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80 – Being Conscious – The stairway to Consciousness (Part 1)


It took me several years to discover the true meaning of this term: to become conscious. What could it ever mean? Today, everyone is convinced of being conscious, and how can you blame them, because it’s believed that being conscious means simply deciding with your own head, and we all believe we can do it. We are used to believe that “making decisions with our own mind” means not allowing ourselves to be influenced verbally by other people; So there are some people who let themselves be influenced by what others say, and others who decide things without listening to what others have to say. That is why it’s very important to really decide on your own. But how clear is our own mind? For us, of course, it is crystal clear, yet below it is energetically influenced by the decisions of other people and this leads us to never really make our own decision because we are being influenced by external energies. Sometimes we are positively influenced, in the sense that in the end what we get is something positive though we have been influenced by others to make that decision; Other times our head is sabotaged when the thought of others is implanted in it, making us think about what someone else wants, and in the end let them take decisions for us. We don’t notice because we believe that “external” means what is outside our head, and that “interior” is what is inside it. We must remember that our head is simply material, and as such, external thoughts and energy programs, can go through it because it doesn’t have such a strong protection. Our internal thought is that of the Soul, and its way of thinking is too evolved to define it as a “thought,” as thoughts are thought words, imagined situations, and these derive from the brain, from the head. Our I (in Italian IO) is far more internal, it’s practically the only internal thing we have, because in fact our physical body is not really us, but it’s something outside of us that we use to live in this dimension.

Being aware, conscious is probably the most complicated technique of all, because when you realize at exceptional levels on how to being able to become conscious, then all other techniques will be a piece of cake. The first step is always the hardest one, then, when you know how to walk, it’s easy to learn how to run. Our head is continually influenced from the outside, because it itself is not completely protected, it’s not that impenetrable shelter we believe it is, it’s like a home, cozy if we want it to, but without keys, so it may also seem to be protected, given the big wooden doors, but with no keys, no locks, these doors aren’t so powerful. The ability of the doors is to create in our mind the thought that, having a door, it must be closed, so there is no need to even try to open it, because it would be a waste of time, “it is definitely closed!”. So many people then get blocked in front of a door, believing that they aren’t able to open it, ending up not even trying to open it. This is our natural defense, it’s an illusory barrier that makes us believe that we can’t get through someone’s head, that it’s an armored and protected place as a tank because it has apparently closed doors. Unfortunately, however, not all people think it in this way, because there are those who, seeing a closed door, are wondering whether it is really closed or they should make sure if it is, before giving up; So they will try to open the door, discovering that it wasn’t locked at all, it just seemed so. Just like those doors, our head is not locked with a key, you can enter it, and even more often than you can even imagine.

To be aware means to put a security guard to check our doors continuously. The big problem that come over us, is that we can’t afford to pay anyone or ask someone to do it in our place, because we are the only ones who can do it, it’s a task that can’t be left to anyone else. We can’t delegate this task to anyone even if we want to believe it, no angel and no god can do this work for us, because it’s our job, it would be like hoping that someone could open our eyes in the morning and opening them again every time we close them, for every second of our lives, for what reason. It is not feasible, it will be challenging, but you have to open it alone if you want to live your life in peace; Simply because if you don’t, nothing will change, no one will take the trouble to open your eyes in every moment of your life. For the same reason, if you want your soul to live life, you have to make an effort to keep your eyes open even when they want to close, remaining well aware of what’s going on inside your head.

Metaphorically, but not so much, to be conscious means to keep our heads under control every second, just as if we were blinking and every time we should open our eyes to see what’s going on. Unfortunately, you don’t open your eyes only once all day, but you have to blink your eyelids countless times throughout the day until you go to sleep and close them until the next morning.

In that time, you see nothing. That means you don’t know what’s going on around you, and not knowing it, you can’t stop it if something bad happens. Likewise, whenever you decide to close the eyes of your consciousness to put her to sleep, anything will happen and she will not react, because without seeing, she will not be able to know the problem or even solve it.

Since until now you haven’t trained your consciousness to stay awake, opening your eyes will be complicated, but keeping them open will be the most difficult thing. What can assure you is that from the moment your consciousness is awake and will be very alert, nothing will stop you because you will see every single problem and you will be able to solve it before it can enter your life. This consolation, however, doesn’t have to be seen as an illusion, because as long as you don’t decide to open your eyes, the problems will continue to be invisible and you will live in your fairytale world or in your hell world, imaginative in both cases. As long as you don’t open your eyes and see the truth, you will continue to imagine it, remaining very far from it.

