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67 – Seeing Energy – Learning how to see energy (part 1)

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During the lesson on Energetic Sight , I explained to you that it is possible to see the energy through your eyes, practicing certain techniques that allow you to develop your energy vision. Seeing energy is different from seeing the aura, because it requires much more concentration and mental silence.

During the vision of the aura concentration is required, but the first results can be obtained immediately without much effort, even in a few minutes. Seeing energy is a little more complex, because as soon as you settle down, or you start thinking about something, the level of vision is lowered rapidly and returns almost to zero. This happens because to be able to see it well you need a high tonal, and as soon as you lower it, the energy view also loses. In this lesson I will explain to you how to see Energy and really recognize it from any vision problems or optical effects, which lead some people to become confused. If you look closely at the images at the beginning of the chapter, you will probably realize that it is a phenomenon that you have already seen at least once in your life, but which you have never been able to explain or have simply ignored, without giving weight to the reason you saw it. Surely you’ve thought of vision problems, but it’s not.

We define this type of energy as static energy, because the first few times you stop to look at it you will seem to see the static of the old televisions, when the channels did not work, there was no signal or did not take the right frequency. In this way we could distinguish static energy from pranic energy, because there is an important difference between them. As I explained to you during the lessons on Energy , there is no place where it is not present, because in every house, in every city, in every forest, it is present. Everything is energy! As in the images you find at the beginning of the article, you just need to fix a point in your room for a few seconds and you will immediately notice the presence of these white and black dots, which subtly move. I invite you to spend a few seconds observing any place in the room where you are.

Well, you only paid attention for a few seconds, yet you’ve already seen that static energy is also present in the place where you are. Of course a few seconds are not enough to realize how much it really is present in your room, but you need it in a longer period. And yet, a few seconds were enough for you to realize that, indeed, the static is there.

Practicing on the vision of energy, you can learn to see it anywhere and at any time of the day. To start, however, I have to explain to you how to take the first steps to live real experiences and how to avoid confusing yourself with optical effects. First, I advise you to observe the energy during the night hours, or even simply in a shaded area, because in the dark the energy is much more evident. What you don’t have to do, instead, is to observe the sky, especially during the day, in the hope of seeing it better, because those dots and filaments that you will see observing the sky by day are not energy, but they are the Miodesopsias . If you learn to see energy, you immediately recognize the difference, because static energy and myopia have very different forms and movements. Furthermore, static energy is visible only after a period of absolute concentration, while the Miodesopsias do not require concentration: you just need to look at the sky and here you will immediately notice these dots and filaments that will move quickly. Energy can only be seen by raising one’s own tone or vibration and therefore focusing on wanting to see it, while sight problems do not come into command, but are perennial. If you think you see “the static” every day, at high levels, without needing to concentrate, it is likely that you are not observing static energy, but whether it is an optical effect or a visual problem. My advice is not to get stuck on the idea: “I know how to do it, so I don’t even try! Because I don’t need to train to see the energy! I already see it “, because, by doing so, you will never discover the difference between the true vision of energy, and sight problems.

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An example of an optical effect can occur when you fix the chandelier, the light bulb, the sun, or a luminous screen (like a mobile phone, a tablet, a PC) for a few seconds and, after spending several seconds staring at this light source, moving looking towards another direction, a black spot will remain etched in the eye and will follow your gaze, disappearing only several seconds later. This is an optical effect, it is not energy. If you see the “flying flies” only when you look at the sky or other very bright spots, you are not looking at the energy, but you are looking at the Miodesopsies . It is very important to be able to immediately recognize the real energy from optical effects, sight problems, or anything else. To take another example, if in the morning you observe the ray of sunlight entering through the window, you will notice that within that beam of light there are many small dots that move quickly, and it is a phenomenon that you do not see in the shade. That phenomenon is actually dust! When a ray of sunlight illuminates the room, immediately notice the dots of dust that move quickly, and this obviously has nothing to do with seeing the energy.

