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15 – The Third Eye – The Truth about the Third Eye (part 1)

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The Third Eye is one of the psychic faculties that belong to the Sixth Sense. It is not physical, but it is a visual capacity that allows us to see beyond the material and illusory reality in which we have lived all our lives. The Third Eye is the name given to the ability to see what not everyone can perceive: for example seeing energy, seeing people’s aura, even seeing the presence of entities/phantoms. The ability to see the energy, in all its forms, has always existed, but theoretical scholars wanted to give their own interpretation, instead of opening their eyes and focus on developing this visual faculty. The Third Eye is what allows you to develop the Energetic Vision, which can then be widened in multiple ways such as the vision of the aura, very different from the vision of the entities. Every vision faculty is different and does not necessarily include the others; for example, knowing how to see people’s auras absolutely does not include knowing how to see entities, just as knowing how to see entities does not include knowing how to see the structure (or even called Codes) of the Matrix. The Third Eye contains all these visual abilities in itself, but each practitioner decides whether to develop only one of these abilities or to develop all of them, because every faculty needs a training and a different technique.

Theoretical scholars do not know how the Third Eye really works, because they have not developed it; therefore, they base their teachings on what has been said – by other theoreticians – and teach others that kind of material, as if it were the only Truth. They have no interest in finding out through practice what the truth is, because all they need is theory and to talk about what they do not know, to look smarter. But the truth about the Third Eye can be discovered much more easily by practicing on it: practice that I have done and that I intend to teach you. This path will not be based on theory but on practice, so that you can discover the truth with your own eyes. So first we need to figure out what the Third Eye is and why you do not have to fear it.

I previously taught you how to see other people’s Auras, including yours of course, so through this practice you have already started to use your Third Eye. The Third Eye is a faculty that everyone could develop but that many people fear because of wrong information, so they move away from the development of this kind of faculty. It is a big mistake to exclude from your life the ability to see reality, because knowing how to see what is beyond allows you to evolve more quickly, to discover the truths that are hidden from you, to know mysteries that so many people talk about but no one can give a concrete answer to. Even if we do not realize it, excluding the faculty of seeing what is beyond this illusory world is equal to excluding our sight. Just think how different your life would be if, from today, you decided to blindfold yourself and never open your eyes again: you would be living a life as a blind man. Now you could tell me that even blind people live a good life, that they can live even without the need to see people’s faces or the colors of everything around them, that in the end even without sight they can live well. Of course, even blind people can live a good life even if they do not have sight, but is it really the same thing? Do you really think that having sight or not having it, is almost indifferent? If that is the case, if you believe that sight does not make your life better than the life a blind person has to lead, why do not you blindfold yourself and stay with your eyes closed for the rest of your life?

Now you better understand that one thing is saying it, and another thing is doing it. Try thinking for a moment about life as a blind man: the first two seconds seem easy, it seems almost the same, but then you realize that it is not an easy life to live at all. No more being able to see the faces of people who speak to you, who love you, or who just pass you by.

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No more being able to see the colors around you, the faces of the animals, the height of the skyscrapers, not being able to see anything … it is not a simple life at all. Blind people did not spontaneously choose that kind of life: they have suffered it, since birth or due to accidents or various diseases. However, if they could decide, some of them would choose to regain their sight immediately; others, however, now accustomed to blindness, would choose to remain blind despite everything. This happens because some of the blind would be afraid to open their eyes and start seeing, because they have no idea of what they have been missing all their lives and are afraid of what they do not know. You know what there is to see, having the sense of sight: you know that those who do not have it are missing so many visual emotions. No matter if you, who have been seeing all your life, try to reassure them and try in every way to convince them that there is nothing wrong with being able to see: it would not change anything because some of them would still answer you that they do not want to know anything about it, that they want to remain blind.

You know that there is nothing dangerous about being able to see, there is nothing wrong with using your eyes, it is not something that goes against God or that should be punished because it is “a luxury” that others do not have. And yet, some blind people will tell you that it is good not to see, that it is good not to know the truth and that, on the contrary, being blind is a miracle because knowing how to see is “boring” while not seeing offers free imagination; for example, blindness allows you to imagine the face of the person in front of you instead of seeing the real one. But let’s be clear, these are just the words of those who are so afraid to face reality. Blind people are not guilty of being blind, but why should you, with perfect eyes, decide to blindfold yourself and stop seeing what is around you for the rest of your life? It would make no sense. And yet, you are doing this to your Third Eye. Those who really see energy – and everything else that can be seen with the energetic vision – know that there is nothing dangerous in being able to see, there is nothing that goes against God because he does not punish you if you use your eyes and any part of your body, including your brain and your Sixth Sense.

