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23 – Thinking – Non-Thought during Practice (Part 2)

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The first and most common difficulty of meditation is the inability to keep the non-thought, obstacle that leads many people to give up from the first session of practice. During this spiritual path I am teaching you the Meditation in mental silence, so that you can understand how important is the non thought during practice. The questions are many and always the same: “How do I keep the non thought? How can I not think during all the meditation? ” First of all, the non-thought must be trained daily, otherwise it will never improve alone. Meditation is the best and most effective technique to accustom the mind to the mental silence, so that you can decide when there should be silence without passing your life to suffer your thoughts. Prosecuting the mental silence, especially during the practice, is fundamental to the evolution of the sensory: without it you wouldn’t be able to develop your sixth sense, understand what your soul has to reveal, nor understand what God is and how to communicate with It. The most common thought is to believe that one cannot communicate with one’s soul or with God, if not in words; instead, it’s precisely the continuous thinking that moves us away from the awareness of the soul and of the true and pure communication with God, which doesn’t happen with words, but with a deeper connection: more psychic.

The Low knows very well how to cheat us, it certainly wasn’t born yesterday; we are definitely more naïve compared to it. So we let ourselves be duped by everyday thoughts that have no other purpose but to move us away from the one true thought that would help us to discover who we are: spirituality. It’s obvious that just thinking about spirituality wouldn’t allow us to Awaken, because in order to do so we must practise, and no book and no theoretical lesson can ever replace the practice; This is because every lesson serves to make you think about who you are and why you are here, but it’s the meditative practice that makes you get, deeply, the answer to every single question, even to those that you hadn’t questioned yet. Before constantly practicing meditation, even I had no idea how important the non-thought was, because I underestimated him thinking that he couldn’t be the centre of everything: is it possible that the simple action of thinking can get me away so much From my evolution? Why, the most natural act in the world, which is to think, should lead me away from my spiritual evolution? The reason is much more complex than it seems, and I understood it only after I started practicing, because before I hadn’t the means and the ability to succeed.

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The thought is heavily manipulated, often induced by intelligences much smarter than us who know well how to do and how to not be discovered. See the Low: It’s able to make us think what it wants, and by making us believe that those are our thoughts, we will listen to them. So the problem isn’t the faculty of thinking, but it’s all of those thoughts that we don’t recognize as external but that unfortunately aren’t ours, and that are imposed in us without anyone noticing anything: because they are only thoughts, the only ones able to shape our  Life as they please, making us delude ourselves that it’s our own decisions.

Thoughts are a great obstacle to our evolution and recognizing them is very complicated: we couldn’t try to fight them directly, because they would win! So the solution is to turn down all thoughts, so that the sensory, or better to say our sixth sense, stands out and make us hear it. It doesn’t speak in words, so it will be easier to recognize it if we lower all the other thoughts, of which the huge majority are only a waste of time created by the Low with the aim of moving us away from the evolution. The sixth sense, or the means by which our superior self manages to act in this physical plane, doesn’t communicate speaking, but it’s felt through perceptions and sensations, not to be confused with the thoughts and feelings that can be influenced From the outside to make us believe something that is not, making us go wrong track. You have already had some perceptions, for example on some people that you felt negative for yourself, without having done anything wrong to make you think that; Then they proved to be exactly how you perceived: negative or with bad intentions towards you. Nevertheless, who knows how many times you have been struggling to recognize whether that feeling is right or just a bad initial judgement, so you did not listen and later you repented. All of this has happened because the sixth sense was very weak, as you have never trained it in your life; Moreover, the thought is very high, because you have never done a serious practice of mental silence, that is why the true feelings dictated by the sixth sense are so difficult to recognize and easy to confuse with the induced thoughts.

In order to develop the sixth sense and to train the mental silence, you need to practice the Meditation, the only technique that can make you evolve spiritually and at the same time can lower the Low’s influence on you. If there was another solution, an easier and faster one, we would have already implemented it immediately, all of us, so we would already be out of the Low and completely free from the Matrix. Instead we are here, where the majority of people doesn’t care, thinking they don’t need to practice the meditation because their thoughts are “already all evolved”, without realizing that these are the thoughts of the Low that make them fall into the trap. Understanding and accepting that your thought has been decided by the Low is really difficult; you are asked to go against your own thinking, how could it be simple? But if you remain silent, for a little time every day, you realize how something more “yours”, more true and more positive, increases within you and makes you feel good, it calms your anxieties, your thoughts and obsessions and starts giving your life a better shape. At the beginning you don’t understand it, something good happens but you think it’s just a case, yet the more you continue to meditate and the more positive events happen during the day, from the smaller ones but continue to the bigger ones that leave their mark.

Whenever you practice, even if you fail to keep the perfect non-thought, you will realize how good it makes you feel, so much so that you will not want to stop. At the same time, you’ll start to notice how insistent the Low is, giving you thoughts (among the most absurd), in order to make you stop practicing or make yourself go even this session wrong. Why so much effort to keep you from remaining silent for only half an hour, when in a full 24-hour day he has you completely in his grip? Why, if you decide to remain silent, something or someone have to force you to think?