Being aware every second of your day is really difficult, however, it’s feasible just as when you open your eyes after you have closed them. Sometimes it’s normal to abandon fatigue and go to sleep, deciding to be less conscious, but we are always unconscious from morning to night, during night even worse. There is no excuse, we have no alibi, no motivation is good enough to accept being so perennially unconscious. Real consciousness is not something that is accomplished once and then you can abandon yourself again to the unconsciousness of your mind as usual. It’s a building without elevators. The floor you have to reach is the 20th. You aren’t trained, so you will climb a few steps of the stairs for the first time, you won’t reach the first floor, because already you will be tired. Then you’ll have to go back home, so you’ll have to go down the stairs and go home, or you’ll throw your dead weight away down the stairs and return home with a lot more soreness. This happens when you decide to fall into unconsciousness all of a sudden, rather than taking the steps back to get into unconsciousness, anyway in a slightly less heavy manner, in fact, you will step down the stairs and this way at least you will be moving. The next day, you will still have to climb up to the 20th floor, but you’ll have to start over again, not from the first floor where you stopped, because the stairs don’t move, it’s you who needs to climb them. So you go up to the first floor, you’re tired, but if you went down the steps calmly the day before, you’re more used to the movement and so you’re more likely to climb up to the second floor. If, instead, you throw your dead weight down the stairs the day before, dropping heavily in unconsciousness out of control, then you’ll be tired and you will done half the stairs to the second floor. Then you have to come down again and go home. On the third day, you’ll have to start over again, but now you’re going to be confident, so you’ll take the run, you’ll step two steps at a time rather than one by one, so you’ll get much faster on the second floor, then on the third floor and stopping on the fourth floor because you’re tired. Anyway, you will be much higher than a few days ago.

And another day has gone, and now you can decide: stop climbing the stairs because today you want to rest, losing the habit that was forming, therefore returning to the lazy level of some days ago, or making a mental effort and decide to go back to that palace with strong determination to get as high as possible. When you go, you will realize that you could skip several steps at a time, even 4, because your legs are long enough, so by skipping 4 steps at a time, you’ll reach the sixth floor much before you expected to. When you’ll reach sixth floor, tired, but proud of yourself because you did it despite having no wish, you will realize that there is a secret lift that from the sixth floor will take you to all the other floors. You would never have expected that, because no one, except those who climbed to the sixth floor every day, knew the existence of that elevator.

This is consciousness, a continuous struggle, a war against apathy, which is armed to the teeth. There is no worse weapon to break our evolution than laziness. If you try to climb more than you think you can do, you will discover secrets that no one, except who lives every day in that vibration, knows it. Everyone will talk about the sixth floor as if it’s something they know perfectly, as if they live there, and yet they all live in the first and second floors of this palace, they have never even tried to get up to sixth. Therefore, despite the fact that everyone can swear that there is no elevator, until you don’t get up to go to the sixth floor you won’t know. Obviously, all this is a metaphorical passage, in order to learn the concept of evolution.

Every day we stop immediately from the limit we have imposed ourselves: I can’t walk more than 3 km per day; I can’t run for more than 30 minutes; I can’t climb more than two steps; As soon as we feel tired, we stop as if another step would lead us to certain death, when in reality nothing would happen, or rather, we will train some muscle that we have never trained so far. These are the some of blocks we have decided to accept in our lives for forever, we have no courage or mental