Precisely to prevent you from confusing energy with the visible dust to the sun’s rays, optical effects and more, I advise you to practice the first few times in a room in the shade (not necessarily completely dark, it’s fine even during the day but with the lights off) or at night, so you are sure that what you are seeing are not optical effects due to sunlight. After you have seen for yourself how energy really behaves, it will be much easier for you to recognize when you are seeing it, since when you are observing other phenomena (for example “flying flies”), because, in addition to being of a different shape, it also behaves differently. The energy, in fact, will then begin to move, creating shapes that will become more and more visible to your eyes, so that you will also begin to see colored dots; that is energy. After you understand – for your personal visual experience – how energy is made, you can decide to observe it wherever you are. For example, you can look out the window and observe the static that moves even in the distance, for example near the trees, or near other houses. What you don’t have to do is look up and point them at the sun or the sky, while the sun is still present, because in this case you are not looking at the energy, and it is really important that you understand the differences from the first experiences.

Learning to see energy is fundamental for spiritual evolution, first of all because it allows you to truly understand that it is always present, wherever you are, in any circumstance, at any time, you are always surrounded by it. This is very important, especially when you need to feel protected and remember that the energy is there and you can use it to your advantage. But before explaining anything else about static energy, I invite you to practice the technique to see it, so that you can experience it firsthand and learn to recognize it. You can decide whether to listen to the audio that will guide you step by step, or if you read the written delivery and then practice it immediately afterwards. However, if you decide to read the delivery without listening to the audio, I advise you to read the whole delivery carefully and, only after completing the reading, to start practicing. This is because the technological screen of the PC, the phone, the tablet, disturbs your energy vision and lowers it, thus preventing you from having optimal results during energy vision. For this reason, I advise you not to stare at your mobile while practicing visual techniques like this, because it disturbs and reduces your energy vision. That said, we can start.

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If you want to listen to the Audio guided version technique, click here , then continue reading the article; otherwise, read the written version and execute it step by step

Choose a comfortable spot to sit in, from which you can observe the center of the room, without being disturbed by rays of light or other sources that are too bright.

Keep in mind that keeping your eyes open is essential for practicing energy vision, so try to blink your eyelids as few times as possible.


Concentrate on one point in the room, not on a piece of furniture or an object in particular, but concentrate on the empty area of ​​the room.

For example, concentrate on observing the empty space between you and the wall in front of you.


As you watch this empty space of the room, breathe deeply into you, keeping your eyes open.


Focused on the intent of wanting to see static energy, remaining in mental silence.


Don’t be in a hurry, but be patient, staying focused on the point you’ve chosen.


Don’t worry if from time to time your eyes will move and you will lose sight of the point you had chosen.

Keep concentrating, with the desire to see energy.


Keep your eyes open, and in the meantime, breathe prana .


Concentrate on breathing prana inside yourself, with the intent to get up vibration and be able to see the energy better.


Continue to set that point, without losing concentration.


Stay in mental silence while watching the energy.


It is possible that you are already starting to see the energy that moves, so look at all these white and black dots that move, almost dancing between them.


You will realize that you can see these dots moving not only at the point you are staring at, but all around you, completely filling the room you are in.


Breathe in prana inside you, keeping your eyes fixed on static energy.


The guide ends here, but you can decide to continue the technique for a few more minutes.


Welcome back to your first energy vision session! The first time is different for everyone: some have already begun to see energy in motion, others have found more obstacles of concentration, so they have seen less; but this should not make you worry. It’s only the first time! By practicing this technique again, you will notice that each time you will be able to reach a better goal than the previous one.

My advice is to practice this technique a little every day. You can decide whether to do it sitting down or lying down while staring at the ceiling before sleeping; the only thing that matters is that every time, even if you practice for a few minutes, you stay focused on what you are seeing without getting distracted by your thoughts. If you get lost in thoughts, your vibration is lowered, so you will see the energy with more difficulty. If instead you stay focused, the energy will be more visible, and will continue to become minute by minute. My advice is to practice 10 minutes every day (or every night!), Inserting a timer on the cell phone that rings after the established session, so that you don’t have to distract yourself by looking at the cell phone to see how much time has elapsed, because as already said, it lowers the energy view. If you prefer to keep more than 10 minutes, go ahead! As you spend more time observing the energy, you will get higher in vibration and you will begin to see energy movements that are very different from the previous times. For the moment, you will not anticipate anything else, but in the next lesson I will explain you many other information on the Energy, as well as describing the successive levels that you can find practicing this technique with determination. In the meantime, I advise you to practice it without putting off too much, because learning to see energy is much more important than it seems. Good vision!


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