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41 – Thinking – Thinking positively to not think negatively (Part 3)

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Thought is the obstacle that every man will have to overcome if he wants to find himself.

The thought is mostly influenced from the outside and from the others, in fact few are the thoughts that are really yours. Among these, the most dangerous are those negative or even called pessimistic, which throw you down like a dead weight tied to your hips, always ready to drop you. Eliminating all thoughts at once is impossible, but you can get your mind used to thinking positively, rather than leaving it free to throw us down anytime like a big boulder ready to make us fall into the deepest abyss. Negative thinking is the worst enemy of spiritual evolution, which is why we must learn to educate it.

At first you might underestimate the idea of ​​positive thinking, because you think it’s not for you and that you have good reasons to be “realist”, to which you approach yourself as if it were synonymous with “pessimist”. You think that positive thinking is one of those behavioral techniques that are so fashionable to look gorgeous in front of others, but that would not change anything in your real life. You might think that positive thinking is a way like any other to delude yourself that something beautiful can happen, while life always brings you bad news. Following a spiritual path does not mean having to change one’s thought to adapt it to what is taught inside it; so it does not mean changing what you are or what you think. Following a spiritual path means opening one’s mind to the understanding of all that surrounds us, because we can see and understand it with wider views. So a good spiritual journey does not ask you to change yourself or what you think, but to understand if what you think is really what you are, or if you have followed the pessimistic inclination to which we are all subjected. As a result, a real spiritual path changes you, not because it goes against your will, but because it gives you the opportunity to decide who you want to be, rather than suffer what you had to become to make you accept from others.

Starting to practice positive thinking is much more complex than it seems, because there is no one who can enter your mind to advise you, tell you what you are doing wrong or how to improve what you think; you must succeed on your own. But I can explain the reasons why you should start the path of positive thinking, as it will bring much more benefits to the evolution of your sensory skills and your everyday life. Spirituality is not a life in itself, but it is an addition to your personal life that can improve it in every area. Surely you have started this path to evolve your Sixth sense, to discover the truth beyond this dimension and try new experiences, but when you begin to practice the techniques more seriously, first the Meditation, you will realize that this brings many more benefits than I initially thought. Because meditation does not reduce you to have some extra-sensory experience, but it improves your daily life, physical health, the ability to relate with others, increasing from the smallest to the greatest personal successes without you understanding where it comes from all this luck. In time, you will begin to see spirituality as something that goes far beyond the simple curious activity added to your routine, but you will see it as a necessary gesture to feel good and start your day; a little like the act of stretching the bones as soon as I wake up. Everything will come much more spontaneous. For the moment you have to compare yourself with the Low, with the thousand thoughts and obstacles that throws before your eyes to make you distract from your evolution, but if you choose to listen to yourself, instead of the thoughts that insist on letting you give up, you will be able to reach this level of belonging. Spirituality will no longer be a hobby, but a part of you that you have always felt missing and that you finally managed to find.

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The act of positive thinking can be defined as a technique, because it must be trained during the day and taken literally. It is not equivalent to meditation, because during meditative practice you must learn to stay in non-thought; during the rest of the day, however, you must instruct your thoughts to become at least positive, rather than a strong enemy that continues to hammer and throw you down for everything. Positive thinking is not easy because you find yourself always having good reasons to think negative, to believe you do not make it, to have doubts about yourself or your skills, or to fear that something can go wrong “as always”; in any area of ​​your life. So it is a real path of practice, in which every day you should try to direct your thinking towards the more positive side, instead of falling into the trap and afflicting yourself of mental illness; as you are used to do and even more you realize this, as it is impressed in your habits. Positive thinking is not just a way to be happier during the day – which is not cheap – but helps to realize positive events in your life. Even though it is all new to you now, everything around us is made and set in motion by energy, which means that your thinking – which is a kind of energy – can influence the world around you. It is not just about your daily actions, which can affect the lives of others, but also of your thoughts. Perhaps now you find it hard to believe that your thinking can be able to create, arguing that thought is only a thought. And yet, probably, you are the first to believe in the evil eye, fearing that a very envious person may think of you with malice and, with only bad thinking, can negatively influence your life and bring you bad luck; make an accident happen, and so on. Why do you think only envious people can create through their thinking? Does this mean that envious people have an edge, so much so that they can materialize their desire with a very simple thought? No, of course; we all create with our mind, but we do it with unconsciousness that we are not able to create on command and we are not trained to control our emotions. By doing so we create both negative and positive events, but above all negative ones, because we have the bad habit of thinking much more negative than what we should think positive.

