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96 – Are all Spiritual People VEGAN?

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In previous articles I specified the differences between crazy and spiritual, sincere and scammers, gullible and suspicious, but there are other points to know about the spiritual world.In fact spirituality is a very delicate subject and unfortunately any reason is good for going against it.Suffice it to say that there are those who believe that spirituals are all ignorant, stone age, illiterate or dissatisfied housewives, who, not knowing what to do or not being educated enough, believe in these paranormal “rumors”.The truth is that among the spiritual there are many more people with studies behind and modern than unemployed bored or ignorant and poorly educated.The problem arises when the skeptics, in order to throw mud at spirituality, criticize the choices of a single person and blame all the spirituals of the world as if they were all equal.Although they call themselves spiritual, everyone makes their own choices and follows different sources, a bit like there are doctors who treat people, doctors who care for animals, doctors who take care of psychology, doctors who deal with autopsy, doctors who take care of the purely aesthetic plastic surgery and so on;but how can all these doctors be blamed if a cared for dog is dead?What is the point of blaming all the doctors in the world if a specific veterinarian could not save a puppy’s life?They have absolutely nothing to do with it, because not all doctors are the same, they don’t all follow the same address or make the same lifestyle choices.In fact, there are veterinarians who do not like helping people at all, believing that animals are better than humans (although we can believe that they must know how to cure human illnesses!) Whereas there are doctors who specialize in treating human diseases. ‘man because they hope to be able to help as many people as possible, yet they don’t like animals.Therefore, it should not be thought that since it is called “doctor” then you know how to cure any kind of patient, or that you know perfectly even psychology or plastic surgery to improve a person’s aesthetic beauty.Everyone has made his choices and could think of it completely differently from other doctors: for example, a family doctor could be completely opposed to cosmetic surgery.In the same way the spirituals are all different, especially because being spiritual is not a job, it is not a course of study, but it is a lifestyle that brings together so many people but does not make them absolutely identical.There are so many people who call themselves spiritual, but they also deeply disagree on the same mystical themes, let alone in the topics of the social sphere.It must necessarily be remembered that many of those who call themselves spiritual are not really, but they pretend to be such only to enter groups and chat with people.End.Therefore, they have no real sense of spirituality, but are only interested in participating in group conversations and having their say, even though they have no spiritual culture.That is why in the world of the spiritual we can find completely opposite thoughts that clash and make people believe, who does not know this world well, that all the spiritual ones are equal.

I have often been told that you cannot be spiritual if you are not vegan, or that you cannot be married if you decide to take the spiritual path.In the same way, I was told that a truly evolved spiritual must necessarily become gay, even if he is of a straight birth, otherwise his soul will never evolve.Because of these people who place their personal problems in spirituality, or who use spiritual themes to achieve completely perverse purposes, those who do not know the truth – and all the more skeptics – end up believing and saying that spirituals are all crazy, maniacs, out of phase and even locked up in jail.No one should allow themselves to exploit the name of spirituality to force others to follow their choices, to change their way of living, to change sexual tastes, leading them to believe that the two topics are closely linked.

Let’s face it: God doesn’t give a damn if you like the male or the female, if you eat vegetables or meat, because these are strictly personal choices that only you, for yourself, have to make.

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Unfortunately, the folly of many people is known who try to convince the masses to choose a precise way by making them believe that it is God who wants it, or by exploiting psychological manipulation to force them to do what they do not want or that is not of their nature.

For this reason today I want to debunk some myths born recently, to distinguish the true spirituality from the use that some fools make of it.Let’s start with the much-discussed vegan diet.


Are all the spirituals vegans?


Absolutely not.Being vegan is a personal choice that should not be associated with spirituality, judging spirituals for food choices rather than for supernatural experiences.Spirituals are concerned with evolving their own psyche and having paranormal experiences, so you should not absolutely believe that a person has evolved spiritually just because he is vegan, although he has no paranormal experience at all;nor is it that a person has not evolved as he is not vegan, even though she has psychic qualities that she knows how to use at best and with a lot of paranormal experience behind her.We are losing the meaning of spirituality!We assume that not even all vegans know the meaning of vegan nutrition, nor do they agree with each other about this lifestyle.

