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09 – Thinking – Mental Silence (Part 1)

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The key to Spiritual Awakening is mental silence, also called non-thought or absence of thought. Meditation allows you to learn non-thought and improve your senses, therefore your psychic and extra-sensory abilities. But thought is not something you only come across during Meditation, it’s something you experience all the time, every single day. Thought is what makes us more evolved than animals but distant from our spiritual evolution, it is both our strength and our condemnation. This is because we don’t always choose what to think, but often our thought is influenced by our surroundings. Through our thoughts we can reflect on what’s good for us and what makes us wrong, but what happens when the thoughts crossing our minds are not entirely ours? Doubts show up: you don’t know which is the right choice because two opposite voices are telling you what to do, covering the truth. This is the aim of mental silence: preventing those voices from confusing you, thus allowing the truthful solution to emerge, and this will lead you to make the rightest, most complete choice, without letting yourself run into a half-truth.

If your thought was entirely yours, without any influence from the outside nor variation due to other people’s will, you would have a complete connection with your higher Self. Each time It would tell you which choice would be the best for your upcoming future and what you should doubtlessly discard. Instead, you find yourself in doubt very often, or even worse, you make choices you are absolutely sure about, only to find out later – even after many years – that those decisions were wrong. Who knows how many times you said “… If only I knew!” Or “I had a feeling, I knew it was the wrong choice … Why did I make it anyway?” But you cannot blame yourself, since your thoughts were too many and you were unable to understand which ones were right and which instead were taking you on a wrong path. Practicing mental silence is not meant to make you become a person incapable of thinking, actually it’s quite the opposite: it allows you to eliminate unnecessary thoughts and recognize which ones originate from your Higher Consciousness, that would never do you wrong. How could you ever recognize your right thoughts from the wrong ones, if not through Meditation in absence of thought? The practice of mental silence is not easy, but it makes you capable of distinguishing your will from what other people surrounding you are imposing on you; it makes you understand who you really are, instead of what the others want you to be. It lets you know who or what is trying to push you down a path while you would rather follow another one, breaking the chains in your mind.

Mental Silence is a real technique, through which you evolve your psychic skills and the connection with your Soul, learning how to feel it, recognize it and understand it. We can delude ourselves into thinking that we do not need mental silence, that we already have a deep communication with our Soul and God, that we already have all the answers and we always know the truth. Yet, we keep on making mistakes and regret our actions from the past. It is normal to make mistakes when a thousand conflicting voices speak to each other, preventing you from understanding what is the right thing to do. Your thoughts tell you something while your feelings are telling you a whole different thing, and whether you listen to your brain or your heart you will end up taking actions you will later feel guilty about. Let your superior Consciousness tell you which is the right way, it’s the only one that knows the future and can distinguish what will make you happy from what you will regret.

Along this path I will teach you better how our Thought works, you will learn how to make it your ally rather than your permanent enemy, how to think rather than obsess, and how to think positive rather than being overwhelmed by negative thinking. Even if we believe we can recognize feelings from thoughts very well, actually they often get confused, and we are deceived by thoughts or emotions that do not belong to us.

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Often it is indeed because of our quick emotions that we make the worst mistakes, allowing ourselves to get carried away by a feeling that is apparently very strong, but which lasts very little; long enough to make us do something wrong which we will later regret. This is what makes the “always-follow-your-heart” advice unreliable, until one learns how to recognize the language that our Soul uses to communicate the truth to us, from all those thoughts and feelings clouding our minds. Practicing non-thought, you will be able to distinguish a true and right feeling from what is only pushing you to hurt yourself and take the wrong way. For the same reason we will work to improve our ability to think, so that our thoughts become completely ours, no longer influenced from the outside. It may sound very complicated because you have always lived with the thoughts of others in your mind, so it all seems normal to you; but when you begin to open your eyes, you realize how many mistakes you have made which were not your fault, finally breathing a sigh of relief: you will feel like you’re starting to live again.

Fighting against one’s thoughts would be useless: they would win. But you can learn to train your ability to think instead, so that only useful thoughts come to the surface, whereas those unnecessary and even harmful thoughts get immediately dismissed. This does not mean becoming irrational and living with your head up in the clouds, forgetting about reality: it means being realistic and understanding that negative thinking destroys you from within, leading you to throw away the whole world you had built up. To make a concrete example, it’s useful to think that if you truly get committed you already gained part of your success. It’s irrational to think you can realize your dreams without making the slightest effort to succeed. And it’s negative to believe that, even if you engaged yourself, you wouldn’t succeed just because you are not capable, good or strong enough to reach that goal. The practice of non-thought will allow you to act without being distracted by the countless thoughts that will try to hinder you in a thousand ways, in any kind of practice or field you would like to succeed. You will not understand the mental wellness of those who can only hear the right answers, until you seriously start practicing non-thought. We are used to constantly racking our brains, especially to find a solution to our biggest problems. But we should just listen to that voice that sees much further than us, already knowing which is the best way to go and which instead, despite what it looks like, would only lead us to a great fiasco. Then, between feeling and taking the right path there is a great space for evaluation, which only through experience you will learn how to do without choosing what you’re going to regret later, as you know very well. Sometimes making mistakes is what attracts us the most, putting a little bit of adrenaline into our lives; but by learning to recognize which thoughts are right and which may do you harm, you will understand that it is always better to follow the right path, without hamstringing yourself.

