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33 – Visualization – Relaxation and Visualization (Part 1)

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Visualization is a term I have often mentioned in previous documents and it is time for you to explain what it is. At the beginning the visualization will be synonymous of imagination, because it will be about imagining something, such as visualizing (imagining) the white prana that comes close to you. This is very different from seeing, because visualization occurs with eyes closed while seeing open-eyed energy is another matter. Visualization is primarily a thought, an image, while when you are looking with open eyes you are clearly seeing what is real. At the beginning you do not know the potential of your sixth sense, so you can only imagine. If I asked you to call up energy you would not know how to do it, because you do not know what energy is, you do not know how to call it back, you do not even know how it’s done. Through visualization I will teach you to really recall energy starting from a thought, and then concretizing it in reality. Certainly, if you are not expert in the field, you might think that it is only fantasy and that it will continue to be a suggestion for life, but you will be amazed how much one thought can create and become reality. If it were only fantasy, you could only see it, but when you learn to use your skills and realize your thoughts, others will also see what you first imagined only. Let’s talk about energy: you might think it’s just a thought, an imagination, but if you work out your physical sight – with your eyes open – you can really see the energy around you because it has always existed! Millions of people can see it, for example by looking at the moving energy dots, or by looking at the auras, all doing it with open eyes and actually seeing the colors in motion. Visualization is different, because it involves thinking or imagining something that you are not looking at with open eyes, but that you are creating in your mind. Through visualization, however, you can focus so well on something until it becomes reality, then make it real in matter and not just in your mind. Think, for example, of the law of attraction: if you think and very intensely imagine something you want, it comes close to or is really created in reality. Maybe now it’s too early for you, you still fear that it’s all fantasy, but if you feel pushed to go on it means that inside you you know that it’s impossible for millions of people to have collective hallucinations, since they do not exist: there is hallucination of a single individual, but when more perfectly sane people and without having taken any narcotic substance see and support the same things, you understand that it is not suggestion. It is a matter of fact. It would be more unbelievable to believe that millions of people will be able to influence themselves and see the exact same things in exactly the same way and in exactly the same moment: this would be strange! More paranormal than the paranormal itself!

The visualization serves to make you understand first in your mind how something works, in order to be able to concretize it even in reality. There is no reason to be afraid of visualization, because by remaining conscious you will always be able to recognize what imagination is what reality is. When you are dreaming, for example, you do not realize that you are in a dream, but when you wake up you know very well to be awake and recognize the reality in which you are from the dream you did: you would not try to jump off the balcony to see if you know fly, because you know you’re awake and no longer in a dream. Even if you are not conscious while you are dreaming, however when you wake up you are aware that you have had a dream and, even if it were ugly, it is not dangerous for your reality, because now you are awake! For the same reason, do not be afraid to imagine something, because you will recognize what is a thought from what really happened in reality. The best artists and most famous genes displayed a lot to get to their most incredible discoveries. The brilliant minds are still doing it and it is precisely for this reason that they become such.

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Visualization is very important because it allows you to simulate something before actually doing it; think for example to all the sports champions who before playing a contest, or a fight, visualize in their mind the moves that they will do and those of their opponents, because dedicating that half hour, or more, of time in doing this, you they will realize what moves they should do to win or what not to do if they do not want to lose the race, discovering before that happens what will be the moves of their opponent to be able to anticipate them. Visualization is a real technique that does not last two to three seconds, as we usually do when we think of a phrase we want to say to someone before speaking to him. It is a technique that should be practiced for at least 10 \ 20 minutes in which you are already practicing something in your mind so that when you do it in practice, you will be much safer and stronger in your every move. Singers, actors, politicians visualize the progress of their performance or their speech in full, before actually holding it. In this way they allow their mind to calculate what will happen in the meantime and what they should improve to ensure that everything goes well for them. For example, they visualize their concert, realizing that, while they imagine to dance their piece, something is wrong and could improve it by taking a different step, wearing different shoes than the fixed ones, thus changing something that previously seemed fine but that now, visualizing, they realize that it could ruin everything. The politicians visualize their speech before doing so, to understand the reactions that people might have by listening to those words, so as to change terms, postures, the movements of their body so that the people who listen will be more affected by the speech and follow him rather than another.