First of all, the choice of a vegan diet is based on the decision not to take any substance from the animals, thus eliminating meat, eggs, milk (and its derivatives), fish, as well as honey.Regardless of the reasons, which may be different, various people have chosen to become vegan for a period of their life;some even forever.The reasons are many and it is absolutely impossible to believe that all vegans are the same, because, we remember, we are talking about people who have different lives and personalities, not objects made in the factory and made with a mold.Some of them have chosen to become vegans because of their personal inability to eat meat or dairy products, because they have dysfunctions caused by diseases, organ problems, or allergies that prevent them from eating these foods, so they choose more to become vegan , or to eat only vegetables, cereals, fruit, etc.

Others choose to become vegan because they do not like the taste of meat, they do not like how they feel after taking it, because their body does not digest it and makes them feel excessively heavy.Although it is believed that all organisms are equal, in reality every person is different and there are those who do not digest a food, for example pepper, although everyone else can eat it and consider it very healthy.Therefore, we cannot believe that since someone does not digest a food, then it is harmful for everyone.Precisely for this reason, some people choose to eliminate meat from their lives, but continue to drink milk or eat eggs, considering them lighter.Yet they decide to call themselves vegans.From this we start already with the first contradiction.

However, other people decide not to eat meat and animal derivatives while they can digest it, because they love animals too much and eating their meat makes them feel guilty, so they follow their thoughts, and in this case also the feelings, and it is right that let it be so.

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Still others, on the other hand, say they are vegans because they believe that meat is harmful to our body, that we are not born to eat other animals (although the human is scientifically omnivorous) and therefore we absolutely must avoid eating animals, favoring a diet based solely on fruit, vegetables and fish.Yet fish do not grow on trees, but they have always been defined as an animal species, since, incidentally, they are really animals!Yet some call themselves vegans despite eating fish, which is meat from the sea.

Just as in spirituality, we also see in the world of vegans a very great difference of thought even though they all define themselves with the same title.In fact, there are vegans who follow their own healthy physical principle, for example they do not eat meat (and they are consistent every day in deeds with the words they say) because they believe it is bad for health;others, for the sake of animals, decide not to eat ground meat, but to eat fish, thinking that it does not suffer when the hens, cows or pigs are killed;still others say they have been vegans for a lifetime, but they don’t have problems eating meat when they are offered in different forms, for example pizza with sausage (or just with mozzarella, which is made of milk!) or the omelette with peas, which contains animal derivatives (clearly I refer to eggs, not peas!).So we see vegans who say and follow a diet of their own, and false vegans who say they are, although they do not habitually follow the established life choices, despite being convinced and doing everything to convince others to be perfect vegans.Personally I know dozens of dozens of so-called vegans, always ready to discuss with others to try to convert them to “vegan”, but who first eat eggs, milk or fish, or their derivatives such as cream on the cake, the cake itself, the cream, yogurt, honey, fish eggs (eg bottarga, caviar, etc. ).As is the case with spirituality, many people call themselves vegan only to give themselves a title, which in reality does not identify them at all.Even in this case, there are many people who are not really vegan and don’t care about physical health or love for animals: even if they want to join some groups and meet new people, they also pretend to be animal lovers!So you can find people, like so many that I know, who say they have become vegan out of love for animals, but as soon as they see one go down the street they disgust him – and they don’t even think about caressing him as much as they disgust him – and they don’t have pets at home because it disgusts him to have to clean them or have their fur around, even in the case of small animals that do not scatter dirt, such as aquarium fish or rodents and birds that are in their house.This is very different from loving animals.

Indeed, there are those who say that fish is not meat, and is truly convinced of what it thinks, believing that fish is very different from the animal and therefore edible. In fact, it is one thing to say that we do not want to eat meat (understood as chicken, pork, etc.) but that we prefer to eat only fish for personal reasons considering it lighter (and rightly so), but another thing is to say that the fish can be eaten despite being vegan because it is not animal meat but is … fish. It is pure ignorance. Although I deeply respect the choices of others, just as I respect the true vegans who choose not to eat animals because they love them too much (as long as they really follow their words with facts!), I do not appreciate that you become fanatical to such an extent as to insult and attack those who do not follow the same diet for equally personal reasons. Just think of all the vegan fanatics who spend hours and hours bothering people who don’t care to follow the same choice, even inventing non-existent scientific theories to convert others to their own culture. However, since we use the term science or scientifically , we feel much more intelligent and confident that others will believe anything that completes the sentence.

