afraid of knowing who we really are. Inside we know that revealing the truth about us will bring a very big change in our lives and this scares us, because we’re not sure it’s good. We are totally stifled by work, by study, by the need to fill our heads with everything so as not to make that question appear … “Who am I really?” So much so that we choose to run away from this need, until we find comfort in the taxes to be paid, in our children’s school, in mortgages and debts, which will completely prevent us to stop for a moment and ask: “who am I really? ? “. We believe this is the right way to find peace, because that question moves something so big inside of us that for fear of what we do not know, we even try to suffocate it, until we really succeed. Escape, however, will not give us the peace we seek: we can find it only in the answers, true answers that would make us understand who we really are. First of all, we are Consciousness. What we know inside and that we try to hide for fear that it is too strong to hold, or for fear that would lead us to a grueling path to the discovery of the truth, is that there is something big and mysterious behind our eyes, and this makes us block even before we start receiving some answers, making us fear that going forward would only increase the questions, not the answers.
Often people around us are not ready to ask themselves the same questions because they are taken too much by their distractions of everyday life, so we find ourselves alone having to face these feelings of emptiness, because no one else takes us seriously into consideration. We wonder if we are the only ones to ask ourselves these questions or if the others, sometimes, look in the mirror and wonder if that face is really their essence, or if it’s just a mask, a human body costume that hides their true identity

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Most of the time we think that ours is only a mental journey, that all of this does not exist and that we are entirely imagining it, and yet, even those times, we can not suppress that strange voice inside us that pushes us to look for the truth. The commitments and household chores prevent us from paying more attention to that push, because that’s what we want: to ignore that voice that makes us wonder who we really are. Despite this, that instinct continues, it is subtle but continually tries to be heard. Do everything to ignore it, to pass the time: commit your daily hours to get to the night and immediately put you to sleep, so you do not have to think about yourself, not to have to do that strange and tiring question. Then, all of a sudden, a moment comes into your life when you’re ready to discover that you’re something that goes far beyond your face, your body, your appearance. You know you are much deeper than your eyes, which do not really mirror you as much as you would like. Your desire is for people to understand you without speaking but only by looking you in the eyes, the mirror of the soul; despite this, when you look in the mirror you can not even recognize yourself. At that moment, after so many years wasted in silencing that internal voice, you are faced with a choice: to listen and follow that strong instinct once and for all, or abandon it forever. By suppressing it, you will decide to abandon your Consciousness, everything that allows you to be different from others to become such and which to them, identical, without life inside like all those people out there who identify themselves in the job they do and no longer in life that have. Or, slowly, you can choose to listen more and more, noting that from time to time it will become clearer and more direct, as if someone were raising the volume, making everything become more … Real.

By deciding to listen to that instinct, you choose to remember who you are, letting you slip those strange groundless fears and noticing how unnecessary and senseless they were. Consciousness goes far beyond the ability to understand whether an action is right or wrong, whether it is doing good or bad. Consciousness is what distinguishes us from machines, who work without knowing what they are and what they exist. The machines move, they act; some in their own way react to impulses just like computers can recognize a problem within them and solve it, but we have something more advanced that allows us to reflect, which goes beyond simple thinking. We have Consciousness.
Someone calls it Soul, even though it is actually two very different levels. By choosing to listen to that instinct, which is your Consciousness, you allow yourself to discover something deeper and of enormous value, which is the Soul: something that has never been explained to us in the correct way to keep us away from awareness of being a superior life. We grew up in an illusion convinced that it was reality and believing that reality was only a fantasy, a creation of our mind. This is because no one has ever confirmed its truthfulness, letting us be convinced that something, in order to exist, must be confirmed by anyone, and not only by those who are able to see and understand it. The truth is not for everyone, but only for those who choose to discover it. Consciousness pushes you further, invites you to follow a path of evolution that allows you to get closer to you, to know it and to finally understand what its purpose and how to achieve it. At first it may seem like a foreign voice to you, because you are there, inside your chest, but you do not recognize it as yourself because it is different from you, very different. Perceive this instinct, which does not speak in words and yet you feel it, is there in the chest that pushes to get out, but something prevents it. It’s a strange feeling, sometimes melancholy, yet you know it’s real because so much is its strength, even when you try to hide it.