Visualization is a technique used by many, even if it is called with different terms. In spirituality we use visualization to attract what we want or to create what we desire. Always by the law of attraction, concentrating on imagining obtaining a certain job or something you like, you visualize how you would feel after having obtained it and how you would like it to continue, impressing this thought inside of you as if it had already happened. In reality you know it has not happened yet, however, by visualizing it very intensely, something strange will happen to make sure that what you really want is closer to you in the physical dimension, so that it becomes really real and does not remain just a desire anymore. The visualization allows you to create. Now you will understand the meaning of the famous expression: “Thought creates”.

The first times of practice on visualization can be thought to be only imagination and nothing else, and partly it is true because it depends on how strong your mind is (which could be less than I thought); with training, however, visualization becomes a stronger technique capable of modeling the events of real life just as you imagined them, making reality your simple thought, even the most absurd or strange. If you learn the techniques, nothing is impossible. Visualization is a technique and not just a daily thought, otherwise you would have already realized all your thoughts and desires and, as you can see, it did not happen (sometimes it’s lucky!). So visualization is not just imagination but at the same time it is not even reality, not yet at least. It is a much more advanced imagination because it consists not only in fantasizing, but also implies moving energy through those images. When you’re fantasizing, most of the time you’re just imagining without moving energy, so most of your thoughts do not come true, because they’re just thoughts! But you will have noticed that sometimes, whether it is positive or negative, one of your thoughts has come true, although it is very strange or difficult to happen. You would say that you wanted it so much, or you feared it so much that it happened.

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But how did it really happen? Without realizing it, at that moment, besides imagining, you also moved energy, which is why the thought was realized in reality. What creates is not the thought but the energy behind it, which in this case we will call intent. The intent is a feeling, a very strong desire, which sometimes could be unconscious if we do not notice what we are feeling. A glaring example could be the moment when we are arguing with someone: we find ourselves not able to keep our mouths shut and shoot aggressive words without the right control, because without realizing the intent behind it is precisely to hurt the another person, even if we consciously think only of telling the truth and doing the right thing. Punctually, later, we repent of the words spoken, thinking that they were actually excessive. So who commands is not the thought, it is not the word, but it is the intent, or rather that feeling mixed with energy that decides the events. Fear, for example, is an intent that comes against us, because it makes exactly what we fear, so it realizes what we would never want to see. Fear is very dangerous for ourselves, because we find ourselves harming ourselves more than anyone else can do.

Since you have no control over your intent, this causes what you want to happen. So, instead of fulfilling all your desires, it mostly ignores them and only makes them one in a few moments, including often your fears. Your enemy is not intent, but your inability to use it. Whether you like it or not the intent exists and you will never manage to escape it, because it is part of you, of the world and of the whole universe: intent is a feeling composed of energy and it is the language that the whole universe speaks . If you get smart, however, instead of running away and disavowing your true nature, you step forward and decide to learn how to exploit it for your interests. There is nothing wrong with knowing how to use one’s own abilities: the problem is not someone who knows how to use them, but who is not capable and because of envy pushes others not to act in their turn. Visualization is a natural ability that you actually already use and you have used many times in your life, maybe you do it every day, only that you are not able to address it in the right direction and then you end up realizing the wrong things. As with all mental gifts, visualization should be trained to ensure that it only takes you to the positive creations you desire, eliminating the negative events created by your own mind. In other words, visualization allows you to shape your life already just by imagining it. If you are wondering if it can be a dangerous weapon for yourself, I answer yes: it is because you use it every day without knowing that you have to visualize only positive events and never negative ones; since no one has taught you before, you have almost always done the opposite, approaching and creating negative events in your life, from the smallest to the most devastating. Most of the time the problems happened because you allowed them to come in, making them go through your mind first and then hooking them into your life. I know it’s easy to always blame others, other people or beings you do not see, yet you’ll find that you could have avoided so many problems if only you were conscious of your thought, rather than falling into it. However we are not here to talk about the past but to create a better future, and you can do it by deciding to take the lead on your mind. You decide: you can choose to be dominated by it, or become the head of your thoughts and activities.