Now among Jehovah’s Witnesses who stop you on the street and follow you home to convert to their religion and fanatical Vegans who remind you of how many lives you have killed to serve a single chicken leg with every bite you eat. it’s no longer any difference.Because of these people, therefore, all vegans are finally despised and taken for mad, just as happens with spirituals because of the exalted or the fraudsters who pretend themselves evolved.

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Unfortunately, it is not a secret that so many of those who call themselves vegans are only exalted – and not even vegans – they invent anything and take advantage of any reason to appear and fight heavily with other people.Because of them all vegans – including sincere ones with good intentions – are then ridiculed and ridiculed for being crazy.The fact that some people choose to be vegan does not create problems for anyone (except the ignorant, but they hate everyone, so who cares).What drives non-vegans to hate this way, which for many is nowadays more a fashion than a lifestyle choice – since you can call yourself a vegan even if you eat animal derivatives – is their constant and lengthy insistence on converting all to the vegan god.

What drives many people to hate the vegan diet is not vegetables, but the way vegans stand in front of others: they are the most evolved, those who know everything, those who eat healthy and live forever (albeit on this is very much to be objected).Without having to repeat that so many vegans eat animal derivatives – at least they could be sincere and call themselves vegetarians, which is different, instead they insist on calling themselves vegans – they keep repeating that meat hurts because it brings disease, health problems, death, and for this we must eliminate it definitively from our own life.They boast of being healthy, of eating healthy and of living healthily, of keeping a lot of attention to the physical health of their bodies and their souls, and for this reason they do not eat meat, but they smash themselves with smoke, alcohol and drugs.The vast majority of vegans, in fact, smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs.This is absolutely not the healthy life they boast of, because deciding to eat healthy is one thing, and it can also be done by eating meat;choosing not to eat it is a completely personal choice, but boasting about being rich people in health and then smoking and smashing the liver with alcohol, with a lot of drugs at the door, should definitely not be defined as evolved or healthy.I am sure that after this affirmation many vegans will prick up their ears and say “It’s not true!I am vegan and I have never tried to convert someone to veganism , you are wrong to eat meat because it is scientifically proven that blablabla ”and here he will try to convert me to vegan, while he lights up a nice smoking cigarette to alleviate it stress.

Let’s start from the principle that eating too much meat is bad (because everything hurts when taken in excessive doses) and that there are lighter and more digestible meats than others, just as there is high quality meat and poor quality meat (so toxic, depending on how the animal was bred or how the product was processed), without forgetting that unfortunately, again due to the business, the animals are bred without respect towards nature and their well-being, making them fat. even at the cost of making the animal sick and therefore from unhealthy meat, mistreating them mercilessly and making them suffer as in hell.It’s all true!Moreover, the daily measures of meat consumption are completely out of phase, because unfortunately many people believe that eating little meat means consuming at least one steak for half a kilo a week, then spaghetti carbonara, amatriciana sauce the next day, sandwich with salami for a snack, baked chicken for dinner, fish, shellfish the next day, fried eggs or omelette in the evening, spending every day to eat at least one meal meat, fish or derivatives.It is clear that it hurts like this!You don’t have to eat meat every day!However, it is certain that we are omnivorous in nature, that is we can eat, digest and get great nourishment from the meat, just as carnivorous or omnivorous animals can and must eat meat to feel good.It is nature: a lion cannot be made vegan without risking harming him;of course, you can force him to eat only vegetables, but this does not mean that it is good for your organism and that it will survive.The human is also an animal and needs its proper nourishment, let’s not forget it.

But there is to say that not everyone has bad eating habits and eat meat or derivatives every day, indeed, there are many other people who have better nutrition, for example eating meat and derivatives only 2-3 times a week, while for the rest of the days they eat lots of vegetables, legumes, seeds, roots, algae, etc.