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And yet, only if you decide to practice you’ll realize how true it is that something, against your will, tries to make you think even when you want a little break. The fact is that if you have nothing to think about, it will put before you any kind of fantasy or imagination that distracts you, preventing you from remaining focused on the meditation. If you don’t meditate, you can’t realize it, so you think this isn’t real; instead, if you start practicing meditation in mental silence, you realize how will come out thoughts that you have never had before, for the sole purpose of occupying your mind and distracting yourself from the goal of meditation: to silence thoughts to raise the volume of your sixth sense.

Only by meditating you can realize how much the thought is manipulated by something or someone that you had never noticed before but of which, thanks to meditation, today you can become aware of. All of this because, while you try to meditate, even if you don’t believe blindly in the existence of the Low, if you just try to keep the not thought for too long there will begin to appear thoughts and fantasies that you had never done before, all to distract you. Why you don’t have the right to remain, even one minute, in absolute silence? In fact, this isn’t about hours, but about staying one minute completely silent: try and you will understand the difficulty. It’s normal: even a single minute of absolute silence will get you to turn up the volume of your sixth sense, imagine how much it can do by staying a whole full meditation session in non-thought. It might seem a lot, yet it’s only half an hour a day: what will it be? For the Low, however, it’s a huge obstacle, because if you stay in meditation for a whole half an hour every day, taking it as an healthy daily habit, it will be much more complicated for him to influence your life and decisions. That’s why he’s committed to making you choose to do anything but meditate, to waste your time on futile matters in order to not to have time to sit down a single half hour a day meditating, but to always let you have time for TV, to chat or watch TV shows on the internet. By practicing you realize how important it is to do it, unfortunately instead if you don’t practice you’ll never understand the reasons why it should be done, not knowing the benefits it has to offer you. The Low is committed not to let you start meditation, aware that if you practiced it constantly you would evolve your sixth sense to such an extent that it would then become impossible for him to keep you under his control. This is the reason why the first step to take is to learn the not-thought during the practice of meditation, so that the volume of the Low falls and so can rise the one of your psychic abilities.

The difficulty is there and there will be for some time: don’t expect that from today to tomorrow you will learn the absolute not thought that lasts 24 hours, just by thinking that you want to do it! But you can really improve it so much, through daily and constant practice, learning to choose when to stay in mental silence and how long to do it. Mental silence is very useful, because you learn to decide what to think and when to think, focusing all your attention on one point instead of distracting yourself on a thousand of problems to which you would not want to give your energy, but instead they steal it against your will. See when you want to work on a project but you have a thousand worries that assail you, wasting a lot of time and preventing you from understanding how to continue it; or when you are looking for creative inspiration, but you can’t because you are too clouded by other various thoughts; or when you would like to study for an exam, but you can’t understand what you are reading because in the meantime you are anxious or have something else on your mind. Mental silence serves not only to silence, but also to teach you how, when and what to think, by your personal decision, instead of suffering the thousand thoughts that get into your mind and prevent you from doing anything else. Knowing how to control your own thoughts is incredibly functional, because you will be able to focus on what it really interests you, without wasting a lot of time that you could use to do something else.

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As for the artistic inspiration: it comes by itself because you can’t control it, but how nice would it be if it came every time you decide, in large quantities and right and aimed at the goal you wanted to achieve, instead of turning around and always come at the most wrong and inopportune moment? How many times did the inspiration come to you just when you didn’t have a pen and a paper in front of you, or while you were working and you couldn’t stop to mark the idea, or even worse at 04.00 at night forcing you to choose whether to sleep or if to get up to write the idea? This is just one of the many reasons why learning to tame your thinking is so important.

Mental silence during meditation allows you to become more focused during your personal, sentimental and working life. The mental silence makes you more attentive, aware, more lucid and active, anyone want to have at their side a partner who is attentive and aware of how you are feeling, and why not, even what he is thinking; because meditation makes you much more empathetic and telepathic, especially towards the people you love. This is a big point in favor, because the other person will realize it, he will not understand the reason why you are more attentive and yet he will like this new side of you, because your increased ability to notice things – even the smallest changes – will make you more interesting in his eyes, different from others. All this happens if you learn to not thinking during meditation, so it doesn’t happen if you continue to think as you have always done: you already know where the way you have always acted takes you, but you don’t know where the mental silence will take you, but it’s time to find out.

The secret of non-thinking during meditation lies in concentration. Once again, I tell you that fighting for strength against thought would be counterproductive, because he would win. Instead, you can domesticate him slowly, with exercises and daily practice, managing to make him more consistent with your will, instead of being the one to have to adapt to him as you have always done so far. The striking example is to start a wonderful day with the mood in pieces, all this for a single thought that then flows into many other negative thoughts. You have a beautiful day ahead, you meet beautiful people and unusual and pleasant events happen to you, and yet your negative thoughts of the day prevent you from enjoying the experience, making you see everything black. So you adapt your day to your mood, or rather to your thoughts. If, instead, you learn to adapt your thoughts to your will, you may change your day for the better, because instead of throwing to the air a good event or a good beginning of the day because of your thoughts, you could change the latter and make them more positive, molding them according to the day that you’re living. Therefore, instead of being plagued by your thoughts, you can choose to stop them, pause them for as long as you need and enjoy what happens to you without letting it run away; after that you will realize that those same thoughts that before seemed so important to you, in one day will have completely lost importance, giving you the opportunity to understand what you would have missed if you listened to them.