Since visualization is not something simple to learn to control, since otherwise you would have already done it for some time without needing any guidance, you will need training and, step by step, I will teach you the methods to use. With practice you will discover that the best friend of the visualization is not the thought, even if it may seem a contradiction to you! This is because non-thought is not only a total block, but you can learn to regulate it, choosing for example not to think more about certain things, or choosing not to think absolutely nothing at a specific date, or even deciding to think only of a certain thing.

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To give an example, by learning to use the technique of non-thinking, you can choose not to think negatively, so do not create unfavorable events with your mind; you can decide to spend a day, an hour or a whole period without thinking of any kind of commitment, problem, task to do, because you want to dedicate that time to concentrate in a specific activity that you want to do without receiving any kind of mental distraction; furthermore, you can decide to think only of one matter rather than distract yourself from something else, for example when you want to create something new and you do not want to concentrate in any way because you want inspiration to attack you. If you’re an artist, you understand better what I mean, especially because you can decide when to get inspiration instead of having to wait for it to come when you want. You decide. That’s why those who only practice visualization, however, do not solve all the problems of his life, while learning both visualization and non-thought improves incredibly the progress of his life. So I will teach you step by step both the visualization, or better still, the use of intent. I will teach you not thought, but above all I will teach you the use of intent in non-thought.

But it all starts with a solid foundation, so let’s practice a visualization session together, so that you concretely understand what it means to visualize firmly – and not unconsciously – and the improvements it brings to your mental and physical well-being. Even if this technique could please you a lot, remember that it is not at all like meditation, because the objectives are different: through visualization you learn to direct your thought towards the right direction, but only through the pure and strong energy taken by meditation you can realize your most difficult desires and make them reality. The more your energy is stronger the more the intent will be able to make your wishes real, but without the pranic energy of meditation, the intent can not be constantly strong and most of your desires will not be realized, apart from someone for pure luck . Since we do not expect luck here, but we want to realize what we want and when we want it, we must become able to use our skills through constant training and large amounts of energy that can only be meditated. If you believe the opposite, continue to suffer life, while others decide to practice to conquer it. Some prefer to deceive themselves that visualization is itself a meditation, but it is not so, because it would be like believing that eating and drinking are the same thing only because both actions cause some substances to enter from the mouth. In the same way we think that visualizing and meditating are the same thing only because they are both practiced with closed eyes. It makes no sense. Meditation allows you to take energy and become conscious; visualization allows you to improve your ability to think and decide what to imagine, to understand what you want and reinforce your intent, that without energy would continue to remain weak. The strength of intention and energy must go hand in hand, because it is normal that while having energy but remaining undecided, weak mentally and insecure, you could do little, but even less would you do if you had a good decision but no pranic energy. The intent is a decisive feeling that, the more it has energy, the more it becomes strong and concrete, until it achieves what it wishes to make it concrete in physical life. Without energy, intent remains only a thought for most of the time. Learning to visualize, however, allows you to understand what the intent is, because currently you do not yet have perfect control, so you can learn how to use the intent and, through meditation and then to the energy that it offers you, you can realize your wishes. I could continue to describe the meaning in words but it is much better if you start practicing to have concrete proof.

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Let’s start with a simple visualization exercise, and then go on, in the next articles, with more and more complex exercises. You will realize that many techniques that I will teach you during this journey often begin with visualization, as well as meditation itself, but the ultimate goal is to learn how to get good results without having to think, getting them directly with the intent ( feeling without thought). It all starts from a solid base, just as before you learned to run you had to start crawling, and although now you’re not crawling anymore because you can walk and run using your leg strength, and you’d feel stupid to do it, you can not deny that the time spent crawling was of fundamental importance in the early days to bring you to the level where you are today: standing on your legs. So do not feel compelled to hurry and recognize that to get to high levels you must first start from the basics.