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Let’s dispel the myth that those who eat meat only eat meat!Although we want the Italians to pass for those who eat too much meat, in reality we are the ones who eat healthier than other nations;Furthermore, unlike other countries, we have the highest quality meat, and this is our point.We are known for the best meat, not because we eat more.Unlike the places where they eat hamburgers and breakfast of meat and eggs every day, we Italians have a much more varied cuisine and we use a lot of vegetables, not just as an accompaniment.We are able to cook spectacular dishes without using meat.But I’m not here to convert vegans and force them to eat meat;I respect their choices and accept them, because they absolutely do not change my life, unlike them who are constantly trying to impose the vegan diet on those who absolutely do not agree.The truth is that people are different, and I think it is right that those who do not feel comfortable eating meat, or even do not digest it, should not eat it just because everyone else eats it or does not feel uncomfortable when it is found. in their company.Everyone must respect their body and their needs, which are different from others, and it is right that they are not defined different or crazy just because they decide to live a food habit that is not shared by everyone.The problem arises when someone, who thinks they are feeling better without food, wants to impose his thoughts by forcefully obliging (and I mean with force and psychological violence!) To follow the same path.In fact, we are talking about how many vegan parents force their young children not to eat meat and derivatives, suffering serious illnesses and health problems during growth due to an unbalanced diet, which unfortunately leads several children to death.It is very bad that the vast majority of vegans are oppressive towards those who instead eat meat, vomiting on them all kinds of insults and hatred just because the other person has decided to follow his nature.That vegans should not be mocked for their choices is a right, but that vegans do not insult those who do not choose their path is a duty.

Every time a vegan is found in a group dinner, he will spend the whole dinner watching with hatred those who eat pizza with ham, listing them for the duration of the meal over how many bodies he is eating or ate, how much pain they have experienced the animals on his plate, how many thousands of animals died to cook that pizza with two slices of ham.Let it be clear that almost everyone in the world, if they could, would avoid killing animals and making them suffer if it were not hunger to motivate these actions, just like so many breeds of animals that kill other animals every day to feed themselves.It is not my intention to defend the people who kill animals, but since they are not vegan, but omnivorous by nature and therefore out of necessity, I can only be coherent and sincere, admitting that I eat meat and its derivatives trying to respect life as much as I do it is possible and not to abuse the flesh of which I do not really need.I have great respect for those who decide not to eat animals, and therefore to be sick (because it is not true that vegans are all in excellent health, indeed !!!!!!!!!), so as not to contribute to the killing of animals, but not as much towards vegans who behave like Jehovah’s Witnesses, harassing you with negative comments to get you to their religion.This is why I repeat that it is not the vegan choice to be criticized, and let us stop pretending that this is the problem, but the people who behave like crazy just to convert to their thoughts.Because of them all vegans are targeted, just as all the spirituals are taken out of phase by the addicts.All vegans deny being oppressive, yet many of them try every day to convert as many people as possible, spending hours despising the omnivorous diet and those following it without realizing that they are so heavy as to achieve the opposite effect.Naturally the vegans deny and respond with the usual phrase: “I am vegan and I have never tried to convince anyone” or “I have many vegan friends who respect the omnivores and do not try to convert them”.Blessed are you, but we others know many more vegans who try to convert us every day!It would be nice to meet people as you describe them.People are not tired of the vegan diet, but they are told every day that they have to become vegans by force.When vegans understand this concept and stop being pressing, I’m sure many more people will appreciate the vegan diet.

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Real health is made up of healthy eating habits, sports and little stress. Let’s start immediately with the principle that the forced vegan diet is not suitable for everyone, such as those who practice constant sport, and therefore in constant motion, a fundamental need for the health of the human body.In fact, man must perform physical activity to stay healthy and well, both physically and mentally.A sedentary lifestyle is one of the main causes of people’s psycho-physical ill health, as it atrophies the muscles, slows down the metabolism, increases stress and decreases the possibility of externalizing it, thus causing the consequences to the internal organs.To believe that it is enough to be thin to be in perfect health is not correct, it is not by chance that most people who have cancer and many other very serious diseases are all very, very thin, few of them are obese.This does not mean that being fat means being healthy, quite the contrary, it is equivalent to doing little movement, which would serve to activate the metabolism and stay healthy;nor does it mean that all the thin are sick.Those who practice sport actively reduce the possibility of contracting many diseases compared to those who, for various reasons and excuses, do not practice physical activity.Although we can be in perfect weight, motor activity is not just for maintaining the right weight, even if today it is believed to be the only reason;sport serves to keep us alive!Many of those who choose the vegan route do not have the strength to do physical activity except the few daily movements they are obliged to do to go to work or take their children to school.Now all vegans will say that it is not true, that since they follow the vegan life they feel full of energy and stronger than before, yet during the day they complain of pain, fatigue, fatigue, and many other problems that little they first denied.This is because they do not take the substances that would give them the strength to increase motor energies.In addition to this, a muscular body, therefore with real muscles, needs to be nourished with substances present in the meat (why don’t the proteins present in legumes make the muscles full-bodied as instead do animal derivatives?), We must not deny the evidence with the fear of looking arrogant.Looking into the face of a person who habitually eats healthy (and I repeat healthy, do not take the example of the typical obese American) and any person who seriously and for many years follows his vegan diet, we can clearly see a striking difference in physical strength, of energy to perform any activity, of muscle definition.Which makes the body of the first person stronger and more active, while the second is much weaker and more delicate, even at the simplest and most banal illness.Today, however, due to the vegan diet, you see more and more people who are weak and with such weak arms and legs that you fear they break at any moment;the muscles and therefore the muscular bodies are even criticized, as if the muscle were ugly, while the fragile body that breaks like a breadstick is beautiful.So not taking certain nutrients needed by the body weakens the body and results in a thin and fragile body.It is ridiculous that so many vegans criticize the muscular body with the clear intentions of creating a new fashion, according to which the beautiful body is flaccid and without muscles.The truth is that a muscular body is equivalent to a strong and resistant body, while weak and fragile bodies are not healthy at all.Obviously those who follow a forced vegan diet will believe that everything is fake, but the facts speak for themselves, even if in words we try to deny them.