strength to overcome that pitiful obstacle. If we have decided to stop at 3 km, here we won’t even move two more steps, not a chance we will decide to travel 4 km, thinking that otherwise, for what imaginary reason, 4 could suddenly become 10 and we don’t want to travel 10 km per day. That’s what we invent in our minds because we don’t want to understand that pushing it slightly further than the usual program will not create any kind of problem. If we don’t like running 4 km, then we can go back to 3, nobody in the world will oblige us to keep the 4 km just because we have tried them; So why not try them out? Why don’t you want to know that feeling? Why stop on the second floor, if you can get to the third? Don’t think about the tenth, focus on the third. It will be easier to deal with, because it’s not said that after the third you will be forced to go to the fourth floor, you could safely decide to stop at the second, but at least you will know what the third floor hides. Discover it with your eyes. The example of the steps is by no means a coincidence. When you become confident with your mind, from which until recently you had complete detachment even though you thought you were fully aware of it, you will find out from time to time that it will be much easier to reach the same stages you had left. As you have noticed since practicing meditation, the first time it was very difficult to know where the chakras were; today, though you may not feel them well yet, however you know where they are. This is a very important step because you got more confidence with your body than before, which was basically almost unknown in this area. So, if you first had to sit down and place your fingers at a point, then move your fingers away from the insecurity that made you wonder if it was really the right place or if you were to place it higher or lower, your fingers are much quieter because you know what the right point is. This will speed up your meditation a lot, not having to waste time looking for the exact point of the chakra. This is what I mean by jumping two steps at a time, because by practicing meditation, like any other technique, you will find yourself learning to do it better and so you can speed up the process by getting to the level in minutes when previously it took you at least half an hour. However, this shouldn’t make you forget the importance of preparation, because if you decide to skip important meditation passages because of the too much hurry to reach higher levels, you would never get there and rather you’ll stay at the same level; If, for example, you decide to climb the stairs with your eyes closed, sooner or later, by jumping from step to step you will stumble and injure yourself, finding yourself unable to climb up for at least a few days, losing your habit and returning back to square one. Even the injury is obviously a metaphor, indicating that if you hope to reach high levels by trying to skip fundamental passages, such as relaxation, (metaphorically, look at the steps you have in front of yourself instead of walking blindly) and preparing before any technique, you will end up failing not knowing how to do it properly, and then sooner or later you will give up by believing that it’s the technique doesn’t work instead it was you, you had a wrong approach to the technique. If you want to reach a much higher meditative state, you must devote yourself to preparation, which is a fundamental step. So, to become conscious there are fundamental steps that you shouldn’t skip, otherwise, you will simply never reach the highest level. There is little to be angry, you can also hate the stairs, but those won’t move for you. So, in order to become conscious, certain workouts must be carried out, without these you won’t be able to go higher and improve your awareness. The first fundamental point is to understand what you really want to achieve. It is useless that I tell you that to gain consciousness means to become conscious, since having never practiced awareness on anything, you don’t know where to start. That’s why we have to go step by step, you can’t reach the tenth floor if you don’t know how to climb first, it’s a fact. The goal of gaining consciousness is to allow you to recognize every single moment when someone or something is influencing you, how he is doing it, and how you prevent it from changing your life. If you really understand that your routine is completely influenced every second by others thoughts, then you’ll realize that you want to be free of it because you feel it is a necessity. If you don’t understand of being in a cage, obviously you don’t ask about the key to try to get out. The theory wants to show you the reasons why you should decide to go out, but if you don’t open your eyes and do not look at the bars personally, you will never feel the strength inside that will push you to fight for your freedom.

Then the first work inside you that you could do, is to ask yourself where those feelings suddenly come from. Why, suddenly, you feel tired if you didn’t feel like that until a few minutes ago? Work fatigue comes during the hours, not from moment to moment. Why has this happened so suddenly? From when do you feel this way? Answer these questions when you feel tired. Why did you feel frightened and small when someone talked to you? No matter what words he told you, he didn’t have a knife in his hand, so what exactly did you fear? Why did he scare you so much? What exactly happened to cause you this distress and anxiety? Learn to reason, because thinking inconsciously, and to reason for your own decision are two very different things.

Then ask yourself questions that you need to answer with intense reflection, also thanks to the information you are learning in these documents; Not answer as you always did, it would make no sense. Try to make more efforts, to do that step that you’ve never done, climbing to a higher level to understand what exactly happened at that time. I don’t ask you to force to reason in an unnatural way, I’m just ask you to try not to give the unconscious answers you would have given yesterday; today you have to go up a step higher before looking at that problem: you will notice it is more external than you believed. This exercise will help you to reason a little bit more, to be more active and then react to situations, rather than being subdued by anything and endure answers you’re sure to not being yours, but formulated by laziness to keep you from looking for real solutions.

Obviously, this exercise to ask questions, is not “taking conscience”: for that technique takes a long time. Without questions, and therefore without answers, you won’t reach your conscious, but you will be unconscious, with incomplete answers for rest of your life. So this is a fundamental step. Ask yourself why you suddenly start thinking of a person and get angry with her for past situations, though, at this precise moment, she hasn’t done anything wrong. Why should you do it? What is a good reason? Are you sure to be sane? Or are you enduring a strange influence that wants to attack her through you?.