Many people do not accept their bodies and do not accept their faculties, they even punish and exclude them: because of religious indoctrination, all of us have been accustomed to being afraid of our own mental, intuitive and psychic abilities. The Third Eye has always belonged to you, and there is nothing wrong with it; you just have to have the courage to take the first step because, when you start to see the truth with your own eyes, you will realize that there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Many people fear the Third Eye because they have studied from theorists who have no idea what the real experience is, so they have only ventured and taught completely wrong theories. This does not mean that the third central eye does not exist, but that it is only information thrown out there by those who have confused everything and have in turn taught random knowledge. For example, put aside the idea that the Third Eye should be “opened”: it is not physical, it does not work like in cartoons, but it is a faculty that will develop by training your “two eyes”. In fact, the Third Eye is the name of the psychic ability that allows you to see the truth in a wide range of areas, but to do that you will have to train your two eyes in precise techniques that will develop this ability. So give yourself time to learn to recognize what is true and what is not, through real experience.

The Third Eye is not like your physical eyes, that you need to open to see “everything” around you and then close to see “nothing”. The Third Eye evolves little by little; for this reason you should not expect immediately great experiences or expect that from one day to another the Third Eye “opens” and shows you “all the truth” in an instant, traumatizing you for the excessive amount of information gathered!

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So do not worry, do not have fears caused by such beliefs, because that is absolutely not the case! After the first experiences with the energetic vision, you will probably also complain about why they do not happen immediately, because your initial fear will be completely replaced by the excitement and by the enormous curiosity of wanting to know more. The Third Eye does not “open” but it evolves, and this requires time and determination, which not everyone has.

The Third Eye is not only “seeing entities”, but it is a huge potential that first allows you to see the energy, the Matrix, the auras and also the entities, if you want to, but you are not forced. Get out of your head the idea that “Third Eye” is synonymous with seeing entities against your will, because it is absolutely not so. You can choose what to evolve and what to learn to see: do you want to see the entities? Well, then you will practice those certain techniques to learn to see them. Don’t you want to see the entities? Well, then do not practice those techniques, but practice the ones that will allow you to see the energy, the auras, and everything else. So, you understand that you do not have to do anything you do not want. The reason why others want to force us to believe that the Third Eye is equivalent to “frightening visions” is the same reason why, as children, they made us believe that if we did not eat everything on our plate, the Boogeyman would come and kidnap us or the big bad wolf would eat us. We have been led to believe that the Third Eye is fearful and dangerous only to keep us silent and obedient! If you could see the true Truth with your own eyes, you would discover firsthand all the lies that are told us every day. But until you are able to see with your own eyes, there is nothing you can do: you will be completely obedient and submissive to all those who want to lie to you, and there is nothing you can do to unmask them because you will have no proof! The Third Eye is what allows you to have proofs, because you will see them with your own eyes.

During this course I will teach you how to develop the Third Eye and all the information you need to know to practice and to learn how to use it; then it’s up to you to decide whether or not to practice, what pace to sustain, whether to go slow or fast. What I want to tell you, through my real experience with the faculties of the Third Eye developed, is that while before I was afraid of what I could see with them, today I fear ignorance, that is I fear the inability to see what really surrounds us. The more you develop your energetic vision, the more you want to evolve it further, because finding out that there is nothing to fear from keeping your eyes open will make you realize how good it is to be able to use them. We were not born blind but we have been stubbornly behaving as if we were, only for fear of seeing the truth. I assure you that there is nothing to fear but your own closed-mindedness.

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  1. Thank you for this clear article about the third eye. It’s written very understandable. Often heard about it and always thought you have it or you don’t. My eyes are opened so it seems again a part of my sixth sense and its also trainable. Never knew.
    I am going to work with full enthusiasm on this to train myself in this.

  2. This subject is so fascinating, I like how you talk about it in such an understandable way. I like how you talk about Third Eye as something you can train and develop, not just something you “open”. In these pages I found an answer to many doubts, the best explanation I’ve ever found!

  3. The comparison with blindness explains perfectly why some people are afraid: they’re just scared of what they’ve never seen. Evolving the faculties of our Third Eye is fundamental to our evolutionary path. I don’t want to be blind anymore, don’t want to be scared by the judgment of people who never wished to develop those abilities and discover the Truth, I want to learn how to see beyond!

  4. Third eye includes a group of faculties that I’m always been interested in. It’s been a few weeks since I started training to see auras and energy, following your teachings about the topic. I already had some beautiful experiences which motivated me to stay consistent and learn more. It’s like learning to see the reality that has always been in front of you, like opening your eyes for the first time. Such a deep and powerful emotion… Thank you for allowing me to have faith in myself, learn so much, and have such beautiful experiences!

  5. Thank you!! I’m becoming more and more curious about third eye and our sixth sense abilities!!!

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