Muscle is not just an aesthetic factor, it is our health!Having an active body leads to becoming muscular, while a still body, stagnant and without energy, leads to decrease the muscles and therefore the physical strength.We do not associate the concept of muscles with the typical example of men who spend their day in the gym lifting weights for hours and hours, just to define their shape;their strength is not necessarily increasing.The muscular person does not necessarily have to have sculpted biceps and very hard abdominals: he may also have poorly defined, but his body and his internal activities will work much better than all those who do little daily movement.Those who take meat in the right amounts, without abusing or exceeding it, have greater physical strength than those who choose to follow a forced vegan life.You can see it at first sight!Following a vegan diet has become a fashion that more and more people follow without even knowing how.

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Like any diet, even the vegan one must be chosen carefully, because many people eliminate the meat from the white point and then get sick from there very quickly, becoming thin, weak, and very emotionally unstable.Physical strength also makes you mentally strong, while an unbalanced diet leads people to become anxious, neurotic, always with nerves on edge.We are what we eat.It can be pretended that it is not true, yet many vegan people are much more stressed and neurotic than those who follow a varied diet: women suffer the emotional and behavioral effects even more than men, falling into very strong crises.We must look around and look at ourselves in the mirror and realize that it is true, putting aside our pride that prevents us from realizing our own mental and emotional fragility that leads us to be more hysterical and verbally aggressive.This does not depend on the fact that the vegetables are not positive for our body, but depends on the fact that they are not enough to feed us completely: more or less we need meat, physically and emotionally.

It is known how the difficulty of undertaking a new diet is more mental than physical, given the suffering and the psychological stress it leads to. For this reason it is wrong to start a DIY vegan diet, because people who do not know the benefits and principles of all foods risk not knowing how to replace meat with vegetables well, believing that it is enough to eat random vegetables to fill up. The point is not to fill your stomach, but to feed your body with the right substances. Few know how to replace food of animal origin correctly, since it is not at all easy since it also depends on the person, depending on how his body reacts to new foods and therefore from his body which can also be very different from that of others.Certainly one cannot think of replacing the contents of a slice of meat with a lettuce, although eating it may seem to fill you up.In fact, more and more vegans then find themselves having to take on so many supplements to regain some form, and this is not good.

Moreover, there is the strange idea that those who eat meat only eat meat, while vegans eat all that exists, except, of course, meat. Let’s dispel this myth immediately. Most vegans do not really eat everything, but simply eat the seitan that is fashionable and not as healthy as it is strangely made to look, because it is not born in nature but is processed from wheat gluten; then, they eat some vegetables. Lots of vegans do not eat fruit as they should, although it is a very important food, discarding it like a plague. Although we think that vegans eat only salad, many of them do not even touch it because they prefer to cook those sophisticated dishes full of seasonings in order to flavor vegetables (and always the same ones), which otherwise would not be able to eat continuously. Moreover, the great help to the vegan diet is the cigarette, because it helps in the reduction of hunger and makes us forget how stressful it is for the body and the mind to eat always and only the same vegetables (instead of mentally expanding and eating all the others, adding to their diet also fruit). To increase the success of the vegan diet, or just diet, many take alcohol, which also allows to block hunger and therefore not feel the need to eat substantial meals. Thanks to the great energy that the vegan diet offers to those who follow it, many of the vegan people are highly stressed and nervous, always aggressive with everyone and with the desire to create quarrels everywhere. Hunger and the need for food that we continue to avoid, but which the body needs,pushes people to be terribly nervous and stressed with everyone and everything. I am sorry that this statement suggests that this is an article against vegans, because it is not at all, but I am exposing all that has to be said, because there is a need to make things clear. If choosing a vegan life requires you to have to block hunger with smoking and alcohol, you can’t talk about a diet that can be lived for a lifetime without causing harm to your health. The problem is not to eat vegetables, the problem is that eating only vegetables – without fruit and without meat – brings mental and physical stress which then tries to suffocate with the use of smoking and alcohol, sometimes even drugs, but not this is the solution to feeling good.We end up forcing a diet that could lead to good health, destroying its positive sides with the inclusion of other substances that go to cancel it.