By means of this spiritual journey you will learn to create events with your will, but before teaching these techniques you must learn to improve your positive thinking. To learn to create with thought, you must first train yourself to understand what are your desires from those that are imposed on you. So you will learn to use the intent, or a thought so fast that does not have time to associate an image or a word; I call it a mental feeling, because it comes from the chest but is stronger than thought. Before arriving at this we must work to improve our thinking, so that it is always more positive and less negative. The three fundamental techniques for starting the spiritual path in the best way are: Meditation, Protection and Positive Thinking. Of course there are many more techniques that I teach and they are all very important, but these three techniques form the concrete basis on which to create your path of Awakening; they are like the main pillars that you will never have to give up, otherwise everything else will collapse. It is normal, especially at the beginning, to believe that positive thinking is not so important, but with practical experience, especially with Meditation, you will realize how much you need to keep a positive mind even during the day, and not just during the meditative session. Everything that affects our mind tries to make us think negatively, with a continuous aftertaste of pessimism. Instead of thinking that everything will be all right, we will always think that something could happen for which our day, our project or our future can go wrong. The point is that there is no real reason to think so, but we still want to insist that it should be so. We are almost surprised when a project runs smoothly, as if we were so used to the problems that their absence begins to make us miss.

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Again, it would be impossible to fight negative thoughts by force, because in the end they would find the right word to silence you and win it over you. Instead, you can slowly get them used to taking an increasingly optimistic turn, until you have achieved control. After learning to think positive, you will understand how important it is to think even less during the day, but we will get there later. Try to convert every thought into something more positive, which does not mean irrational, but to be rationally positive. If tomorrow you have an exam and you have not studied anything and you already know it will be a very difficult exam, so that it is impossible to overcome it, it is useless to spend the day suffering despite knowing that one day would not be enough to study everything; so why do you decide to waste this day to be anxious and obsess over tomorrow? You already know that you will not pass it and it’s not the end, it’s not the last chance, and if it were you should have thought about it before; now you have no reason to despair, rather prepared for the next date. Rather than spending the day mentally ill, agree not to be ready for tomorrow and think you have the opportunity to prepare yourself much better for the next date. It’s a nuisance, it’s a break, but you had to think about it first; but now it is late and it is not necessary to throw away the last day, because you could instead use it to carry on with other subjects or for the next date of the same exam. How you see positive thinking does not mean being irrational, deceiving yourself that you can pass the exam without having combined anything to do it and then, of course, go there, get rejected, and see you collapse the world on him. But through positive thinking you can give a reason to your day: you will not pass the exam tomorrow but take advantage of today to do something productive, rather than studying at the last moment for a failed exam at the start. What would you like to demonstrate? Why study for an already failed exam? If you are perfectly aware that it is impossible to overcome it with just one day of study, then do not waste time and move on to the next one.

On the other hand, if you have studied but are still afraid of not being prepared enough and therefore you are afraid of not making it, convert your fears and your anxiety into a positive thought: try it. Think immediately that you will succeed for sure and that everything will be fine, it is certainly very complicated at the beginning; but you can choose not to think negative, or stop hammering with obsessive thoughts and concentrate on doing something else. If tomorrow you have the exam then keep preparing, and if you are tired of studying, do other things, provided you do not stop to think negative: otherwise it will be your downfall. Rather than being still, lying on the bed to obsess over the result of tomorrow, do anything else but do not think negative: otherwise you will create the event for tomorrow because it goes worse than it should have been! Check your thoughts, think positive or at least not spend time thinking negative. Thought creates, so if you keep thinking negative, you’re feeding the negative events that might happen to make your exam go wrong; instead, if you stop thinking negative, first of all stop feeding stress and everything that follows, then you can start thinking a little ‘more positive. Tomorrow you will have the exam, it is not the first and it is not the last obstacle you will have to overcome, it will not last a whole day but only a few minutes. Why stress an entire day or a whole week for an event that will last only a few minutes? Why decide to feel bad, to suffer, to panic, for something that will happen only tomorrow and for a very short time? Mute your mind, choose not to fall into the trap of anguish, stress and anxiety, because they are devastating for your physical and mental health. You studied? End, if you can still study foul, if you can not because too tired then it is useless to think about it; if you’re not really tired then study, if you’re too tired and it would be useless to study again then stop thinking about it. Free your mind!

