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66 – Thinking – Thought and the Sixth Sense: how to recognize deceit (part 5)

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Earlier I spoke of thought as the number one enemy of Spiritual Awakening.Thought is the coupling that the Low uses to keep us low, manipulated and preset, so that we decide to follow the choices preferred by its system.Through thought it tells us what to do or what not to do, and we listen to it, because we have always been used to it.

We believe that our sixth sense communicates in words, through a sentence well articulated and articulated, pronounced in our mind.Instead, it communicates in a very different way, which can be a strong intuition, a feeling or sometimes a flash, depending on the case and the situation you are in.However, the sixth sense has not evolved to the maximum level, because it has never been exercised to be so;so his current level is very low, and you don’t have to take it badly.If you think you have a strong sixth sense, think about the fact that you could make it much more evolved than it is now, so you have to be happy about it.The sixth sense is much more than a thought that is realized: it can go well beyond foresight or telepathy.On the other hand, we believe that even our Soul communicates in words directly in our mind, composing sentences that lead us to the most banal actions on a daily basis.Unfortunately, even communication with the Soul is not so simple, because its language is translated by our sixth sense that, if it is not well developed, it cannot succeed in perfectly translating what you have to “say”.

The sixth sense is like the translator that allows the Soul – which is not human but much more evolved – to communicate a message directed to us that, instead, we are human.The Soul is not something human, it is much more evolved and conscious: between you and you there are light years of evolution that separate you.In a certain sense you have just been born, instead you live for who knows how many hundreds or thousands of years.Consequently his language is not as “primitive” as ours, but much more evolved, so to understand it we need a translator whom we call “sixth sense”.Through this, we can understand exactly what she wants to tell us or tell us, but without a well-trained sixth sense we cannot conceive perfectly what she wants from us, the way she is pointing us or what she would like us to do, but we choose with our thinking and we delude ourselves that it was she who showed us that way.A well-trained sixth sense manages to translate the language of the Soul to the point of understanding perfectly and quickly what you want from us;it takes little, however, to confuse the true desire of the Soul with the word of our thought.This is because, if we have not practiced mental silence for years, our mind is full of thoughts, continuous and insistent, which obscure the true communication with the higher self.Unfortunately, we have been used to believing, since we were children, that all our thoughts belong to the Soul, so if we think of something, it is the Soul that is thinking.Instead, the vast majority of all our daily thoughts belong solely to the induced thought of Low, who created our place in the world, organized our life and our future, causing us to choose what he wants us to choose;the Soul, unfortunately, has spoken very few times in your life.With absolute certainty you will think that for you it is different, that you feel the Soul every day and that with it you talk about this and that for all your life, so that you are out of this circle and that for this reason you do not identify yourself in this text.Unfortunately my role is very difficult, because to help you evolve I have to go against your beliefs and get back on the ground;only in this way will I be able to make you reach the true Awakening instead of letting you continue to imagine everything and fool yourself that it is enough to think, to develop your faculties.

On some occasions in your life, you may have felt something much bigger and more powerful that “communicated” something to you, or even that saved your life from an event that only today you understood that would have ruined you forever, or worse again that even today you still do n’t know what could be treated;yet you know that, on that occasion, she intervened.

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On very rare occasions in your life, your sixth sense has “ignited” to such an extent that you can, for a few minutes or for a few days, receive strong communications from the Soul so as to translate them, almost perfectly, into short phrases coincided and with great precision: like a sharp answer that has given you no way to ignore it. Probably it happened while you were about to make a wrong choice and she, with an evident intensity, communicated a strong “NO! Don’t do it! ”And you understood, though still doubtful, that you had to listen to that choice rather than your brain or your heart. Why in that case does it seem that the Soul has communicated in words? Because his intent was so strong and fulminating that your sixth sense translated the intuition he sent you, transforming them directly into words, so that you could fully understand them. Just like with entities: they do not have a voice to speak, they cannot converse freely with articulated and detailed sentences that you could hear; yet, sometimes, you might have happened to perceive someone saying your name, to hear a verse, a sigh, a scream that belonged to an entity. Why did you hear about it, despite not having physical vocal cords to scream or converse? Because your sixth sense has translated his intent and his desire to communicate, in what you would have understood for sure: in words.
The big problem is that words are completely unreliable. This is because, for the vast majority of the spoken thoughts that you hear in your mind, they are dictated or sabotaged by Low, to make you understand anything other than what has been communicated. The way to communicate with the Soul is the sixth sense through the absence of thought. Silencing thoughts allows the sixth sense to communicate, or to translate what the Soul has to say; to do so, however, the sixth sense must also be sufficiently evolved, otherwise it would end up translating badly. When I talk about translating, don’t immediately think of a professional translator; instead, think of a beginner. We all have the sixth sense, some more and some less developed, but unfortunately no one grows with the sixth sense awakened to the highest levels, even if many people want to believe it to feel a bit special. The fact of feeling different, out of the ordinary, deciding to go against the tide, is something that many of us spiritual feel and is a factor that unites us. But when you want to believe that you are much more evolved than you really are, so much so that you have the sixth sense already awakened enough that you don’t need to train it with the right practices, you risk limiting yourself, and this is really a sin. Believing in oneself is fine, indeed, it is a great thing that not everyone has, but to believe that you are already completely awakened without ever having trained your psyche, it is very risky because it leads you to believe that there is nothing more than what you already know, then limits your views and prevents you from going further.
So you can continue to believe that you are already perfectly awakened, that your thought is the pure word of the Soul and that you have always been out of the Low because you are special;OK, I don’t want to convince you otherwise.Or, you can accept that, like everyone else, you too live in this world and that, as such, you are subject to the rules and thoughts of the Low.On some very rare occasions, during your life, the Soul manages to communicate such a precise and direct intent that your sixth sense, even if only for a moment, uses all its strength to translate its message and make you perceive it through a thought fast, which says “Do this” or “Don’t do this”.Since you have not spent your life training your sixth sense, although the Soul has communicated this to you, you may still have doubts and not know what to choose, because immediately afterwards the thoughts induced by the Low who tell you to do the exact thing intervene opposite to.Of course, sometimes the two thoughts are in line, so there are situations in which both the Soul and the Low agree on something.A simple example is to do harm to themselves, nor the Soul nor the Low would like you to do harm to yourself, so neither of them would push you to hurt you, by committing violence or physically painful actions, because both they would like you to stay alive and healthy.