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You look around and you know that right now you are the only one to feel this feeling, to hear this voice, and this scares you because it makes you feel like you’re the only one in the world. In truth you are not the only one and you are not the only one, many others feel the same sensation every day, only they do not have the courage to say it and, moreover, not all of them perceive it at the same time. Everyone has their own listening time and not everyone chooses to start paying attention to it, because most of the time they prefer to bury it with the thousand problems to solve, unaware that it is precisely the solution to their burdens. Yet, you continue to feel that push, that presence within you that communicates most of the time without speaking, but you feel it and it is difficult to deny its existence. You know well that continuing to ignore it would lead to the end of your Consciousness, but most of the time you try to stifle this awareness too, because it scares you. You know that by separating yourself from that presence you would lose something too big and too important for you, but you do not know its value and what it is exactly, so you are fooled by apathy and try again to move it to a place far away from you not to hear it.

You speak, or rather communicate with a force different from yours, a wisest, more evolved mental capacity: it is as if you knew something that you do not know and saw far beyond what you can see; nevertheless you do not know whether to trust yourself blindly, because you fear that following it would take you too far from your life, your habits. Believe that you are very different from you, but it is not so, because you are different, you have gone away without realizing it. You have the good fortune that you have not left it yet and let it fall asleep like many others. You have the possibility to choose, every day, whether to listen to it or not. The choice to listen to Consciousness is not radical, because every day you may decide to change your mind, listen to it or ignore it. The choice will never be forced or drastic, most of the time you’ll forget you can choose and so you’ll let yourself slip into sleep, the sleep that will take you away from the evolution. Still, however, it will not be too late: as long as you do not forget your existence completely you can still try to do something, or you will not remember anything by becoming a human machine. To fall asleep will take you to the end of your days, making you die inside. It does not matter if the body will continue to work, because inside you will feel lifeless, with no reason to continue living. This is not the destiny that awaits you, but you must choose it every day, because by not choosing, you will let your Consciousness abandon you.
She is something that goes far beyond simple intuition or the idea of ​​being different; by following her, you allow yourself to be really different, to be able to become someone who, before having everything, could not feel you were. Consciousness is the material that fills your emptiness and which you have been looking for all your life, but which you have never understood how to gather or how to possess. It is not easy to understand it, yet Consciousness has always belonged to you but you never knew how to use it. You could believe that Consciousness is only an indefinite thing, formless and worthless, present within you and that you do not need attention. In reality it is a force that would allow you to achieve objectives that you did not even hope to be able to approach, if you decide to commit to its evolution. In fact, Consciousness is like your legs: if you do not use the effort to move them, your body will not move and you will not be able to move forward, staying still forever. You could try to move using other means, such as crawling, dragging on the ground with the hooking of the nails, but sooner or later all this would destroy you. The awareness allows you to understand that the initial effort to give movement to the legs, which will take you where you want to go, will be minimal compared to everything you will get thanks to that little sacrifice; everything would be different if I decided not to move them and drag you to the ground to get where you would, knowing full well that for fear of the first effort (walking with your legs) you find yourself using much more effort and pain, because these would be the results.