To learn the mental silence during the day you need to learn it seriously during meditation, otherwise you will never fully understand it, even if you delude yourself that you have made it. Not thinking serves not only to stay more focused during the day, but to prevent the Low from manipulating your thoughts and desires, making you believe that they are yours. During the practice of meditation try to focus on what you are doing, namely on the breath, the chakra and the desire to want to evolve. Stay focused on the motivation that drives you to sit in the middle of Lotus and choose to meditate: focus on that intent to stay motivated, throughout meditation, on this desire instead of losing yourself in a thousand futile thoughts at the moment. Explain to yourself that this isn’t the time to think about anything else, that you only have half an hour to evolve and you must not  waste it thinking or imagining, because you have all day to do it and in this one half hour you have to be able to remain in mental silence despite those strong temptations.

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The greatest difficulty will be to stay motivated to remain in non-thought, because, as you’re meditating you will have a huge desire to think of anything else to spend the time; you only have half an hour of time for evolving, explain to yourself that it’s the only opportunity that you have to make progress and that you must not throw it in the air. If you convince yourself, it will be much easier to keep the mental state silent. In fact, the non-thought isn’t synonymous of absence, but carries the meaning of being present in the moment without getting carried away by the thoughts of your mind.

Every time you get lost in thoughts, don’t get angry: you would make things worse. Instead, stay calm and repeat to yourself that you need to focus on the chakra and don’t think about anything else. Then learn to distinguish which thoughts should be stopped first: the thoughts that take you back to remember something from the past, to imagine something fanciful, humming a song that you like, to think of the person you love, or your kids, or to think about the housework that you should do; stop them all, because during the meditation that lasts only half an hour, you must not think about any of this. You aren’t asked to stop loving the person who makes your heart beat, or to stop caring for your children, you are asked not to think about it during the daily half hour that you should devote entirely to meditation. If you learn to devote this entire half-hour daily only to yourself, then you will begin to give the command to your life to turn around you, rather than the opposite. During the meditation often remind yourself that you need to focus solely on Pranic breathing and the chakra on which you are meditating, and if it helps you, you can think of it in words by saying to yourself “focus on the chakra”; then, silence again. You can’t break all the thoughts down at once, but you can carry out a selection little by little, first eliminating the thoughts that lead you away from what you are carrying out in the present, and then one day you’ll get to control them all at 100%. So, if there are so many thoughts, repeat to yourself that you only have to focus on the chakra, so that that thought can’t distract you, and then try to stay focused on the chakra without having to repeat it in words too many times. In this way, little by little, you will lower all sorts of thoughts, and your attention will remain vigilant and focused on what will stand up, which will be your sixth sense.

Of course, with time you will need to learn how to remain focused during the meditation without having to repeat it in words, but this thought serves to focus and get you back focused on what you’re doing, which is not comparable to an heavier thought, such as, for example, thinking of the housework while you’re meditating: it’s always a thought, but the first serves to remind you what you’re doing and what you should concentrate on, the second one serves only to distract you and bring you back to a low vibration. So you can use the thought to focus better on the chakra, but you need to prevent this from becoming some kind of Mantra, ending up “thinking” about the chakra instead of feeling it. Always remember that the chakra should be perceived physically, not only imagined, this is why we use the fingers that will touch the skin of the chakra so that the physical perception will make us remember what we need to do and at what precise point we need to focus; that, only imagining the position of the chakra, wouldn’t allow us to do. Said that, it won’t be easy to learn to not to think, nor will it be immediate, but with daily and constant practice you will be able to notice improvements that in the long run will become more and more faithful and pronounced. Practicing every day will make you improve so much, until the time comes, without realizing it, in which you will become much better at maintaining the non-thought and the concentration both during practice and during the day. Don’t be anxious to evolve in a hurry but at the same time don’t be too calm to decide to practice, the sooner you start your path and the sooner you will see the progress you’ve so dreamed of. Remember that to improve the non-thought you need to breathe prana, which will give you a great help to relax and thereby calm the mind and all its thinking mechanisms. Breathe prana and relax, this way it will be easier to learn the mental silence.


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  1. The more I meditate the more I want to practice the silence and the more the low wants to keep me away from it, I notice. Somtimes its easier than other times. But it goes better every time i practe and meditatie. When I notice that there are thoughts, I try to literally push them away, pity it does not always work toen i let the thoughts code in and start the meditation all over again. The real mental silence is quite addictive because I feel that all my senses are open afterwards. Meditation allows me to concentrate better in my daily life. It seems as of I can analyze in better way.
    The best thing is my senses stem more open, so that I feel more alive or live more intensely and I get closer to the answers to the questions I have about life and everything around me. This also allows my soul to communicate better with me and I can also better understand what it has to tell me. Grazie for this wonderful and clear article again.

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