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The Low wants to prevent spiritual awakening, so it is a huge obstacle to overcome: but it is not obscure, nor would it cause you to hurt yourself physically.All that is obscure is the only darkness, and we will talk about this in other lessons.So there are obviously thoughts in which both the Soul and the Low agree, like the example that you stay alive and healthy, but that doesn’t mean that the Low struggles to keep you healthy or that the Soul manage to keep you alive forever, especially because you don’t have strong communication with her that allows you to understand what she thinks about you and what will happen to you, so what will happen to your future and what are her plans for you.In other words, you don’t know what you want for yourself because you don’t know how to communicate so openly.

Thought is totally unreliable, because even if the Soul tried hard to explain to you in words what she would like for you, immediately the thoughts induced by the Low would come forward, which would struggle in your mind to prevent you from understanding what you have to do and what no.Therefore the Doubt is born: more contemporary thoughts push you towards different directions and choices.How could you understand what is the thought dictated by your Soul from those instead derived from Low?Because to make matters worse, the Low uses many thoughts, and not just one, making sure in this way to confuse you further.The only way to understand the language of the Soul is to evolve the sixth sense through practical techniques, as well as lower mental thoughts to enter a state of silence.Of course we cannot completely eliminate thought, out of the blue, for the duration of the day and of our life;but we can significantly lower the thoughts of Low, as well as all those manipulated by third parties, which can be entities, people around us, and so on.This is because thought can also be influenced by external sources and not only by Low.The Soul communicates mostly through intuitions, sensations that if you learn to distinguish them – with the specific practices that I am teaching you – you can succeed in recognizing, almost immediately, what the intent of the Soul is from the traitorous thoughts of Low.It is always said that we must listen to the heart, but this must be explained.Feelings can be manipulated just like thoughts, so it is possible to get agitated although you have no reason to be, making you believe that something bad is going to happen, even though in truth nothing should happen;or, it is possible to manipulate falling in love, making one person infatuated with another, although that was not his initial feeling.Ever heard of love bills?You might not even believe in it, yet love can be manipulated and you can make someone fall in love with the practices.The concept of right and wrong is another matter, because the fact that manipulating someone else’s falling in love is wrong is a moral discourse, but this does not prevent practices from existing;therefore it is possible to do it, regardless of whether it is right or wrong, good or evil.Certainly there are so many things you don’t know, including many that will leave you stunned when you come to know, as most of the people who know do everything to hide them and not let others know like you.This is because if you don’t know, you are much more manipulable and vulnerable to those who choose to manipulate you.On the contrary, my strong intent is to let you know what you can do, just so that you can finally be free to choose and protect yourself from what you don’t like to suffer.

My task is not easy, because I have to open your eyes to concepts that the vast majority of people who know, try in every way to keep you hidden and make you believe that they do not exist;so it will be easier for them to manipulate you.If you already knew, everything would be easier;however, you have been offered half-truths, often aimed at making you go the wrong way, just to confuse you for all these years.In this way you ended up following theories that indoctrinated you without knowing that, more often than not, the truth was quite different.So certain topics, such as forced falling in love with practical techniques, could scare you and make you believe that it is better to stay away from these issues because, naively, you think that this way nobody can practice them on you.