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In other words, it is useless for you to eat because you only eat vegetables to avoid getting sick because of the meat and then you get sick because you smoke and drink to quell the hunger and stress that the vegan diet brings you. You are forgetting the original goal that was to get better physically, but now, to follow your pride, sacrifice your health just to follow the vegan diet you imposed on yourself. This is the problem: not the vegan diet, but how to become one in order to follow it, stubborn as mules and able to deny the obvious even in the face of facts and trials. You decide to become blind and deaf.

In other words, if the vegan diet was really followed to perfection, eating all that nature offers to supplant the need for meat, could also help overcome diseases due to obesity or excess meat, high cholesterol etc , but given that the vast majority of vegans (not all, but almost all) do not really follow a diet designed for their personal organism, but only so much alcohol, smoking and diets to lose muscle weight, one cannot accept that vegans, at the table with those who are not vegan, they continue to break their balls over how many bodies the other has on his plate. If it is true that most vegans are perfectly healthy, that the vegan diet eliminates all the diseases of the world including cancer, and that it cures any pain and physical problem, then it would be the miracle diet that everyone should follow. But unfortunately many vegans have a health worse than that of omnivores, because not only do they not eat meat,but they do not even eat fruit and all the foods they should take in larger quantities to compensate for what their diet prohibits. It can also be seen from the constantly aggressive behavior towards those who do not do what they say.

In fact, vegans complain about how stressful it is to go out to eat with friends who are not vegans, because they mock them and continue to ask annoying questions about their diet, such as: “But do you only eat lettuce?” Or “But you don’t do you eat anything? ”, and it is perfectly understandable and unacceptable that those who choose to follow their own diet should always receive obstacles that go against their own decisions, but it is just as annoying to go to dinner with vegans who continually watch your dish instead of theirs and criticize every single course, even the very simple margherita pizza because it has mozzarella, making you suffer for hours and hours, exhausting and painful hours, during which they will keep you talking about how many dead corpses are present in your dish, how much you are a horrible person to eat dead meat like they do vultures, who are eating rotting carcasses and who will soon die of cancer for having done so, while they smoke packs and packs of cigarettes and drink like hardened alcoholics. Obviously there are never those deep speeches at dinner where they explain how they would prefer to save the life of an animal rather than a person who is dying, or that before saving it they would ask if it follows the vegan life otherwise they would let it die to avoid that during its eat more meat from animals to feed yourself. Let it be clear that the same true vegans with affixed heads are ashamed and criticize the fake vegans listed above (and unfortunately risk being the majority) because they recognize the absurdities of their words and their actions, especially because due to their nonsense then all pass us. Unfortunately many, when it comes to vegans, immediately think of that species. Therefore we must not make a bundle of grass, because it is obvious that there are vegans who follow their diet without making it a religion: they simply feel better and eat what they like except for the deriving of the meat, without feeling the need to to disturb anyone to impose their thoughts on him. In this article I have listed the examples of those who continually oppress the omnivores to convert them to vegan.

In all this, what do vegans have to do with spirituality?

In practice, nothing. Some sincere vegans follow this diet because they believe in the idea that no living being should be killed, especially if one can choose to do without eating another, also following an ideal for which one cannot be evolved if one continues to kill ; I personally think it is right and also very beautiful, I would say honorable.