The second incredibly important step to gain consciousness at this time is the conscious prana breathing. Well yes. If you, right now, decide to take a breath of prana, you are doing something that was unexpected, because you’re deciding to breathe prana even outside meditation, so, you’re deciding to get conscious even now. Of course, this will not really make you conscious the the highest levels, but it will be a great first step to begin with.

Breath prana.

From this moment, commit in breathing prana, at least 5 times during the day, outside meditation. Decide to breathe prana when you’re at work when you’re spending money when you’re cleaning the floor. This will help you decide to be spiritual even when you are totally lost in the unconsciousness that the low want to absorb you in. You decide to give a tear to the moving sands that are sucking you under the ground, make a big breath and within you realize that you are deciding, even for a moment, to become spiritual even when you are doing tasks that in theory should subdue you to the low.

If you are wondering if this will suffice to make you a conscious person, it is a certain no, you don’t just breathe 5 times a day prana and then forget it again; This is a great start, don’t think about later, do as if it doesn’t exist, don’t hope to run for hours and hours a day suddenly as if it nothing, and don’t be afraid that you will have to do it, that’s not the point. For 5 times a day, you decide to breathe, just prana breathing. It’s not impossible and is not useless at all. Take 5 moments a day, separate from each other, where you are performing the most normal tasks, and try to remember to breathe prana: it will be very difficult, the low will be like the floating sands that will completely make you forget about it. This is the challenge: breathing prana is simple, to remember to do it, it’s the most complicated thing at all. Do it when you’re angry, do it when you’re sad, do it when you put your shoes to go out, do it when you’re folding your shirts, do it when you press the pc buttons, do it when you’re opening the supermarket door. At any time, I assure you it will be very difficult, and that will make you realize that you are unconscious, because remembering a banal passage like “breathing prana”, will look like the most complicated thing in the world. If when you’re going out of house thinking you have to buy milk, when you’re in the store, you’re likely to remember to buy it; But when you get out of the house thinking you have to breathe prana 10 times when you’re in the shop, 10 times you will forget it. This will tell you how much you are unconscious, because even when you think you remember about it and you raise your ego saying “wow, I remember it! I’m not unconscious!”, Soon after you won’t practice it, you will remember to have to do it but you won’t do it. Thinking about breathing prana is not so useful if you don’t decide to do it in practice.

Because, there will be many times that, although you will remember that you have to do it, you won’t do it, you don’t know for what reason, it only requires a single and only conscious breath, yet something inside you will refuse to make that conscious breath lasting one second. Why? For what reason? What exactly is preventing you from becoming conscious? Don’t underestimate this technique, it will make you realize how much you are unconscious and, in this case, humiliate you and make you discover that you can’t even remember such a quick and easy thing to do, it will make you understand the importance of conscious breathing. Then it will be a beginning to understand how much you are unconscious. In fact, the purpose of the conscience is just to make you aware of how unconscious you are, so the more you discover it, the more you accept it, the more you become conscious. As has always been known, whoever believes he knows everything and boasts to the others of his enormous knowledge, he doesn’t even know a slightest but of all that surrounds him. When he really knows something, he’ll realize that he is ignorant, and he will be ashamed of himself, because until recently he was convinced he knew a lot of truths.

This exercise will be very useful especially when you will feel tired, angry and sad. In these moments, you will not have the slightest desire to breathe prana, actually, you will have a total refusal to do it that will almost make you hate the fact of just thinking of deciding to do it. It’s not normal to hate a thought, what sense does it have? Who is pushing you to this behavior?Although it seems difficult, make a conscious breath, and if you feel the need, make another two. With your astonishment, you will realize that by breathing you will not feel angry as before. You will come to think of a valid reason not to feel so sad. This is a beginning of conscience, that moment when, although the body refuses and hates with all its forces the thought of breathing, you’ll do it anyway, and you suddenly feel good.

Don’t read these words just to throw them in the trash later on, practice them, from right now, do practice every day, just like this you’ll find out that it’s true, otherwise you will never get results, you will be locked in the same identical point as you are now. To complain about the laziness that prevents you from doing it will not change your position: if you don’t open your eyes by yourself, no one will open them for you, no one will pity you enough to the point of sacrificing their life for opening your eyes every time you close them, you’ll be blind until you decide to open them.



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    1. Hello Courtney 🙂
      When we say “Prana” we intend the most pure energy present in this dimension, which is white and luminescent.
      Therefore, “Breathing Prana” means breathing the purest and most luminous energy in the universe inside us.
      In the upcoming articles, you will find more information about the Prana.

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