Get comfortable and set up properly, because we are about to begin a viewing session that will last approximately 10-15 minutes. Make sure you do not receive any distractions for this practice time.

Let’s begin.

Take it easy.


Breathe deeply and start to relax for at least a minute.


Begin to desire the white, luminous energy, the energy that makes you feel at peace …


Desire it deeply, imagining that it comes close to you.



Imagine the pure, white energy that is directly recalled from the universe here in your room.


View tons of white energy, very bright, which from the sky is recalled in your home, to fill the room in which you are.



View the white energy entering your room, coming from all directions, both from the sky and everywhere around you.



Concentrate on recalling as much prana as possible.

Feel how his presence makes you feel full and protected, peaceful and serene.

It fills you with joy.



With a deep breath, it recalls like a strong wind all the energy around you.

Make it move around you.


Increase the intensity of your intent, you want stronger than the energy enters your room, make more of it arrive.


It calls more energy than before.


See another avalanche of energy entering your home, filling every corner and every area of ​​the room with a bright, almost blinding light.


Feel protected by the presence of so much energy.


Concentrate and continue to recall prana inside the house: it is never enough, let it enter again and feel more and more protected and happy for its presence.


Now imagine all this energy in the room starting to move around you, as if to surround yourself, making slow and continuous turns around you.


Do not be deconcentrated: visualize the energy that moves like a circle all around you.


Now concentrate on moving the energy from the opposite direction, so if it first went clockwise it will now go counterclockwise.


Stay focused and visualize the energy moving around you by making a circle.


Visualize the energy approaching you, filling that space between you and the energy that was empty before.


Visualize this prana so white, so bright as to become blinding, covering you with white and making it impossible to see anything else in the room. See only light.


Now call her even closer to you. Visualize it very close to you, as if it were touching you.


Absorb all of this energy inside you, letting it come in from every part of your body.



Visualize the luminous energy entering inside you, as if within you there was an infinite space waiting to be filled.


Filled with prana.


Concentrate on absorbing all the prana that was inside the room, letting it enter you.


Breathe deeply and relax.

Done. The first session is finished. Clearly the visualization is much more, but we will get there in small steps. Thinking back to what we’ve just done, especially when you’ve turned the room’s energy around you, in a circle, you’ve probably begun to imagine a wide but very thin circle of white energy around you, despite before you had visualized to fill the room with tons of energy. Do not you think that circle was too fine? Considering all the energy recalled, you should have visualized an entire prana room revolving around you. I imagine that you then began to visualize a spiral, and no longer a circle, that circled around you forming a spiral in movement. Yet the delivery said to display a circle and not a spiral. Or again, it is possible that you were seeing yourself in the third person, visualizing the energy that revolved around you, and not in the first person as you should have done. All this is very simple: your visualization has taken over without respecting your orders. This shows that you still have a lot of work to do to learn how to take complete control of your thinking. This should not make you worry: it’s normal, you’ve just started! It would be very different if you had been practicing for years, because at that point it means that you have not practiced really well all this time, and it is time to start doing it seriously. If you have seen a whole prana room turn around, a massive quintal of bright energy that revolves around you in a perfect circle, is a good sign, but do not think you have arrived at your destination, because we have just begun.

As you see the visualization is a real technique that allows you to focus better on something you would like to get. When you opened your eyes you did not see the cluster of blinding prana, but if you’ve practiced really well, you’ve probably seen a lot of gray and black white dots moving around the room, including small bright strips that quickly they are moved from one side of the room to the other. If you saw her, I’m really happy for you, because that’s energy! By continuing to practice visualization, recalling prana and reinforcing your intent, you will fill your room with ever stronger energy until you see it very well even with your eyes open. It is true that you have only visualized, imagined to recall the energy, but the thought is very powerful and even if you do not see it immediately you have really recalled real energy in your room. This is only your first experience, but continuing to practice you will be able to see it, touch it and really feel it. You just have to practice!

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