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Consciousness is like your legs, because if you decide immediately to use it it will lead you to where you want best, but on the contrary without it you will find yourself struggling a lot, much more to chase a goal that you may never reach. With your legs you can walk fast, you can even run and reach kilometers away, but crawling on the ground you will stop very soon, tired and destroyed. How your legs are not there for beauty, just to stay still, not even your Consciousness is there for beauty, just to stay still. Knowing that you have a Conscience does not mean knowing how to use it, nor do you know how to use it all the time. The most common mistake is to believe that Consciousness should only be listened to, but the reality is that it should be used, filled, trained just like your legs. You are not just a voice, Consciousness is alive and communicates its knowledge, which can increase if you allow it, training you to use it. All living beings have one: humans, animals, even plants, which during their lives can memorize and remember what they have experienced. But there are people who possess something more than Consciousness: it is called Soul.
The Soul is something that not everyone possesses because, unlike how they lead us to believe, it constantly needs attentions, energetic nourishment and practice to reinforce it. So most people ignore it thinking that everything is due, without giving value to their Soul, convinced that it does not need it. Everyone ignores the Soul, but when they later learn that they might not have it, they start to tremble as if they had never cared for anything. Each person has a different level of evolution due to his own life experience, to his own reflections, but above all to his own attempts to rediscover himself, to awaken through spiritual techniques. Everyone has a Conscience – which some confuse with the Soul – but despite all they have it, few decide to listen to it and follow it to the end to start an evolutionary path that will lead them to understand it. Everyone has a different time to start thinking about their lives, some will never start, but we can not expect everyone to start with us today, because it’s not their time. Some will start in a few years, many others will never choose to start and for this they will not be able to understand what it is like to be aware of their Conscience, often because they do not know where to start and do not know the right method. “Who am I?” Is the question everyone is asking, but few will decide to continue, thus starting a spiritual journey. Little by little we decided to assign terms to identify the difference between people who do not want to know each other from people who would really like to discover and evolve. I fully agree with those who would think that it is a structured method and that it is not correct to label, nor do all the grass a bundle, but to talk about people looking for the truth and people who prefer to stay asleep and not know anything of everything that surrounds them, it is essential to make the idea of ​​what we are going to discover.
The search for our essence and the desire to discover who we are takes us back to a spiritual way to understand what wants to reach our Consciousness and how to obtain the results. Putting this question every day and not stopping at the usual banal answer, we are being pushed more and more to follow what is called Spirituality. Although it may seem something unknown, it all starts with the question of our real essence, and from that it extends towards the decision to apply every day to the discovery of a new knowledge that accumulates little by little. The spiritual path is like a path on which, following it, you will find step by step more information about yourself.

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We could therefore talk about spiritual people, which are those who seek answers to their questions, and non-spiritual people, that is, all those who prefer to sleep every day and not know anything, lest it be something too big for them or simple apathy. No matter what the reasons for which you decide to sleep or choose not to make a decision, the point is that remaining chained in the routine and forgetting their own Consciousness, we end up losing it completely. Nowadays the term “spiritual” is used by everyone, more for fashion than for real choice, defining themselves spiritually despite not believing in spirituality. This leads to ruin the true value of this term, making it seem something that has nothing to do with what we were initially looking for, seeing some people who should represent the spiritual evolution behave worse than those who say they know nothing. The point, in fact, is not to define oneself as spiritual and therefore to say to be so, but to really be so.
Precisely because when we refer to a person the spiritual term may vary, we should try to use other terms. The spiritual word does not really indicate the evolution of a person, but only the (spiritual) activities that he performs for a certain period of his life, not really knowing if it will last forever. Although one can not understand the evolution of a person only by talking to us – because he could hide what he knows – or by looking at it, because the physical aspect of that moment does not always represent internal evolution, especially if we expect that being evolved is equivalent to being always dressed well and with freshly made hair, through practical techniques you can learn to recognize those who have a higher Consciousness from those who instead are losing their Consciousness forever. At present, it is presumed that you do not know how to recognize others who, like you, are looking for answers to their questions, if not by putting a theoretical definition. For this reason we try together to understand the differences.