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Unfortunately the truth is another.Ignorance has never set anyone free, knowledge instead.Knowing does not mean being obscure, as religion has taught us, because knowing the truth does not necessarily mean having to put every side into practice.An example is to know the story: studying a war that has happened does not mean having participated in it, on the contrary we study history precisely to avoid falling into the same mistakes that others in the past have committed.For the same reason, knowing that some people practice techniques to manipulate the thinking of others does not make you a manipulator, but makes you capable of recognizing those who would like to manipulate you and free you from their chains, through the right tools to fight them.Consequently it is wrong to believe that it is enough not to read these arguments in order not to be touched by them, in the conviction that not knowing is equivalent to not being influenced by them.On the contrary, not knowing means being completely helpless, while knowing the truth and knowing what exists and what is possible to do, allows you to protect yourself and win your battle.For this reason many people prefer not to get informed and to avoid talking about it in any way: they would not be able to accept that someone from outside or a superior force like Low is able to enter their mind and decide for them what they should think: everything this would drive you crazy.However, there are also many other people ready to face the truth, without necessarily obsessing over it.Sometimes the fear that someone is manipulating our thoughts can come forward, making us doubt that it is right to inquire, thinking about the possibility that, not knowing, makes us happier.This is because if you don’t know, you are not afraid of what happens, but you suffer it in silence;a bit like dying in sleep.But there are other people who do not think so, including me: I want to know what happens, why it happens and how it happens, because only in this way can I try to fight it.

The thought is completely unreliable, because it is induced by the Low and can be manipulated, at any time, by external presences that try to push us towards a wrong choice and that would lead us to the cancellation of our personal awakening. It does not matter if at this moment you are not able to recognize who or what does it: what matters is to know that thoughts and feelings can lie and make you go the wrong way. There is something that is true and to which you can trust blindly: your sixth sense; but first you have to learn to evolve it and recognize it. To avoid mistakes, practice meditation and learn the non-thought: in this way you will lower the level of the Low in your mind and you will feel the intuition that, even if it does not speak in words, is the voice of the Soul that communicates through of the sixth sense. I believe that you cannot blindly trust the sixth sense if you are not perfectly capable of using it, recognizing it among the other voices and understanding its way of communicating; so how could you trust something you don’t even know is it? Sometimes it is very obvious: it gives you concise and targeted answers; but most of the other times it is very light, like a delicate breath, which unfortunately is not enough to understand perfectly what it wants to say. So it’s not about having or not having the sixth sense: because we all have it, even if many ignore it. So we have to understand that it is like a muscle that has never been trained, so there is, it exists, it works, but it is not able to make us get what we want because it has not been trained to do it. I can take the example of the aura. If you can see the first layer of the aura, or that white strip around the people, it means that you have become aware that the aura exists and that you can see it; but that doesn’t really make you able to see it in full. Are you able to see the full width of the aura for the integrity of the 15 meters of every single person you meet on the street? Can you see all the colors, all the facets, everything that makes up the aura of every single person for all those meters? Or, do you see only the white outline around 10-20 centimeters around them? This does not mean that you do not know how to do anything; but that you could do much more than you think! If for a moment you just stop limiting yourself, with the usual belief that you already know everything, you could finally open up and understand that there is much more that does not wait to be discovered.

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Just like in the example of the aura, you could have a sixth sense a little more developed than the others, that you feel and understand better than many other people around you; for this reason you think you have completely evolved it.

Just like the aura, however, you have to make yourself aware that being able to see the white halo surrounding others, unlike other people who don’t even see that, doesn’t mean that you know how to see the whole aura in its full breadth . You can see the white layer, and it’s great because not everyone knows how to do it, but you can push yourself a lot more and find that you can get well beyond the first layer. The same thing works for the sixth sense. If you have had strong experiences during your life, that have shown you that the sixth sense is there, exists and works, it does not necessarily have to mean that you should limit yourself to that; you could do much more. That is why I am explaining to you the suitable techniques to evolve it and allow you, finally, to open a strong and direct communication that makes sure you understand the real message that has been communicated to you, rather than misunderstanding it or confusing it with other thoughts dictated by Low.

The daily practice of Meditation allows you to evolve the sixth sense and increase the volume of your voice, so that you can communicate everything you need, without interruption and without misunderstanding;this is because the energy taken during meditation recharges it and makes it much stronger.Furthermore, the practice of mental silence during meditation, but also during the day, prevents Low from intervening and questioning what the sixth sense first communicated to you through intentions, sensations and intuitions.It is much easier to believe in a thought rather than an intuition, so it is very easy to get lost in the doubt wanted by Low and stop following the sixth sense;however, if you really want it, you can learn to recognize it with a thousand thoughts, thus learning to follow it wherever it tells you to go.The Low can manipulate your thoughts and feelings, but with practice you will learn to recognize the difference between the intuition of the sixth sense and the Low’s feeling.For this reason it is important that you practice non-thinking during meditation sessions, but that you try to include it during the day.Of course you would not be able to remain in absolute non-thought for 24 hours, but you can avoid falling into the thoughts of the Low who want to try to distance you from spirituality, from practice and from the evolution of your sixth sense.No one said it would be easy, but like so many people are doing it every day, you too can do it if you make a commitment.Meditate, listen to your instincts and ignore the thoughts of the Low: perhaps you cannot eliminate them in four and four, but you can ignore them and prevent them from rooting Doubt in you.This will already be a nice step towards victory;however, you will have to keep up the pace without being fooled by the various kinds of thoughts that the Low, very cleverly, will study to make you collapse and make you darken.Stay calm when you want to reflect, but don’t let the Low come over you and make the Doubt enter into you.

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