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Many other vegans instead exploit these words only for the façade – given that in the depths they don’t give a damn about the health of the animals, but only look for a pretext to quarrel, to create weeds and go against the others – using spiritual terms to slip even between the groups of this kind and convert the participants to their vegan path. In fact, as a litmus test we have that so many vegans have no paranormal experiences, they have never had any and they are not interested in having them at all. So what do vegans have to do with spirituality? Nothing, we cannot associate the two terms, we can say that among the spiritual there are also vegan people, but we absolutely cannot believe that they are synonyms, because so many spirituals are not vegans. And a little’how to insist with saying that your favorite color is 5. It doesn’t make any sense! Among the spiritual there are also vegan people, because in addition to the spirituality seen as a search for paranormal experiences, psychic practices and meditation, we also have the choice not to kill because it is against the will of God, and it is a beautiful message. However, believing that the spirits who eat meat are not very evolved just because they are not vegans, it is not acceptable. To evolve spiritually means to have paranormal experiences and to use one’s psychic talents to broaden one’s Consciousness. Nothing to do with eating meat or not. It is true that eating healthy and keeping your body healthy also helps to raise awareness and therefore to raise your senses, unlike those who feed exclusively on toxic junk,because it is clear that it is not possible to pretend to evolve if the liver of alcohol is broken. Yet vegans do not do without it. Despite this, maintaining a healthy diet also helps one’s energy, because it avoids weights that would slow down one’s spiritual evolution. Yes, but meat and eggs are not rubbish, it is the method by which they are processed (eg fatty burgers) that can make them so.

However, it cannot be assumed that a person has not evolved spiritually, although he knows how to use his skills very well and has had so many paranormal experiences, only because he is a vegan, who has no notion of spirituality (he does not even know what it means to meditate), he wants to tease spirituals with reverse psychology and see if they fall for it.

A little how it works with children: if you want me to eat everything on your plate even when you’re having a tantrum, move the plate and tell them not to eat; you will see how it will clean up everything! In the same way, if you tell an allocate person that he cannot call himself awakened if he is not vegan, in order to define himself awakened he will decide to convert.
Although this article might seem against the vegan diet, I really appreciate the vegan, because I eat above all that, unlike those who only eat meat. Although I do not consider myself to be a model regarding the diet to follow, nor I would never dare to prescribe someone’s diet (since I have neither the skills nor the interest), I believe that the vegan diet is perfect if respected for 3-4 days a week, both because (the real one) is very varied and full of essential substances for health, and because we are omnivorous and not carnivorous, and because if cooked by the right hands it is very good; however there must be a minimum of meat or derivatives a week. Moreover, I believe that nobody would die if he even spent 2 weeks a month without touching a steak or a slice of meat,because I think that on average we eat at least three times more meat or derivatives than we should instead assume to be healthy. However, this does not mean that it is good for everyone to eliminate it forever, indeed, I believe that, apart from those who cannot eat it due to dysfunctions or personal problems, almost no one does well to eliminate it completely, and that, on the contrary, makes them weak and a little unstable.

However, a diet based on vegetables and lots of fruit is incredibly important for our health, regardless of whether we like these foods to taste or not, much more than meat, although it should not be eliminated; indeed, we should devote ourselves to eating much more fruit than we usually do.

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Besides, I believe that spending a short period of one’s life following a vegan diet is not absolutely negative, or following a few days when at the table we serve light dishes based on legumes and avoiding meat. it would be good because it would allow you to clean the body of the damage that the excess of meat in our eating habits creates. If every so often you decide to go to bed drinking only a centrifuge instead of dinner, it can only do you good. But we must understand the difference between every now and every day. So adding a vegan diet to one’s own habits is positive, because we are omnivores and not carnivores but even herbivores, we must eat everything and not just the meat, as long as you don’t overdo it and don’t forget about your health just to follow an idea imposed by the mass,so a fashion. I keep repeating, however, that one cannot judge Spirituality or all spirituals as if they were a mass of out of phase, just because some of them (fake spirits) use these terms to advertise the vegan fashion, forcing others to change their eating habits doing psychological pressure. Going to dinner with a vegan is like eating a cake in front of a dietician or having a child outside of marriage and revealing it to a priest. The sermons that will begin will have no end.forcing others to change their eating habits by applying psychological pressure. Going to dinner with a vegan is like eating a cake in front of a dietician or having a child outside of marriage and revealing it to a priest. The sermons that will begin will have no end.forcing others to change their eating habits by applying psychological pressure. Going to dinner with a vegan is like eating a cake in front of a dietician or having a child outside of marriage and revealing it to a priest. The sermons that will begin will have no end.