For starters, let’s talk about spiritual and non-spiritual people. With these terms we mean to define who, in this precise period, is practicing a spiritual path or is not practicing anything. Although anyone nowadays defines himself as spiritual without ever having practiced a single meditation, but only because he believes – without any underlying principle – to be an evolved person and moreover better, wiser and more aware of everyone else, in this path we will learn to define spiritual only those who, for real, are practicing meditative techniques. Anyone who does not practice, even if he talks about himself as a god descended to earth, will still remain a non-spiritual, because he does not practice any technique to seriously evolve and passes the time to self praise with many beautiful words, which remain only words. As said before, each person is different and has a right and personal moment, so if Now is your time to be spiritual, it is not necessarily that it is also for the people around you; but this does not mean that if they are not ready now they will not be forever. In fact, some of them may start to reflect, perhaps in a few months, others in a few years, deciding one day to practice with the intention of evolving and therefore becoming spiritual. Moreover, spirituality is a choice that must be made every day, but when one forgets to choose one begins to lose spirituality, precisely because one’s own Consciousness goes back to sleep. For this reason it is not possible to define a spiritual just because years ago he tried to practice something, because this does not mean that he is doing it today, in the present moment. Being spiritual is a choice and when we stop choosing we cease to be spiritual. So we can use another method of recognition, remembering that this remains, for your current level of understanding, only a theoretical method. When you have learned the right techniques to recognize those who have strong Consciousness and who do not, you will understand these concepts and the value of these terms much better.

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So we can talk about who stops to have a Consciousness without even knowing it and who instead becomes aware every day and creates something that goes far beyond human Consciousness, which will be the Soul. To be able to recognize those who will never understand the meaning of asking questions about their existence and the motive of life, from those who understood that it must go to the end and recognize the purpose of its birth and its future, we will use the simple terms that will remain however generic to not label people for life. First of all, let’s talk about those who do not have the slightest interest in discovering the reason for their existence; but not only that, we deal with that kind of person who gets annoyed when someone else tries to ask this question. By nature, there would be no reason to warm up if someone else wanted to believe in a different theory, yet when people talk about spirituality, some people try to force others to ask themselves questions. Although some may think that there is no purpose in life, that the ultimate goal is to be born and die without ever having completed anything of evolution during one’s existence, there should be no reason to get angry if someone else does not bother to anyone, try to discover their personal identity. If this identity did not exist, why commit so much to hide it? Why go against those who want to believe that there is something beyond what we usually see? There would be no logical reason, except that they are driven by something larger than them that prevents them from evolving and that is committed to preventing it from others. In this journey we will define people who are not spiritual, who do not believe in spirituality and who could even go against those who ask questions about evolution, with the term Gaia’s Low.
Gaia’s Low means people who have a low frequency (Low Frequency, which you will understand by reading the appropriate articles) belonging to the planet earth that, in this path we will call Gaia. People who will not go beyond their own human life, who will not ask questions about their real essence, who will not ask themselves “who they are”, who will not want to know it, and who will have a Consciousness too bound to the planet will be called “people of Gaia”, or, to be more correct, low frequency Consciousness related to the planet Gaia. So they will be called Gaia’s Low. In the next documents you will understand the differences better. Gaia’s Low, or people with a low Consciousness, are divided mainly into less evolved and more evolved ones, because even if they do not practice meditation and spiritual techniques they try in their own way to recognize their Consciousness and not forget it. This unfortunately is not enough to go beyond the Conscience, because without energy techniques we are limited and eventually blocked. As opposed to the Gaia’s Low we have spirituals, or people who not only ask questions and wonder how to evolve their lives, but try to find the right way to do so through meditation and practical techniques. This is just a smattering of what you need to know. But in reality, what is really important is not to forget that one’s own Conscience must be trained and not only listened, because this will lead the practitioners to discover information about their existence that they would never have believed possible if they had not come so obvious.
By choosing not to listen to one’s own Conscience, one chooses to end one’s life by becoming a human machine, but by choosing to listen to it and exploit it at its best, one decides to evolve more than ever, from life to life. No one can choose for you, but I can advise you to follow your Consciousness at the end of the world, because you will always be right, even when you do not.

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