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We are too used to punishing ourselves and believing that if we do not do our duty then we must feel guilty and treat ourselves badly. You have studied for the exam and you fear that this can go wrong but you no longer have the strength to study again, you feel guilty and you punish yourself, thinking that if you can not study then you do not have to do anything else, as if you were in punishment . You are no longer a child and you are not your parent: stop punishing yourself as they did when you were a child. You’re old enough to understand if you want to study or not: if you really can not study, what’s the point of staying in bed doing nothing, thinking and obsessing about tomorrow’s exam? You have no reason to punish yourself: only punish yourself if you know you can study but you are too lazy to do it, because this is another matter. However, if you are perfectly aware that more than this you can not do, that you have already done everything possible and that you can not do any further, then do something else; as long as you do not stop and do nothing. Needless to say that if you do something else, like going to the gym or taking a walk in the park, you will not forget everything you’ve studied as if by magic, finding yourself tomorrow not to pass the exam because of the walk made the day before. If you do not overcome it, it is because you have not studied well in all the time you had available, certainly not for the walk of the day before. But what do you think, that if you close the book and stay all day lying in bed obsessing, will you keep your mind clear and tomorrow will you pass the exam thanks to this? Our parents have accustomed us to stay at home for punishment: “Study otherwise you will not go out!” This means that if you do not study, you can not go out. Believe, however, that even though you have studied, even though you have been so busy, you must still punish – as they did when you were little! – just for fear of not doing enough, can change something, you’re wrong. If you stay at home to obsess and without opening the book, or if you leave home or do something else, do not change the fate of the exam tomorrow. In fact, it will certainly make you less tense and anxious than spending the evening obsessing.

With the example of the exam, I want to make you understand the difference between acting and thinking. If you can change an event, for example by studying more for tomorrow’s exam, then stay at home and study, because today’s sacrifice will lead you not to have to sacrifice yourself during the next few months; as if you will pass the exam tomorrow you will not have to drag it to a new date. However, if you have already studied and you know that you can not do anything more than you have already done, and you have no intention of studying again, then do not stay still thinking about it; but do something else, whatever you do not stand still and think negative. This applies to every situation in our lives, and not just for exams! If you’re afraid of something, if an event scares you, or you’re anxious for a meeting, do what you can to get it prepared. If you’ve already done everything you could, then stop thinking about it and take care of something else. Because staying fixed on thinking about that event hurts you mentally, physically, and moreover your negative thinking will create more obstacles for that day. Ergo stop thinking, rather busy with something else. The first step in learning to think positive is to stop thinking negative; especially when there is really no need but you insist on spending hours, or worse, the whole day, in the true sense of the word, to obsess over an event that scares you. Decrease your negative thoughts and future events will begin to improve, becoming more and more positive. Then we will move on to change the mental approach to events, thinking of them with a much more positive awareness.

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  1. What others think of me is not the same as how I see myself … I throw myself many negative thoughts while others see me positively. Fortunately that is getting better and I have more positive thoughts lately. Modern or not it does help. Have to say I have more positive thoughts since I meditate. I realize that while reading this article. Because of the no thoughts, no thoughts of others come in, but neither do my own negative thoughts, so that in general I started to think more positively. Matters that I thought I would not get now that I will certainly get it and I will succeed .. and of course I succeeded. I am curious what positive things I will bring in my life … I am pleasantly and pleasantly surprised.
    Thanks again for this wise lesson.

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