Certainly those who follow a perfect diet for their case, will not feel touched or affected by these words, which aim only to reason the so-called vegan extremists.


Are the spirituals all environmentalists and animalists?


Absolutely not. Being spiritual also means respecting what is given to us and all other living beings, including animals and the nature that “Mother Earth” offers us. But this does not mean that everyone follows this idea and respects it; in reality not even the majority of vegans is environmentalist and animalist, if we really want to be honest. Although it is believed that environmentalists only mean not throwing litter on the ground, in reality it is a lifestyle choice, a bit like being vegan, so you avoid making choices that can pollute the environment and fight for the its good, for example by deciding to go to work by bike instead of by car to avoid polluting, making campaigns to keep the environment clean and healthy and not to destroy the forests, and so much more.In the same way, being animalists does not only mean loving one’s pets, but it becomes a way of life for which you live to help animals from all over the world in all aspects, for example by raising funds to feed animals that do not have animals. roof, open kennels to accommodate strays, and again, fight to avoid the use of animal furs as clothing (therefore striving to reduce the killing of animals). Animalists often become vegans for obvious reasons, which I personally consider incriticabile, because they prove to be really consistent in fact with the words they say: they really love animals! This does not mean that all vegans are also animal rights, especially because many use the discourse oflove of animals but they do not love them first but rather ignore suffering without caring about it during the day. Many spirituals begin to love nature more and everything that surrounds us, especially after having started a meditative journey, because meditation allows us to unite more with nature, life, all living beings, and therefore to respect them. Moreover the spiritual ones (the real ones) tend to be more empathic and emotional, so they love nature a little more than those who are skeptical and do not believe in energy. From here to becoming environmentalists or animalists, however, the road is long, this being not only a sense of respect, but a lifestyle choice. In fact, respecting the life of nature is very different from engaging every day to fight and campaign for the protection of nature.environment; a bit like you would never hurt a person, but from here to become a volunteer in hospitals there is a huge difference.

Not all environmentalists and animalists are spiritual, because it is one thing to love the environment or animals and fight for their well-being, one thing is to have paranormal experiences and evolve one’s psychic talents. Again, they are two completely different topics.

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I believe that it is something honorable to fight for the good of the defenseless, or the environment that is too often underestimated and rendered as a dump, forgetting that it is our home and that it is the same place from which we gather the fruits we eat. In fact, the more the sea is polluted the more the fish dies, the species risk extinction and so on, and we eat that same fish that knows of plastic. As for everyone, however, even among environmentalists and animalists there are the exalted extremists who do crazy things to force others to follow the same path, for example by entering the shops that sell animals and insulting the owners (or even breaking the windows and worse yet ) because they keep the hamsters in a cage and the fish in the aquarium. Well, release a hamster in the nature and you will see how he will soon be eaten by a cat, which is certainly not vegan. Surely the small animal not used to the wild nature would prefer to remain buried in its cotton! Excluding, however, the exaggerated, I believe that it is really important that there are those who fight for the good of the environment or for the rights of animals not to be killed for fun, not to suffer violence,not to be left to die of hunger … this does not mean that environmentalists and animalists could have nothing to do with spirituality, because they are not interested in these topics – so much so that they could be among the skeptics listed in the last articles – and they may not have any dowry or paranormal experience. Therefore, not all those who defend flora and fauna are spiritual, as well as the exact opposite.

Although it is a little more strange, even some spiritual practitioners do not care so much about animal health or the environment, although they certainly should care about it at least a little; it is not certain however that they do it, since they could be interested only in the paranormal experiences. Also in this case obviously some of the environmentalists and animalists will try to fit into the spiritual groups, pretend to be such, and then drag the spiritual ones to follow the same path to become environmentalists and animal rights activists. I honestly don’t see it as bad, as long as it doesn’t become pure exhibitionism and extremism. However this is not a topic that should be treated at this time.

I hope that with this article I have been able to allow many to start an important reflection on certain topics that are so much discussed. Above all, I hope that we can stop throwing mud at Spirituality and assign it all the faults of the world, because of people who call themselves spiritual and who make unhealthy choices or with whom not everyone agrees using this name. If you like reading the continuation of this topic, read the fourth part by clicking here , where you will find answers to the next questions:

Are all the spirituals crazy?

Are all the spirituals single?

Are all the spirituals maniacs?

Are spirituals all gay?

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