Mental silence is not just about making a decision doubtlessly, because – as I already explained – it’s not necessarily the best decision; you could end up regretting it after a few months, or even after a few years. Mental silence will be much more. It will protect you from the influence of Low Frequency, from the influence of other people’s thoughts, from the Energy Programs that were imposed on you or that you’d created for yourself; it will allow you to understand what your Soul thinks instead of reasoning like a common human being: your Soul is out of this world, It doesn’t live to gain money, It lives to experience, It lives on experience! Your Soul knows the future, or better still, It already knows the consequences of your actions, unlike you, living them from within and constantly having to endure them, without realizing what your future will be like, as a result of the actions you take. Your Soul is much simpler and more direct, whereas you beat around the bush and get easily distracted: you live in the Low, your Soul doesn’t. But you can not figure out what kind of experience It would choose if you keep thinking with the Low Regulator on, which is why most of the time you say “it’s your Soul that wants it”, but it’s just another attempt to deny that you let yourself be influenced by an impulse without realizing where it’s going to lead you. Your Soul is not shallow and doesn’t waste time with worthless matters; It only thinks of one single thing: Its own spiritual evolution.

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This is why we must learn how to recognize and understand its language, instead of listening to our mental thoughts, convincing ourselves that those are Its words, as if your Soul could really be so confused about the best choice to make. In order to understand the language of our higher Consciousness, we must learn how to practice non-thought; this is the only way we can be sure we’re following Its directions without confusing them with our thoughts and feelings, which are often influencing us on purpose, to keep us far from Its truth.

The first step is to learn mental Silence while practicing Meditation, like I’ve been teaching you: thus, you will begin to understand how much your thought is trying to influence your life, even when you’d like it to be quiet just for a moment. Why does it have to be so oppressive when you wish for a minute of silence? What pushes it to be so pounding, especially when you’re trying to Meditate? Through meditation you realize something you had never noticed before: you are not the one who’s choosing what and how much to think. The second step is to learn how to think much more positive during the day, instead of falling into negative thoughts just like everyone else: positive thinking is much more complicated than you think. The third step will be learning to understand when it’s necessary to silence your thought and when it’s important to ponder before acting, instead: this will be the most complicated step ever, because you will often be deceived by useless thoughts, believing that you need them to make the best choice, while they will be actually distancing you from the right path. You’re probably wondering why shouldn’t you simply fight your thought and get it over with, removing it altogether, rather than going through the positive-thinking step, and so on; simply because we have a brain and we must use it, but this doesn’t mean we have to allow everything around us to influence our thinking and decide for our lives. The Low Frequency is totally against our spiritual evolution, and Low is everything around us, everything our daily life is made of. Recognizing it in every single shape and aspect is not easy at all, but step by step we can manage to see it with different eyes and go beyond, without being deceived anymore. So, we can learn how to keep a cast-iron non-thought, which is firm and perfectly balanced, but before you understand the difference between thinking and pondering, you need to learn how to keep your non-thought while Meditating. With the next lessons, I will explain the different types of Thought and how to recognize them.

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  1. To make the right decisions with regard to difficult questions and to make “right” choices, I need some peace in my mind. Before I knew acd and before meditating, I asked my deceased mother for advice and wisdom. This gave me some peace of mind that I needed and I often made decisions and choices. I also trusted my gut/belly feeling a lot when I had less time for this. Apparently I eliminated unnecessary thought and made the right decisions and choices for me. It gives me peace of mind I needed. Could it be that this brought me closer to my soul and that it was my way to stay or become in no thought in my mind and to eliminate rational thoughts and to hear my soul? I know it’s not the same but it gave me peace in my mind. I have noticed that since acd and meditation I have been doing this less so that I apparently listen better to the right truth and the peace in my head is more there and can better eliminate the outside thoughts. I love the real silence, always found.

  2. Non-thought allows us to distinguish our thoughts from other people influences, from what the Low frequency wants us to think and behave. It allows us to become masters of our mind and our decisions, and by consequence to control our life without external conditions. Eliminating those distracting thoughts, we can be more present, Here and Now, living our life fully with no time wasting. Thanks to meditation I’m already noticing something is changing in my everyday life, my brain can find quicker better solutions, stress and anxiety are disappearing, giving me a lot of positive experiences and free time to take care of myself. I wouldn’t have believed that before starting to meditate every day and see the difference myself!

  3. Since I started training my mental silence my mind is becoming more productive, I feel more active and want to learn new things and have new experiences, to take care of myself and be happy. I noticed my mind is less confused and it’s easier for me to take the right choice without hesitation.

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